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Who’s the boss? Saint Reporter Erin Ball talks academics and attendance and why students should decide what is best for them

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Volume 33, Issue 13

>>NEWS Be Nice Festival | 2 AQ holds event to inspire fun professionalism and help decrease suicides by being nice

Contemporary Writers Series | 3 Luis Alberto Urrea comes to Aquinas to speak on his multi-cultural, successful writing career

>>CULTURE Azealia Banks | 5 Editor-in-Chief Paris Close gives readers a look into the genre that is hip-house

The Other Woman | 6 Saint Reporter Gio Barreto reviews this quirky comedy that empowers women

>>SPORTS Sadie Stowell | 7 Sports Editor Alyssa Frese sits down and talks with this Aquinas softball powerhouse

West MI Whitecaps | 8 Saint Reporter Zoe Harmon talks baseball with this local team


Wege Speakers Series Wege Foundation brings in Tom Kiernan to speak on the future of wind energy

be altered because of economic and environmental issues, and with a new, clean, For the 18th Annual less-expensive method of Wege Speaker Series the Wege energy, we could change the Foundation partnered with world. We must be hopeful, West Michigan Environmental Kiernan says. When reports Action Council to bring Tom like the recent ones come Kiernan in to speak at the out it’s easy for everyone to Aquinas College Performing scream “the sky is falling,” Arts Center. but instead we should be Kiernan spoke on an calm and take control of the aspect of “economicology,” situation. With the help of a word used to address federal and state governments, environmental issues as well all political parties working as the economy. Kiernan, together, improving policies, who has been doing and making improvements in environmental work for 30 our daily lives, this change is years, and has even worked possible, Michigan is on the on environmental issues with front-lines of this change too, the Bush Administration, YASMEEN AHMED/THE SAINT and we can all make a change. gave an educated speech on Economicology: Kiernan gives educated facts and encouragement for a hopeful future in The cost of wind energy is down 43 wind energy. renewable energy. percent in the last 20 years or more. Kiernan solidified many recent environmental reports when know before they commit to making a are headed in now. What can we do to With a momentum like this Kiernan was extremely assuring in saying that stating that our time to change, to political change. help this process is the next question, making a significant amount of energy take action and help the environment, Kiernan stated many interesting and Kiernan of course covered all bases created by wind, is a possibility. is now. After recent United Nations facts about the U.S. and wind energy of the issue. Kiernan closed with a Q&A and American Association for the but he also narrowed in on Michigan to Improving and increasing the use from the audience and announced Advancement of Science reports show us exactly what is happening and of wind energy is an industry that must declared that we are already feeling the what more we can do to improve even be supported by the government in that the ten year anniversary of the environmental effects in our daily lives more. So far, putting up more wind order to be truly successful, Kiernan Wege Foundation ‘Saving the Great and we have a very small opportunity farms around the U.S. has showed that addressed many ways in which we can Lakes’ movement began and there to turn things around. These effects wind energy is more efficient and less help this actually happen. This included will be a celebration in September. T h e 1 8 t h A n n u a l We g e S p e a k e r include food crisis and water shortages expensive than other types of energy. four different government policies that Series was an amazing, educational, throughout the world. Although it There has been a ten fold growth in have an effect on increasing wind is clear that our society must begin wind energy in the last couple of years energy production; a very important experience, which brought hope and to make changes like utilizing clean, and although the U.S. currently has one being The Clean Air Act which the accomplishment to everyone present. renewable energy, what will this do 900 wind farms we are still second to, Obama Administration will be coming Kiernan was a great speaker, and gave insight to so many relevant to the economy? This is an issue that who else but, China. The U.S. has come forward to talk about this June. issues. The Wege Foundation has Kiernan addressed in depth. So, how can we move forward with a long way though, this year the U.S. He first began by saying clear and is undergoing the largest construction this revolutionary process? Kiernan yet again brought great inspiration, upfront, “It will not harm the long-term boom as 100 more wind farms are in the opened with a very interesting family thankfulness, and a look at great economy to solve these problems.” This works right now. Kiernan even stated story and lead into say that we must opportunities to Aquinas College. statement alone is powerful because that Michigan has potential to lead the make this personal and positive. it is what so many people want to country if we maintain the direction we These issues are relevant to our daily By Yasmeen Ahmed News Editor

Inclusivity at Aquinas

The AQ difference personified in statement

By Emily Elias The Saint Reporter The students have spoken. Students recently have had some concern of bias in the campus community. Junior senators, Chuck Hyde and Tyler Clark, sophomores Hannah Acosta, Alexis Hartman and seniors Hanna Dugan, Amanda Vanderplow and Sean Briggs, have recently accomplished creating a campus diversity statement. As quoted in the statement “Our mission statement defines us as an inclusive community and similarly, our diversity statement reminds us that we have made a commitment to equality and to demonstrating respect for one another despite our differences.“ A student came to Clark as a senator with concerns

They want to make sure that the campus is a place for students to feel safe. “If you do feel uncomfortable there are many people you can talk to and one example is Campus Ministry Director Mary ClarkKaiser,” said Hyde. The statement firmly states “The Student Senate of Aquinas College wishes to strongly affirm that all members of the Aquinas C o m m u n i t y d e s e r ve f a i r , e q u a l treatment from all members of our community, regardless of their dissimilarities, and we call upon all appropriate authorities to ensure this.” The statement has been read to some faculty as well as formal gatherings such as the Registered Student Organizations meeting also known as RSO’s. Junior and Senate

<< “Our diversity statement reminds us that we have made a commitment to equality...” >> about events on campus. This was a wakeup call. “Senate decisively took a bold action to stand for unity on campus, by issuing the diversity statement as a call for the respect of all members of our community,” said Clark. Academic Affairs Director of Student Senate, Chuck Hyde, helped lead the project. This statement is primarily written by the senators. Freshmen senator Caleb Jenkins quotes a relevant quote from The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald... “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.”

chair Madeleine Burns states that ,“Student Senate Executive Board would like to encourage students to be role models of inclusion and dialog.” This stands as a reminder to students to be role models. One way students can all grow from this experience is to talk about it. “Some people feel like we are afraid to talk about some things on campus,” exclaimed Hyde. Hopefully this new statement will convince students to speak up and not be afraid because that is what the senators want. They are here to help students in any way they can.

School of Education shows the literal art of teaching By Chucky Blackmore Staff Writer On Thursday, April 17th, students in the education program at Aquinas College attended The Importance of Performing Arts in the Elementary Classroom, sponsored by the Aquinas College School of Education and the Grand Rapids Community College Education Department, received an abundance of helpful information regarding the future of teaching. Current, former, and prospective teachers were among the people who attended the event. Kevin Kammeraad, a native of Holland, Michigan, is an awardwinning artist, performer, and author of several children’s books and CDs. Kammeraad graduated from Grand Valley State University in 1998 with a degree in film and video production but he never thought he would do what he does now—educating elementary students through performing arts, an activity that is being cut by many school districts nationwide. Kammeraad’s two hour presentation kicked off with i n t e r a c t i ve s i n g i n g a n d d a n c i n g within the first few minutes, indulging the crowd in quirky dance routines and making silly faces. D u r i n g h i s l i ve l y p r e s e n t a t i o n , Kammeraad heavily stressed that prospective teachers should write down any ideas they have regarding a curriculum they want to teach their students. Kammeraad’s ideas were pulled from everyday experiences, often relating to his love for his family and inspiration from E.E. Cummings and Shel Silverstein. Kammeraad’s passion for education started when he met his wife, Stephanie Kammeraad, who is a teacher, while attending GVSU. After seventeen drafts, Kammeraad wrote his first book, The Tomato Collection, in 1999. That s a m e ye a r , K a m m e r a a d wa n t e d


The Importance of Performing Arts in the Elementary Classroom: Kevin Kammeraad speaks in an interactive presentation for students in the Education Program t o e v o l ve t h e wa y l e a r n i n g wa s being approached in elementary classrooms, so he looked to music. Kammeraad wrote poetry that he was destin ed to have turn ed i n t o c h i l d r e n ’ s s o n g s . O ve r 5 0 independent musicians were recruited to record instrumentals that could later be used to sing in poetry and books. The music isn’t e x c l u s i ve l y f o r j u s t p o e m s a n d stories, however. “Kids lead the concepts and we write and perform about them,” said Kammeraad. Music can create motions that are shown to help build a stronger brain, no matter what the curriculum may be. For example, “crossing the midline” is an activity that involves crossing one part of the body over to the opposite side, stimulating coordination. Additionally, freeze games and Simon Says allow children to follow directions. The goal of music in the classroom isn’t to be on rhythm. Instead, students develop a rhythm and purely have fun. Kammeraad also encouraged the audience to use puppets because they are inexpensive and visually-

stimulating. Made from socks, cups, felt, or paper, puppets are added props that can be used for any type of curriculum. Jacob, Kammeraad’s puppet character from The Tomato Collection, is a signature puppet that proves one doesn’t have to be a ventriloquist to use them. Kammeraad often uses his puppets to answer yes/no questions that students are eager to ask. Near the end of his presentation, Kammeraad intrigued the audience by having them participate in stretching activities. Kammeraad said that stretching can be used in a classroom before dismissing young children from school. He urged current and prospective teachers not to overcomplicate any idea for lesson plans. Even if your idea involves the Easter Bunny eating a veggie sub at Jimmy John’s because bunnies don’t eat meat, as Kammeraad described, you’ve already made things fun for the students.




<< Be Nice Festival THE SAINT | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 2014

Aquinas: Commencement 2014 goes green with Greener Grads

Michigan: Mackinac Island Ferry may not run this Summer

National: Conneticut High School Student Stabbed on Day of Prom

World: South Korean Prime Minister Resigns

With commencement sneaking up on seniors, the AQ sustainable initiative collides with the Greener Grads program. Greener Grads, in collaboration with the Center for Sustainability, are collecting gowns from graduates after graduation who seek to see their gowns reused by someone else. Look for drop off boxes at commencement.

Mackinac Island’s oldest ferry line, Arnold Transit Co. may not be ferrying passengers to the Island this summer. After losing a major client their economic stability is not in the best shape and although will be carying freight there is no garuntee if they will continue to carry passengers.

A 16 year-old girl was stabbed to death by a male classmate on the day of their high school prom, last Friday. It occured at 7:15 a.m. in the hallway at the Conneticut school and the prom was postponed while the friends and community gathered and painted a rock in honor of the girl instead.

South Korean Prime Minister, Chung Hong, announced his resignation on Sunday taking responsibility for his slow initial reaction the the ferry’s sinking, which left nearly 200 dead and even more still missing. Hong says, “I should take responsibility for everything as the Prime Minister,” as he resigned.

“You say, goodbye...” mayra monroy| editor-in-chief The Saint has become a big part of my life in a short amount of time. As a Communication and Journalism student, I find myself spending more time in The Saint office than seeing my room and my roommates rarely see me anymore. Despite this, I wouldn’t change it for one minute. Being news editor hasn’t been easy, but it has been an experience that has taught me a lot about journalism and has reassured my soul that this is the career that I wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of my life. This issue is my first issue as The Saint’s new Editor-in-Chief, alongside graduating editor, Paris Close. I am so excited for this next chapter in my life. I know that I have chosen well with the new news editor, Yasmeen Ahmed; our new opinion editor, Chuck Hyde; and our new sports editor, Taylor Hodges. The Saint has a strong staff and I am excited for the future that is in front of me for these next two years. See you around!

“...and I say, hello!” yasmeen ahmed|news editor This is cool. I get to join the Saint team as the News Editor; quite a dream three years in the making. I inquired about the school paper before my freshman year at Aquinas even began. I remember being so eager to finally be a part of a newspaper; not having one at my high school, I was at every meeting freshman year, and more often than not writing multiple articles an issue. Now wrapping my junior year in college, here I am. I love writing about everything, but news is where my heart lies, and I get to take hold of an amazing well-rounding opportunity. As spring begins, and the school year ends I always feel it as a new beginning, a time for new adventures and experiences and as my mind wanders from the stress of school-work it always seems to end up writing a random piece in the middle of the night. Writing is my vice, we all have them. Some of us smoke, some eat copious amounts of chocolate, some watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians; mine is to sit down with a pen and my favorite leather journal and bleed words. The Saint has given me a crazy wonderful opportunity to do just that, and make it feel real. The Saint is the first place my writing was ever published and writing for the Saint brought me to countless other awesome opportunities; so far I have written for websites, local publications, books of essays, and more. The other night I ran into a friend who is a passionate musician, and he spoke about how it was his real passion but the aspect of success never really becomes a reality in an industry like that. Yes, we are all starving artists. Painters, musicians, writers, photographers; but how cool to have opportunities like this that our school offers to get, if nothing more, experience. Because the hard reality of it is that we NEED that, unless we become YouTube famous, or some miracle happens and we are randomly discovered we need to practice, we need to put ourselves out there, take chances, take every opportunity presented, keep dreaming, and work harder than ever. We are all struggling, but the struggle is part of the process; and as a writer I always believe that being immersed in my work is the most important part of the journey to accomplishing a piece of work. So, as I embark on another journey, experience, crazy ride as part of this long process, this burning passion of mine; I am ecstatic, jumping out of my skin excited! I am still working on so much, my writing isn’t perfect by any means but I have no greater passion that what I have for writing. I hope you’ll all join me in my passion (and coffee) fueled journey with The Saint!

Aquinas holds Be Nice Festival Saturday, April 26 By Mayra Monroy Editor-in-Chief Aquinas College was busy on Saturday, April 26, as The Moose became a central hub for the Be Nice Festival, held by the ASCD Student Club and the School of Education. The Festival, which took place at The Moose, hosted several professional and educational opportunities for students of Aquinas. Food was provided, alongside music, advice and wisdom. Be Nice, a movement started by the Mental Health Foundation, was brought to campus as a product of senior, Jessica Gast’s desire to share the foundation’s mission with the rest of campus. “I was involved with [Be Nice] in high school and volunteered for it and I called them in the fall and talked to them about the club I was in,” said Gast. “It evolved into this big event.” Goodwill provided speakers and stations where students could brush up on their resumes and interviewing skills, while browsing the racks located in the Upper Moose of professional wear that they could buy. Tables were set up with advice on professional wear, as well as general advice to prepare students for their professional futures. Donations were also accepted, collecting a total of approximately 600 pounds. ASCD, Association and Supervision of Curriculum Development, which is led by their president and senior, Molly Pelak, succeeded in providing a welcoming

suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students,” said Buck, “It breaks my heart. We have to increase awareness. This is a message.” The collaboration between Goodwill and the Mental Health Foundation proved to be a successful match. “We support [each other’s] missions,” said Katie Johnson, Media Relations manager for Goodwill. “[Be Nice] presents and works with our staff. We appreciated all the support from Aquinas and from the School of Education.” Advised by the School of Education, Dean Nanette Clatterbuck and Dr. Gina Garner, ASCD worked with the MAYRA MONROY/THE SAINT School of Education to put on #benice: Students unite to stir awareness about suicide. Visit for more information the event. Through discussion and insight, what started as an on The Be Nice Festival. idea by Clatterbuck realizing environment. Jazz Band shared a set with the audience that students in her Introduction to “We try to promote education and Uke Knighted took the stage later Education were having trouble finding students to participate in professional that afternoon. appropriate dress for their placements, developments,” said Pelak. “We also Nearing the end of the festival Christy sparked into the creation and ultimate just want to promote educational Buck, the Executive Director of the Mental development of the Be Nice Festival. opportunities such as building your Health Foundation, joined students to “If we have one student who came portfolio, tutoring opportunities, and share the mission of Be Nice and speak in and learned something and who uses things like that.” about the foundation. towards getting a job, that’s enough Hair and makeup sessions were “Be Nice is huge. One, because for us,” said School of Education staff provided to students, as well as food ultimately you’re saving lives. Be Nice is member, Natalie Tassel. throughout the entire day. The Aquinas about suicide prevention. Unfortunately,

World news update Columbian novelist Gabriel García Márquez dies By Yashowanto Ghosh Staff Writer UKRAINE – Pro-Russian separatists in the city of Slaviansk in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine have detained international m i l i t a r y observers. The separatists suspect there are Ukrainian spies among the observers. Ukrainian forces launched a blockade on Slaviansk on Friday, April 23. Russian military performed drills on the Ukrainian border. On the

INDIA – General elections in India started Monday, April 7, and are scheduled to conclude on Monday, May 12, with the results expected on Friday, May 16. With a population of over 800 million people, India is the largest democracy in the world and the elections taking place now are the longest to ever occur there. One of the frontrunners for the prime ministership is Narendra Modi, currently chief minister of the state Gujarat in western India, who had earlier been accused of condoning a deadly three-day outbreak of communal violence in his own state in 2002. In 2005, Modi was denied entry into the USA on account of his

<< The largest democracy in the world, India, experiences longest elections yet, for new Prime Minister >> economic front, Russia presented Ukraine with new gas bills for $11.4 billion while the USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Italy are preparing new sanctions against Russia; The World Stock Index, the US dollar, and the ruble fell on Friday, with the safe haven options gold and the Japanese yen rising. MEXICO – Colombian novelist Gabriel García Márquez, the master of magic realism, who won the Nobel prize in literature in 1982, died of cancer in Mexico City on Thursday, April 17. He was 87. His breakthrough novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, published in 1967, made him the most famous author of our times, and, 15 years later, he won the Nobel prize for this novel. His second major work, Love in the Time of Cholera, was published in 1985. García Márquez survived his first battle with cancer in 1999. By the time it returned, he was also suffering from dementia. He is survived by his wife and two sons.

role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. SOUTH SUDAN – Rebel forces captured Bentiu, the capital city of the South Sudanese state Unity, on April 15 and 16 and then proceeded to kill civilians who had sought refuge in a mosque, a Catholic church, and a hospital. Several hundred civilians are reported killed, with no exact body count available at this time. The rebel forces targeted civilians based on their ethnic origins, killing those that did not belong to the Nuer, which is the tribe of rebel leader Riek Machar. Machar had been vice president of South Sudan since its independence in 2011 until he was dismissed by President Salva Kiir last year, and the current civil war started in December. The rebel forces reportedly used Radio Bentiu FM to coordinate last week’s massacre of civilians.

News Editor Yasmeen Ahmed E-mail

Grand Rapids summer runs Grand Rapids offers healthy fun this summer!


Color Run: Bringing color to Grand Rapids’ summers for the second year, they have been welcomed so warmly there will be two opportunities this summer. By Yasmeen Ahmed News Editor W h e t h e r y o u ’l l b e i n G r a n d Rapids this summer or not, there are two sensational events that no student looking for an eventful summer will want to miss. Grand Rapids is not just a college town; year-round Grand Rapids thrives with art, food, music, and locals who just can’t get enough. Most students get sucked into the cool city of Grand Rapids so much they don’t even end up leaving for the summer; so whether you’ll be here or if you’re looking for an excuse to come back, be sure to consider two fun 5K’s that could make summer all the more memorable. To kick off the summer, join Grand Rapids in a 3.1 mile race filled with obstacles and fun, not to mention a good workout. The Hit and Run 5K teams up with the Susan G. Komen of West Michigan Organization to bring fun and raise money for a great cause. The Hit and Run 5K is not just any normal race; it’s an actual obstacle course. It includes having to balance, move quickly around objects, and maybe even getting wet. The race will be held on May 17, at the Hyatt Place hotel in Wyoming. Registration is available online. The second big 5K Grand Rapids is holding this year is one very widely known and demanded, so much so that there are two days being held for it; the first of which is already sold

Phone (616) 632-2975

out. This 5K could end any awesome summer on a great note; the Color Run on August 3 will return to the city of Grand Rapids. The Color Run is a for-profit company that partners with charities, they will be working with the West Michigan Sports Commission and the Van Andel Institute – Purple Community. The Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness, and individuality; it has become the single largest event series in the US and Grand Rapids will be holding two chances to get involved in a good, healthy, fun cause. For the second year in a row the colorful event will be held at the Calder Plaza starting at 9 a.m. August and 3; there’s even a pre-race party! Registration for the Color Run is also available online, but is selling out quickly. As we all head out to our internships, summer jobs, summer classes, or back home with our parents, we need something to look forward to. Summer is great for relaxing and not thinking; or taking care of everything we couldn’t do during the school year but with two great opportunities to benefit physical and mental health, along with a few great charities, why not take advantage of it. Grand Rapids is an awesome city, with a lot to offer; so whether or not you’ll be actually living here for the summer, make time for summer running fun!





Aquinas shares some wisdom

Contemporary Writer’s Series America, published 2011. He read a passage from Queen of America. He did not so much read the passage, Luís Alberto Urrea, a finalist for the but rather performed it. He did not have to Pulitzer Prize in non-fiction in 2005, was look at the text at all, instead, he maintained at Aquinas College eye contact with the on Tuesday, April 15. audience throughout He gave a talk at 12:30 his recitation of p.m. and a reading at the passage, and 7:30 p.m. he accompanied Urrea was his recitation with born in 1955 in e x p a n s i ve h a n d Tijuana, Mexico; his gestures and father was Mexican modulation of his and his mother voice. American. He grew The effect up in California and was almost that as a first-generation of a solo theatrical college student, performance and studied writing at it was absolutely the University of brilliant. He California in San concluded by Diego. Afterwards, speaking about the he did relief work in book on which he Tijuana. His writing was working at the is deeply influenced COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS moment about his by both his own A theaterical reading: Urrea wraps up the Contemporary Writers Series with a mother, who was a life and his family theatrical, solo reading donut dolly during history. the second world The evening was preceded by much century—which was when his father’s war. Finally, Urrea answered questions to excitement about it at Aquinas—complete ancestors had emigrated from Basque conclude. with a special topics class about Urrea’s country—and went into some detail about Urrea is professor of creative writing work being taught in the Spanish program his great-aunt Teresita. He has written two at the University of Illinois at Chicago; by Professor Shelli Rottschafer, who books about Teresita: The Hummingbird’s his visit was the final event of the current introduced Urrea at the reading—and Daughter, published 2005, and Queen of season of the Contemporary Writers Series. Wege Ballroom was already abuzz at least ten minutes before the reading was scheduled to start. Urrea opened with some background about his family, going back to the 16th

By Yashowanto Ghosh Staff Writer

Professor Spotlight:

Dr. Stephen Barrows to academia.” He only had positive things to say about One of the many new his experience faculty to join Aquinas at Aquinas, College this academic year, commenting professor of economics, o n t h e Stephen Barrows, is no collegiality and stranger to the classroom. friendliness of Though perhaps most wellhis colleagues known as of late for the a n d t h e now famous viral video eagerness of that he starred in, Barrows his students to has had a career filled with learn. He also academic and military enjoys that accomplishments even students are before coming to Aquinas. fun-loving and Barrows was a professor COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS engaged in the of economics at the Air Force Academy for several Smooth Transition: Dr.Stephen Barrows experiences Aquinas in a transition classroom. Outside of years, wrapping up a 21 from military to civilian life; bringing a passion for economics. the classroom, year career with the Air Force. During his time in the service, to work here at Aquinas. He had Barrows enjoys spending time with Barrows helped modernize American been looking for a school in the his family. When asked about his defense systems, taught economics at Midwest and heard about AQ. After hobbies, he simply laughed and said the University of Nebraska as well researching it and interviewing here, that his kids and their activities took as the aforementioned Air Force he felt as though it was a good fit up most of the free time he had. He said it was always fun to help his five Academy, and even traveled to Kabul, for him. On the campus, Barrows said that children get involved with soccer, Afghanistan to work with Afghani cadets. Of the latter Barrows said that he “loves the emphasis on teaching dance, church, or whatever else they he loved “experiencing the culture and and the Catholic culture.” Barrows happen to be doing. When he has time people of Afghanistan.” In between admitted that he was nervous about to himself he enjoys exercising and teaching and his commitments to transitioning to civilian life after the reading about theology, Catholicism, the Air Force, Barrows has done military. Thus far, however, he has and economics. With his good sense of humor, research on various economic topics. had good experiences. The small His favorites include the history class sizes and personal approach love of Catholic social teaching, and of economic thought, international to education have kept him here, strong academic background, it’s e c o n o m i c s , a n d C a t h o l i c s o c i a l c o m b i n e d w i t h t h e “ b e a u t y o f no wonder that Barrows has found t h e c a m p u s a n d t h e w o n d e r f u l Aquinas to be quite welcoming. teaching. H i s l o v e o f e c o n o m i c s a n d atmosphere” helping to make him C a t h o l i c i s m l e d t o h i m s e e k i n g feel welcome: “I’ve been privileged to transition smoothly from uniform By Chuck Hyde Opinion Editor

Climate Change By Chuck Hyde Opinion Editor Climate change is one of the most pressing scientific issues in today’s society. Countless scientists and politicians discuss the issue daily, whether or not they feel the research is valid. The issue is so broad and potentially world-changing that most on either side of the debate do not take the time to separate facts from sensationalism. NPR has done several pieces on climate change recently, discussing the issue with leading experts in the field. This is mostly due to the release of the 2014 report on the issue by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC’s report includes 308 authors from 70 countries, all with varying opinions on the potential impacts of the phenomena. British economist Richard Tol is one of those authors. Though Tol believes that the future will involve a lot of disastrous results for agricul-

ture and the environment, he firmly believes in humanity’s ability to adapt. He insists that crop yields will be fine due to advancing technology, and feels that dams will allow a lot of flooding to be circumvented. Tol blames sensationalism and people striving to instill change for the denial of this human adaptability. He says that if these points were brought up, “it doesn’t sound as alarming.” In another NPR interview, cochair of the study Chris Field paints a darker picture: “We need to think about managing risks in an era of deep uncertainty.” Field believes that we need to take action immediately to prevent fires, floods, droughts, and other natural disasters from occurring. He also argues that many of the steps humanity can take to prevent climate change are also beneficial and smart to make in the case that it becomes a non-issue. Here in the United States, politics are standing in the way of any progress that is being proposed. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State

News Editor Yasmeen Ahmed

John Kerry are attempting to sort out poor international relations in regards to the issue. An article from the New York Times details this conflict, with many countries pressuring the U.S. to help struggling countries enable defenses against the possible results of climate change. Historically, the U.S. has not been a reliable source of aid on the issue. The Kyoto Protocol wasn’t ratified by Congress in 1997, and climate change legislation has failed as recently as 2009. Economic and domestic issues have caused a lack of interest in discussing environmental bills on the floor of either house. Regardless of the validity of current research in the field, environmental issues and adjusting our impact on Earth’s climate are of paramount importance. Field says that one benefit to people lies in their ability to adapt and take action. As he puts it, “people aren’t like melting glaciers. They don’t just sit there; they adapt.”


By Chucky Blackmore Staff Writer Members of Aquinas College witnessed a creative approach to sharing wisdom and thoughts on Saturday, April 26 in the Wege Ballroom as seven people, connected to Aquinas in some way, shared their greatest revelations in life, each person having seven minutes to enlighten the audience. Given the math involved, all of the speakers had a combined total of forty nine minutes

thoughts and ideas aren’t valued. All walks of the Aquinas journey were discovered as seniors Ian MacNeil, Molly Huth, junior Taylor Nefcy, Aquinas alumni Bridget Clark Whitney, Trevor Muir, Women Studies Director Dr. Amy Dunham Strand, and Professor of Economics Dr. Todd Yarbrough took the stage. Dugan, who is a Community Leadership and Theology major, hosted the event and gave a short introduction to all that performed. Tears were shed


Laugh at yourself: Junior Taylor Nefcy shared her greatest revelation to the crowd with many laughs. to express what made them who they are in life. Hanna Dugan, a senior at Aquinas, originally came up with the idea for the event after finding out that a church in Eastown put on an annual faith-based ceremony, called seven-by-seven, where members of the church were selected to perform monologues of their greatest spiritual revelation of the year. “I wanted to take the same idea and let Aquinas people share their beliefs and ideas without putting a spiritual restriction on it,” said Dugan. With that in mind, Dugan looked to create an event of a similar nature, opening it up to a wider variety of topics. Dugan presented the idea to the resident assistants of Regina Hall, who all insisted it should be a campus-wide event. After the remaining resident assistants got on board with the idea, the event was destined to become a success. The seven members that were selected to perform included current students, alumni, and professors of Aquinas College. “We wanted everyone to have ties with Aquinas,” said Dugan. Dugan wanted to capture current students because often times their

laughter was created person after person. All seven performances were professionally filmed and put into seven minute segments. Each speaker brought wise insight and shared their greatest revelation to the audience, including expressing your inner T-Rex, like Taylor Nefcy; remembering who you are, like Dr. Todd Yarbrough; becoming a beautiful metaphor, like Dr. Amy Dunham Strand; living your life as a cinematic adventure, as Ian MacNeil does; bringing awareness to a great cause, like Bridget Clark Whitney continues to do; accepting yourself, like Trevor Muir, and holding onto a parent’s love and wisdom, even after they’re gone, like Molly Huth. Dugan’s journey doesn’t stop here. Returning to Aquinas for the 2014-2015 school year, Dugan aspires to continue the idea of FORTYNINE. In fact, her plan is to get faculty in on it, to eventually make it a campus club. Many of Dugan’s plans are likely to make an appearance in the future at Aquinas College. Events like this are just one of many reasons why Aquinas College is a great place to call home.

Count the stars with AQ By Veronica Burns Staff Writer The Astronomy Club is a new Registered Student Organization at Aquinas as of this year, and members of the club are looking forward to events they have planned. Secretary of the Club, Chad Roden, said, “We aim to share the wonders of space with the Aquinas and local Grand Rapids community.” Roden, when talking about the club’s intentions, said, “Our goal is to have open observatories the last Saturday of each month from spring through summer and into the fall semester. We encourage anyone who is interested in learning about space and how to use scopes to come find us! We have opportunities for them to learn about space and astrological events and even offer training on our scopes.” Starting the club required hard work and fixing, as Chad Roden said, “The largest [telescope] was repaired by our very own Astronomy Professor, Chris Fleck and a number of student volunteers. The observatory itself has been out of use until recently on March 29, 2014 when we celebrated the grand re-opening of the observatory. We also have a variety of lenses that filter out other forms of light to sharpen images and even a lens that allows us to stare at the Sun.” AQ’s Baldwin Observatory has three different sized scopes. According to the advisor of the club, Professor Fleck, “The large telescope is a Meade LX200 ECM 16” that is polar mounted to the top of Albertus Hall. The middle scope is a Mead LX200

Phone (616) 632-2975

GPS 12”. Both Meade telescopes have the electric drive motors to assist with the locating and tracking of objects. The smallest is a Celestron 8” with a solar filter. The dome itself is a 12’ diameter Ashdome.” Are you and your friends looking for something fun and free to do together? Well Roden says that, “Our open observatories are available to all students and even the public community. The events are always free and you can even take pictures of some of the things you see. Most of the observatory days will even have games and hands on learning opportunities to really experience space. One such activity was making comets. We used a combination of dry ice and other materials to make small comets.” One event the club previously hosted was a Space Day. This had participants who, according to Roden, were “[…] designing various forms of dry ice rockets which were launched and their distance and approximate height were compared. We also had various freeze-dried food available to sample and Q&A sessions as well as a brief trivia game.” Lastly, Roden while talking about the future of the club said, “We are looking forward to seeing the club grow and offer our Aquinas family a chance to explore the stars in our own backyard. Our events will continue to be tailored to our students and be open and appropriate for any age of visitor from our Grand Rapids community. We love to hear suggestions for events or educational opportunities that interest the students.”


opinion Who’s the boss? >> page





LAX, for detaining Justin Bieber and not allowing him into the country; Aquinas, for putting our tuition dollars to use and getting us muffins for Exam Cram; Student Senate, for helping to keep the library open until 3:00 a.m.; Coffee, for making sleepless nights spent studying possible; Flowers and blossoming trees, for making our campus beautiful after a long winter; John Paul II and John XXIII, for earning canonization through their lasting impact on the world;

HECKLES TO... Clippers owner Donald Sterling, for reinforcing racism in 2014; Avril Lavigne, for releasing a horrible video and literally LOL-ing at the racial backlash; Exams, for ruining our end of the year excitement; Jenny McCarthy, for releasing yet another book and continuing to fight against children being vaccinated; Potholes, for becoming so large they might as well swallow the whole car; Glee, for supposedly firing Santana, giving us one more reason to dislike Ryan Murphy; The FCC, for allowing Internet providers to keep destroying the Internet.

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Opinion Editor Chuck Hyde

The policy that crosses the line

By Erin Ball The Saint Reporter As college students we are fully capable of deciding what we can handle and what we cannot. If we know we can get an A even while missing a few class periods, we should be allowed to take that chance. If we fail a test or assignment because of falling behind, that is our fault for not preparing and is a natural consequence of irresponsibility. When educators lower a grade because of attendance, it says that we are expected to conform to a time management schedule that might hinder our education. Educators want students to be in class to stay caught up on their work. They usually have a small number of allowed absent days for sicknesses and personal days. In some cases a professor will drop a student’s grade a full letter per absence past a 3 day cap. Most educators don’t even assign work that could impact an overall grade by a whole letter. Isn’t it assignments that should be graded? The result of this can be a growing resentment or disinterest towards a class, uninteresting class periods, and poor use of class time. I grew up as a homeschooled child until fourth grade. This gave me

a unique perspective of how time is used in a variety of educational methods. While homeschooled, my mother would put books in front of me to study, and I would do it. I was allowed to do it on my own time as long as it was done by the time she wanted it. I learned quality time management and responsibility at a young age because of her teaching methods. In contrast to my homeschooled experience, college class time has become an endless rattle of computer mouses, rustling of book pages, and an occasional scratching of pencils on paper. Power points and books are so overly relied on that they have now become the focus of class time. In many classes students are expected to go home and do book work in the text and sometimes even online. However, the next class period students will often do the same book work again with the professor to make sure it’s correct. Doesn’t that seem a bit redundant? Some educators state that if a student isn’t required to come to class, they won’t. One of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Storey, would say, “You can’t hold their hands and tell them what to do forever. They need to grow to be self-sufficient.” Mrs. Storey’s coaches a middle school Science Olympiad team to surpass all expectations. They

consistently win events at both the district and state level competitions. If a teacher can inspire self-sufficiency at a middle school level, why are legal adults in college still being told what to do, and where to be? Aquinas’ tuition for 2013-2014 is $26,280 not including room and board or meals necessary for the duration of a student’s education. While complaining to my mother about attendance policies, I reminded her of the quote she used to say: “Well when you’re being paid, you show up whenever the boss who pays you says to be there.” I argued, “I’m paying the college more than I’ll probably ever get paid and I’m still being told where and when to arrive places!” She simply rolled her eyes and said, “Don’t post that on Facebook.” Translated from mother speech that means, “Okay, you’re right, but fussing won’t help.” This policy was made by educators and administrators in the best interest of students. However, it is an unnecessary handicap that should not continue to be enforced. Now is the time for educators to reevaluate poor policies and make some changes.

Hello, everyone chuck hyde | opinion editor Though I’m certainly no stranger to this section, there is something different about this issue. I have written opinions for The Saint ever since my first year here at Aquinas, and I have been a Staff Writer for the past two. This time, however, I write as the Opinion Editor. If there is any position at this paper that makes sense for me to hold, it’s this one. I always share my opinions, whether or not I am asked to do so. I have done so at the paper many times, discussing everything from my disdain for politicians, the terrifyingly close reality of internet

censorship, and the difficulties of attending a Catholic college as an atheist student. That being said, I wasn’t really sure what to write this issue. I usually always have something to say, but now I’ve just been focusing on what everyone else to say in this section. I think I just want to emphasize how much I love discussion. For a college named after a famous philosopher, I feel that we don’t have nearly enough discussion and debate. There are certain topics that people don’t want to touch, and I don’t see why. I hope that I can help promote more talking about things like this. The students of this campus are ultimately accepting, but there are still a lot of lingering problems that people are reluctant to bring up, despite the culture of openness that many laud. The only way that these issues can reach a resolution is by

first acknowledging them. I hope that this newspaper can be one such venue for that. I myself have had a great experience here, and I hope that every student, staff member, and faculty member can have the same. It seems that behind closed doors and each others’ backs are sometimes the only places that opinions are shared. The chalk work on Wege mall speaking out against abortion and the resulting responses were a great example of this anonymous criticism that doesn’t help anyone. The word “catholic” itself comes from the Greek katholikos. It means universal, and I think this is important to remember. Just because we are a Catholic college, that doesn’t mean that we can’t entertain opinions from everyone. Personally, I feel it means that we have to.

Concerns with Campus Safety By Veronica Burns Staff Writer First-year Thomas Christy had some trouble with Campus Safety in the past and I started wondering what I could do to help others out who could have similar concerns. Christy, who gets weekly parking passes for the flood lot outside of St. Joseph Hall, received two tickets in one day for parking in the wrong spot. He didn’t realize he was parking in the wrong lot because each week he would go to Campus Safety and get a pass for his car. He went to campus safety and addressed his concern and how it was all just a misunderstanding and luckily after appealing the tickets had them removed. He said to me, “there is definitely a communication gap,” when talking about the relationship between Campus Safety and the students. I took my friend over to Campus Safety when she came to visit a night a few weeks ago. What I was hoping would be a quick stop to get a parking pass ended up being a long and


frustrating experience. The system to register wasn’t working properly, and other little issues were occurring. The workers themselves were very friendly and apologized for the inconvenience. I was almost tempted to leave and have my friend risk getting a ticket because we were spending so much time just for a one day pass. Junior Molly Robertson has had issues with the parking permits as well. After winter break she went to campus safety to get a new permit. She was told by a Campus Safety employee that she’d have to wait a week to get the new permit. Robertson explained that campus safety wasn’t taking checks at the moment, but she could go to student accounts and pay it. After paying at student accounts, she wasn’t informed she needed a new sticker and continued parking in Hruby Lot. After all the snow had melted Robertson had three tickets, and everyone’s car had a different sticker than hers. She thought it was all just a misunderstanding and when she went to campus safety the girl working it was really nice about it and told her just to fill out an appeal. She told Robertson there were no spots available for parking in the Hruby Lot when she was given a new sticker for

Phone (616) 632-2975

her car and was informed she was going to have to park in Browne Lot instead. She tried to appeal her tickets and got an email stating that her appeal was denied. She blames this on a lack of communication from campus safety. She gave ideas on possibly a mass email or other direct ways to inform students on what is going on. When I brought Robertson’s story to Campus Safety, I was told that they accept cash, check, and credit cards 24/7. They also said that permits were being issued before winter break. It’s hard for me to determine what happened in Robertson’s situation, but all I know is that communication between Campus Safety and students has room for improvement. Campus Safety also told me that they would not be calling students early in the morning anymore to move their cars. Instead they have begun using email. Make sure if you want updates from Campus Safety that your contact information is correct. If you’d like to avoid drama like these fellow AQ students, please make sure all communication with Campus Safety is clear, and park where you are supposed to park.






Movies: Maroon 5 front man to debut on screen this summer

Television: Rumors circulate of comedian Handler’s possible Netflix show

Pop-rock star Adam Levine has decided to pad his extensive résumé by adding movie acting to his repertoire. The 35 year old musician will star along side British actress Keira Knightley in the film Begin Again, set to be released in theatres in July. Knightley will be making a debut of her own and she will be singing in the movie. She also referred to Levine as, “a natural performer.”

After seven years of being the host of The Chelsea Lately Show, E! Network’s comedic goddess Chelsea Handler may be heading in a new direction. Her manager informed True Hollywood Reporter that Handler has no intent of renewing her contact with the network and she is looking for new work. Let’s hope wherever Handler goes, Chuy follows.

Music: Country sweetheart Hayes to release sophomore album in May Country superstar Hunter Hayes is expected to dominate country radio stations this summer and make the ladies everywhere feel wanted all over again, as the “Wanted” singer plans to release his highly-anticipated second studio album Storyline on May 6. The first single “Invisible” was released after the Grammy Awards in January.



>>MATTHEW MCconaughey

The hunkalicious Oscar winner has proved that he’s not only “The Sexiest Man Alive”, but an advocate for animals as well. This time McConaughey valiantly rescued a baby seal from troublecausing teenagers at a recent trip at a Californian beach.


Make a move One to watch: Brick Mansions proves to be insightful | culture editor

abigale racine

Being the great literature-loving dork that I am, I find meaning and symbolism in just about anything and everything in life. Summer is the season that represents hope. This solstice celebrates the prime of life and it seems to make people realize what they need to focus on to provide a peace of mind. After this last brutal winter and the mind-numbing exam cram, we have all been anticipating the freedom that summer provides. Ever since winter stopped looking Narnina-esque, I have been anticipating those infamous beach bonfires with high school friends. More than likely, I will be the one providing the musical entertainment on those magical nights, so it appears that I will have to bust out the old guitar and reopen those delicious callouses again. Oh, shame. I have been looking forward to conversing and teasing my fellow staff writers back home in the Manistee News Advocate office, as I return back this summer as a reporting Intern. Above everything else, I have been awaiting to completely re-immerse myself into my small town’s life. I am delighted to report that I will spend the majority of my summer days eavesdropping on the police scanner, playing around with the camera and scrambling together articles before the final deadline hour. At night, you will find me rocking out to the local music scene, interviewing the musicians and having the time of my life. To me, this is the definition of freedom. In case you haven’t caught onto my enthusiasm, I am really excited to return home for the summer. Now, only to finish putting together this very newspaper you are holding in your hands and to crank out my Shakespeare paper with the same amount of pep. Readers, I know you understand the struggle as your heavy-feeling, sleep-deprived eyes struggle to read this newsprint. If your eyes even made it this far down in my column. It’s fine if you didn’t, I wouldn’t blame you. I am as equally-exhausted and mind-fried. Reassurance can only be found in the anticipation and in the promise of summer being right around the corner. We just need to finish off as strong as possible, as terribly cliché as that statement reads. Remind yourself that after you have exercised all of your brain’s power, you can watch House Hunters: International for endless hours on end. However, my work is not yet finished and I cannot waste my life over HGTV so soon. I suppose for my last column of the semester, I should leave readers with some immense thoughtprovoking advice. The best advice I can manage under my caffeine deprived condition is to encourage readers to make the right regrets this summer. Summer is the season of revealment after all. Push yourself, make a move and live the life you never thought possible. Do whatever makes your soul soar and blood racing, it’s probably worth doing. See you next year Saints, have a fantastic summer and best of luck with finals.


Too close for comfort: Action film Brick Mansions is located close-to-home, in a futuristic totalitarian Detroit setting. By Cameron Thompson The Saint Reporter The action-packed story line of Brick Mansions, set in a totalitarian Detroit in 2018, bears an eerie resemblance to recent events happening in the troubled, bankrupt city. The film, directed by Camille Delamarre, stars actor David Belle, musician RZA and the late Paul Walker, formerly of Fast and the Furious fame.

Delamarre depicts a dark future for Detroit; one in which the city is the most dangerous in the United States. Martial Law has been implemented, leaving the city dominated by military supervision. The worst parts of the metropolis have been walled off inside fortified structures known as Brick Mansions, which house the city’s drug lords, murderers, thieves and miscreants alike. However, the Brick Mansions

also confine the non-violent, poor, and underprivileged, as the Mayor of Detroit has pushed for a separation between his wealthy constituents and the “scum.” The Brick Mansions were built from the ruins of run-down, onceluxurious condominiums. Eventually all of the poor, degenerates were forcibly corralled into these spaces: without access to healthcare, education, grocery stores, or

police protection. Undercover cop Damien Collier (played by Walker ) is contracted by the Mayor to enter Brick Mansions to take down gang lord Tremaine Alexander (RZA), with the help of ex-felon Lino Dupree (Belle). The mayor is planning a top-secret, controversial move to perform a complete demolition of Brick Mansions to make way for a new luxury apartment complex. He seemingly has no regard for what will become of the residents of the Mansions, nor does he care about how many people will be killed in the demolition process. Tremaine’s plot is revealed when Damien is informed that a government weapon was stolen and brought to Brick Mansions, with the intention of destroying downtown Detroit. Damien’s plan is to pose as a felon and be placed in the same prison transfer van as Lino so that Damien can hijack the van and use it to transport the two to Brick Mansions. Much of the ensuing action is highly stylized, with parkour and perfectly synchronized coordination between Damien and Lino, but I won’t go on in further detail about the plot, as I don’t want to reveal too much or ruin the brilliant twist at the end. I will say that I hope that, as a society, we can use these types of movies as a reminder to better serve the majority of people.

Artist Spotlight: Azealia Banks

By Paris Close Editor-in-Chief Artist: Azealia Banks Genre: Hip-house Current Album: Fantasea Comparisons: Grimes & Childish Gambino Popular Tracks: “Luxury,” “212” & “Venus” The name Azealia Banks alone can stir an entire pot of music enthusiasts of any genre. Whether you’re more of a house and indie sort of guy, or the girl with the guilty pleasure for R&B and alternative jams, Banks’ flow will foot just about any bill. Because if she’s known for anything other than her infamous feuds with fellow femcees Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, it’s for being the only artist to successfully combine avant-gardesque and mainstream hip-hop without falling flat in the music creativity. Straight from the streets of Harlem, having developed an early fixation with the arts, Banks has been seasoned in the art of performing since the sweet age of 10. And by 17, Miss Bank$ was signed to XL Recordings in 2008. However, the singer/rapper didn’t get her big break until three years later in December 2011 when she released her cult-hit “212” with Lazy Jay,

individuals, the record totally emphasizes and embraces ebony essence and the same message is translated in Banks’ saucy tune “Liquorice.” In one moment of the song Banks unleashes the narcissistic verse, “I bet you really wanna touch up on the molasses a--,” channeling the sensual and provocative aura that she’s so well-known for. “Van Vogue” is an amped up track that features Banks’ conceited flow over a safari groove that accentuates Yung Rapunxel’s unorthodox rhyming style. Speaking of “Yung Rapunxel,” the title tune is an incredibly ode to her hip-house nature. Banks keeps up with a fast-paced bass rhythm that carries the pulse of an angry ex-girlfriend left alone in a room full of mirrors and pockets full of stones. A perfect tune to truly see how effortlessly skillful the Harlem rapper actually is when it comes to quick rhyming, Banks holds no bar when it comes to showCOURTESY FLICKR ing she can hang with the best of them with her raw and agThe Harlem heir: The raunchy rapstress Azealia Banks’ music revives the soul of true gressive delivery. hip hop finesse. Needless to say, parental a sassy, upbeat track featuring a claimed work to date, is a trendy advisory labels don’t do the femplayful Banks rapping over a hip collection of four of Banks’ most cee’s work justice with all the conhouse beat. Having worked and notorious jams. The title track, tent on Banks’ records. But if you’re collaborated with the likes of Phar- “1991,” is a fresh intro to the same looking to tap into an element of rell Williams and Childish Gambi- signature, unfashionable flow that hip-hop that has yet to be touched no, Banks is certainly not a newbie rose Banks to hip-hop fame. In a by any other femcee, I dare you to to the game. world often criticized for assigning dive into the rapper’s arsenal of 1991, her most critically ac- beauty roles only to fair-skinned jams.

Hops and Such: Perrin Brews will quench summer thirst

By Yasmeen Ahmed News Editor After recently turning twentyone; and by recently I mean about two weeks ago, I have developed a new aspiration to become a beer connoisseur. I figured since I live in Grand Rapids, AKA Beer City, USA, I should probably know what I’m talking about when everyone is going on about the best local beer. In my attempt to achieve my most recent goal, I have ventured out to a few local bars. I found myself at Perrin Brewing Company, located in Comstock Park, eight miles out of Grand Rapids, and after trying two different types of Perrin beer, I think I’ve found my new favorite go-to drink. On one of my first postbirthday outings I tried the Perrin Grapefruit IPA. The grapefruit is

a lighter beer, it’s a little cidery and to me is a great beer for a sunny, hot day. The Perrin grapefruit is a great beer for a beginning drinker. It’s not too light, but just light enough to refresh and inspire a new love for beer. According to the official Perrin website, this citrusy brew has an ABV 4.9 percent and an IBU of 20. The other type of Perrin I tried on impulse, unsure of what else to order, so I decided to go with a beer I knew I could handle; one that tastes like coffee. The Perrin Kona Brown is a darker beer; it’s very different than my COURTESY MLIVE first exposure to Perrin. It really tastes like coffee and beer mixed; Brew in the big city: The brewery located in Comstock Park is a must summertime hot stop for and it’s quite a perfect balance. both beer connoisseurs and those aspiring to expose themselves to pale ales and IPAs alike. This beer went down easy for an of ale, and it was also refreshing. perfect brew for a relaxing summer avid black coffee drinker. It was With an of ABV of 6.5 percent and evening. It can be sipped slowly somewhat bitter, not too strong an IBU of 22, the Kona Brown is the and although it’s darker, it didn’t

Culture Editor Abigale Racine


Phone (616) 632-2975

feel too heavy. Perrin Brewing is located in Comstock Park but its products are served at most all local bars and restaurants, even for only $3 during happy hour; and on a sunny spring day, why not enjoy a nice cold brew? Perrin is a great local beer to try for anyone. As someone beginning a new romance with beer I thought Perrin had a wide range of ales to help anyone developing a taste for beer or just rejoicing in the quiet coolness of living in Beer City.





The Pixies

‘Here Comes Your Man’ after 23 year hiatus By Chucky Blackmore Staff Writer A f t e r nearly 23 years without an album release, the Pixies released their newest album, Indie Cindy, on Monday, April 28. The Boston-based alternative band is back in the limelight and is ready to make a comeback to the music world. Since their last album Trompe de Monde in 1991, the band’s career has endured a breakup, several side projects, a reunion, and an array of live performances to make up for lost times. Indie Cindy is sure to restore justice to that long unattended gap where Pixies fans never positioned their ears away from infamous tunes like “Where Is My Mind?” and “Here Comes Your Man.” It is evident that even after 23 years, the band still has not abandoned its late 80s-early 90s alternative sound. A pivotal member has left the band’s side on this new album, however. Kim Deal, longtime bassist and backup vocalist, left the band in summer 2013, taking with her the mysticism that categorized and powered the Pixies in the music world. Indie Cindy is a collection of the band’s most recent EPs, recorded almost a year prior to the 13-song LP. Packing a major theme of nostalgia, Indie Cindy is an instant revert to the days of unbuttoned flannels, faded blue jeans, and long hair. Tasteful songs off the band’s new album include: “What Goes Boom,” “Greens and Blues,” and the band’s single, “Bagboy.” From the get-go, the record starts off with a bolting thrust of heavy rhythmic distortion. “What Goes Boom” is a disturbingly

soothing anthem that rains absolute rock upon all the other numbers on the album. Those paradoxical emotions re-live the bizarre elements of the fantasy drama, Where the Wild Things Are, and the subdued comfort of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, both the film and album. The indie in Indie Cindy makes an appearance in “Greens and Blues,” the second track off the band’s new album. As the strum of the acoustic guitar makes an entrance, followed by an eerie, but catchy guitar melody, remnants of Weezer’s Blue Album are heard. The compressed melody stays in the forefront throughout the entire song and the light acoustic rhythm staggers behind it. Each member adds their own character to Indie Cindy. Joey Santiago’s guitar parts are made oh so prominent in this album, as his melodies carry many surprises with them. The four-chord progressions are relatively simple, but well layered with the leads. Black Francis, singer and songwriter, is no different vocally speaking. Like the previous albums, Francis possesses an unpolished rasp that makes his singing original. The lyrics, although obscure, are relatable to everyday topics, such as religion, sex, and pop culture. The Pixies take a break from the conventions of verse-chorus songs, and this deviation makes a rather precarious outcome on their newest album. Let’s just hope that the band can stay together this time.

On my own

AQ senior advances music career By Abigale Racine Culture Editor Senior Kameri Muir, 24, has proved herself as being more than just a powerhouse vocalist. Through her musical experiences, she has personified how music is an universal tool that creates beautiful bonds between people. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Therapy from Florida State University, the Orlando, Florida native and her husband traded the sticky, Southern humidity and the commercialization of Walt Disney World to live in Michigan. “It was hot all the time,” said Muir during a sit down interview, as her exasperated facial expression and bright blue eyes demonstrated her past frustration. “The winters are harsh, but everything fell into place and we are happy we moved out of the heat.” Muir first showcased her soprano vocals at Aquinas College during the Spring Semester of 2013. She is graduating this spring with a Master’s Degree in Musical Education. Recently she was awarded second place in the 2014 Grand Rapids Opera Collegiate Vocal Competition. Last Saturday, Muir gave her senior graduation recital at Kretschmer Recital Hall at Aquinas College. She entertained a large audience that made up of supportive family members, colleagues, classmates and friends. The set list included a wide collection of Classical, Baroque and Romantic arrangements. While the set varied in style, it all excelled in musical complexity. Muri infused her personality into the song selection as well, showing both her serious artistic capabilities, as well as her comedic side. Vocal coach Barbara Witham McCargar joined her pupil in performing “Sous le dôme épais” from the Léo Delibes opera Lakmé. “Since beginning to instruct Kameri in the MCAP Studio Applied Voice lessons, it has been a great journey,” said McCargar. “Because of her journey, she has so many experiences and vocal/learning tools, now, with which to reach out to her future students and to

Sizzling summer tours Dance all night to the best songs ever

further build a performing career/ vocation should she be inclined. She has made a deep impression on all in the Music department.” As the show went on, Muir masterfully sang the Les Miserable classic “On My Own”, and then surprised the audience with the animated, versatile show tune “Girl in 14g”; a lively song that explained the struggle of living in a noisy apartment building. Muir’s husband, Ben, made an appearance on stage as well. The duo collaborated with Kameri Muir on the banjo, and Ben Muir on the acoustic guitar as they performed “Living Prayer”, a bluegrass number by Alison Krauss and the Union Station. The soprano cites her musically-inclined family as inspiration, and she demonstrated this on stage Saturday, having two of her aunts join her in performing “The Part-

ing Glass”, a Scottish/Irish a capella song at the end of the recital. The soon-to-be Aquinas College graduate intends to be student-teaching next fall. “I am sad to see [Muir ] leave [Aquinas], but I am extremely excited for the next chapter in her life,” said William Marfink, who accompanied the singer on the piano the night of the recital. “Not only is she a great role model for other students musically, but spiritually as well.”

The Other Woman Two’s company, three’s a catastrophe

at DTE Energy Music Theatre on June 21, with lawn seats starting at just $25.50. Bruno Mars’ Moonshine Jungle Tour will be hitting Detroit on June 18, a day after his show In Grand Rapids on June 17. His Michigan shows will be opened by Aloe Blacc, whose current hit song, “The Man” and will add to the high-energy show.

started at $40.20 for upper level, and sold out quick at many locations. The opening act will be Summer is just around the country singer, Kacey Musgraves. corner, which means a range of Perry, in an interview with Enterhot summer tours to choose from. tainment Weekly on November 8, From huge acts like Katy Perry 2013 said, “the tour is going to be and One Direction, to smaller venfantastic. I always try to take it to ues featuring artists such as Fosthe next level. I think people will ter the People. realize what the tour is going to Frederik Meijer Gardens & be like when they listen to the muSculpture Park is featuring 30 varsic.” ied performancIf you’re es this summer. ready to bring These include “ S e x y Back” Latin rock band then put on Santana on June your “Suit & 1, “All of Me” Tie” and atsoul-singer John tend Justin Legend on June Timberlake’s 18, O.A.R. and 20/20 ExperiPhillip Philence World lips on June 23, Tour. Seats Gavin DeGraw to his show and Matt Nain Detroit are thanson on July sold out, but 14, and Sheryl high priced Crow on Sepresale tickets tember 7. Tickare still out ets will be on there. sale to the genM i c h i eral public on g a n -based May 10. rapper EmiCrooner Minem has evchael Bublé is eryone talkbringing his To ing about his Be Loved Tour upcoming to Grand RapMonster Tour ids at the Van and is exAndel Arena on pected to perJuly 25. form at CoIf you want merica Park to attend the with Rihanna loudest concert COURTESY WIKIPEDIA of your life, find Monsterously awesome summer music scene: Catch at least one of the many great on August 22. The duo even yourself a ticket shows and performers coming to an area near you this summer. added an addito One DirecFoster the People will bring tional show the day after because tion’s Where We Are Tour. The popular boy band added an addi- their “Pumped up Kicks” and of demand. The two words “Emitional show in Detroit after their group St. Lucia to the Fillmore nem” and “Detroit” are enough to first sold out so fast. If you want in Detroit on May 15. Alternative convince fans that this concert is a to hear their classic “What Makes rock band, Neon Trees, will be at way to end the summer. You Beautiful” to their newer hit the same venue on June 29, with “Story of My Life,” this show is general admission main floor ticksure to please many Directioners ets starting at $29.00 each. Katy Perry is bringing her in August. One Republic’s Native Sum- Prismatic World Tour to both Demer Tour with The Script will be troit, and Grand Rapids. Tickets By Veronica Burns Staff Writer


“The girl in 14g”: On Saturday, April 26, Aquinas soprano Kameri Muri performed a wide arrangement at her senior recitial that demonstrated her talents.

Culture Editor Abigale Racine



Paybacks are hell: Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton tag-team the man who has done all of them wrong in the Rom-Com that has ranked #1 at the box offices. By Gio Barreto The Saint Reporter

If you’re looking for a unusual yet comical story line that runs on girl power, look no further than The Other Woman. This romantic comedy starts out with Cameron Diaz’s Carly, a cocky and bored singleton having fun with a rich, clean cut man. Unbeknownst to her, he happens to be married. The fact that Carly and Mark had been dating for a couple months and she’d never been to his place seemed a tad suspicious to begin with. When the two break it off and Carly shows up at his home, wearing a rather revealing uniform, hoping to reconcile when she is greeted by, lo and behold, his wife, played by Leslie Mann. Mark’s wife, Kate, is a high strung and naive character who makes a rather unconventional choice, choosing to side with her husband’s mistress. Instead of confronting Mark, she annoys Carly to no end and the two decide to partner up and play a few minor practical jokes on the cheater. Messing with his shampoo and packing laxatives into his liquor prove to be mildly amusing. Once those are checked off the list, it was only a matter of time before the stakes need to be raised. Mark tells Kate he will be stuck working all weekend and the duo follow him to the coast. The girls

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pay Kate’s brother a visit, who conveniently has a beach house close by. It was here when the soul sisters determine that Carly was only the first affair. It is no surprise to the audience when they recruit the newbie (played by model Kate Upton) and she is all for playing more hijinks on him. The ladies follow him on a “business trip,” which turns out to be an unjustified vacation, consisting of lounging by the pool and drinking his way to ladies’ pants. The three finally think he’s had enough and confront him. Throughout the last few scenes, there is a montage of them blossoming into BFFs and the pretty boy falls quickly into a downward spiral. Kate divorces him and closes his accounts due to money laundering. Also, if you’ve always dreamt Nicki Minaj would try her hand at acting, this one’s for you.







Detroit Pistons: Pistons finish off the season poorly

Racist talk: LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling causes controversy

Sore Loser: 49ers Fan sues NFL for lack of tickets during playoffs


The Detroit Pistons struggled this season. They finished in fourth place in the Central Division with an overall record of 29-53. The Pistons lost their last three games of the season to the Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, and Oklahoma City Thunder. Hopefully the Pistons will have better luck next season.

A recorded tape was released showing Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling having a dispute with his girlfriend V. Stiviano, saying he did not want her posing in pictures with African American players. This caused many players including legend Michael Jordan to fire back.

John E. Williams III is sueing the NFL for 50 million dollars because he was not able to purchase tickets to watch his 49ers play the Seahawks in the 2013 Playoffs. He accused the NFL of economic discrimination. It was argued that there were many other ways to obtain tickets. This lawsuit is ridiculous.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are underway and excitement is all around. So far, Pittsburgh, Boston, Anaheim, Montreal and Chicago have moved on to the next round. Boston and Montreal are set to face off while the other teams are patiently waiting. Round two is bound to be filled with nail-biting tension.

Stanley Cup taylor hodges | sports editor

As many of you know, the Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun. This year brings a ton of excitement with new teams and new players. With only one sweep in the first round by Montreal, the competition and intensity have been present in every game. So far, Montreal and Boston have punched their tickets to the next round and will face each other. If you’ve never watched playoff hockey before, the Montreal and Boston series will be one you don’t want to miss. Both teams are original six and have had exciting battles in the last couple of years. With 6 foot 9 defense men Zdeno Chara and David Krejci propelling the Bruins and P.K. Subban and Carey Price stabilizing the Canadians, the series is sure to be a physical one. One of the more interesting teams in the playoffs is the Colorado Avalanche. Led by rookie Nathan Mackinnon as well as captain Gabriel Landeskog, the Avalanche seem to be bringing energy and excitement back to Colorado. Mackinnon currently leads the playoffs with 10 points and his teammate Paul Stastny is second with eight. They are currently up three games to two against the Minnesota Wild and will play the winner of the Chicago/St. Louis series. Chicago leads that series three games to two. The Pittsburgh Penguins and Columbus Blue Jackets have had a back and forth series. Most games have resulted in a one goal win and have been very physical. The Penguins are currently leading three games to two and have a chance to knock out the Blue Jackets with a win in Columbus. The Blue Jackets have only made the playoffs one other time in their 14 years of existence. They were swept by the Detroit Red Wings in 2009. The Blue Jackets won their first playoff game against the Penguins in game four with a score of 4-3. With Ryan Johansen developing into a solid first line center and franchise player, the Blue Jackets seem to be headed towards a bright future. The St. Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks series has been rough and filled with tension. The Blues were picked by many to advance to this years Stanley Cup but will have to get past the Blackhawks first. Comprising of players such as T.J. Oshie, David Backes, and Ryan Miller, the Blues definitely have the talent and depth to have a strong playoff run. Standing in their way is the offensive duo of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews of the Blackhawks. The rest of the series will surely be a physical one. Other notable series include the San Jose Sharks/Los Angeles Kings, the Anaheim Ducks/Dallas Stars and the New York Rangers/Philadelphia Flyers. With this being the last issue of the year, I want to thank all of you for making it another successful year of The Saint. It has been a pleasure writing for this newspaper and I look forward to continuing the tradition next year. Thanks for reading and have a great last couple of weeks!

Detroit Tigers Baseball

2014 season looks to be promising By Zoe Harmon The Saint Reporter With the first month of the baseball season coming to a close, the Detroit Tigers have already established a name for themselves. They currently have a record of 11 wins and eight losses and hold the number one position in the American League Central Division. In their most recent series versus the Chicago White Sox, the Tigers defeated the Sox in two of the four games. During the second game of the series, first baseman Miguel Cabrera’s bat finally came alive. Prior to this game the two-time American League Most-Valuable Player was averaging a mere .206, an average quite lower than expected after coming off a killer 2013 season. But, with three hits including his second home run of the season, Cabrera’s average climbed to .236. Teammates of Cabrera’s commented that no one was ever really worried about the “slump” Cabby was in, even when he went zero-for-four the day before. Needless to say, I am sure many baseball players would be happy to have a slump as short as Cabrera’s. Also having an outstanding hit-

ting performance in the second game was Tiger’s newcomer, Ian Kinsler. Not only does he have killer good looks, but he can also swing the bat. Kinsler had two doubles, scored two runs, and knocked in two during the game. Justin Verlander, another Tiger catching the eyes of female fans, earned his third consecutive win in the game. Leading the Tigers to an 8-1 lead through five innings, Verlander was able to go into conservation mode and add in some key offspeed pitches to fool the Sox hitters. After the 8-6 win, Verlander now has three wins and one loss, which sets him up for another outstanding season. The Detroit Tigers have had a solid start to the season and have definitely made a presence in the American League Central Division. Hopefully their game play continues to be as sharp as their looks. Collectively, the team may just be the most attractive team in Major League Baseball. Looks aside, the Tigers have incredible skills that clearly set them apart from their competitors. As long as the team stays healthy and injury-free, they should have a season worth watching.

Detroit Red Wings By Emily Elias The Saint Reporter The Detroit Red Wings were finished off in game five of the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Boston Bruins on Saturday, April 26. It has been an uphill battle for this team. For the past two years they have struggled with making the play-offs. They have not been doing poorly but still have a lot of room for improvement. Their coach strived in trying to stay positive for the team. The team has had more wins than losses this season which is something to be proud of. With hard work and dedication maybe they will be able to battle for the cup instead of striving for just making play-offs. With the strength of the young players of the team the Red Wings succeeded in making play-offs for the 23rd consecutive year. They did a great job making up for the team’s injured star players Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk. Zetterberg returned for game four after having back surgery back in February. This really helped the team out. He returned in style after having been out for so long. On Friday, April 11, the Wings

had a fan appreciation night. With the fans who attended they had the chance to win on-ice photos with a Wings player plus receive an autographed hockey stick. Some fans also had the opportunity to enjoy the game on the Rehmann Suite level. What a lucky night to be a fan of this team. There have been many other prize opportunities as well. Gustav Nyquist has been a true playmaker for the Wings. He made 28 goals in 57 games and this includes 12 goals in 15 March games. This player truly has a high hockey IQ. He is a player that has created his own offense. Not many players are faster with the puck rather than without it and this makes him unique. Nyquist has been with the team on and off since 2011. He has learned a lot from a few of the Wings star players Zetterberg and Datsyuk. Recently four of the younger Wings Tomas Jurco, Riley Sheahan, Xavier Ouellet, and Jake Paterson have been assigned to the Grand Rapids Griffins. Since the play-offs are over for this team they will be making some changes for a successful future.

>> Stanley cup playoffs

Senior Sadie Stowell achieves greatness

Not only has Stowell been affected by her teammates but she has learned so much from her many coaches as well as her parents. “My coaches and parents have been my biggest inspirations in my softball career not only because of the knowledge they have shared with me but because of their support as well,” said Stowell. Her passion for softball is what led Stowell to Aquinas. “Crystal Laska (Women’s Head Softball Coach) is awesome,” said Stowell. “She is a great person and a great role model and I really fit in with the team. They are a great group of girls. COURTESY SADIE STOWELL The feeling as mutual Eye on the ball: Senior Sadie Stowell is ready for any- from the team as Stowell has become a role model thing that comes her way on and off the softball field. to the younger softball By Alyssa Frese players and has displayed leadership on Sports Editor the field during her time at Aquinas. “SaMost people die is one of the best teammates I have ever are involved with a played with. She is an unbelievable player sport at some point in not just because of her talent but because their life, but it takes a of her tremendous amount of passion and special person to stay heart for the game,” said senior teammate driven to be involved Rebecca Shineldecker. “Sadie is one of the with a sport for over most mentally tough players I have ever 15 years. Senior Sadie played with. ” Stowell is a student in the Education Stowell makes this dedication look effort- Program with an English Major and a Math minor. She plans to teach and will return less. “When I was five or six, I got involved to Aquinas in the fall for one more year to with softball through T-ball,” said Stowell. complete her student teaching and earn her “My dad and brother both played baseball degree. Stowell is optimistic when it comes so it made sense that my parents got me in- to where she wants to teach after she graduates. “I will teach wherever I can get a job. volved with softball.” Her passion and love for the game of softball I would love to stay in Grand Rapids but is what has kept Stowell playing throughout we will have to see where the opportunities are when the time comes,” said Stowell. all of secondary education and college. “Softball has always been a lot of fun. Although Stowell will not be returning to It has been my release for everything else play softball in the fall as she has played all that goes on in my life,” said Stowell. “I have four years of her eligibility, she doesn’t plan gained countless friendships their softball to give up softball anytime soon. “I love to coach at any level. I am going to be coaching over the years. The people Stowell has interacted with a 10 and under travel team this summer. I throughout softball has been a huge deter- would love to coach wherever I teach.” rent to why she loves the sports so much.

Aquinas tennis Both teams finish 2014 season strong

Aquinas track and field


Long Strides: Sophomore Mary Bogardus runs long distance for the Saints during this 2014 Outdoor Season. By Taylor Hodges Sports Editor The men’s and women’s track teams are having another successful year. Having already completed a

successful indoor season, the team is preparing for the WHAC and National championships for the outdoor season. The chemistry and atmosphere in the room is all smiles and grins. “The Sports Editor Alyssa Frese

outdoor conference meet is unlike any other meet, even than the indoor conference meet. I think one of the biggest reasons is it is the end of the season and it is really where all of us enjoy all of the hard work we put in all year,” said sophomore Chris Ford. “The atmosphere is great.” Despite having a large freshmen class, the team is still performing at the level that is expected. The freshmen seem to have adjusted quite well. “The freshmen have contributed to this year’s team success and competitiveness. They have brought enormous depth to the team, along with determination and the drive to succeed,” said sophomore Marissa Ingersoll. “The freshmen have meshed into the team dynamic well and have supported the team as a whole.” While the school year is winding down, the track and field team still has a lengthy schedule. Make sure to wish them well before you head off.



Teamwork: Sophomore Kristoff Saari and doubles partner freshman Gunnar Peery celebrate a victory during the 2014 season. By Taylor Hodges Sports Editor The men’s and women’s tennis teams are having another successful year. The men’s overall record stands at 23-3 with undefeated play in the WHAC. The men haven’t lost a match since early April and ever since then have been rolling by teams. With the recent sweep of Cornerstone, the Saints have accomplished at least a share of the WHAC title. The 9th ranked team in the nation is prepping for another run at the NAIA national championships held in Alabama. Two of the men’s top singles performers include senior Aaron Hendrick and

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sophomore Kristoff Saari. Hendrick has an overall singles record of 20-9. Saari sports a 26-2 overall record. The doubles teams of freshman Gunnar Perry/ Saari and senior Nik Artaev/ Hendrick have been unstoppable. They sport 20-5 and 21-3 overall records respectively. The women’s team lost a close one to rival Davenport in the NAIA Regional Semifinals. With that said, they had another successful season with an overall record of 13-11 and 2-2 in the WHAC. The team is only graduating one senior, Lauren Ramey, and has a strong freshmen core that will be ready to roll next year.




West Michigan Men and women’s lacrosse Whitecaps By Zoe Harmon The Saint Reporter Known for their monster sized burgers and unmatchable family fun, the West Michigan Whitecaps have kicked off another baseball season. This local Grand Rapids team is a Class A minor league affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. Starting the season with a win, the Whitecaps beat the Dayton Dragons on April 3. They went on to split the series winning two games and losing two. Their home opener took place on April 8, versus the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in which the Whitecaps were victorious. Currently, the Whitecaps have a 10-10 win-loss record. In their more recent series versus the Bowling Green Hot Rods, the Whitecaps were victorious in one of the four games. The win was an exciting one for the team. Taking advantage of an error in the bottom of the thirteenth inning, the Whitecaps won 5-4. This was an important win for the Caps as they had not won any games that had went into extras previous to this one. During the win, key player Ben Verlander ( Justin Verlander’s younger brother ) knocked the first homerun at Fifth Third Ballpark of the season. He has been an as-

By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor

set for the team in the first month of play. In a previous game versus the Quad City River Bandits, Verlander had a huge outing, going 4-for-5. Unfortunately, the team did not use his skills to their advantage; they went on to lose 3-2 in eleven innings. Verlander, who plays right field, is currently hitting .263. Right-handed pitcher Buck Farmer has also been an asset to the Whitecaps organization. In a 5-2 win against the Cedar Rapids Kernels, Farmer struck out eleven. With the help of a nasty slider, Farmer was able to hold the Kernels to just two hits and one walk in the seven shutout innings he pitched. Farmer has recorded two wins and one loss on the season. The Whitecaps have kicked the season off with the perseverance and determination to have a winning record. For these guys playing baseball is a dream come true, making the games even more fun to watch. Who knows, maybe someday these guys will be in the big leagues. But for now, fans interested in attending a home game can see the Whitecaps live in action all summer long.

didn’t let this loss keep them down and that contributed to their overall success as a team. “I think this season went great, it was rocky at the beginning but once we started playing games and getting to know one another more we got the flow back,” said senior co-captain Alisa Skluzacek. “I’m so proud of each one of my teammates. In my opinion we showed everyone the importance of teamwork because it makes the dream work.” The leadership shown on the field by the upperclassmen helped create the team chemistry which led the Saints to such a successful season. “Being a freshman on the team I couldn’t have asked for a better first season. We went to Nationals, did well in the conference season and became close as a team,” said freshman Kendal Carr. “I’d say our strengths would be that we care for each other and that leads to a solid COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS foundation of trust on the field which help led to our successful season.” Looking to score: Senior attack Bailey Terebinski looks for an opportunity to make The Aquinas men’s lacrosse team a play in home field action this season. had a successful season as well finishBy Alyssa Frese my favorite season at AQ. The girls on ing the season with an overall record Sports Editor the team were so much fun and we all of 10-5. Before losing in the WHAC Championship, the Saints were on a The women’s lacrosse team played worked for the sake of the team’s suc- hot five game win streak before ultione heck of a season. Placing fifth at Na- cess. When we lost, we used it as mo- mately losing to Indiana Tech on Saturtionals in St. Louis, MO over the Easter tivation for the next game instead of day, April 19. The Saints still made it to Break, the team has a lot to be excited letting it define our season,” said senior the CCLA Playoffs and played number about. Prior to Nationals, the Saints attack Bailey Terebinski. “It was an one nationally ranked team, Univerwere on a seven-game winning streak honor in itself to go to Nationals, but sity of Dayton on Saturday, April 26 before losing Indiana Tech a week prior placing fifth was a great way to end where they finished their season, losto Nationals. The Saints finished the the season. I am going to miss being a ing 17-9. “This was an unforgettable season with an overall record of 12-5. member of this program and know the season,” said freshman team manager On Monday, April 7, in their second friendships I’ve formed with my team- Jake Ringer. “Not only did we break to last game of the regular season, the mates will last a lifetime.” The Saints lost their last game of the the record for season wins, but I think Saints dominated over Lourdes, winthe team bonded like crazy and became ning 24-9. “This season has by far been season before Nationals in the WHAC a family. Semifinals against Indiana Tech. They

Saints Baseball

The Aquinas men’s baseball team has had a bit of a rocky season. With an overall record of 20-19, the Saints are not playing as well as they had hoped initially. Losing five out of the last eight games played, the Saints are struggling to win. On Tuesday, April 22 the Saints played Hope College in a double-header. The Saints played hard and were able to win the first game 5-4. Seniors Kyle Orlowski and Greg Baranyai, sophomore Justen Caudill and freshman Ryan Ramsey each scored for the Saints. The second game was played just as well as the Saints won 3-2. Two runs were scored by junior Brendan Penny and the other was scored by Orlowski. The Saints then went to the play their next double-header on Wednesday, April 23 against rival Davenport University. The Saints played hard the first game but ultimately ended up losing 1-0 in extra innings. This made the Saints determined to win the second game which is exactly what they did. The final score of this game was 5-3. Runs were scored by Caudill, seniors Jimmy McDonagh, Seth Holton and Taylor Pawlanta as well as junior Colin Brand. “Our strengths this season have been our out fielders, “said freshman Ben Walton. “They have been solid all year and being able to consistently get quality at bats.” The Saints then went on to play two double-headers against Northwestern Ohio on Saturday, April 26 and Sunday, April 27. In the first game of the first double-header, the Saints lost 8-6 in a close game that went into

Aquinas softball Hopeful for Nationals By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor


Eye on the ball: Junior Brendan Penny lets the bat do the talking as he looks towards the outfield in a hom game this season. extra innings. Runs were scored by Caudill, Orlowski, Penny, Pawlanta, Holton and junior Brad Slis. The Saints were determined to come back and win the second game of that double-header but ultimately lost 3-2 in another close game. Runs were scored by Brand and freshman Mike Priest. In the second double-header, the Saints couldn’t come up with wins in either game, losing the first game 18-7 and the second 12-0. In the first game, Caudill and Priest each scored twice for the Saints. Penny and sophomores Casey Wila

and Tyler Golembiewski each scored for the Saints as well. The Saints will play in two double-headers against Indiana Tech before they enter the WHAC Tournament the week of May 5-8. “Overall it’s been a successful season. We’ve had some ups and downs but overall it’s been good. We’ve been able to stick together and play through some injuries to stay competitive,” said Golembiewski. “For the rest of the season we want to keep playing strong in conference games and get hot as we head into the tournament.”

The Aquinas women’s softball team has had a bit of a rough season. With an overall record of 21-20, the Saints have been struggling to win. The Saints have gone 5-3 in their last eight games which is winning record, but it leaves the team a bit unsatisfied nonetheless. On Tuesday, April 22, the Saints won both games they played against Concordia. The Saints won the first game 4-3. Seniors Sadie Stowell and Emily Corning, sophomore Jenn Woolard, and freshman Mallory Warner each put up a run for the Saints. In the second game, the Saints triumphed in another 4-3 victory. Putting up runs for the Saints in this game were Corning, senior Torie Lowe, sophomore Irma Cruz and freshman Miranda Wineowicki. “Our strengths this season lie within our leadership,” said senior Rebecca Shineldecker. “Our senior class has done a tremendous job leading this team through the season.” On Wednesday, April 23, the Saints played another doubleheader, this time against rival Cornerstone University. The Saints played hard but ultimately lost their first game 6-4. Scoring for the Saints in this match-up were Stowell, Corning, Lowe, and Wineowicki. The

Two words:

Saints came back determined to win the second game but could not pull their game together, losing 13-8 in this game. Scoring for the Saints in this game were sophomore Olivia Platte with three runs and Warner with two runs. Corning, Wineowicki, and junior Kala Foerster also each put up one run apiece for the Saints. “This season has been a rocky journey. We have played very well at times and we have played not so well at other times,” said Shineldecker. “We have grown a lot as a team and learned a lot about ourselves along the way.” The Saints then played a doubleheader against Roosevelt on Saturday, April 26. The Saints played hard and won the first game 3-0. Two runs were scored by Cruz and the other was scored by Wineowicki. This victory made the Saints hungry for another and they dominated the second game, winning 8-0. Stowell and sophomore Lexi Popma scored two runs apiece. Foerster, Wineowicki, Lowe, and sophomore Olivia Hrymak each scored a run for the Saints as well. The Saints will be playing in the WHAC Tournament, tonight April 30 in Ohio. “Our main goal for this season right now is to finish strong by winning the conference tournament and traveling to Nationals,” said Shineldecker.

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