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World News Update Reporter Yashowanto Ghosh takes a global perspective on what’s hot in news.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Volume 33, Issue 9

If you love us, let us go.

>>NEWS GR Chief of Police | 2 Staff Writer Cait Hilton reports on the retirement of the Grand Rapids Chief of Police after 34 years of dedicated service.

State of the Union | 3 News Editor Mayra Monroy reports on the President’s address.

>>CULTURE Tancred Spotlight | 5 Culture Editor Paris Close reviews the indie singer as she goes solo.

Feb. Event Preview | 6 Staff Writer Chuck Hyde has the scoop on the best places to be this February.

>>SPORTS Women’s Basketball

| 7

The Saints hold an impressive 18-7 record.

Lindsey Karpowicz

Indoor Track and Field | 7

| 8

Sports Editor Alyssa Frese interviews the basketball player and track and field thrower.

Let the games begin The world watches as the much-anticipated Sochi Winter Games commence By Laura Farrell News Editor T h e S o c h i Wi n t e r O l y m p i c s delivered a spectacle during the opening ceremonies on February 7. With a budget topping out at $50 billion, the world had high expectations for the quality of Sochi’s competition space and Olympic Village. Always a fan favorite, the opening ceremonies featured a state of the art facility, highlighting major moments in Russian history. The high-tech, highly artistic show was a high point during a week that was unfortunately marked by security scares and threats. On Friday morning, a Ukrainian man boarded a Sochi-bound flight in Turkey and threatened to hijack and bomb the plane. Fortunately, the pilot stayed a few steps ahead of the hijacker and landed the plane in Istanbul without the man knowing. The man was later arrested by police after a standoff. It was not clear what the man’s motivations were, but authorities do not believe that he was affiliated with any terrorist group. Russia’s recent anti-gay laws have sparked a lot of controversy and alienated many competing countries. During the opening ceremonies, the competitors from Greece chose to wear rainbow gloves, reported to be a sign of resistance to Russia’s stance on gay rights. As of last Saturday, Russian authorities had arrested four gay activists who were protesting outside of Sochi on Friday night. The protestors were reportedly carrying a sign that cited the Olympic Charter’s stance on inclusivity and anti-discrimination. The Games began after the Opening Ceremonies, and the United States claimed the first gold medal. The medal went to men’s slope-style snowboarder

Laughing it up In Case of Emergency improv troupe brings laughs to the AQ campus By Mayra Monroy News Editor The first In Case of Emergency Improv show returned to Aquinas on Thursday at its usual late start after quads. Students filled the AMC to experience the ICE Improv experience, the first of the new semester. ICE Improv’s co-captain, senior Katie Glossop, was missing from the lineup, as she is currently studying abroad for the spring semester in Ireland. Despite the absence of their

Zoe Collenburg and Ian Scheidel, senior Sean Briggs and sophomore Sarah Osborne, and they won the most applause and the ICE Improv Olympics. A new aspect to the show introduced that night as well: a guest performer was brought onstage. Father Stan Drongowski, the Aquinas College Chaplain, made an appearance in the Improv Olympics, playing the troupe’s competitive games right alongside them. This collaboration

<< Despite a lineup change, the troupe remains as fun and entertaining as ever>> co-captain, the troupe prevailed, and a familiar face rejoined the group. Sarah Osborne, returning from a Walt Disney Company internship, was warmly welcomed back by the troupe and students. The show was Olympic themed, which was fitting after all the recent news about the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The troupe was split down the middle into two separate teams, red vs. black. Each team had to go through a variety of games and the winner would be determined by the applause from the audience. At the end of the show, the black team was comprised of freshmen

provided additional entertainment that proved to be successful with the audience. Despite a lineup change, the troupe remains as fun and entertaining as ever. The past shows done by ICE have been highly successful in both popularity with the residential students and with the general Aquinas community, commuters and all. The new faces in the troupe, Collenburg, Scheidel and freshmen Regan Rohrs and Kenny Judge have not only helped the troupe move along, but bring in fresh personalities that fit very well into the rest of the troupe.


USA: United States Olympians make their entrance at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Designer Ralph Lauren designed the team’s opening ceremony uniforms this year. Sage Kotsenburg, and skier Hannah Kearney brought a bronze medal to the U.S. in the women’s mogul competition. Sochi’s mountainous terrain is proving to be quite dangerous. Perhaps the most popular winter Olympic athlete, Shaun White, withdrew from one of his two competitions on Thursday before the Games, claiming that the slope-style course was too intimidating, and he risked injury by competing. American skier Heider Kloser was badly injured in her practice runs on Thursday, as

many saw her in the opening ceremonies sporting crutches and a wheelchair close by. Two other athletes from Finland and Norway were both carried off the course with serious injuries. The newest addition and perhaps most buzzed-about event so far has been team skating. The event pins country and against country in a typically individually scored sport. Countries sent their best in each skating event, including ice dancing, pairs and solo figuring skating, and combined each event to one

lump score. Fan favorites Meryl Davis and Charlie White dominated the free dance events, taking first in both the long and short program. Gracie Gold took second in the free skate behind Russia’s prodigy Julia Lipnitskaia. Russia’s team could not be touched as they took first while Canada and the United States battled it out for second and third place. Canada edged out the United States for the silver medal, but the new event set the stage for individual skating events.

A long, cold winter

By Gavin McNeil The Saint Reporter

The polar vortex is a weather phenomenon that has been occurring since the conception of winds. On any spherical planet with an atmosphere, wind tunnels, known as jet streams, wrap themselves around the planet. Jet streams carry warm and cold air around the globe and are responsible for most extreme weather patterns. A common example would be hurricanes and tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico. Around the two poles of the planet, where the air stays chilled year round, several jet streams wrap around each other, creating a polar vortex, or polar cyclone. The air trapped circling around the Arctic and Antarctic becomes super chilled Snowed in: Aquinas College campus was no exception from both the lack of the befell West Michigan these past few weeks. sun’s warmth and being trapped above the troposphere and at cause almost every strange dip in the bottom of the frigid stratosphere. temperature ever year—in both warm Acting very much like a hurricane, and cold months. Most are not as severe these low pressure weather patterns as the ones we have felt this winter. A spike in the severity of an arctic swirl around the poles in the winter and oscillation can be explained by several weakens slightly in summer months. The Arctic Polar Vortex is much events. Large volcanic eruptions have more volatile than its sister to the been known to jostle the polar vortex. south. Every year, it sends out dozens Hotter summers also affect the vortex, of arctic blasts, or arctic oscillations, weakening it to a greater extent in the into the Northern Hemisphere. These summer. While we still have much to oscillations are caused by the weakening during summer months. These blasts learn about the polar vortex and its


to the copious amounts of snowfall that oscillations, there are many important bits of information, the first being we are not out of the woods yet. Meteorologists predict at least to more arctic blasts this winter. While the vortex and blasts do not carry snow, the can cause a significant increase in lake effect snow for us around the great lakes. The biggest point to remember is the chill. Try to stay inside during the next blast, and if you do go out, bundle up.







Aquinas: Student art looking to spruce up campus

Grand Rapids: Thousands trickle in for annual car show

Michigan: Married same-sex couples’ rights extended

World: Danish zoo kills giraffes in front of guests, anger erupts

Aquinas artists are being given the opportunity to have their artwork displayed at a variety of different campus locations. The artist with the most students votes on their artwork will receive prizes and a prominent display of their art in the residence halls. The winner will be announced at Refresh Yourself.

Thousands trickled into Grand Rapids for the International Auto Show at Devos Place downtown. The show included over 300 displays of automobiles, with new and upcoming models from a variety of manufacturers shown. The highly anticipated event has consistently brought in large crowds to the city every year.

The U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced last weekend that in Michigan federal courtrooms and prisons will legally recognize same-sex marriages. This means same-sex couples are no longer compelled to testify against each other in court, among other rights that have been extended to homosexual couples.

Last week, the Copenhagen Zoo said goodbye to one of its giraffes, Marius. The zoo killed the giraffe and then preceded to perform a public autopsy, despite the over 30,000 signatures collected via petition urging the zoo to not kill the giraffe. The giraffe was later fed to the zoo’s lions.

Bidding adieu

laura farrell |news editor

Well, this is it; my last column. You might have seen the Moose postings indicating that we were looking for a new news editor, which may have had you thinking what awful, horrible thing did I do to get fired from The Saint? Well, nothing. I wish I had some cool story that I quit with a SuperBowl commercial or a viral YouTube video, but I guess I opted for the more subtle approach. The reason I am leaving my position at The Saint is actually not that bad at all. I was hired into a full time position at a “big kid” job. Sadly, I just do not have the time that the newspaper or my fellow editors deserve. It is very difficult for me to leave, for many reasons. I honestly love being an editor of The Saint. I have learned so much and it has been the best opportunity for me. Although I will not particularly miss the nights spent in our office in the basement of the Academic Building until 3 a.m., our staff cannot be beat, and I will miss spending insane amounts of time with them. I blissfully accepted the job of news editor at the end of my sophomore year, in the spring semester of 2012. I had been a writer for the paper for a year and had high hopes for the next two years. My happy naivety did not last for long, and as most of you know, The Saint’s world came crashing down in fiery flames in October of 2012. After producing four issues of the 2012 year, our staff was told on October 17 that because we had failed to follow budget submittal protocol in previous years, The Saint’s budget was decreased to $10,000 for the remainder of the academic year. Our budgets in the past had remained steady at around $23,000 per year and because of that we had already spent $6,280 on the first four issues, leaving us with $3,720 for the rest of the school year. It has been an uphill battle since then, with a smaller writing staff and significantly more work on our plates as editors. We all have fought hard for this newspaper. We did not fight for the small stipend; we fought for the thirty years’ worth of Aquinas journalists, writers and photographers who have captured the highs and lows of Aquinas life. As the world of print media dwindles and social media changes, The Saint is looking to adapt itself to the world around us. What will never change, however, is the need for a student voice, the need for reporting those highs and lows that are inevitable. A student news outlet is needed on every campus, and Aquinas is no exception. I hope that all affiliated with Aquinas can come to appreciate The Saint’s endeavors and achievements as they should. Do not doubt the tenaciousness of a couple of college writers. I would like to warmly welcome Mayra Monroy, who has been hired as the new News Editor. Monroy has been a dedicated writer for The Saint for over a year now and I know she will do a superb job. I would like to thank our fearless advisor, Dr. Daniel Brooks. It is professors like Dr. Brooks who set Aquinas apart. Both in class and in the realm of the newspaper, Dr. Books never fails to foster an environment of creativity, ambition, and support. To my fellow editors, your skill and humor are unmatched. I will miss our late night meetings, our chattering, and our endless pop culture debates. As always, I would like to sincerely thank my family for their support throughout my college years and with The Saint. Haters will hate, but your parents and grandparents will always have warm fuzzy encouragements for you. And finally, I would like to thank the two people I look to for guidance in every life situation, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. As my father does now, with his old copies of The Saint, I hope to one day show my copies of The Saint to my children and show them what life was like way back when. Thankfully, my “way back when” was pretty darn great.

Stepping down

World news update By Yashowanto Ghosh The Saint Reporter

Grand Rapids Chief of Police retires after 34 years of dedicated service

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA – Violent anti-government demonstrations started in response to factory closures in the northern town Tuzla on Tuesday, February 4, and spread to the rest of the country over the next four days. The crowds set fire to government buildings in Tuzla, the capital Sarajevo, Zenica, and Mostar in protest against economic stagnation and unemployment. Police used rubber bullets and water cannons. The violence is being described both as the worst since the Bosnian war of 1992–1995 and as the Bosnian Spring.

predicted to be significantly lower in 2014 than it was in 2010. Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan, following Detroit, and is the largest city on the west side of the state. Grand Rapids has been dubbed the number one place to raise a family in the country by Forbes. City Manager Greg Sundstrom has been placed in charge of hiring Belk’s replacement, diving headfirst into a nationwide search. “Other than your mayor and your city manager, your police chief of any community is probably the most important position that a municipality hires,” Mari Beth Jelks, Managing Director of Administrative Services, said. In a strong effort to find a new Chief of Police by Summer, Grand Rapids has agreed to pay the Police Executive Research Forum up to $34,000 for recruiting and consulting services over the next several months as Sundstrom searches for a worthy successor for Belk. Sundstrom has reached out to the same consulting firm that helped find former Police Chief Harry Dolan in 1998 and guided the process to hire Belk in 2007. He has also reached out to the community, asking citizens about the qualities they think are needed for their future Chief of Police, and plans on using the feedback when it comes time to make the final decision. “Chief Belk has served in the Grand Rapids Police Department with honor and integrity,” Sundstrom said. The community is sad to see such a strong leader step down, but is hopeful for the future because of the foundation he laid.

By Cait Hilton Staff Writer Shortly after the New Year, Kevin Belk, Grand Rapids’ Chief of Police, announced his plans to retire after nearly 34 years of service. Belk joined the Grand Rapids Police Department in 1980 as a Patrol Officer. Two short years later, Belk became an investigator. In 1988, he was promoted to Police Sergeant, then Investigative Supervisor in 1989, and in 1993, he was made Deputy Commander of the Detective Unit as a Lieutenant. Belk was promoted fu r t h e r , e arning the title P o lic e Captain in 1996, and serving as Commander of the Investigative Division until 2003. Also in 2003, he was named the Commander of Support Services Division. Finally, in 2008 he assumed the position of Chief of Police after Chief Harry Dolan retired in 2007. Belk expresses that the decision to step down as Chief of Police was one of the hardest he had ever had to make. His official employment ends Feb. 7, but he has agreed to serve as temporary chief until his successor is identified. “We’re in good shape, good leadership, good people and I’m very proud of the department as I leave it,” Belk said. Belk also leaves Grand Rapids in good condition, according to recent data released concerning the city’s crime statistics. Accumulated over the past 11 years, the data indicates a downward trend in both violent and property crimes. Based on this, the crime rate in Grand Rapids is

SOUTH AFRICA – A fire over one

questioned in closed-door proceedings at a court in Mallorca on Saturday, February 8, about the alleged tax fraud and money laundering activities of her husband Iñaki Urdangarin, the Duke of Palma. The investigation into the operations of the supposedly non-profit organization Noos, of which the Duke was president, has been ongoing for three years. IRAN – Iran resumed talks about its nuclear program with the International Atomic Energy Agency on Saturday, February 8, 10 days before negotiations for a long-term international accord about the program are scheduled to start. At the same time, Iranian news agencies reported Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad of the country’s Northern Navy Fleet as saying


Strike one: British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the recent public transportation strike that cause massive traffic jam last week in London. mile under the ground in a Doornkop gold mine set off a rock fall, killed nine miners on Tuesday, February 4. The fire is suspected to have been caused by seismic activity. This was the worst accident in South African mines since a rock fall in a platinum mine killed nine miners in 2009. Harmony Gold, the company that owns Doornkop, stopped all operations on Friday, February 7, for a 24-hour “safety shift” to focus on safety procedures. SPAIN – For the first time in history, a member of the Spanish royal family testified in court as a subject in a criminal case when Princess Cristina, youngest daughter of King Juan Carlos, was

that a destroyer and a helicopter carrier had started a voyage around South Africa towards US maritime borders in the Atlantic Ocean as a response to US naval presence in the Gulf of Persia. LONDON – A 48-hour strike called by two unions brought the subway to a standstill starting Tuesday, February 4, and the resulting increase in road traffic gave rise to an 11-mile traffic jam that did not clear until noon on Wednesday, February 5. The strikers are protesting plans to restructure the subway system, which would cut over 900 jobs and is projected to save over $80 million a year. British Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the strike.

Professor Spotlight:

Dr. Clark Danderson By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer Many professors started their career at various academic departments at Aquinas this year. The biology department was no exception, adding Dr. Clark Danderson to their staff at the beginning of this school year. After serving for a year at Georgia’s Gordon State College, Danderson came to Aquinas. It was not his first time looking at the AQ, however. Prior to working at Gordon State, he was hoping to fill a botanist position at Aquinas, only to find it was already filled. He applied when the spot vacated the next year. Danderson acquired his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champagne. While he was there, he studied the evolutionary relationships of the Arracacia clade, a group that includes carrots. The organization of the group was far from what genetic and evolutionary evidence suggests, and he attempted to fix that. His research is ongoing, and he hopes to continue it in the future while at Aquinas. When asked why he was interested in Aquinas, Danderson said that he wanted to be in a “small liberal arts school that students have a vested

News Editor Laura Farrell E-mail

students. He is already the advisor of Keeping Bees, the recipient of a research grant and a collabor ator with Tri Beta, the biology club here on campus. Danderson is looking to continue working on his various projects and interests, and he hopes to build research at Aquinas, which would MAYRA MONROY / THE SAINT p r o v i d e

A fresh start: Dr. Clark Danderson is confident that he has found a home in AQ. interest in,” and Aquinas fits the bill nicely. So far, Danderson has had a good experience at AQ. He has found an overall feeling of collegiality and kindness on campus, and he hopes to continue to build relationships with Phone (616) 632-2975

opportunities during the academic year as well as the summer. One of these projects is the Aquinas College Herbarium, the collection of plants that the college maintains. He hopes to catalog and maintain the collection, possibly even expanding it with new specimens. Danderson


also has a desire to continue his molecular studies during the colder months, possibly doing more work with Arracacia. Another major project that he wants to undertake is one that former AQ professor Dr. Summer Silvieus was hard at work at. The tree walk that contains at least one of every tree in Michigan on Aquinas’ campus is in dire need of upkeep and cataloging. He hopes to take on this project with the help of students interested in botany and plant taxonomy. Outside of the classroom, Danderson enjoys beer brewing and being outside. He particularly likes to kayak, hike, and generally travel or explore nature. One of his more unique hobbies is visiting Civil War battlefields and historical sites. After growing up on the east coast and living in the south, Danderson d e ve l o p e d a d e f i n i t e i n t e r e s t i n the war, spending his spare time researching and looking into different aspects of the conflict. Ultimately, Danderson said that his main goal is to help students however he can. He hopes that new opportunities in the coming years will help him do just that. “I’m always willing to work with students and help them with botanical research,” he said.




State of the union

Water scare Drinking supply contaminated in West Virginia On Wednesday, a federal health official claimed that West Virginians were allowed to use the water in whatever way they wanted and it would be safe. Despite this, residents remain skeptical and doctors

showing support for the situation the residents were in. Several tests were done on the water supplies as the chemical level Approximately 300,000 residents decreased. Residents were upset of West Virginia had their drinking with the company that caused the water supply cut off on January spill in the first 9 when 7,500 place, angered gallons of by the lack of coal cleaning provision and chemicals called accuracy that MCHM leaked created a dointo the Elk River. not-drink ban The chemical, on the water s t o r e d i n supply. tanks along “It’s caused the riverbank, u s m o r e exposed several p r o b l e m s than inadequate y o u c ould inspections, ever imagine,” procedures and Charleston, policies which We s t V i r g i n i a lead to its leak. mayor Danny The chemical Jones said. overflowed from “People can’t do the tank owned things like wash by Freedom their hands Industries, a after going coal industry to bathroom c o m p a n y , or wash their through the soil clothes.” and into the river. Due to the The leak began a s i t u a t i o n , mile upriver from h o s p i t a l s h a ve the West Virginia COURTESY TYLER EVERT h ad to take American Water m easures to Chemical Contamination: 7,500 gallons of coal cleaning chemicals leaked into the company plant. The company Elk River on January 9th contaminating the only drinking water supply for the area conserve water and residents t h a t o w n e d t h e and crippling local businesses and hospitals. cleaned out tank did not see store shelves for t h e c h e m i c a l a s t o x i c , b u t we r e quieted when the Center for Disease advised their patients not to ingest bottled and clean water. Even with the ban lifted, there Control put a ban on the drinking it. Restaurants refuse to cook with the water and schools closed due to i s still hesitance on the part of of the water. After several days teachers and students feeling ill from t h e residents to consume the of not being able to consume or use the water due to its hazardous the effects of the chemical odor that water that they were warned not to trust. Freedom Industries is composition, the Center for Disease leaked into building. In light of the situation, West being investigated, though they will Control and Prevention gave the Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin continue to store the MCHM at a okay that the water was safe to v i s i t e d t h e e f f e c t e d c o u n t i e s , different location. consume. By Mayra Monroy News Editor

President Obama delivers spirited address


State of the Union: President Barack Obama delivers the annual State of the Union address while discussing several issues facing the nation. By Mayra Monroy News Editor President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union Address on January 28th, 2014, at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. He delivered the speech with hopeful intent, promising this year was going to be the “year of action.” In his address, Obama discussed a variety of important and prominent issues, such as immigration laws, climate change, the Affordable Care Act, unemployment and minimum wage. Obama also made it very clear to congress that progress was going to be made, regardless of agreement from the bipartisan. “The question for everyone in this chamber, running through every decision we make this year, is whether we are going to help or hinder this progress,” Obama said in his introduction. The first point that the president discussed was the unemployment rate that has shown some progress in recent years. The president promised the continuation of federal support for small businesses and the return of outsourced jobs. Obama discussed the future of energy and climate, praising the United States for reducing their carbon footprint more than any country has in the past ten years. In his address, President Obama spent a lot of time

discussing education and reforms that were already in progress. In his view and in the views of a majority of students nationwide, President Obama expressed his belief that standardized testing may not be the correct way to measure academic success. He also expressed the importance of early childhood education. “One of the best investments we can make in a child’s life is high quality early education,” he said. Following the discussion of education, the president discussed the issue of equal pay for women, stating his honest and true belief that women, who make up about half of the workforce, deserved to be equally paid as men and have guaranteed maternity leave. Obama’s discussion of the Affordable Care Act was focused on making it clear that the Act will be moving forward. He continued on to discuss a new federal retirement fund and the prospect of removing t h e 1 8 0 , 0 0 0 t r o o p s t h a t we r e i n Afghanistan would be removed by the end of the year. In his concluding statement, he said, “America has never come easy, but if we work together…with our feet planted firmly in today but our eyes cast toward tomorrow, I know it’s within our reach. Believe it. God bless America.”

Back to prison Amanda Knox is found guilty by Italian courts for the second time By Laura Farrell News Editor For one America student, a semester studying abroad in Italy turned out to be a whole lot more than sightseeing and gelato. Seattle native Amanda Knox traveled to Perugia, Italy, in the winter semester of 2007 to study abroad. After only a few weeks in Italy, Knox, along with her then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, was arrested for the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher. Kercher was found murdered in the flat that the students shared. In an investigation plagued by a language barrier, tainted physical evidence and media frenzy, the case quickly became public knowledge. The trial was highly publicized. There were more than 40 hearings with over 150 witnesses testifying. With DNA evidence that was claimed as faulty, no murder weapon and dicey alibis, global media dissected the case. On December 2009, after a long and highly publicized trail, Knox was sentenced to 26 years imprisonment, and Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years. After being held in prison for nearly four years, Knox was acquitted of all charges and set free. The judge ruled that her confession was coerced and that the DNA evidence was faulty. Knox’s family immediately took her News Editor Laura Farrell


Phone (616) 632-2975


back to Seattle, Washington, where she has remained since. Knox has kept herself in the headlines even after the trial. She released a book, titled Waiting to Be Heard: A Memoir, detailing her time leading up to Italy, before the murder and during the trial and her time spent in prison. In the book, Knox gives her account of the night of the murder and the emotional and mental trauma caused by the Italian police’s interrogation and media scrutiny. The Italian courts announced last September that the case was being reopened. It was reported that the courts want to focus more on the DNA evidence, although most of evidence was “contaminated” by American standards. The courts announced on January 20, 2014, that Knox and Sollecito were again found guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher. Sollecito and Knox were sentenced to 25 years and 28 years imprisonment respectively. Both families have stated that they will again fight the verdict. The Italian government seized Sollecito’s passport, as he is reportedly still in Italy. It is likely that Italy will motion to extradite Knox from the United States, and experts are unsure how the U.S. will respond, even though Italian/U.S. relations are amicable.

opinion >> FROM THE CROWD


All the athletes competing at the winter Olympics, for being way better at sports than we ever will be; The Sochi Problems twitter account, for making us glad we’re not covering the Olympics; Philip Seymour Hoffman, for leaving us with a legacy of fantastic performances; The Lego Movie, for being surprisingly entertaining; The second season of House of Cards, for making the approach of Valentine’s Day a little more bearable; Bill Nye the Science Guy, for being as cool as ever.



The perils of college journalism By Stephanie Giluk Editor-in-Chief Back in January, Grand Valley State University’s editorial staff at the Lanthorn got some backlash from the school administration for running a piece criticizing the university’s tendency to name buildings and rooms after donors. GVSU administrators sent a strongly worded, rather unprofessional letter to the Editor-in-Chief, which and, to be fair, the editorial used some strong language as well, going so far as to say, “It’s time that we stop prostituting ourselves to corporate sponsors and reserve the eternal respect of namesakes for figures who significantly contributed to our educational endeavors.” Debates began as people argued for and against the newspaper’s right to criticize the administration. You can read the editorial and the response at if you want to see the whole thing, and check out MLive’s coverage to read what people are saying about who was in the right and who was in the wrong in this case. A story broke a few days ago

Those giant ice blocks frozen under our tires, for reminding us we can never escape this winter; Shia LaBeouf, for being super weird and annoying; Valentine’s Day, for almost being here;

Burger King, for trying too hard but still being lame; Lousy internet connections, for literally ruining our lives.

theSaint 2013-2014 E D I T O R I A L B O A R D Editor-in-Chief News Editor Culture Editor

Stephanie Giluk Mayra Monroy Paris Close

Sports Editor Managing Editor

Alyssa Frese Michelle Szczap

that practices sub-par journalism or lazy fact-checking, but I don’t think suspension, name-calling, or censorship is ever a good way to respond to student writing. The two cases I discussed above are very different in terms of what sparked the backlash against them, but I think all the student editorial teams involved should be commended for responding in a mature manner to their criticisms. Students should never feel silenced by or afraid of their school administrations. It’s the job of the student newspaper to report fairly and honestly on issues that affect the students. It’s not the administration’s place to sling mud or interfere with publication--it’s always up to the students to foster respectful dialogue, correct and acknowledge any factual mistakes in a timely manner, and respect the institution they attend. As Editor-in-Chief of a college newspaper, I hope student reporters and editors can continue to foster good relationships with their respective college institutions without sacrificing their journalistic integrity in the process.

What are your strengths?

PDA, because it’s not Valentine’s Day yet;

Redbox, for never having any movies we want to rent;

that the Albion college administration suspended the print publication of the Pleiad due to some concerns with a story about an Albion student’s recent death. The administration was having problems with “content verification,” according to the Battle Creek Enquirer. The article in the Pleiad reportedly contained some unfounded speculation about the cause of the student’s death, which would point to sloppy journalism on the reporter’s part. The staff of the newspaper took the story down off their website before the administration suspended the print publication, but as of this printing, the suspension still has not been lifted. The editorial staff took several other steps to fix their mistake, revising their editing practices, taking down all online links to the retracted story, and meeting with the college’s Media Board, but no action has yet resulted. Is this continued suspension justified or an overreaction on the administration’s part? I think this trend of administrative backlash over student reporting is a disturbing one. I certainly would never support a publication

Letter to the Editor


Homework, for making us stay up past our bedtimes;


Dear Editor: Are you a people person? Maybe you enjoy solving problems? Or are you the one that others turn to in order to get things done? By this point in your life, you might know what your unique skills are, but you might not fully understand them or how to put them to use in everyday life. That’s what StrengthsQuest is all about. StrengthsQuest is a research-based inventory that helps identify your unique talents and explores how to develop those talents to your advantage in school, relationships, and life. Initially developed for the business community, StrengthsQuest is now used by colleges and universities around the country to help students identify individual talents and develop these talents into strengths in order to achieve academic success, develop leadership, explore careers and improve interpersonal relationships. Last year, Student Support Services (SSS) began an exploration into a program called StrengthsQuest with a small group of students. This year, the

program has expanded to include every freshman in the SSS program. The Quest begins with a thirtyminute online assessment, which asks a variety of questions that pinpoint an individual’s areas of talent. The assessment identifies the five foremost traits the individual has indicated, that individual’s top five, which are described via a shared, common description and a personalized description. These descriptions (and the questions that are provided) allow individuals to explore their core strengths and develop a stronger understanding of how these strengths affect their day-today lives. In the Student Support Services department, Strengths has become an everyday topic. Sarah Beaton, a senior and student worker in the department, has “Woo,” as her number one Strength, indicating that she is a people person who thrives on making connections with others. As a result, Sarah is often given tasks that require her to meet new people, such as being a Mentor in the SSS program. Another senior and student worker, Emily McAfee, has a

top five that includes “Communication.” Emily uses the knowledge of her Strength to enhance her academic career with a Major in German and a minor in Communication. Awareness of Strengths not only helps the individual, it also helps with teams, and a shared Strength is as celebrated as differing Strengths. To prepare for implementing this year’s Strengths program, the staff and students of SSS utilized their Top 5, integrating individual talents into specific tasks and responsibilities in order to form a strong team and develop a successful initiative. Strengths is even part of the decor. Have you ever walked passed that wall of words on your way to The Corner? Those words are the 34 different themes that comprise all the Strengths. Are you Woo? Or Communication? Maybe you are an Activator or a Relator. If you are intrigued, come on down to lower Wege and the SSS offices and check out our wall of Strengths. What’s your top five? Jessica Kline

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Movies: Relive your childhood again with The Lego Movie

Television: Contestant shocks nation with 155 lb weight loss

Music: Demi doesn’t care for the drug-fueled lyrics

If you haven’t already gone to see The Lego Movie already, it’s okay. We forgive you. Experience everything you once loved ab ou t your fa vori t e b ui ldi ng b lock s b y going to see the animated film this weekend, featuring the voices of Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell and Elizabeth Banks!

Rachel Frederickson, winner of season 15 of The Biggest Loser, made headlines w h e n s h e r e ve a l e d h e r n e wl y s c u l p t e d frame, which was an astonishing 155 lbs l i g h t e r t h a n h e r 2 6 0 l b we i g h i n w h e n she first started on the show. Should we be concerned or should we congratulate?

Former X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato is no stranger to talking about hard-hitting topics, so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary when she took to Twitter at the brink of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s passing to beg artists to stop glamorizing drug use in their music. Miley, maybe?



>>Shia Labeouf

Apparently, LaBeouf doesn’t want to be famous anymore, you guys. And he made this point very clear with his red carpet appearance for the Nymphomaniac premiere in Germany, wearing a bag over his head with a message that read: “I am not famous anymore.”


Valentine VIPs

Cheesy rom-com about boys falling in love gone wrong

I’ve never really cared much for Valentine’s Day, or as I like to call it, mono day: the excessive PDA, love letters and worst of all, those evil little candy hearts that have haunted me since kindergarten. To be fair, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing your significant other how much you love them but must you really swap spit in front of me when all I really wanted was to order my Green Tea Latte and get on with the rest of my day? And was it really necessary to stop mid-conversation just to read off a text message your Snuggle Bear sent you? Or what about that one time when you made it blatantly obvious how single I was when you bragged to me about how Smoochie Poo surprised you with his homemade Italian dinner and that fancy bottle of wine? Just hush up, already! That was supposed to be my Italian dinner, darnit! Even though the dreaded day is approaching, it’s good to know I can enjoy at least one thing about singlehood: celebrity crushes. I have entire black book dedicated to random hotties I will probably never meet but my daydreams and fantasies will live on. So in the spirit of V-Day, I’m listing off heartthrobs I’d love to stay up all night and watch old ‘80s flicks with, enjoying that Italian feast and crisp wine that was so rightfully mines (that totally wasn’t supposed to rhyme at all). Just so you know, all of these men are my husbands and belong to me forever, so back off. You’ve been warned (smiley face): 1) Jesse Bradford This is hubby No. 1 and the reason for my infatuation with boys and black hair today. He had me at Bring It On and we were practically engaged after watching him in Swimfan. 2) Jesse Metcalfe Metcalfe (a.k.a the Jay Z to my Beyonce) has been on my wish list for over a decade now, and I am still waiting on UPS to drop him off at my doorstep. 3) Josh Bowman Just staring at Bowman for too long may cause serious drooling at the mouth. Jesus, take the wheel! 4) Chris Evans I owe my obsession with whipped cream to Not Another Teen Movie. And for that, Evans will be my fave banana split sundae forever. 5) Zac Efron He’s arguably the most attractive single hunk in Hollywood thanks to Lily Collins. Thanks, girl! 6) Taylor Lautner Taylor’s no stranger to showing off his gorgeous body, but he is a stranger to wearing shirts (unless it involves ripping them off). I’m still giddy over the fact that I live in the same city where our favorite werewolf was born. Even though you dated that evil succubus Taylor Swift, I forgive you. 7) Ryan Gosling Here is a man who’s sexiness makes even pumping gas or walking little doggies around NYC look hot. There’s something about those Ryans: Ryan Lochte, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Phillippe… 8) Dave Franco More commonly known for being James Franco’s infectious little brother, Davey boy and I are on our way to being the next big thing in Hollywood, just you wait for it. As if that smile weren’t already enough to make me swoon, the cat tatt on his chest is a clear indication that cat lovers are the best lovers. 9) Josh Duhamel Fergie must be the Supreme of voo-doo witchcraft to have kept Josh Duhamel this long, let alone to have had a baby by him. Whatever magic she knows she needs to share with me, so that I may one day be their future home wrecker. I’m kidding, of course. Or am I? 10) Channing Tatum There comes a time in everyone’s life where they will dream of Tatum, and I do mean everyone. This will happen periodically and at random for the rest of your collegiate life. I should know, I have a C in American History to show for it. That completes my list of unrequited lovers for now. I’m sure I’ve missed about 1,342 other shirtless hunks out there, so feel free to correct me if I’ve missed anyone seriously gorgeous.

By Cait Hilton Staff Writer

paris close | culture editor


That Awkward Moment, starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, is essentially about three best friends who confront the dreaded question all dating relationships face before they start spiraling in or out of control: “So… where is this going?” This film, however, did not have viewers asking the same question. The predictable rom-com, brought to us by first-time writer-director Tom Gormican has no shock value. It is simply his rendition of your everyday chick flick, but it’s the men who find themselves indulging in tubs of ice cream. Jason (Efron) is a pretty boy from Manhattan who spends his days designing book covers and his nights creating a “roster” of women he picks up at bars. One night stands are his comfort zone— steering clear of “threatening,” committed relationships. Jason’s best friend, co-worker and fellow bar-hopper Daniel (Teller) has a witty attitude and rough charm that give him no complications when hooking up with the ladies. The third in their trio, Mikey (Jordan), is a bit less obnoxious, having married his college sweetheart young and became a doctor. Throughout the movie, he serves as the much-needed voice of reason from time to time. His perfectly planned life falls to pieces, though, when he finds out his wife, Vera (Jessica Lucas), has cheated on him. The plot of the movie involves the men swearing to enjoy the pleasures of singlehood and follows the events that ultimately lead them to break their pact. Jason falls for the young publisher with


Boys will be boys: That Awkward Moment tries showing love through the male perspective in every obvious way possible. an attitude, Ellie (Imogen Poots). Daniel comes to the realization he wants his loyal wing-woman, Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis), to be his actual-woman while Mikey attempts to reconnect with his wife. Not predictable at all, right? Wrong. That Awkward Moment was a simple, entertaining film that made for a good break from studying, but you can’t help but think the film doesn’t do the characters justice. The plot of That Awkward Moment doesn’t allow for much depth of charactrer, which is disappointing,

considering the lofty talents of the leading men and the promise of the female supports. Efron is the Jack-of-all-trades: singing, dancing, and acting (as seen in High School Musical), but this film squanders his talent, making him little more than a pretty face. His character tries hard to be lively in love, but when he fails to show up to the funeral of Ellie’s father, his later cries that “she is the one” are all but meaningless. Up-and-coming talents like Jordan and Teller, who just received a Sun-

dance award for his movie Whiplash also fall short of earning gold stars. Not that their acting is poor, but the typical dimensions offered by Gormican are fiercely flawed. So I conclude that the men of That Awkward Moment are little more than egotistical, small-minded brats, running around the city with too much time, money and impressively tolerant lovers. For a film lasting 94 minutes, it was only worthy of two out of four stars.

The Jezabels takes you to the edge with The Brink By Paris Close Culture Editor Chances are you’ve never even heard of The Jezabels until now, which is totally fine under the condition that you go listen to their newest album The Brink after you’ve read this review. The Australian indie-quartet first started their musical journey in 2007, and the band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Mary, pianist Heather Shannon, drummer Nik Kaloper and lead guitarist Samuel Lockwood. The group’s sound is very similar to that of an ‘80s disco-rock band. Their debut album Prisoners (2011) is proof of such versatility, which is essentially propelled by Mary and Shannon’s enchanting vocals. If you’re new to the sensational record, I’d highly suggest acquainting

yourself with “Endless Summer,” “City Girl” and “Deep Wide Ocean” to grasp the gist of what this awesome band has to offer. Ask just about any music artist out there, and they’ll tell you how challenging it often is to keep an audience impressed and interested with a sophomore album. And Mary spoke frankly about this to news. on the approach she and the band took with their second success: “Working with a new producer, new label involved, away from our was different. But lyrically, the album is more a year in the life of (me as) a person...This one is personal.” However, as I expected, this was truly no difficult task for The Jezabels, who have effortlessly managed to trump their first record with the content on The Brink. Very rarely do I come across

an album that’s pure gold, meaning every track on the record is equally catchy and pleasing to the eardrums. Despite second album pressures, the band has produced an album that delivers a slew of mesmerizing lyrics and beautiful hooks. “Time to Dance” and “Look of Love” are songs that could have easily been mistaken for a seasoned ‘80s retro tune but have the potential to illuminate dancefloors today. “The End” carries the same amount of energy as “Endless Summer,” with its heavy reliance on electric guitar grooves to keep the momentum going. One of the coolest tracks on the record, aside from my favorite, “Psychotherapy,” would be my second beloved tune, “Angels Of Fire.” The former keeps the listener in a sleepy stupor while the latter stirs up a smooth psychedelic beat that is

both sensual and sentimental. And as if that weren’t appealing enough, Mary drops a clever reference to Queen Bey in one of her verses. You immediately sense the pulse of the album when “Back to Beat” stars playing, revving up the record with clashing tambourines and drum thumps. “Got Velvet” sails you home with an overall feeling of closure after calamity and gives the listener the mind massage of their life. The Brink does more than exceed expectations of the second album sink or swim theory. The Jezabels have completely outdone themselves with a record that dares to risk everything or nothing at all.

Artist Spotlight: Tancred By Paris Close Culture Editor Artist: Tancred Genre: Indie, Alternative Current Album: Tancred Comparisons: Michelle Branch, KT Tunstall & Feist Popular Tracks: “Radio,” “Creases” & “Twelve” Jess Abbott is like that one really cool girl you met in high school who was totally into Harry Potter, seagulls and just so happens to be a well-polished vocalist and guitarist with incredible fashion sense. To keep it short, she’s our new muse. As one-third of the dynamic indie-trio Now, Now, Abbott had been the supporting vocalist for the band for quite some time before she ventured out with her own solo project, Tancred, in fall 2011. First introduced to the acoustic guitar at eight years old by her mother and later inspired to song write by The Cure at 12, Abbott has had years to hone her musical prowess which definitely translates into the work of her latest project. In November 2011, she released her first four-track EP, Strings & Twine, via Bandcamp, which featured “Coat” and “Bear,” tunes that showcase the record’s ambient, cabin-like feel perfectly. It wasn’t until later on that year

Culture Editor Paris Close

Her integration of pop tang with indie charm on Tancred was a stroke of genius. One senses her cry for independence in songs like “Creases” and “Indiana,” which provide an easygoing, upbeat rhythm sure to keep crowds entertained and dancing along to the sound of those playful guitar riffs. Another incredible facet to Abbott’s musical genius is that she understands the meaning of balance and knows how and when to adjust the tempo of her music without burning out the listener’s interest, which can be heard in her inviting tune, “Hard to COURTESYCHRISSYLUSH Leave.” Abbott brands herself so strategically with this Indie marries pop: Tancred’s indie jams are sure to remedy any bad day. record that comparisons made with when she blessed the indie-sphere Abbott’s songs on Capes are succinct, Tancred and Now, Now are few and with her first full-length record, with the majority ending in under far in between. If you’re willing to take a chance Capes. The record is well-paced, with three minutes time, but they always on something real, uncharted and excareful accentuations by soft-tem- leave listener eagerly anticipating traordinary, listen to Tancred. You’ll pered sounds and Abbott’s patient, the next song. lyrical strides as recognized in her Abbott seemed to have finally helplessly fall in love with the adorglowing serenade “Before Gold:” found her niche with her newest able, angelic sound of Abbott’s voice “I wear my skeleton like my best self-titled record, taking a surprising on any of her creative records. clothes/ Take off my skin and show turn towards a much more experiall of my bones.” mental, poppish sound that is comPoetically powerful, many of pletely magical.


Phone (616) 632-2975




AQ Idol 8 Schall, Bredeweg and Harris all advance to the top three

By Yashowanto Ghosh The Saint Reporter Thirteen fabulous singers thrilled a standing-room-only audience in the Kretschmer Recital Hall with their performances in the first round of AQ Idol 8 on Wednesday, January 30, with seniors Jessica Bredeweg and Brandon Harris, sophomores Nate Schall and Angel Keatley and freshmen Tara Doud and Hayley Owczarzak all advancing to sing in the second round a week later. Later that night, Schall celebrated with friends—the celebration involved more singing—and, at the end of the week, he was trying to decide what to sing in the second round: another slow song, like what he had sung in round one, or something faster? But he did decide to have a slower weekend. Doud had a different kind of eventful night, with a new roommate moving in. She also knew exactly what to sing in round two: her best friend, who loves Miley Cyrus, had missed Cyrus’ performance on MTV Unplugged in order to watch Doud in round one, so Doud decided to sing “Adore You” in round two, and she dedicated the performance to her friend. Keatley got to see her family over the weekend, which was especially amazing since her brother was visiting home and she rarely gets the opportunity to see the entire family together at the same time. In her off time, Keatley had been practicing Christina Aguilera’s ballad “You Lost Me” for

her performance in round two. Owczarzak had what she described as a “pretty chill week”— with homework, practice with the cross country team, etc.—a normal week, except that it also included working on her song for round two, which, in her case, meant much more than practicing, because she writes her own words and music (and even plays the piano/keyboard). Come round two, Schall, Doud, Keatley, Owczarzak, Harris and Bredeweg rocked the Kretschmer Recital Hall with six electric performances on Wednesday, February 5. Schall went first, and he sang the upbeat party tune “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. Doud sang “Adore You” next, prefacing her song with the dedication to her friend. Just after, Harris sang John Mayer’s “Why Georgia.” Bredeweg sang Etta James’s sensational song “At Last.” Keatley delivered her incredible rendition of “You Lost Me.” And lastly, for the final performance of the night, Owczarzak brought the night home with her original tune “Simply Amazing.” The crowd was completely engaged with the performances of the show, cheering loudly and clapping along at several places during each act. It was finally announced that Harris, Bredeweg, and Schall would move on to the final round of AQ Idol 8, which will start at 7 p.m. on Friday, February 21, inside Wege as part of Refresh Yourself.


February events preview See what’s happening this month By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer Even though it’s cold as heck outside, Grand Rapids never ceases to bring us the best quality art and entertainment around. If you’re looking to escape the polar vortex and homework, even if only for a few hours, I’ve got you covered with some awesome bands and plays coming into the city. Here are a few of the many performances you shouldn’t miss out this month: Artist: Comeback Kid Venue: The Pyramid Scheme Date: Friday, COURTESY SOFIA February 21 February fun: Great music and even greater plays are coming to Grand Rapids this month. Time: 7:00 p.m. Ages: All Performance: Bloody Bloody tor Javert. An emotional story that The Canadian punk band Andrew Jackson was also adapted into film back in Comeback Kid will play on FebruLocation: Actor’s Theatre 2012. The show will run February ary 21, along with Xibalba, DownDate: Saturday, February 22 28 through March 23, and tickets presser and To the Wind. The Time(s): visit www.actorsthe are $18 for students to attend. band has a fairly large following in the hardcore scene, and should This one is a performance foArtist: Electric Six make for a good show. Their new- cused on America’s seventh presiVenue: The Intersection est album, Die Knowing, will also dent, Andrew Jackson. He was Date: Saturday, March 1 be released the following month quite the character, performing Time: 7:30 p.m. on March 4. Tickets are $13 in ad- many feats of physical strength Ages: All vance but $15 the day of the show. and political corruption, but the The Electric Six just so hapArtist: Paper Diamond Venue: The Intersection Date: Saturday, February 22 Time: 8:00 p.m. Ages: 16+ Paper Diamond is an electronic music producer from Colorado, who released his first album back in 2011. He has played at numerous festivals around the country and has released several EPs since his debut. LOUDPVCK and Branchez will be the supporting acts at the show, which will be held on February 22. Ticket prices are set at $18 in advance and $20 dollars the day of the show. Doors will open at 8:00 p.m., but the show will begin at 9:00 p.m.

spectacle examines the political climate of both early America and today while doing it all in a musical with very modern elements. Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson will be showing through February 22. Tickets are $22 ahead of time but there are also $10 rush tickets available for students 45 minutes before on a first-come, first-served basis. Performance: Les Misérables Location: Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Date: Friday, February 28 Time(s): visit A musical based on the famous book by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables follows noble-hearted convict Jean Val Jean as he runs from the obsessed police inspec-

The Black Jew Dialogues Lifting spirits with fun and laughter

Scorsese goes for the jugular in Wolf of Wall Street tional scheme to line his pockets and rob the market blind. At first, overwhelmed by his new found success, Donnie seeks guidance from his Captain Hook, and they both embrace the life of sin that seems to provide unending fortune. But when Jordan’s antics and indiscretions collide with the law, he must bail on his scheme and submit to a new system of reciprocity. Coupled with flashy showgirls, criminality, inner-circle deceit and a screenplay we should all seek forgiveness for witnessing, Wolf harkens back to the days of Scorsese’s Goodfellas. Sadly, this showy display was taken too far. Marred by exaggerated nudity, constant drug COURTESY PARAMOUNT PICabuse, and language that Criminal masterminds: DiCaprio takes on the infamous role of Jordan Belfort in the Oscar- would scar a sailor, Wolf is a powerful and elegant nominated The Wolf of Wall Street. story of American greed that is unfortunately uprooted By Ian MacNeil love, trust and loyalty that, though and sidetracked by impropriety. Staff Writer betrayed, are never forgotten. Wolf marks the fifth colSex, alcohol, drugs, beautiful His rise to power is unortho- laboration between Scorsese and women and money. These seem dox, reaping the benefits of bad DiCaprio­­— they worked together like vices to most, but in the mind advice and fool’s luck, but for Bel- previously on Gangs of New York, of Jordan Belfort, they are simply fort (played by the Golden Globe- The Aviator, The Departed and Shutthe five pillars of the Wolf philos- winning and Academy Award- ter Island, which have all been ophy. We are not talking “wolf” nominated Leonardo DiCaprio), nominated for Best Picture. Can in respect to Twilight heartthrobs money always wins. As his life- DiCaprio finally break his streak or the computer animated villains style becomes more lavish, his de- of Academy losses and find sucfrom The Grey. We are talking a termination becomes more erratic. cess as did Michael Douglas’ Gekfraudulent, excessive, deranged Driven by street-smart instinct, ko? Without a doubt, DiCaprio is and repulsive wolf : the kind found fueled by an unnerving sense of flawless as the cocaine addicted, only on Wall Street. egotism, and escalated by a buffet power hungry wolf that is Belfort. Based on the real life story of of pharmaceuticals, Belfort and His eccentricity crosses the line former stockbroker and convicted his team turn money laundering from acceptable to uncharted, and white-collar criminal Jordan Bel- into an art form. he leaves audiences cringing. fort, The Wolf of Wall Street is a Assisted by his Smee-like The Wolf of Wall Street is a pulrush of affluence, addiction and right-hand-man, Donnie (por- sating depiction of haughty maraggression. A modern-day Gor- trayed with a mature grace by ket-based behavior that shows the don Gekko, Belfort’s unbalanced Academy Award-nominee Jonah elevation of power is luxuriously selfishness is only matched by the Hill), and accompanied by his sweet, but the fall from grace is gluttony of those around him. In- trophy wife, Naomi (the bright sharply sour. tertwined in this cycle of repeat- up-and-comer Margot Robbie), ed abuses are depraved values of Belfort embarks on an internaCulture Editor Paris Close


pens to be headed our way just as the month ends on March 1. The band is a fun, eccentric group from Detroit and will be playing with guests Alexis and Flex. O. Their music is ridiculously entertaining and highly energetic, which is something their live shows are especially known for. Well-known songs of theirs include “Danger! High Voltage” and “Gay Bar,” so feel free to check out their music ahead of time so that you may sing along to their jams. Tickets are $12 in advance but $15 dollars at the door, which will open at 7:30 p.m. and the show begins at 8:30 p.m.

By Chucky Blackmore The Saint Reporter Following the celebration of St. Thomas Aquinas, a different, aweinspiring event took place on campus on Thursday, February 6. Sponsored by AQPB, Campus Life and the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, The Black Jew Dialogues consisted of an 80-minute performance redefining diversity, oppression and prejudice all while attempting to alleviate the stereotypes frequently made between different ethnic groups—in a comedic manner, however. “Turn off the racism, and turn on the compassion,” was the given motto by crew members Larry Jay Tish and a crewwoman who filled in for Tish’s usual partner, Ron Jones, before starting their segment. Both hailing from Massachusetts, Tish worked to create an interactive, fun and knowledge-filled experience for those who attended the event. Tish, who is Jewish, and his performance partner, who is African-American, initially described the relationship between Jewish and black people. Both groups were forced into oppression, joined hands to create the NAACP and they still struggle today to obtain a sense of self due their past oppressiveness. To set the tone of the event, the two performers emulated students who had to put together a project about diversity. With this in mind, they went back and forth examining

Phone (616) 632-2975


questions like, What is it like to be black in today’s society, what is it like to be Jewish or, simply, what is it like to be a minority? Quick transitions were present when Tish and his partner would suddenly change settings. An abundance of props, both witty and relevant, were patiently waiting offstage until it was time for them to be used. A great number of people attended and engaged in laughter and woe as the show went on. Originally written as a theatre piece—making its way across the U.S. and parts of the U.K.—the Dialogues were destined be viewed at college campuses nationwide. “We have done scores of theatre shows and will continue to, but the energy of the students is off the scale. We love them!” Jones said. The act ended with Tish and his partner hugging after concluding all people, no matter their skin color or cultural differences are all the same, which was the overall message of the duo’s performance. A discussion was opened up following the performance, regarding campus-wide stereotypes. After the viewing of the Dialogues, however, those stereotypes were merely perceptions fed by fear and ignorance, tagged by the stars as “feareotypes.” Every attendee left that night with a new understanding about diversity, awaiting the return of The Black Jew Dialogues.



Michigan loses to Iowa: Hawkeyes dominate Wolverines

Detroit Pistons: The Pistons fire coach Maurice Cheeks

NFL Ready: Multiple teams ready to sign openly gay prospect

The University of Iowa Hawkeyes beat the University of Michigan Wolverines this past Saturday, with the Hawkeyes winning 85-67. High scorers for the Wolverines this game were Caris LeVert with 22 points and reserve Zak Irvin with 19 points. The Wolverines will play Wisconsin next on Sunday, February 16.

The Detroit Pistons fired Maurice Cheeks only 50 games into his tenure as head coach. T h e d e c i s i o n wa s a n n o u n c e d t h i s p a s t Sunday. “This was a difficult decision for the organization to make but we needed to make a change,” Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars said.

Many teams put out the message right away on Monday that they would draft Michael Sam if he can help them win. Sam, a Missouri defensive end, openly announced Sunday that he is gay. The NFL put out a supportive statement Sunday night. The Lions were one of many teams that expressed interest in Sam.

Spring Fever alyssa frese |sports editor Although there is tons of snow on the ground and the Winter Olympics are currently being held, I can’t help but yearn baseball season and spring training especially. The start of spring training on February 26 is much nearer than I would have expected. I myself am quite eager for this upcoming season. As an avid Cardinals fan, one can imagine how much I was let down during the 2013 World Series and the Cardinals’ performance, or lack thereof. As if the World Series loss wasn’t enough, my favorite player and future husband, David Freese, left the Cardinals and signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the team I despise the absolute most in all of Major League Baseball after they picked up my former favorite player Albert Pujols a few years before. If all of those things weren’t tragic enough, my favorite pitcher, Chris Carpenter, retired. That being said, I am remaining a bit optimistic about the upcoming season. Who knows, maybe I’ll just declare myself a Cubs fan. But really, just kidding. I would never stoop that low. This year is the first year that I am actually excited to follow spring training and become more aware of what the Cardinals among other teams are going to bring to the table this year. After moving from Iowa, where there are no sports teams, to a state within every major league team represented, I might contemplate taking a liking to the Detroit Tigers. Not that I have ever had a problem with the Tigers, I just have never really followed their games or had the opportunity to attend one of their games for that matter. Back to the Cardinals. I am excited that my two main boys, Yadier Molina and Matt Holliday, are back for another winning season in the STL. I cannot see what this season will hold although my expectations are pretty high after their World Series appearance last season. Even though I am exciting for spring training in the MLB, I am just as excited to watch minor league and college teams compete. I am excited to finally get to watch even our own Aquinas baseball team compete later on this spring. I know it sounds lame but I never had a car on campus, and my friends don’t share my love of the sport, so I never really got to attend any of their games previously. Baseball is a sport that people can appreciate at any given level, I most certainly do. I don’t care if it is my ten year old cousin’s little league game or a major league baseball game, I absolutely love the atmosphere that is present at any level of baseball game, not to mention summertime and the absolute gorgeous weather that tends to go hand and hand with baseball…most of the time. I yearn for baseball in my hometown. The small town rivalry and the local population are almost like those seen in TV shows and movies. We live for baseball, and when baseball isn’t in season, well, I am certainly not as happy as I am come summertime. Perhaps it’s the sunshine and hot summer days, but I know it’s America’s good old pastime. I love all sports, don’t get me wrong. There is just something about baseball. The players, the fans, the traditions; baseball has been around for a long time and although the crowds and games have certainly evolved over the years, the love and respect for the game is something that will continue to remain unchanged. So I say bring on spring training, bring on little league games and college games. I just want baseball. Baseball means warm weather and grilling out and ice cold lemonade. It means family and home but most of all it means getting me that warm weather and that seat in the bleachers or spot leaned against a fence watching my favorite sport. Baseball is a coming and I cannot help but be impatient, it is the best time of year and arguably (not in my opinion though) the best sport to watch. Let’s play ball.



Playing at the Olympic games The Detroit Red Wings are heading into Sochi, Russia on good terms. Winning their last two games against Vancouver and Florida have prepared the team to face the Tampa Bay Lightning in their last game before the Olympic break. Fans shouldn’t expect a very intense game, since the first men’s Olympic hockey game is tonight. The Wings are currently tied for seventh place in the Eastern Conference, with 64 points. Leading the team in points still is captain Henrik Zetterberg, with 48 points in 44 games played. Coming in second on the list is defensemen Niklas Kronwall, who will be a force to reckon with for Team Sweden in Sochi. Daniel Alfredsson, who will also be representing Sweden, passed Pavel Datsyuk to come in at number third on the scoring chart.

Other notable players include forward Tomas Tatar and Muskegon native Justin Abdelkader. Johan Franzen will be out of the Olympics this year due to injury. Gustav Nyquist, however, was named as his replacement. Nyquist is currently fifth on the team in scoring and should provide some exciting moments for Team Sweden. After the Olympics, the Wings go back to the old grind and will go a mini tour in Canada, facing the Montreal Canadians and the Ottawa Senators. If the Wings are still on the border of being a playoff team, look for General Manager Ken Holland to be active before the trade deadline. While the Wings tend to be inactive for the most part on deadline day, they may want to add another scoring forward and some depth to increase their chances of a strong playoff run.

Women’s basketball

Final strides: Freshman Steven Griffith runs for the Saints in the long-distance races during the indoor track season this year.

By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor The Aquinas men and women’s track teams are competing well during their indoor season. With their most recent meets at Angola, Indiana and Marion, Indiana, the Saints are getting a lot of experience on the road. During their meet in Angola on January 31, the Saints finished well in several events. Sophomores Marissa Ingersoll and Micaila Rice finished first and second in the 60 meter dash. Rice also finished first in the women’s 200 meter. Junior Kaitlyn Henninger and freshman Sydney Anderson finished second and third in the women’s 400 meter run. Sophomore Alex King finished first in the women’s 60 meter hurdles, while sophomore Kyra Hull finished first in the women’s weight throw. “This year has been very good for our team as a whole. We have had a lot of injuries to overcome but we are competing hard and breaking records and we are on track to be very competitive at conference next weekend,” said junior Dana Kolnitys. “We really just need to continue the hard work that we

With only four games left in the regular season, every game counts for the Aquinas women’s basketball team. Winning the last three out of five games, the Saints are on the right track. With an overall record of 18-7 this season, they are looking to finish stronger than any other season within recent years. On Wednesday, January 29, the Saints dominated Marygrove in a 10871 victory. High scorers for the game were junior Allison Heberlein with 18 points and sophomore Dani Lollo with 17 points. “Most teams are struggling to find out how to shut us down because we are a multi-threat team with outside shots, post presence, and driving the lane,“ Lollo said. After their victory against Marygrove, the Saints then played Northwestern Ohio on February 1, and they were defeated 90-76. High scorers in the game were senior Marisa Marx with 16 points, and Lollo with 13 points. The Saints then won both of their next two match-ups against rival Indiana Tech on February 3 and Cornerstone February 5. In the Indiana Tech game, the Saints came out with a 8582 victory in an extremely close game. High scorers in this game were senior Taelor Sanders with an impressive 25 points and Marx with 14 points. In their matchup against Cornerstone, Sports Editor Alyssa Frese


are putting in now and continue to support each other, and we will see the results in a week at conference. Our overall goal is to compete, place and win conference this year and to compete to the best of our abilities in every event we run, throw, or jump.” Meanwhile, the men’s team also did well in Angola. Juniors Ryan Parminter and Ray Bordeaux finished first and second in the men’s 60 meter dash, while Caleb Teachout finished first in the men’s 400 meter run. Freshmen Andy Houser finished first in the men’s 60 meter hurdles, and senior Alvaro Romero finished first in both the men’s triple jump and men’s long jump. “We are looking strong this year. We have a lot of people stepping up this year in order to have a strong performance at Nationals,” said freshman Adam Cichon. “Team chemistry is a huge strength of the team. We refuse to let each other down and always try our best for the sake of the team.” The men and women’s teams will both compete this Saturday, February 15, at the GVSU Big Meet in Allendale, Michigan.

Superbowl XLVIII

Got Game: Senior Taelor Sanders dribbles the ball for the Saints offense during some home court action this season. the Saints won 78-64. High scorers in this game were Heberlein with an impressive 28 points, Marx with 10 points and sophomore Brooklynne Lane with 10 points. Finally, in their most recent game on February 8, the Saints lost to Davenport 81-55. The Saints will play their next game at home tonight against Lawrence Tech. “In my 18 years of coaching, this is one of the most dedicated teams I have coached. The chemistry and team dynamics are pretty special with this squad. They are very unselfish and they have continued to grow as the season goes on,” women’s head coach Linda Nash said. “We know that we have the ability to play with anyone in the NAIA. We are hoping to hit our stride these last couple of weeks. This is when we need to play our best in order to achieve our goal of going to the national tournament in Sioux City, IA.” With the combination of team leadership combined with the desire to bounce back from losses and win, the Saints have come a long way this season and have set their expectations at an all-time high. They know what needs to be done to reach their ultimate goal of Nationals. “To finish strong, we need to win these last few games just to keep a better seed in the league so by the time playoffs come we can have home court advantage. We also need to just be ready to give it all we have by the time the tournament comes around,” Lollo said.

The Aquinas women’s dance team has been hard at work this year. Performing at every home basketball game, these girls practice and work just as hard as the other athletic teams here at Aquinas but don’t get nearly as much recognition. The team will end their season competing for a national title in Florida in April.



By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor

>> Aquinas Dance Team

Aquinas indoor track and field

Detroit Red Wings

By Taylor Hodges The Saint Reporter



Seattle destroys Denver in 43-6 victory By Veronica Burns The Saint Reporter The biggest sporting event in America came Sunday, February 2, and was seen as a disappointing game to many fans. High expectations were set when the Seattle Seahawks were widely believed to have the best defense against the Denver Broncos, who have the best offense. Within the first 12 seconds of the game, the Seahawks had two points scored, and they didn’t show any signs of slowing down during the remainder of the game. The Seahawks were ahead of Denver each quarter with 8-0, 22-0, 36-8 and a final score of 43-8. Fox Sports reports this was the largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl in 21 years. Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman after the game spoke with reporters and said, “All we did was play situational football. We knew what route concepts they liked on different downs, so we jumped all the routes. Then we figured out the hand signals for a few of the route audibles in the first half.”

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Peyton Manning, quarterback of the Broncos, has won one of the three Super Bowls he has participated in. Two of Manning’s passes were intercepted during the first half, and other mistakes, such as four turnovers during the game, ended up costing the Broncos the victory. In an interview with reporters after the game Manning said, “We were using the snap count on the play and due to the noise no one could hear me […] I was walking up to the line of scrimmage to sort of make a change and get us on the same page and then the ball was snapped.” Many people claim they just watch the big game for the commercials, which also fell short compared to previous years. Bruno Mars, however, brought life to the half time show as the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined him during the midst of the performance. Songs such as “Runaway Baby,” “Treasure,“ and “Just the Way You Are” showed off his classic showmanship skills as tickets for his Moonshine Jungle Tour went on sale the next day.




Senior Lindsey Karpowicz is the ultimate multitasker


Ready, Set, Throw: Senior Lindsey Karpowicz throws for the Saints during outdoor track season. Karpowicz will graduate in May with a degree in Business Marketing, minoring in Exercise Science and Coaching. By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor For many college students, balancing being a student and being an athlete can be difficult. Senior Lindsey Karpowicz makes it look effortless, as she is not only involved with one collegiate sport but two. Karpowicz is an Aquinas women’s basketball player and a thrower for the Aquinas track and field team. Karpowicz first got involved with basketball when she was around the age of six. “I got involved with basketball right before kindergarten,” Karpowicz said. “My parents signed me up for one of the basketball camps through the Grandville Schools system and I absolutely loved it and have played ever since.” Although basketball has always been a passion of Karpowicz’s, it hasn’t always been easy. “I had a lot of injuries in high school and was always at the hospital, lucky for me my high school coach, Charlie DeRyke, was always there for me,” Karpowicz said. Karpowicz credits DeRyke as one of the most influential people in her basketball career. “He always pushed me to the next level and encouraged me to be my best,” she said. “He also called all of the college scouts and really helped me through the process.” Karpowicz has been a huge asset to the women’s basketball team at Aquinas. She pushes herself as well as her teammates. “Lindsey’s strength as a player is her work ethic. She pushes herself to the limit and she also is a great motivator for her team mates. She came back from an ACL reconstruction on her knee that sidelined her last season and she committed herself this past summer to get in the best shape of her life,” Aquinas women’s basketball head coach Linda Nash said. “She has really come on strong for us these last couple of weeks and we need her strength inside if we are to make a run in our WHAC conference tourna-

ment.” Karpowicz’s team members also look up to her and commend her on efforts on the court. “Karp is a tremendous hard worker. Even after she has been through the worst practice ever or messed up ten times in a row she comes back with just as much energy and grit and gives every drill every practice every game possession her all,” sophomore Emily Sweet said. Sophomore Dani Lollo added, “Lindsey’s strengths as a player are her post-player dynamics. She is a great rebounder for us to have around the glass. She is also very vocal on and off the court.” Besides being involved with basketball, Karpowicz is also a thrower on the women’s track team. “I got involved with throwing in middle school by throwing shot-put, then the high school coach recruited me to through discus my freshman year and that has been my main event since,” Karpowicz said. Both of Karpowciz’s throwing coaches are the biggest influences in her throwing career. Joe Skrycki was her high school coach, and Neil Reilly is her current throwing coach. Karpowicz has been a very successful thrower at Aquinas and has received high honors. “Lindsey is a very talented young woman. She is a two-sport athlete and has earned All-American honors in the discus. She epitomizes what it means to be a student-athlete,” Nash said. “She has excelled in the classroom and she has been involved in many extracurricular activities. She has been a member of the student-athlete advisory board (SAAB) throughout her career. She will leave a great legacy of hard work when she graduates.” Being a student athlete is hard enough, so one wonders how difficult it must be to be a two-sport athlete like Karpowicz. “It is really hard. I get up, go to class, maybe have time to eat, go to practices and go to bed,” Karpowicz said. “It is tough because there is no break between basketball

season and outdoor track season, but it is all worth it to me in the end.” Choosing between basketball and throwing was impossible for Karpowicz, which is part of the reason she chose Aquinas. “Aquinas allowed me to participate in both sports but besides that I really liked the small classroom sizes, I really like the idea of getting that one on one time with the professor,” Karpowicz said. Karpowicz is pursuing a major in Business Marketing with minors in Exercise Science and Coaching. Karpowicz has big plans after she graduates from Aquinas. “I would like to work somewhere in a sports facility teaching fitness classes. My ultimate goal is to own my own sports complex with volleyball and basketball courts,” Karpowicz said. “I would like to stay in Michigan because all of my family is here but I am willing to move wherever jobs are. I think California would be cool and it would be a lot warmer.” Since both throwing and basketball have played such a huge role in Karpowicz’s life, she plans to stay involved with both sports in some way after college. “I know I want to coach basketball preferable at a high-level within collegiate athletics. I do coaching now but I would like to step it up a bit,” said Karpowicz. “As for throwing, I will always throw discus and hammer. I can never see myself stopping because it is fun and it really relaxes me.”

Aquinas men’s hockey By Veronica Burns The Saint Reporter

The Aquinas Hockey team this Valentine’s Day is competing in the MCHC Playoffs vs. Calvin College at Southside Ice Arena at 4:45 p.m. They ended their regular season with an 187-0-4 record. Associate Head Coach Jordan Permoda said, “I am very proud of our young men and the way that they have overcome adversity this season and matured in such a way that they willed themselves to some of their victories.” When asked about playoffs, Permoda said, “Looking forward, there are still quite a few games up for grabs. We have to make sure to approach post-season play one game at a time. Right now we have to focus on Friday’s matchup with Calvin. We have never beaten Calvin in the four times that we have matched up with them, which is an even stronger driving factor for our boys. They know that on any given night they can be the best team on the ice. Barring our weekend with Grand Valley I would say that we are playing the best hockey that we have in our short, two year existence. One thing is certain, you are going to see two teams fighting for their lives on Friday.” When playing against GVSU two weeks ago, the Saints lost both games. During the Friday night game, Senior Hugh Ingalls and sophomore Doug Zelen-

Grand Rapids Griffins stay steady By Taylor Hodges The Saint Reporter After a heartbreaking loss to the Lake Erie Monsters this past Wednesday during a game in which the Griffins failed to score a goal, the Griffins are looking to rebound with two away games against Toronto, Rochester and back to back home games against San Antonio. Despite getting blown out in the game against the Monsters, the Griffins still sit comfortably in the Western Conference, only two points behind leader Abbotsford. Cory Emmerton is back with the Griffins after a brief stint with Detroit, where he recorded two assists in 11 contests. Emmerton has spent nearly six seasons with the Griffins. Look

for him to test free agency or request a trade during the summer, since the Wings already have role players on the team. Leading the Griffins in points is Teemu Pulkkinen, who’s posted 40 in 47 games. Pulkkinen is also tied for the team lead, as he leads the team in shots on goal. Surprisingly, the second leader for points on the team is defensemen Adam Almquist. Almquist was taken in the seventh round back in 2009 and is currently in his second professional season with the Griffins. Czech native Martin Frk has been struggling in his first professional season with the Griffins. After having a stellar career in the QMJHL in which he won the Memorial Cup with the Halifax Mooseheads, things Sports Editor Alyssa Frese

seemed to have stalled for the young prospect. Frk has yet to score his first professional goal and has been in and out of the lineup as a healthy scratch, which explains his two points in 25 games played. Look for Frk to keep adjusting to the rigors of professional hockey and work on his defensive play. While the Olympics have just begun, the Griffins aren’t taking any breaks and are looking to continue their run into winning the Calder Cup for a second year.


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ka each scored a goal. “After a lengthy film session, our boys were much more prepared for the Saturday matchup and we took Grand Valley to overtime, but ended up losing the game on a quick transition play,” said Permoda. “Freshman Corey Giffel netted the lone goal to help send us to overtime. Freshman Sean Schmeiser played exceptionally well in net Saturday evening, facing over 50 shots.” When asking Permoda about the games this past weekend, he said, “Hope was another tough matchup for us, as they were ranked number one coming into this past weekend. Doug Zelenka put up an early tally for Aquinas. The Dutchmen managed to force overtime where junior Matt Krzykwa netted the game winner to help put a notch in the ‘W’ column for the Saints. Another stellar performance in net from freshman Sean Schmeiser, stopping 41 of 42 shots.” “Saturday was a much different game for us. We got into penalty trouble early on and gave up a number of power play goals to Hope. You can’t win hockey games when you are shorthanded, which we were for a majority of the game,” said Permoda. “Once Hope had a commanding lead of 4-0 after the first we were hard pressed to rebound. Our guys didn’t give up though and sophomore Kyle Jansens ended up popping one but the game ended 7-1.”

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