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Mock block schedule

week in review

Mothers to be held responsible for actions before childbirth


May 9, 2014 (Friday)

Staff Writer


April 30, 2014 (Wednesday)




May 11, 2014 (Sunday) 15 football supporters are killed in Kinshasa in a


May 12, 2014 (Monday)

May 3, 2014 (Saturday)


May 13, 2014 (Tuesday)



May 4, 2014 (Sunday)

you like best Cons


May 5, 2014 (Monday)

Advice for Cappex Newbies:

Four students and another person are injured during -

May 6, 2014 (Tuesday)


May 14, 2014 (Wednesday)


May 15, 2014 (Thursday)

May 7, 2014 (Wednesday)


Yanyu Zhao Staff Writer



When the baby is born, they are also at risk of


Staff Writer



When a mother does drugs or drinks



parts of the embryo or fetus, so more than one


takes a stronger drug, like heroin, there are



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Teacher of the Year: Ms. Forbush

Southern California Col

Teachers who attended AHS


Junior colleges



May 30:

May 23:

27-29: May May 31:

May 29:


Brittany Sanderson Staff Writer

campuses, reaching nearly 90 percent of

their Sophomore year of college. Plus, the graduation rate of Cal State San Bernardino is ranked among the top 20 in the nation. Another interesting fact is that CSUSB is known to have the most diverse student population of any university in the entire Inland Empire, with seventy percent of the students who graduate from college. The university serves more than 20,000 students each year, with an average of 4,000 students graduating every year.

When someone mentions San Bernardino, it’s no secret that negative thoughts may come to mind. Many may think of the activity that goes on, or even the people that walk the streets, and generally classify anything to do with San Bernardino as negative. However, when it comes to California State University, San Bernardino, or CSUSB, these thoughts should not come to mind. Opened in 1965, CSUSB is an impressive college with 441.5 acres of gorgeous property, set at the foothills of the indigenous San Bernardino hills.

In addition to a beautiful campus, Cal State San Bernardino is known for its exceptional education system. CSUSB is ranked among the top 4 percent colleges in the nation according to the Collegiate Learning Assessment, which is a series of tests that are used by numerous colleges, as well as universities, to measure students' learning from their freshman year, until their senior year of college. In addition, Cal State San second year is among the third highest among all California State University

Cal State San Bernardino has a variety of over seventy traditional baccalaureate and master's programs, ranging from accountancy to theater.

well as a doctoral programs, are available to those that are interested. The most recent programs that were added include a doctorate in education leadership, engineering programs in computer science and engineering, and M.F.A. programs in creative writing and studio art/design. Each of Cal State San Bernardino's academic programs that a student can earn has national accreditation. CSUSB also houses the California Professor of the Year, Stuart Sumida. So, contrary to negative belief, Cal State San Bernardino is an exceptional school in San Bernardino that has plenty to offer. This goes to prove that instead of judging a book by its cover, people should take the time and investigate because they may just learn a thing or two. Surprisingly enough, Cal State San Bernardino is actually ranked the second-safest among all 33 public universities in California. Overall, Cal State San Bernardino is nonetheless a school worth checking out, and taking the time to learn about it.

Leea Gonzales Staff Writer

• Amanda Egan Year graduated: 2000 Best memory: The Kairos retreat, sports, and acting in the school plays. • Susan Dillon Year graduated: 1983 Best memory: My best memory was when I had home economics which was in Mr. Reyes’ room back then and graduation.

• Lacey Tello Year graduated: 2001 Best memory: The friendships I've made here at Aquinas who are still my friends today. Also, all the memories of playing volleyball and basketball. • Andrea Samperio Year graduated: 2002 Best memory: My best memory was grad night.

• Gary Schneider Year graduated: 1971 Best memory: My best memory was when I graduated as salutatorian.

Taylor Muñoz Assistant Editor

At Aquinas, it's common to have teachers who are dedicated to their students and instilling wisdom in them that extends much longer than high school. Educators at Aquinas will always go above and beyond to make sure their students are reaching their full potential and that they are prepared for their future endeavors. One teacher in particular has utilized her passion for her job and aspirations to better the knowledge of her students this academic school school year. Ms. Forbush has been selected as Teacher of the a Year by The Falconer Staff. Forbush, a teacher of 20 years, is currently a Junior and Senior AP English 3 and 4 teacher. Formerly an elementary school teacher, Ms. Forbush made the transition into becoming a high school English teacher utilizing her patience, kindness, and compassion for her job and her students to become a respected and trusted educator amongst the Aquinas community. "I like teaching at both elementary and high school levels for different reasons", said Forbush. "I loved being able to be silly and sing with my elementary school kids. They were so care free and everything was a joy to them. However, I also like teaching high school students because there are more intellectual discussions and more independence among them." Outside of the classroom, Ms. Forbush enjoys reading, watching novellas (Latin American, Spanish, and Mexican soap opera-like television shows), spending time with her grandchildren, and grading. "I always have lots of grading to do but I like it a lot" said Forbush, "it keeps me busy." Forbush also tends to her two chihuahuas, Nomar and Mia, who she has had for over 9 years. "My favorite part about being a teacher is interacting with the students because they all have bright intelligent minds. They teach me too and I love it. I learn about life from them as well. I hope to help someone's life to be better. It's rewarding." said Forbush. Ms. Forbush is a compassionate educator who is understanding, welcoming, and goes the extra mile to help her students rise up to their ability. One of her countless strong qualities is her acceptance. Immediately upon walking into her classroom, students can expect to receive a welcoming and enthusiastic "Hello!" from Ms. Forbush. She understands that different students learn at different paces and never reprimands or puts a student down for not understanding something immediately. Her motto is "never feel stupid for asking a question", which she encourages students to abide by in order to achieve academic success in her class. It's her genuine heart, passion, and kindness that makes students at Aquinas admire her not only as an educator, but as a person. "One of my favorite things about working at Aquinas is everyone saying good morning to me as I walk into my classroom. It's assurance that I'm going to have a good day." said Ms. Forbush. "Kids are good. They have good hearts. They're the future of this world. I can only hope that that I change the lives of my students for the better. I hope that I make a positive impact on all of my students." Ms. Forbush is an excellent teacher with a passion for knowledge and the bettering of the education of her students and the generations to come. She is a strong role model in not only her profession but in her faith. "Working in a

• Patty Schneider Year graduated: 1974 Best memory: My best memory is hanging out with my sister who was in a grade younger than me. • Gina Horton Year graduated: 1995 Best memory: My best memories are at the Homecoming football games because I was a cheerleader. • Jordan Brusig Year graduated: 2005 Best memory: Going to Homecoming with my future wife.

• Jenny Mauldin Year graduated: 1999 Best memory: Going to CIF for soccer and getting 1st team all CIF. • Ray Reyes Year graduated: 1991 Best memory: My best memory was when I was quarterback for the football team.

Jessica Slepski Staff Writer

- Senior Softball Game/Vicariate Games: Minimum Day Schedule.

- Last Senior Exam: 8:45am-10:15am - All Seniors Turn in I-Pads - Graduation Walk-Through: after last exam - Senior Barbecue: after walk-through, around 11:00am - Grad-Nite at Disneyland: May 30, 3:00pm-4:00am

- Senior Exams: 8:45am-12:15pm

- Graduation: 6:00pm-9:00pm

- Baccalaureate Mass: Holy Rosary Cathedral. Arrive at 4:00pm. Starts at 5:00pm

Alahnis Gurule Staff writer

Living in Southern California, we are lucky to have the privilege of having a wide variety of colleges to choose from. Listed below are colleges grouped into three categories; public, private, and junior colleges that are in a two-hundred mile radius of the city of San Bernardino. So take a look and see just how many colleges you might be

•Cal Poly Pomona College

•Cal State Dominguez Hills College •Cal State Los Angeles College •Ca State Long Beach •Cal State San Bernardino College •Cal State Fullerton College •Cal State Northridge College •Long Beach State College •San Diego State College •UC San Diego College •UC Irvine College •UCLA College •UC Riverside College •UC Santa Barbara College •UNLV College

•Biola University •California Baptist University •Caltech College •Cal Lutheran College •Chapman College •Claremont-Mudd-Scripps College •Concordia University •Hope International University •La Sierra University •Laguna College of Art and Design •Loyola Marymount College •Occidental College •Pepperdine College •Point Loma Nazarene University

•Pomona-Pitzer College •San Diego Christian College •The Master's College •La Verne College •Redlands College •San Diego College •USC College •Vanguard University •Whittier College •Mt. St. Mary's college •Harvey Mudd

•San Bernardino Valley College •Crafton Hills College •Riverside Community College •University of Phoenix •Chaffey College •Everest College • Los Angeles SouthWest College •Glendale Community College •Los Angeles City College •Los Angeles Valley College •Rio Hondo College •Berkeley City College •Long Beach City College •Mt. San Jacinto •Los Angeles Pierce College


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2013-2014 Aquinas High School Faculty Superlatives Best Dressed

Mr. Ruvolo & Mrs. Mejia

Best School Spirit

Mr. james & Ms. Smith

Most Sarcastic

Mr. Korson & Ms. Samperio

Most Cultured

Most Talkative

Most Likely to be Spotted on the Red Carpet

Dr. Brennan & Ms. levine

Mr. Ruvolo & Mrs. McCoy

Mr. Troy & Mrs. Moreno

Most Likely to Give a Detention

Most Likely to be Seen at Starbucks

Most Likely to be Seen at a Hipster Location

Ms. Schneider

Mr. Barrows & Ms. Egan

Mr. Keck & Mrs. Mauldim


Mr. Tremblay


Mr. Medina & Mrs. Mauldim


Coach Karavedas & Ms. Forbush

Lux et Veritas Vol. V • Issue 9 • Page 5

Senior column The people’s Pope is a humble man

Kennedy Arizaga

Snapchat as an addiction Godzilla smashes

Muslim extremists hold Christian school girls captive


Tristan Cortez Opinion Editor

them or ridicule them. This single gesture of kind-

Pope Francis, formally known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was named Person of the Year

a gay rights magazine.

Davidson Super Glide Chopper. The value of the

and the current Pope of the Catholic Church. In re cent years, the Catholic Church as an organization has been riddled with scandal and allegations regarding frivolous spending, child abuse, and the decline of Catholicism. Many people believe Pope Francis will kick start a new Church of love and acceptance. Born in the slums, Argentina Pope

Editor in Chief

cult for me because so many fun memories were packed in such little time, I didn't even know where to begin.. So I decided to record my senior year experiences in the increments I remember them best: seasons. Fall: My friends and I talked about getting matching backpacks way pumped for senior year, and it never happened. I also missed Homecoming to go to a John Mayer Concert and I have "NO RAGRETS". Personally, the expectations I had for senior year were tainted when I started juggling college apps, admissions essays, SAT studying, and attempting at having a social life all at once. I thought senior year was all play and light schedules like 90210, but I was slapped in the face by the reality of what you have to do if you want to go to college.

known as the People's Pope with his very generous nature. Pope Francis and the Vatican have been clashing with the Pope’s outgoing and changing nature and the Vatican's antiquated outlook on morality. The Pope has spoken on homosexuality saying that "If someone is gay and he searches for The Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?" Now the Pope still maintains the message that the Church teaches, that homosexuality is a sin, but the Pope wants to stress that people should not judge

Alahnis Gurule Staff Writer

Winter: Here marks the early arrival of my "freshman

became less about deadlines and more about memories. As I was STILL waiting to hear from most of the colleges I applied to, a family party never seemed to pass without the redundant and annoying question "So Kennedy, where are you going to school next year?" and in my head played, "Gee, I don't know family friend or extended aunt, I'm still waiting to hear what schools I'm good enough for". But not a dull moment passed with my closest friends alongside, we camped on top of the Kristin's roof in a tent one night and woke up to our backs reminding us it was a HUGE mistake. Spring: Spring was when I started to realize that all of the things I complained about in the fall and the supposed "late nights" I stayed up trying to write and rewrite the perfect essay, are nothing compared to the work load I'll have after high school. I started to appreciate the California sunsets I never really paid much attention to, the way the hot pink blends in with the orange and yellow sky behind the long smudged out white clouds. I started to appreciate my life here and all of the beautiful things that surround me more than ever. Now: I barely now noticed that the best thing the snack bar sells are those chocolate donuts for $1. With graduation days away I've also noticed that in a week I can party on a Wednesday night. Let that sink in. Receiving random checks in the mail from strangers accompanied by "good luck in college!" cards is also really cool.

To be honest, looking back on my senior year is like looking back on a one hour episode of my favorite TV show, it goes by super fast but it still seems kind of long. Within a ten month span I would like to say that I matured a little and grew up as a person. But I guess I'll

and I have to start cooking for myself and doing grown up things in the over rated but irrevocably enticing New York City. I don't really know what I'm going to do with myself when I can't just drive to Kristin or Teresa's house (or drive in general) to surprise them with some delicious Pinterest-inspired dessert my mom made. Or when I realize that Marg isn't gonna be around me anymore for us to have World Star wrestling moments. And when It hits me that I'm not gonna be able to use Casey's snack bar dollars behind her back to buy snickers bars. Or when I'm watching episodes of True Detective alone instead of with my dad. But most importantly I really don't even know what in the world I'm going to do when I get sick and my mom isn't there to take care of me! I'm extremely going to miss all of the moments in the past year that I've lived in and taken for granted. As much as I would like to say that my senior year was like a cheesy 80's high school movie, it wasn't. It was way better.

If you are a fan of the hit app "Snapchat", then I bet you are either hyped about the new update, or hitting your head against the wall. Snapchat announced their latest update last week by sending you a, you guessed it, snapchat. In the video you were shown a new modern layout, and a cool new feature that allows you to chat between whoever you want while sending live chat pictures and videos. Although this ultramodern update may be a liking to others, many people are a little confused and frustrated with the new and improved snapchat. Now the question is, has snapchat gone overboard with the new update? I don't think so. I believe that this new refurbished snapchat, will lure more people in creating you to be addicted to the app. If you are constantly sending snapchats to your friends, and your story

Pope signed the tank of the bike and put it up for auction. The bike sold to an unknown buyer for

from the bike to a soup kitchen and hostel, for the homeless, in Rome. Another vehicle that the Pope got rid of was the Pope-mobile. This was the same vehicle that they built for Pope John Paul II after the assassination attempt on his life. He got rid of the

The Pope has a Twitter, account where you can follow his holiness @Pontifex, he gives inspirational quotes and advice, and also he uses his twitter to talk about current events. He is a Pope who realizes we are in a cultural hub of technol-

Catholic Church. This Pope is more of a person than people wish to amount to in their whole lives. He does

is over a hundred seconds long, then you my friend, are an addict. Now I know what you are thinking, "people put their story over a hundred seconds?!". Yes, there are people out there who do indeed have endless pictures and videos of extraneous things that have no importance to my existence.

not parade himself around gloating that he is the head of the Church. He is so humble and he does this by his actions. He carries his own bag places, he washes the feet of Catholics and Non-Catholics, he sneaks out of the Vatican at night and feeds homeless people. I mean come on. This man is a testament that you can inspire hope in all people. I have hope for the Pope and for the Church, and I think that this Pope will shed some truth to the people rather than keep them in the dark.

Tristan Cortez A&E Editor

Okay, before you read this, I need to let you know that I love Godzilla. I am a fan of the

Now I know if you own a smart phone or apple product, you are a victim of the snapchat ways, but what makes snapchat such a huge apparatus? I would say how easily accessible the app actually is. I can freely take a quick picture of whatever I want and send it to my friends and family without the worry of them saving or ever seeing that picture again (or at least I hope so, because some people like to screenshot!). It is not something I use constantly, but I think it is one of my favorite forms of social media.

and Godzilla was a man in a suit. The biggest slap in the face to me was the 1996 version of Godzilla, with Matthew Broderick. It was visually inadequate and it did not capture the massiveness of the monster. It also gave Godzilla a retreating attitude. The new Godzilla is directed by Gareth Edwards.

Almost anywhere you go you will see a person sneaking a quick picture dom cute puppy they found on the street. It is insane how many times I have tried to have a conversation with someone, and they are not paying attention to me because they are on their phone, snap-chatting away. One of my biggest pet peeves is not having someone's full attention while I am trying to talk to them. Unfortunately, that is a big con of snapchat.

an adaptation of a Classic Japanese monster movie, internationally

Besides its pros and cons, snapchat is a major hit for people of all ages. Because of its uncommon features, and abrupt capability snapchat is an app that will have you addicted in no time.

in United States sales and it is the second biggest release this year,

Now let's get to the actual movie. Right off the bat it is one of the most visually stunning monster movies I have ever seen. The way the monsters move and the way they destroy stuff makes it seem like it is really happening. They did not hold back on the visuals, and with the visuals there was the sound that really complimented the scene. I saw the movie in IMAX and 3D the day before with opening and the roars were so loud it felt like your heart was palpitating. I went with Tyler Dawson, Alexis Venner, Will Seltz, Estefania Gonzales, Haoran Jiang, Matthew Santos, Daniel Collins, Adam Ramos, Brandon Danger Adkins, Murph, Anthony Acosta, and Jessica Slepski.

and it did not disappoint.

Jose Rios A&E Editor

In April, Boko Haram, a militant Islamic group in Nigeria, kidnapped close to 300 Nigerian schoolgirls. The terrorist group broke into an all-girls school and proceeded to ambush the girls, loaded them on trucks, and drove off into remote areas. Recently, the group leader threatened to sell them as slaves on the market. The Nigerian government accepted the United States' help in taking military action. The tors to locate and free the kidnapped girls. Obama has spoke out about the situation and is willing to help the Nigerian agree with the United States helping another country when they cannot take care of a problem all on their own. Sometimes people think it's not a good idea to get involved in foreign affairs, but with something like this I think it's important. It's not like they

case, I believe it's appropriate to get involved and help their government. Over the past few days, there have been more attacks on Nigerian villages by the Boko Haram. The Nigerian government believes that this is the beginning of the end for terrorism in Nigeria. With the current Boko Haram kidnappings, people have realized the severity of the terror the country faces. I really hope that the United States getting involved has a positive outcome. It's important to stop this group. Hopefully by doing so, the fear of terrorist groups in Nigeria will start to lessen over time. Recently, I found out that the Nigerian government had known about the attacks beforehand, but didn't have enough military personnel to successfully stop the attacks. That's why it's important to help out others countries in time of need, especially when they cannot protect themselves. If we have the means to do so, then we should help other countries.

Pictured above: Boko Haram, militiant Islamic group members

A student publication

Vol. V • Issue 9 • Page 6

Student of the year Last Will and Testament


from an International student’s perspective

Where will the Class

Senior’s future senior of

2014 be next year? shoutouts careers...


Leea Gonzales Staff Writer

Adrian Molina/Eric Zamora- We will Angel Perez to ask Ms. Gonzalez to Prom next year.

Montiey Barrera- I will Uche to keep listening to bangers.

Sabrina Roberts- I will that the basketball team will do great and beast it up next season. I love you guys so much!!

Sam Marrinan- Dylan Borges, I will you to keep your heart and mind on the diamond.

Michael DeLeon- Miguel Flores, I will you to be the league INT leader and PD leader.

Yoselin Navarro- I will Lindsey Ybarra to take charge on the court and give it her all, senior year. Love ya, do work girl. Tristan Cortez- I Tristan Cortez, will Michael Mejia, to make funny noises every day.

Demi Ambriz- I will Alexxis Gonzales to stop being so ghetto fabulous.

Kennedy Arizaga- I will Angie Didier to keep being a rockstar and follow her heart.

Tristin Stark- I will Jewlz to have a great sophomore year and to try and make JV Cheer Captain.

Leea Gonzales- I will my sister Love Gonzales to keep mean mugging everyone like she does on a regular basis. Nayeli Hernandez- I will Nayansi to have a great sophomore year.

Isaiah Flores- I will Daniel Morales to lead the football team this coming up season. Also to keep being a gorilla.

Will Seltz- I will everybody to stop being arrogant and just chill.

Brittany Sanderson Student Writer

Margella Elad- I will my sisters and the fam to keep being ghetto.

Danny Webster- I will Daniel Morales to lead the football team and make sure everyone stays in check.

Casey Goggin- I will Coach Brusig to stop using volleyballs for dodgeball in P.E.

Juan Ocampo- I will that Alexis has a great senior year.

Tyler Dawson

Kristin Didier- I will Lindsey Ybarra to stop being a bully.

Teresa Roquet- I will Amanda Kirtley to continue being Regina George.

Laarni Arquillano- I will my cousin Danielle Reed to continue my singing reputation and be a playa playa.

Brian Bu Staff Writer

have been here for all four years. I have to say I make an interesting (weird) presence wherever I go. People could have heard me singing in the hallways and bathroom, or have seen me feeding birds (Mr. Simmons told me to stop because I attract pigeons from the whole area). Sometimes people would see me carrying a giant bag of chips or sharing my food with everyone around the school. Many people would describe me as the

whatever someone would say to me and translate it, the bad side of it was when I forgot to charge it. The biggest challenge I remember for my freshman year wasn’t school work, study or friends, but how to get food from snack bar. I really gave up after eating fries and nuggets for a whole month, and then I started to prepare my own food. Some memories still feels as fresh as two days ago, I once ate raw Italian sausages for two weeks before I knew it should be cooked (I was so scared afterward I thought I was going to die). and all kinds of activities. I couldn’t really believe that I got a 3.5 GPA on my second school year. Sports are my biggest downfall, not only in Aquinas but in every school I have been. Despite that I still became a basketball manager my sophomore year and joined the swim team a year after

The most important thing I had during these past four years was Kairos, many people get their faith, their hope and friendship from it, but there I discovered the thing I am really lacking and what I should work on in the future. Because of these experiences, I need to say thank you to all the teachers and classmates who have showed me love and have given me knowledge, strength, and happiness.

As the school year continues, and the end is in sight

looking back on the past year, and evaluating everything from the fun times to areas that need improvement. For the seniors, this chapter is over, and it's on to the next. Student of the Year and senior Kassidy Collins has given a short overview about her last year in high school, as she continues on to the next new adventure in life. When asked about her accomplishments she has achieved throughout high school, Kassidy had quite a bit to say. She has been on NHS/CSF for three years, and the Presidential Award for the past three ongoing years for having a GPA of 4.0. In addition, Kassidy was also a part of the Shamrock Club for four years. Afterwards, Kassidy was asked about her plans after high school and what she wants to do in college. As of now, she plans on attending UC Davis in the fall to pursue her degree. Kassidy is going to study neurobiology, physiology, and behavioral psychology. She currently does not plan on playing any sports or participating in any clubs while she is in college. After college, Kassidy's plans are to become a doctor. the idea of becoming a doctor isn't really set in stone so far. Kassidy has important goals as well, many of which involve college life, and life after college. In college, she hopes to maintain a good GPA, in four years to earn her bachelor's degree, and attend graduate school shortly after. Aside from her goals, Kassidy was also asked a few questions about sports and other extra-curricular activities she had partaken in while in high school. For sports, Kassidy was on the Varsity soccer team for three years, as well as being on Varsity Swim team for three years. For extra-curricular activities, she tum in the ICU for three ongoing years. As many may know, Kassidy was the queen of the May Court earlier this month, and was asked about that experience. Kassidy said it was an honor, and it was very fun to be recognized. When asked how she felt that she was chosen, Kassidy said, "I was very happy that I was chosen." Finally, Kassidy was asked if there was anything more she wished to add. She stated that she has and she was very happy to have met them.

This is a list of Universities where Seniors will attend. Some Seniors have not submitted where they will attend. If a student is not listed, it does necassarily mean he/she will not attend college.

William Seltz Sports Editor

Kenneth Adkins- CSUSB Marika Aglipay- University of California, Riverside Benjamin Aragon- United States Marine Corps Kennedy Arizaga- Manhattan College Laarni Arquillano- CSUSB Savannah Brown- Northern Arizona University Brian Bu- Trinity University Annette Carlos- CSUSB Zhen (Carl) Chen- Purdue University Kassidy Collins- University of California, Davis Tristan Cortez- University of Dubuque Tyler Dawson- Northern Arizona University Kristin Didier- SDSU Richard Du-University of Iowa Margella Elad- University of Southern California Casey Goggin- Baylor University Leea Gonzalez- CSUSB Raul Gudino- CSUSB Carlos Huerta-CSUSB Doreeny Huang-Michigan Sate University Ranfeng Jiang- Seattle University Francesca Kehl- University of California, Los Angeles Alexi Krygier- California Baptist University William Kumler-University of California, Berkeley Meghann Long- University of San Diego Timothy Lukich- University of California Irvine

Emma McCabe-University of Redlands Sarah McElliot- University of California, Riverside Kristen Menez-Cal State Dominguez Hills Eric Munoz- Beloit College Sean Murphy- CSUSB Yoselin Navarro- Grand Canyon University Victoria Obonyano- Parsons New School for Design Yasmen Oudeh- Platt College Gabrielle Palazuelos- Oregon State University Jose Rios- CSUSB Sabrina Roberts- Grand Canyon University Teresa Roquet- University of La Verne William SeltzMichaela Sharp- Marymount California University Jessica Slepski- La Sierra University Tristan Stark- California Baptist University Danny Webster- California Baptist University Christian Vallejo-Penn State university Donald Weiss-University of California, Riverside Yan Yu Zhao- Indiana University

Jose Rios A&E Editor

-Esteban NaranjoGeology -Matthew SantosComputer Graphics -Ventura WilsonGame Development -William KumlerMarine Science with an emphasis in Biology -Tristan CortezNurse -William Seltz- Physical Therapist -Brian Bu- College professor or Doctor -Sabrina RobertsPhysical Therapist -Doreeny HuangEnvironmental Policy -Samantha Romero- PR Representative -Laarni ArquillanoComputer Science emphasis on Game Programming -Juan OcampoGeological Engineer -Michael De LeonBusiness Marketing

-Morgan TsengChemical Engineer -Donald WeissComputer Engineering -Richard Du- Acturial science -Montiey BarreraArtist -Leea GonzalesRegistered Nurse -Eric Zamora- Law Enforcement -Raul Gudino- California Highway Patrol -Kenneth AdkinsMoney Maker -Tyler Dawson- President of the United States -Margella Elad- OBGYN -Teresa RoquetSpeech Pathologist -Kristin Didier- Physical Therapist For Cancer Disabilities -Casey GogginPsychiatrist or Physical Therapist -Emma McCabeActress/Producer -Carl Chen- Computer Programmer -Sandy Hsu- Fashion Marketer

Alex Ortega Staff Writer

1. Brandy Lara - thank you to my soccer sisters, you guys gave me the best soccer season. It was really fun spending lunch with you guys and I'll especially miss you all next year. I know I'm your favorite so don't forget me, I love you all. 2. Randolph Munoz - Abe,Juan,Carlos. Had a fun time during sports. 3. Courtland Boucher -to Daniel I'm going to miss your dumb jokes in Spanish. 4. Alex Acosta - Anthony please stay safe in college, and keep it real. 5. Madison Decker - to my senior soccer sisters I love you more than life. 6. Kristen Goggin - Casey, don't have too much fun without me in college. 7. Alexa Villeda- to @margeeezyboo I love you Beyoncé. 8. Randall Nee - Eric, ball out in college. Have fun bro. 9. Gerald Portea - Eric, I hope you make it rain in college. Good luck. 10. Alexis Chavez - Juan, I love you! I know you'll succeed in whatever you decide to do! Stay focused, have faith and have the time of your life! 11. Isela Flores - to all the seniors good luck in college and hope you succeed in life. 12. Dylan Borges - to Sam, Carlos, Juan, Abe, and Isaiah, you guys were the best role models to me. I love you guys. 13. Love Gonzales- Leea, Yos, and Bianca love you guys. I'm going to miss you next year. 14. David Casillas - to all the seniors hope you guys make it far. 15. Deantony Johnson - Alex I love you. You're the best senior ever. 16. Alexyz Valdez - Margella you my sista from another mista I love you.

Lux et Veritas Vol. V • Issue 9 • Page 7

Entertaiment editor’s “Why should Jose Rios

A&E Editor

Documentary: Being a punk rocker & a father

A&E you care?”

Why Should You Care Jose Rios, A&E

2011, and features interview footage of over 20 punk rock musicians. These musicians are pretty well known for their anti-authoritarian attitude. However, this documentary explores the balance between being a punk rocker and being a father, hence the name "The Other F Word". The other f-word is fatherhood.

men who are currently trying to do just that. Although there are many different musicians that are interviewed, Jim Lindberg, the lead interviews was with Lars Fredericksen. When he took his son to play at the playground all of the other parents decided to take their yet people were intimidated by his looks. Lars addresses that problem in an interview in a positive way.


Tristan’s Ticklers: Throwback Edition Tristan Cortez A&E Editor This is it guys. The last time that I will tickle some of my favorite Ticklers along with some new ones.

Looks for less Mary Shammas A&E Editor Since her innocent High School Musical days, Vanessa Hudgens has been known for her boho street style. On March 31, 2014, Hudgens was seen by paparazzi, exiting a Starbucks, strewn in her signature relaxed ensemble. However, who wants to pay upwards practical on the wallet. But with some simple research, you can achieve What she wore: -See by Chloe Espadrille Platform

What did one lawyer say to the other lawyer?

A brick. Why does a chicken coop have only two doors? Because if it had four, it would be a chicken sedan. My grandpa has the heart of a lion. And a lifetime ban from the zoo. How many South Americans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A Brazilian. What do you get when you cross the Atlantic with the Titanic? About half way.

For Less: -

-Vanessa Mooney La Vida Boheme -Wildfox Marissa Boyfriend Jeans in Stargazer $125 -Cuore & Pelle Caterina Bag in

"How do you drive this thing?"

You couldn’t pay me to do that!

Hat $53 Price: $970

-Love Culture Shredded Boyfriend Jeans $35 -Forever 21 High Low Eyelet Top $20 -Forever 21 Faux Croc Trapeze Bag $30 -Asos Felt Floppy Hat $38 Faux Leather and Linen Jacket $30

Jose Rios & Tristan Cortez Senior Editors

associate you with prior existence to the people you know disappeared?

For $2500 would you purposely miss graduation day? For $50 would you roll in the grass but not be able to scratch yourself? For $300 would you listen to micro-

brush your teeth, with a limit of 30 days wash). For $25 would you wear the same pants tive rainy days? For $700 would you live off of pizza crusts and water for a week? For $250 would you take a girl you really

For $75 would you go to the beach, get in the water, roll in the sand and not dust yourself off for 3 hours? chicken nuggets? For $500 would you pretend to forget your parents birthday? For cost of tuition and $500 a month would you be a foreign exchange student in a third world country? For $250,000 would you have everyone you know lose complete recognition of you and any object which would

Did you hear about the two guys who stole a calendar? They each got six months. Throwback Ticklers How do you drown a Hipster?

Jose Rios A&E Editor

the United States. To back up their claim, theorists point to a paper trail that -

These conspiracy theories are not theories that the staff necessarily believe. They are simply the most hotly debated and popular theories over the past decades. One of the most recent conspiracy theories involves the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States. Some theorists believe the attacks were allowed to happen, and were orchestrated by the U.S. government On Sept. 11,

walked on was not a moon but a man-made stage. Supporters of the conspirpull off such a task. As evidence, theorists point to photographs and videos that were taken during the mission, which they claim contain several things which seem off including inconsistent shadows, identical backgrounds and the lack of any visible stars.

buildings to collapse. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon building in claimed responsibility for the attacks; however conspiracy theorists are unsat-

4. Roswell attacks and ignored the threat, allowing them to happen. The second belief is that select members of the government planned the attacks, using remote-control planes, demolition materials and/or missile strikes.

hum? same day the report of the crash came out, a bold headline in the Sacramento What did one ghost say to the other ghost? Do you believe in people?

What did the porcupine say to the cactus?

What did the ladder say to the step ladder?

Why did the sad girl go to the river?

Did you hear the one about the geologist? He took his wife for granite so she left him.

Why was the math book crying? skydive more often? Why does a hummingbird

cell phone out of their hand in public? For $12,000 would you legally change your name to Poopy-face Toma-

Five highly debatable conspiracy theories

According to conspiracy theorists, the moon landing that the world Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?

centepide movies back to back? (Girls only) For $150 and 10 free drinks at Starbucks would you not shave your legs for three weeks?


subsequent press conference was called, during which the military claimed Dallas, Texas, when he was shot and killed. About an hour later, Lee Harvey did not sit well with many people, including nuclear physicist Stanton Fried-

long before he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby as he was being transported.

involved in the recovery of the "balloon." During the interview, Marcel said that the recovered debris he saw was "not of this world." Eleven years later, the claims gained even more steam when former mortician Glenn Dennis came forward and announced that alien autopsies had been conducted at the Roswell base.

and those that do believe he had help. Alleged participants involved in the of theorists believe that there was a second shooter in the grassy knoll which adding fuel to theories that there was more than one gunman responsible. Theorists use videos of the assassination as evidence to the theory of a second gunman, examining the direction of the bullets.

that was created for the Pentagon. The theory goes on to claim that the Pentagon used it deliberately to control the population of lower-class citizens in


A student publication • Lux et Veritas Vol. V • Issue 9 • Page 8

Athlete of the year:

Los Angeles Clippers owner banned from National Basketball Association Will Seltz As we all know, Donald Sterling has been banned from the released a voice recording of him making racial comments such as "It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people", and, "You can sleep with [black people]. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want", opinion on this situation is that he shouldn't be hated for what he said in his own privacy. I'm not agreeing with what he said but I'm pretty sure if we taped everyone on what they said in privacy a lot of people would be in the same position or even worse than him. Sterling grew up in a time when everyone was racist and as a child he grew up watching rac-ism go around him everyday. Nowadays, people are anti-racist but back then, everyone believed in segregation. It's not a crime to be racist if that's what he believes, just as long as he doesn't publicly display his beliefs about racism. And so long he doesn't enact his beliefs to take away the freedom from that person. The wold changed around him but he didn't change.

Jessica Slepski Staff Writer

Athletes will participate in college athletics

Out of the many great athletes at Aquinas, one seemed to stand out among the rest. Her many academic accomplishments are just a plus to outstanding four year student of Aquinas and is planning to attend USC in the fall. During her freshman year at Aquinas, she started playing JV Volleyball and Basketball and Varsity Track. She received the Coach's award in both basketball and volleyball that year. She also received team Leadership award in track. As she moved on to her sophomore year, she played all varsity sports such as Volleyball, Soccer, and Track. As a sophomore she was League Champion in track for the 200 mejunior year here at Aquinas, she played these same three sports. In volleyball, she played a major part to help bring the team to CIF playoffs and won the Second Team All-League award. She received the Second Team All-League award for all of her efforts during the Girl's Soccer's comeback season as well in which

Leea Gonzales Staff Writer Aquinas has had many accomplishments not only with academics, but also with athletics. There have been many students in the past years who have continued playing sports past high school and into college. There are four seniors this year who are attending

She begins training in July.

whole life he has dreamed of playing basketball in college and now trains everyday and just keeps working to get to where he wants to

Virgina. He got a full scholarship for football and will be playing rience, because it is something new in his life and he can't wait to see

she continued to play varsity volleyball, soccer, and track. This year she won, again, the Second Team All-League award for volleyball. She held the record for the number one hitting percentage in the Ambassador League, as well as in

play football for four more years and at a higher level than before. His training will begin on August 1.

tion of an amazing student-athlete. Aquinas has been lucky enough to have her participate in their sports programs over the past four years and will be sad to see her go.

FIFA video games enthrall soccer fans Will Seltz FIFA, also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a series of

oped since the late 1980’s and already competitive in the games market when label. When the series began in late 1993, it was notable for being the including leagues and teams from around the world, including the German and Australian A-League, allowing the use of real leagues, clubs, and player names and likenesses within the games. In addition, internationally popular clubs from around the world, including some teams from Greece, Turkey, Argentina and South Africa, are included in the game. The main series has been complemented by additional installments football management titles.

more like the actually sport. Carlos Huerta, a real soccer player, said "I have played both FIFA and soccer in real life. FIFA has gotten very similar to actually playing soccer, it has all the touches, shots, and passes. The only difference is that you aren't actually playing. I enjoy actually playing soccer more.”

Teresa Roquet will attend the University of La Verne and she is going play volleyball for the Leopards. She will be participating in NCAA Division III in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Teresa is attending ULV on an academic scholarship.

Aquinas not only prepares students academically, but also in the area of athletics. Aquinas athletes often time make a name for themselves in college athletics and in the classroom.

Falconer vol v issue 10  
Falconer vol v issue 10