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Cyrano hits Circle Theatre Staff Writer Chuck Hyde has all you need to know about this upcoming play featuring AQ students

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Volume 33, Issue 12

>>NEWS Xavier Lopez-Ayala | 2 AQ mourns the loss of prestigious alumi Xavier Lopez-Ayala with remembrance mass.

Earth Day | 3 Staff Writer Cait Hilton has the scoop on this year’s Earth Day activities

>>CULTURE The Winter Soldier | 5 News Editor Mayra Monroy tells you all you need to know about Marvel’s latest blockbuster.

Anna Egres | 6 Staff Writer Chucky Blackmore talks talent with the junior and her upcoming recital.

>>SPORTS Taylor Pawlanta Profile | 7 Sports Editor Alyssa Frese chats it up with the baseball star. Detroit Tigers | 8 Saint Reporter Zoe Harmon recaps the team’s season so far.

James Franco instagrammed us too.

AQ’s new provost Dr. Gilda Gely accepts provost and executive vice president position departments, and has a strong background in a variety of different educational settings. The search for Aquinas’ Dr. Gely would have been my new provost has come to an personal pick for provost given end. Aquinas College President how the search went, and so I Juan Olivarez announced on am glad that she was the one March 26, that candidate Dr. chosen.” Gilda Gely has accepted the The provost search began provost and Executive Vice as current provost, Dr. Charles President position and will be Gunnoe, a Professor of History, starting in late May. will be heading back to the Gely has been the provost classroom and focusing his time for Grand Rapids Community on research and teaching. College since 2007. Prior to “Gilda Gely brings a GRCC, Gely was the Academic tremendous amount of executive Dean at the University of Puerto leadership experience with her to Rico at Humacao and Vice the provost post,” said Gunnoe. Chancellor for Universidad “I am really looking forward del Este. Dr. Gely’s experience to working with Dr. Gely,” said includes 25 years of teaching Professor of English, Dr. Dan and administrative experience Brooks. “I was fortunate enough that made her qualified for the to take part in a couple of events position. When the provost she organized at GRCC and I was search began, the selection really impressed with how much committee, comprised of faculty, the faculty and administrators staff and students expanded the there held her in high regard. She COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS search nationwide to find has great experience and knows a candidate that would be New additions: Dr. Gilda Gely, current provost of Grand Rapids Community College, will how to work with people.” a good fit for Aquinas. The bring her experience to Aquinas’ tight knit community. “When asked about her search was narrowed down to goals for Aquinas, [Gely] said Students who attended the three candidates, who were brought to and students desire. I feel she will be a she wanted to further whatever we were campus to interview in a public setting great fit for Aquinas, and I am looking interviewing process got the opportunity already doing, and not come in with her to sit down and talk with each candidate, with a variety of faculty, students and forward to working with her. “ own agenda,” said Collenburg. “She Gely also connected closely with which was an important aspect of getting staff. quickly learned our names in the short “[Dr. Gely] is a rare commodity: the students who interviewed her in to know the future provost. time we had and really sought to make “Dr. Gilda Gely was my favorite She has a depth of administrative the process. a personal connection. She seemed to out of many excellent candidates,” “She introduced herself to us, a experience and a passion for faculty and already sense and value the family of AQ program development that the College group of students, as Dr. Gilda, never as said junior Chuck Hyde. “She seems instead of view us as purely a business.” needs,” said current Provost Chad Dr. Gely or something more distancing,” to be the perfect fit for Aquinas in Dr. Gely will begin her new position Gunnoe. “She also has the humanity and said freshman Zoe Collenburg. “She terms of culture, mission, direction, in May. personal caring that our faculty, staff, was incredibly friendly, but still and personality. Not only that, but she was very open to student input, has professional.” By Mayra Monroy News Editor

Spring Formal

Aquinas’ annual Spring Formal goes wild at the Bissell Tree House By Emily Elias The Saint Reporter Spring formal was a wild event this year. The Aquinas College Programming Board has hosted spring formal every year and this year, the event was held at a very unique location. This year, formal took place at the Bissell Tree House in the John Ball Zoo on Saturday, March 29. This location brought upon a lot of excitement as the event sold out within the first week of sales. Students filled their cars and the bus to get a chance to experience a wild formal this year. The annual event was semi-formal and there was free transportation provided to and from the event. Food was provided with a menu including spring rolls and cheesecake among a variety of other items as well as a cash bar for students and guests 21 and over. AQPB member freshman Caleb Jenkins spoke about how he’d come up with the idea of where to have this year’s formal: “The [Bissell] Tree House is located at one of the highest elevations in the zoo,” said Jenkins. “A walk out on the front deck will

present you with a spectacular view of downtown Grand Rapids. Constructed of natural materials such as wood and stone, the tree house fits right into its wooded surroundings. The venue is so beautiful and unique in every way imaginable.” Many students were excited for the event, especially because it was at the zoo. It was very different than past venues because for the first time in years, tickets sold out in a record time. Tickets for this particular formal have never sold out in the school’s history. Programming Board members, sophomore Colette Chapp and senior Josh Weiland also helped with the planning as well: “I oversaw the committee that planned the event. I helped research the various possible venues, and when we decided on one that we liked I visited the site with [Campus Life Director] Heather Hall and our treasurer, sophomore Rachel Czuprenski,” said Chapp. She also helped with the sign ups and did the marketing for the event. The event was ultimately a success, leaving students with good vibes.


Up in the Air: The Bissell Tree House was home of Spring Formal 2014 and was at the highest elevation at the zoo

In Case of Emergency wraps up the season...Uncensored By Chucky Blackmore Staff Writer The Aquinas In Case of Emergency troupe hasn’t always filled up the room like students see now. There was a time in which half of the seats were filled in a show in the AMC, a rare sight for the season. Now, the troupe performs for a full house at almost every show since, filling the AMC to full capacity and overflowing in the Performing Arts Center for their most popular show. The troupe is set to perform their second uncensored and final show of the school year on April 22, in the PAC at Aquinas. ICE Improv is a staple of Aquinas student life, an uplifting gut buster that is guaranteed to lift the mood. Comprised of a variety of personalities, ICE has come a long way from just an improv troupe, they’re a family. “The comfortableness that we find in our group goes on stage very well,” said sophomore Paul DeAngelis. “I trust everyone in the group.” Not only have their games been passed down through the different generations of ICE, but the ability to make others laugh has as well. When tryouts kicked off in the fall semester, troupe captains, seniors Ian Macneil and Katie Glossop, wanted to find the perfect fit for the troupe. Through a variety of games and icebreakers, 2014 yielded five new members that contribute to the fun. Among the newcomers are freshmen Zoë Collenburg, Regan Rohrs, Ian Scheidel, Kenny Judge, and senior Sean Briggs. “This has been the highlight of my freshman year,” said Rohrs. “I feel like I made a lot of really good relationships with these people that I wouldn’t have otherwise and it’s really fun and empowering to get up on stage and just have [that] rush of adrenaline.” “I think at the beginning, everyone came together and put away our differences and tried to make each other laugh, so I feel like that was important being new,” said freshman Ian Scheidel. “Just coming in here, there was no judgement, we all try to do our best.” For Judge, who didn’t have a clue what an improv troupe was when he


ICE: In Case of Emergency wraps up a successful season with an uncensored show in the PAC, back by popular demand. auditioned, performing on stage in front of his peers has been a success. “I didn’t even feel scared at the first show,” said Judge. “I felt comfortable because of the way Ian [MacNeil] and Katie introduced it to us.” “The first show, I was horrified to get on stage. You walk up and you’re supposed to be funny on the spot and in your head you’re just thinking, ‘what if they don’t laugh at [me],’ and it was horrifying,” said Briggs. “Not worried now.” A native of Texas, Collenburg took to the improv routine right away. She admires Glossop and MacNeil’s approach at keeping the group such a tight-knit family. “I think Ian and Katie are miracle workers,” said Collenburg. “I love these people a lot, don’t get me wrong, but we are so different, and we all have different styles. We come together and something clicks and I don’t know what it is or how they knew it would happen, but it’s definitely incredible.” Each personality brought by the members comes into play with their games and characters, a fact that is evident through the variety of characters that we see in all of their shows. This group of performers release their creative ideas through improv--their real escape from reality.

“It’s always been my escape from whatever else I’ve been doing on campus. It’s also bittersweet, it’s really sad to think that our last show is [April 22] and that’ll be my last show,” said MacNeil.“It’s been a great opportunity for me to get to meet people like this ‘cause I don’t have much interaction with them outside of this or wouldn’t have, so it’s great to have that opportunity. I’ve never laughed more.” MacNeil has been a significant role model to the other members of the group. His experience allows the others to feel included. Rehearsals are formal when they need to be, but for the most part, the troupe is just there to have fun. Practices and rehearsals consist of games and when the shows come rolling around, it’s, as DeAngelis put it, “games on games on games.” Returning member, sophomore Sarah Osborne, has always captivated fans with her theatrical emotion through characters. For her, it’s purely habit. “I think the best is when you don’t expect yourself to pull out a really funny character,” said Osborne. From special guests like Father Stan to ICE alumnus Chris Skurka, the troupe always have tricks up their sleeve. Expect new games and creative scenarios as ICE takes the stage at midnight.




<< Xavier Lopez-Ayala THE SAINT | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 2014

Aquinas: April Fool’s Day prank goes viral

Michigan: Norovirus outbreak at Holland, MI restaurant pinpointed

National: Shooter at Ft. Hood claims four lives, injures 16

World: Chinese ship hears an undersea signal in Indian Ocean

Aquinas College has gone viral. The April Fool’s Day prank, led by junior Taylor Nefcy and friends has hit almost 16 million views on YouTube. The video has been shown on a variety of news programs such as Good Morning America, the Today show, as well as other local news stations.

It was confirmed on April 7, that restaurant, Wild Chef, was the source of a norovirus outbreak. The restaurant closed on Tuesday, April 1 after a reported 300 customers came down will illness. After strict health inspection and rewriting of employee policy, the restaurant reopened to the public on April 7.

A shooter claimed the lives of three soldiers before taking his own life at Ft. Hood base in Texas on Wednesday, April 2. What was first believed to be an act of a medical condition, it is believed that a confrontation between soldiers is what drove shooter, Spc. Ivan Lopez to go on a shooting spree on the base.

The search for Malaysian Flight 370 was thought to be over but a Chinese ship reported hearing sounds in the Indian Ocean early Saturday. The sounds reported were consistent with the black box located on the aircraft. Also found on Saturday were pieces of white debris found near the site where the sounds were heard.

#JamesFranco mayra monroy| news editor A recent headline that is breaking into entertainment news is the ohso-dramatic story of Of Mice & Men actor James Franco flirting with a 17 year old Scottish tourist Lucy Clode on Instagram. It’s apparent through a string of screen shots of the conversation that it is the real James Franco trying to organize a meet up with the underage student, who was visiting New York City. The screen shots of the conversation quickly (and per usual) found their way to the Internet and the situation blew up from there. Franco, 35, ultimately did admit that the allegations were true and that he had “learned” his lesson. Now, scandals like this plague the news almost like clock-work. From politicians, celebrities, and other public figures, there is always some story of an affair, romance or just plain creepy altercation. What happened between Franco and 17 ye a r o l d , C l o d e , i s n o d i f f e r e n t than any of those scandals. Well, almost anyways. Despite this, it is different in a small but definite way: acceptance. By acceptance, I mean, that for once, the person seen in the wrong (in this case, Franco) actually announced that YES this really did happen and that YES he had learned his lesson. Wait, someone actually admitted what they did was wrong in public? Did Franco really step into the public light after a scandal and admit that what he did wasn’t the best decision that he made and perhaps he really, maybe felt bad about it? Franco admitted to this allegation on the Live! with Kelly and Michael stating: “I’m embarrassed, and I guess I’m just a model of how social media is tricky... I used bad judgment and I learned my lesson.” Now, there are some theories out there that this scandal was all a hoax. Why, you ask? Well, Franco wrote a book regarding fun stories about some high school antics and is also starring in the movie adaptation, titled Palo Alto, that is set for release in May. The film is about a high school soccer coach (Franco) who is sleeping with a high school student (played by American Horror Story beaut Emma Roberts). Franco’s scandal played out very closely to the date of the movie, which could be seen as deliberate. The lucky Scottish tourist in question also deleted her Instagram account in light of the scandal. If this wasn’t a publicity stunt to promote his new movie, then it was timed perfectly, unfortunately. Personally, I tend to roll my eyes at situation and stories like this. My mind set usually tends to lead to the “Wow, that is so shocking” said in my most sarcastic voice. However, this story interested me because of Franco’s sincerity and reaction to what happened. Most actors or public figures would crawl into their mansions or lake houses and hide from the press, ashamed of whatever it was that they were accused of. Instead of hiding behind shame, Franco embraced it and trudged on, continuing his life with the scandal behind him, instead of pretending that it never happened. Now, I’m not commending Franco for what he did (or didn’t do), but I do commend him for publicly accepting what happened and moving past it. It is admirable in a weird way. Don’t we all wish we could run away from something embarrassing, but why don’t we pull a Franco and move on. I’m sure that this won’t be the last we hear of this scandal, as I’m sure it will be discussed for weeks and weeks to come. Franco is over it, so everyone else should be too. Now for us still living in the shadow of our past mistakes, let’s not dwell on that one thing that happened at the that one party two years ago. We all need to pull a Queen Elsa from Frozen and “let it go.”

Aquinas alum is mourned and missed

By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer On March 27, the Aquinas community was made aware of the passing of Xavier Lopez-Ayala, a loved and well-remembered alumni. Only 26 years old, LopezAyala unexpectedly passed away, leaving many friends behind. During his time here, he was an active member of the Aquinas community, making himself known as a political science major that always had a sense of humor about things. On March 31, a memorial Mass was held at the Bukowski Chapel, led by Father Stan Drongowski, to honor Lopez-Ayala. Though Father Stan had not personally met LopezAyala, he gave a very poignant and appropriate remembering of the alum, saying words that helped many try to understand this tragedy. He spoke of how many lives end earlier than expected, but also how person lives the life they have in the best way they can, no matter how much time they have on this earth. His comforting words helped an otherwise somber mass be reassuring. One of Lopez-Ayala’s closest friends, Assistant Director of Campus Life, Tim Ramsay, said that he still remembers the

who was close to LopezAyala during his time at Aquinas. When asked to describe him, Patterson said that he could be both entertaining and exasperating, gushing about his involvement with the Hillary Clinton campaign and working the politician into every conversation. She continued to talk about the impact he had on everyone around him, something that becomes evident when speaking to those that knew him on a personal level, variously described as cheerful, ambitious, inspiring, and countless TIM RAMSAY/THE SAINT other adjectives. LopezNever forgottten: Aquinas alum, Xavier Lopez-Ayala, touched many lives during his time at A y a l a w o r k e d i n t h e White House, helped with Aquinas as well as those who were in his presence. several campaigns even as an undergraduate, and made experiences they had while helping that involve his friend. more friends than most. with Hillary Clinton’s campaign After the mass, Ramsay and When trying to describe Lopezat the Iowa caucuses. He spoke of over 20 of his fellow alumni went Ayala, Patterson said, “Xavier left the laughs and jokes they shared, t o B i l l y ’ s T a v e r n t o g a t h e r a n d a deep impression that is very hard remembering that, despite being t a l k a b o u t t h e g r e a t t i m e s a n d to be put into words.” two years his junior, Lopez-Ayala memories of one of their friends, This may be the best descriptor taught Ramsay lessons that he still connecting and growing through that anyone could ask for. uses today. Ramsay said that he the tragic events that brought them “had a hard time picking specific together. stories to share” due to the sheer Also joining them was Political amount of memories that he has Science professor, Molly Patterson,

A taste of Tully Cross

World news update Protests continue over European Union cutbacks By Yashowanto Ghosh Staff Writer UKRAINE – Russia raised gas prices for Ukraine twice in the first week of April in its latest attempt to pressure the former Soviet republic into submission. It has been predicted that the move would substantially hurt Russian gas profits in Ukraine. Former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, had been rewarded with large discounts on gas from Russia in exchange

news of the earthquake. FRANCE – French President François Hollande’s Socialist Party suffered heavy losses in municipal elections at the end of March. His party won 43 percent of the vote, whereas the opposition coalition led by Nicolas Sarkozy’s Union for a Popular Movement, won 48 percent. The far right, National Front won seven percent of the vote and came to power in eight cities. The winners of French municipal elections serve six-year terms. In response to the election results, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault resigned, and Interior Minister Manuel Valls is to become

<<DEVASTATING 8.2 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE HITS CHILE CAUSING TSUNAMI AND LANSLIDE>> of backing out of a treaty with the European Union, sparking the protests in Ukraine that eventually led to his ousting. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk blamed Ya n u k o v y c h f o r t h e d e a t h s o f protesters and demanded that Russia hand over the former president to face charges. CHILE – Northern Chile experienced an earthquake of magnitude 8.2 on the Richter scale on Tuesday, April 1. The earthquake set off a tsunami, an extended tsunami watch, and landslides that blocked highways. Thousands of people lost electricity and the country’s pacific coast was evacuated. The earthquake resulted in six deaths. President Michelle Bachelet, who was elected in March, commended her country’s response to the emergency. In 2010, the last year of Bachelet’s previous term as president, a magnitude 8.8 earthquake and the resulting tsunami had killed more than 500 people. Copper mining operations in Northern Chile were not affected, e ve n t h o u g h c o p p e r p r i c e s r o s e around the world in response to the

Exotic Irish foods bring a tasty experience to students studying abroad

the new prime minister. Hollande also promised reforms, including tax cuts and measures to reduce unemployment. T h e S o c i a l i s t Pa r t y w o n Paris, where its candidate Anne Hidalgo will be the first ever woman mayor. PAKISTAN – Former Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf narrowly survived an assassination attempt on Thursday, April 3. A bomb planted along his route from a hospital to his farmhouse missed his car by 20 minutes. No one was injured. Musharraf, a retired army general, had seized power in a military coup d’etat in 1999. Musharraf dismissed most of the judiciary and served as Pakistan’s president up to 2008, at which time he went into exile. He returned to Pakistan in 2013. He was indicted on charges of treason on Monday, March 31. His petition to be allowed to leave the country has been refused by Pakistan’s current civilian government.

News Editor Mayra Monroy E-mail


Tasty Cross: Irish cuisine is in abundance in Tully Cross. By Nathan Gimby Staff Writer Aquinas College has been sending students to Tully Cross in the beautiful Connemara region of county Galway for 41 years now. Yes, the morning sun cresting the craggy mountains in the distance and lighting miles of green pasture and glistening shoreline is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. But that’s all in the brochure. I’d much rather talk about a different kind of feast, as in the kind with food. Springtime in Ireland means that baby sheep are prancing about all over the countryside. They are sickeningly adorable, a fact that I resolutely ignore whenever I wolf down a bowl of savory Connemara lamb stew or order a doner kebab in Belfast the width of a man’s thigh (doner kebab is a Turkish lamb pita wrap and common fast food fare all over Europe). I swear I tried to become a vegetarian while I was here in Tully Cross, but after discovering that making veggie burgers involves more than simply mashing kidney beans into a paste and tossing them on a frying pan, I pretty much gave up. Pescatarian would have been a more reasonable goal, especially living on the west coast. You can, of course, get fish and chips all over Ireland but here you’ve also got your pick of tasty mussels, salmon, and other fresh seafood. And why limit yourself when you can just do the whole surf and turf

Phone (616) 632-2975

thing instead? After a long day of hiking the hilly countryside of Connemara there’s nothing quite like a cold pint and a succulent bacon cheeseburger served up with a big old pot of steamed mussels from Paddy Coyne’s (one of the two pubs in Tully Cross). It’s not a cheap meal, but man does it taste good. I suppose I should mention that a large portion of my diet here consists of toast and beans so dropping a couple extra euros on a burger the size of a child’s head every once in a while doesn’t break the bank too much. Since I’ve mentioned pubs, you’re probably wondering about beer, a beverage for which Ireland has quite a reputation. In the pubs of Tully Cross you can get Guinness (Ireland’s famous frothy black stout), Smithwick’s (an Irish red ale), and a few unremarkable lagers. It makes me miss West Michigan’s abundance of craft brews a bit but the urban areas here offer a little more variety. J.W. Sweetman’s, a three story brew-pub in the center of Dublin, had a particularly good red ale and the extra strong ‘Wrassler’ stout from the world famous Porterhouse was no slouch either. There’s probably a lot more I could say about my experience in Tully Cross, some of which isn’t even food related. But if I could impart just one thing on you with this brief article, dear reader, if you ever end up on the Emerald Isle, be sure to get a nice big block of mature Irish cheddar.





Professor Spotlight: Dr. Bryan Pilkington

joking that he got to keep the dog. Pilkington is Aquinas College is named excited to continue after one of the more famous developing the medieval philosophers, St. philosophy Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas’ landscape while teachings are well-known he’s here, with here at AQ and the philosophy many plans department continues his already in the tradition of scholarship and works to increase critical thinking even today. discussion and Professor of Philosophy critical thinking Dr. Bryan Pilkington was on campus. He hired this year to further believes that the prominence of his healthy debate discipline on campus, and he is a vital part of is attempting to do just that. the liberal arts After getting his Ph.D. COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS experience, and is at Notre Dame, Pilkington Philosophic Discussion: Dr. Bryan Pilkington hopes to expand the always looking to felt Aquinas was a good philosophic landscape while teaching at Aquinas. provoke students fit for him. The Catholic into new ways of environment, coupled with thinking. his dissertation was on the concept of our namesake is attractive to him, as is When speaking on the subject the prospect of helping to expand and human dignity, and he often discusses of philosophy, Pilkington said the concept as it relates to moral develop the philosophy department. “Dominicans are famous for philosophy, Also, the smaller school means smaller problems in the medical and political and deep engagement in philosophical class sizes and more conversational landscape. When he isn’t at the college, questions is a key portion of that.” approaches to philosophy. As For next year, Pilkington has plans Pilkington enjoys watching baseball, Pilkington puts it, “It’s fun to argue.” to hold a panel discussing the ethics rooting for the Mets, hanging out While working on his doctorate, of obliteration warfare and a series of Pilkington developed his specialty. with his dog, or reading philosophical medieval style debates in the fall. literature. His wife is attending college His area of concentration is moral in Indiana, so he often visits her, as and political philosophy, with specialization in bioethics. In particular, well. Even though him and his wife are far apart, Pilkington feels that he won, By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer

Catholicism & Marriage In light of the Michigan marriage ban, the Catholic Church reacts to the news not have any sort of impact on the church. The Catholic faith will go on practicing and carrying out On Friday March 22, Michigan’s marriages as it presently does. Marriage Protection Act from 2004 When asked about the civil unions wa s d e c l a r e d u n c o n s t i t u t i o n a l . between two people of the same However, the next day, Saturday, gender, Fr. March 23, a “stay” had Stan replied been put into place saying that to block the new law the Catholic from allowing same sex Church does couples to be able to not have form a civil union. This an official stay is expected to hold statement on over until early July. same sex civil Over 300 same sex unions. couples had already N o w , signed a civil union by because of the time the law was the practices put on the stay, with and beliefs of the first wedding taking Catholicism, place in Muskegon the Church has county the day after retained a bad the ban was lifted. reputation of M a n y p e o p l e h a ve being anti-gay. been worried about However, the COURTESY SEAN MCENTEE the effects of this new church is not law and Catholicism. Catholics keep faith: The Catholic Church will not recognize marriages beanti-gay, and W h e n a s k e d a b o u t tween same-sex couples. it welcomes how the church everyone, the will be affected by this new law, difference is that it will not recognize t h e A q u i n a s C h a p l i n , F r . S t a n which the church does not condone. a same sex marriage. Pope Francis Drongowski said, “There would be F r . S t a n a l s o m a d e s u r e t o has said himself, “who am I to no impact on the Catholic Church recognize the important difference judge” in response to homosexuals. because we would not recognize the b e t we e n a m a r r i a g e a n d a c i v i l relationship as a marriage.” union. A marriage is faith driven A same sex relationship does not fit and is a holy sacrament between the definition of a Catholic marriage, two people in the Catholic Church, where, as explained by Fr. Stan, while a civil union is a court driven “has two ends.” In Catholicism, the contract. The fact that a civil union sacrament of marriage is dependent is not religious at all is why it will upon the salvation of both parties. Each person needs to contribute to making the other whole. The second end is children, or procreation in a relationship. The first could be possible, but the second would be impossible without artificial means,

By Tom Carr The Saint Reporter

The dating doctor is in By Alicia Gifford The Saint Reporter The self-proclaimed Dating Doctor, David Coleman came to Aquinas on Monday, March 31, to give advice on relationships and the future of them, to attending students. The event was sponsored by the Aquinas College Programming Board. Prior to starting, there were information packets placed on the seats for students to read and look over. The audience could take this back and share the information with their friends or in the future if they needed some more advice, as on the back of the packet was his email. Coleman started his program off by announcing that this event provided a safe environment for students and made it clear that he was the audience’s friend. “Wake up each morning, look in the mirror, and say the words ‘I would so date me.’’’ said Coleman. Throughout the night, Coleman gave helpful advice on how to tell if someone was hitting on you and pointed out that not every technique he said was used by both genders. Later

on in the program, he talked about military relationships and long-distance relationships and advice for both situations. Throughout the program, he would make jokes to lighten the mood and make it a memorable evening. As the night went on, he would stop for five minutes and give the audience a chance to ask any question they had about any topic. A few members of the audience got the chance to ask more than one question due to the fact that some might have been embarrassed to ask their question or didn’t have a question to ask. Despite this, the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming for anyone who attended. For one part of the program, he asked the audience to write down in the packet their favorite animal, favorite color, and favorite body of water along with three words to describe them. After the audience got those written down in the packet that was on their seats, he asked them to share what they wrote down with the people sitting around them, and if someone was alone to adopt them into the group. Once he got the audience’s attention, he explained what each

News Editor Mayra Monroy

category was and then asked for the audience to share with him some of their answers for each of the categories. Activities like these were what gave the audience such a comfortable vibe from Coleman and why the program was successful.


The Doc is in: The Dating Doctor shares his insight with AQ


Hidden no more

Acton Institute’s human trafficking forum sheds light to a growing problem faces of buyers.” Both Isaacs and Emmons stress that the risk of becoming a victim of On Friday, March 28, Acton human trafficking belongs to everyone. Institute hosted “Hidden No More: Here in Grand Rapids, that risk is Exposin g H uman Tr af f icking in heightened during large events like West Michigan,” a moderated panel auto shows and ArtPrize, which discussion examining the pervasive increase foot traffic through town. problem of human trafficking and King, a recovering victim with a how the West Michigan community sense of humor and dire devotion to can respond to a crime that often goes her cause, used her trauma to create unreported. Sacred Beginnings, a safe house for Wi t h h u n d r e d s o f s t u d e n t s , other adults who have fell victim to professionals, ministry leaders, and the crime. even an artist When the or two in front conversation of them, panel was opened to members: Becky the audience, M c D o n a l d one member f r o m WA R asked, “What (Women at Risk) can we do International, right away to Chief Deputy help victims Carol Isaacs from of human t h e At t o r n e y trafficking?” General’s Office, King State Senator emphasized Judy K. Emmons t h e (R-33rd District), importance Leslie King of volunteer from Sacred work within Beginnings, and organizations Andy Soper from COURTESY VIA DESIGN that work the Manassah with human P r o j e c t a t Learn the signs: Acton Institute’s “Hidden No t r a f f i c k i n g W e d g e w o o d More” discusses the signs of human trafficking v i c t i m s . Christian McDonald Services, drew from the Michigan State encouraged people to speak out on Attorney General’s 2013 Report on their own, especially through art. Human Trafficking to spark discussion, “Arts are helpful in discussing this moderated by WZZM-13 weekend kind of brokenness,” said McDonald. morning anchor, Jennifer Pascua. A student in the crowd then asked Filled up with the fire of a modern the panelists to list the signs of human day abolitionist, McDonald, who trafficking. Between the panelists, the works predominantly with small conclusions were made that: most children, introduced herself with the predators are female because they are dispiriting thought. more easily allowed to pass under the “What I have discovered is that, in radar. Look for uncomfortable looking the land of the free, we sell our babies,” “tots” being tugged along by an adult. said McDonald. Be suspicious of young children in Soper, who works hands on with adult, unmonitored settings such as young men and women in West a college party. Be skeptical about Michigan, spent time critiquing the internet, or other lures, and if this stereotypes. Though popular culture activity is spotted, call an authority often suggests that victims of human immediately. trafficking are white teens from the “Fighting for a cause is suburbs, as it is depicted in the movie inconvenient,” said Soper. “Without Taken, “75 percent of victims are your involvement, this issue rises, colored and in poverty,” said Soper. endangers, and kills innocent victims.” “White males are the predominant By Cait Hilton Staff Writer

Earth Day at Aquinas

The Sustainability Center will be holding “Stake Your Place: A Close Line Endeavor.” The Center will also Earth Day, celebrated on Tuesday, be work shopping DIY eco-friendly April 22, brings together student orga- cleaning products and hosting water nizations for the worldwide demon- bottle give-away. stration of support for environmental The Aquinas Chemistry Society protection, as well as to honor Aqui- will be walking students through the nas’ commitment to sustainability and science of recycling, composting, the goal to become the first campus in the power of renewable energy resourcnation to achieve Zero Waste. es, and methods of cleaning water The Cook Carriage House will through interactive games. host the Earth Day celebration from 2 Keeping Bees, an AQ club that p.m. until 7 p.m. Live entertainment aims to educate the campus about the will be provided by the Music Club role of honeybees and their socio-ecofrom 2 p.m to 3 p.m, directly followed nomical and sustainable functions, will by violinist be welRhett Price coming a from 3 p.m beekeeper to 4:30 p.m to their and country booth for singer Joey live demHyde from onstra6 p.m to 7 tions on p.m. an empty T h e hive. Moose will In adbe selling dition to smoothies these othfrom 2:00 er orgap.m. to 4:00 nizations, p.m. and the Jane MARY WEBSTER/THE SAINT the Aquinas Hibbard College Pro- #EarthDay: Student organizations will set up camp I d e m a g r a m m i n g outside of the Moose to spread “green” awareness. Women’s Board will be Studies treating party-goers to root beer floats Center will have a cosmetic dumping from 4:00 p.m until the event wraps booth, Tri-Beta will be educating stuup. Across campus, Wege Cafeteria dents about organisms native to Michwill also be serving an “Earth Day Ex- igan, and Variety will be talking about travaganza” for lunch and dinner. the sustainable use of cars. Booths will be given to student After students have had a chance organizations to allow them to share to explore the booths, Wall-E, the 2008 with the student body their strides to- animated film about a small waste-colwards sustainability and Earth friend- lecting robot responsible for the fate of ly practices. Some of these organiza- mankind, will be showing in the upper tions include C.O.W.I.I. (Community, level of the Cook Carriage House. Outreach, Wellness, and Ideas/Issues) Mark Earth Day on your calenwill have several stations throughout dars, students as you don’t want to the Moose for students to decorate miss out. TOMS shoes. By Cait Hilton Staff Writer

Phone (616) 632-2975


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Junior Taylor Nefcy, for winning the Internet on April Fool’s Day;

Samuel L. Jackson, for sharing our love of Boys Meets World; Chris Evans, for being our Captain America; Amish Mafia, for having the best TV name in existence; The Lion King Australia cast, for making flights a lot less boring; Rockford Construction, for building beautiful additions for our campus; Spoonlickers, for the bringing us Vegan Brown Sugar. HECKLES TO... The new TMNT trailer, for looking nothing like the turtles from our childhood; Miley Cyrus (again), for singing “Can’t Be Tamed” in honor of her deceased dog;

beautiful argument

By Rebecca Ryan The Saint Reporter We reside in the wake of the recent lift on the Michigan Marriage Ban. I thought I could offer a Catholic perspective, yes, but most of all a human perspective, while you are human in reading this, and I am human as I write, and as we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Clearly, any social being is aware of the dichotomy of opinions surrounding the topic of gay marriage. I want to discuss the state of this argument, no, not as one that involves close-mindedness or bigotry or accusation, but rather, simply, the topic as it is. This is a beautiful argument— undoubtedly arresting. It involves discussion that concerns the nature of the human person, as created from love and for love. There is much discussion of dignity and purpose that we have yet to reach. These ideas often lie unattended because, as much as we’d like to think otherwise, we are experiencing total breakdown of the argument. We have arrived at a point where the term “argument” is no longer what it means, which is to provide reason for conviction. The concept of “arguing” has be-

come coarser than this. Instead of speaking to each other, we speak past each other. Rather than entering into dialogue of the prevalence of this issue (and many other topics ubiquitous to our daily lives), we yell. We prove our viewpoints in cheap ways that are seldom open to discussion. We aren’t patient. I mentioned earlier that, indeed, I am Catholic, and in saying this, yes, I do hold close to Catholic perspectives. So let me take a moment to speak for my faith— my church, my mother—and what this means for us. The Catholic perspective, often, is seen as a religion of “no.” It’s seen as a culture of discrimination. Of imposition. But in its truth, it isn’t ever so. In fact, this theology has brought me a deeper inquisitiveness that surpasses any other in the life experience. This is because Catholicism, in its nature, is inquisitive. Today, we devise laws on morality on the simple notion of “as long as it’s not hurting anyone, I’ll do it.” This is good, yes, to consider our neighbor in every action, but the Catholic theology is not satisfied with only this. It travels deeper into the roots of the matter. Like a young child, it asks

questions like “What’s the point? What’s the purpose?” What is the point of marriage? Of the family? Of sex? What is the purpose of these things? When honestly considering the answers to these basic questions, any human person will find the exquisite response. The response, in its essence, succumbs to a higher “yes,” a “yes” that serves all people as we are. It does not sanction gay marriage, yet it holds no negation to the human person or sexuality, regardless of orientation (see Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body if you’re baffled about this). I say again, this is a beautiful argument. Let us speak to each other, lest we succumb to a monotonous way of thought. In the words of Mother Teresa: “If there is no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another.” Thank you for reading, you are the first step.

Martha Stewart Weddings, for using Blaine Lawrence’s wedding as an excuse to exploit Jennifer Lawrence even more; The Ypsilanti kiddie-park “Mystery Pooper,” for self-explanatory reasons; Wild Chef in Holland, Michigan, for giving 300 diner-goers severe food poisoning.

Classifieds... House for Rent August 1: Pretty 4-bedroom house in a safe neighborhood walking distance to Aquinas. Five years of AQ student occupancy. For more details, look up on Hotpads or Zillow: 140 Auburn Avenue SE or call 616.299.2808

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From an Atheist’s perspective By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer

Adviser Dr. Dan Brooks

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Catholic College Organized religion is something that is ever-present in this country. Even for people who don’t attend a Catholic school like Aquinas, it is everywhere. A lot of people don’t notice it among all of the other distractions and parts of life, or they don’t mind due to their own affiliation with it. Even as a non-religious person, I sometimes tune it out. Since we attend a Catholic school, however, I usually can’t avoid it. At Aquinas, that’s no problem. The Catholic atmosphere is friendly, my fellow students are polite and respectful of my beliefs and, for the most part, it doesn’t affect my life here. Of course, there are certain times when I’m more reminded of it than others: lectures on the liberal arts in a Catholic learning environment from a certain professor that make me feel uncomfortable, the ever-present Father Stan and his friendly conversation and accepting personality, and the

Management E-mail

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committee that has to make sure campus events don’t interfere with Catholic social teaching are all reminders of where I am, for better or worse. Luckily, the good experiences outweigh the bad. Many of my best friends are very religious but we can respect each others’ political and religious viewpoints without affecting our relationship. Learning about religion has also been educational for me. I have attended several masses of different varieties since coming here, and now have an appreciation for them and the religion’s impact on the school that I love so much. I think that overall, the opinions I have concerning organized religion have been fluctuating greatly as of late. Pope Francis has proven to be a man that is likeable by both Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Most recently, he partook in a public confession in St. Peter’s Basilica, something without precedence. He confessed his sins to a normal priest in front of general members of the public. To me, this is one of the many humbling things that the Pope has done that has helped give me hope for organized religion as a whole. When there are groups such as Website

the Westboro Baptist Church that are out picketing soldiers’ funerals and spewing hateful speech against members of the gay community, it is comforting to see others of strong religious beliefs holding signs near the church that wish the family peace with the passing of founder Fred Phelps. As I was driving downtown the other day, I saw a group of people showing support for the recent marriage ban that was uplifted in Michigan. Though the decision was stayed, the sight of this group of people with little in common showing support for a cause they believe in was heartwarming. There were atheists, agnostics, religious people, and even Christian clergy in the group. Overall, I think that I am more and more comfortable with not being religious each day, and I’m glad that all of the students at Aquinas are so open to all sorts of people.

culture Movies: Dreamboat Efron to star in




Grisham’s legal thriller The Associate

Television: Funny man Letterman announces retirement from Late Show

Music: Hilary Duff returns to music scene after seven year hiatus

Heartthrob actor Zac Efron will produce and fill the leading role in the film adaptation of legal fiction writer John Grisham’s novel The Associate. Efron will play the role of a young lawyer blackmailed into accepting an associate position at the world’s largest law firm for espionage purposes. No release date has been confirmed.

After 32 years of entertaining television audiences, comedian David Letterman, 66, has finally announced his retirement from hosting CBS’ The Late Show. Letterman revealed his retirement plans to audiences while taping his show on April 3, and his last show is expected to air in 2015.

On March 28, via Twitter, former Lizzie McGuire star and pop singer Hilary Duff made a statement that dreams are made of: a new album to be released within the year, with “Breathing Room,” the first single, to be dropped this spring. Since Dignity, her last album, Duff has raised a son and divorced from hockey star Michael Comrie.




Just when you think Miley Cyrus begins to lose her shockvalue, she goes and performs “Can’t Be Tamed” to a giant inflatable replica of her recentlypassed dog, Floyd, during a recent concert in Brooklyn.


Artist Spotlight: Angus and Julia Stone

Come Clean

abigale racine | culture editor

I have a confession to make: Ever since hearing that my childhood idol, Hilary Duff, was breaking a seven year long absence from her music career, I have been unable to stop jamming to her albums, which defined my younger years. I know that some may criticize my behavior as being “So Yesterday,” but I don’t give a rat’s tushie. I am reminded how much has changed from when my best friend and I used to rock out to the Metamorphosis album on my walk man while riding the school bus every morning. With the same best friend, summer of 2003 was spent painting my bedroom an awful aqua blue color, jumping enthusiastically while belting out Duff’s mega hit “Come Clean.” Listening to these tracks I had previously worshipped as a pubescent is a different experience now and it disheartens me that the current generation lacks a star that embodies the qualities that Duff possessed. She was such a positive influence on our lives, as I know she was for my peers as well. Duff was clean-cut and I can’t recall there being rumors about the pop star/Lizzie McGuire star acting out wildly or being a cause for concern. Or, at least, if she did it, Duff flew under the radar and has kept it discrete from her impressionable fans. Her lyrics were always appropriate and she didn’t commend sex, drugs, alcohol or violence. Undoubtedly, there’s a serious lack of positive influences for today’s youth and it is a downright shame. Frankly, the tolerance of over sexualization of young adults is disgusting. It seems like society is backtracking. I realize I sound like a curmudgeon who complains about life and everything that is wrong with today’s society but gone are the days of strong female role models. Duff was not the only superstar during my childhood that I felt shaped me into the sparkling independent I am today. I cite Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne and Gwen Stefani all as trailblazers that inspired me not to sell myself short or approach every day situations as an opportunity to shine. I would like to understand why it has evolved from, “I ain’t no hollaback girl” to “When you’re ready, come and get it?” As I was writing this, I realized that Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are the same age as me and probably grew up listening to the same music as I did. They are all talented, but they have not empowered this generation’s youth in the same fashion that our childhood idols had. Instead, they abuse their power. Now, there is nothing wrong with being comfortable with yourself and feeling sexy, but I cannot stress enough the importance of about possessing some self-worth and desiring to be valued by others as something more than a sex object. I will never be able to wrap my head around society, so I will have to rely on Hilary Duff’s explanation, “You could search the world and never figure it out.”

By Paris Close Editor-in-Chief Artist: Angus and Julia Stone Genre: Folk, Blues Current Album: Down the Way Comparisons: James Vincent McMorrow & Regina Spektor Popular Tracks: “Big Jet Plane,” “Hold On” & “And The Boys” The next time you hear the names Angus and Julia Stone brought up in a nearby music debate, feel free to spring up and rave about your new favorite hipsterfolk band. Argue all you might, but the delightful brother-sister duo are COURTESY FLICKR probably the most genuine, breathtaking artists ever to set foot from Blues meet bliss: The Australian brother-sister act have all it takes to be the next folk sensation. behind the underground curtain and to impress or simply surprise their own brand of vocal authenticity, pro- The Boys” caters to that very need, onto the mainstream stage in the past listeners with their orchestral charm. viding an earthly whisper that speaks with Julia’s voice coaxing the listener few years. Their records gush a wave of silvery to the soul. Nonetheless, these night- on a woodsy expedition through the Channeling the airy essence of sounds, from the soft-spoken violin ingales are not only vocally gifted but forests of regret and redemption. Australia between their lungs, these and cello rhythms to the bluesy pulse their lyrics are always in rare form. These are just a few of the many two have backpacked their signature of piano and acoustic guitar riffs, all One can easily imagine them- treasures you’ll find sifting through sound all around the globe, especially of which prove instrumental to the selves rousing to sunshine and the duet’s most recent release. If America, and we could only be so act’s success. seagulls on the moony tune “The you’re looking to get into some of grateful for such a blessing. Even though the pair has only Devil’s Tears,” a slow-drumming ser- their oldies, try “Mango Tree” and Having almost marked their 10 completed two full length works dur- enade that has surprisingly brought “Silver Coin,” a pair of fan favourite year anniversary as a duet since form- ing their time as a band, A Book Like tears to my own eyes a few times. tunes that will certainly get you in ing back in early 2006, the spirited This (2007) and Down the Way (2010), “Big Jet Plane,” arguably their most the mood for more foot-tapping, teasiblings from Sydney, Australia have they’ve each established themselves notorious song, is a wishful record sipping fun. developed a seasoned sound that re- as successful solo artists, respective- that fuses nirvana with nostalgia and So throw on your favourite flansembles the richness of Fleetwood ly. Older sister Julia has the kind of carries with it a catchy chorus and a nel, a copy of Kazuo Ishiguro’s dysMac wedded with the mellow tem- raspiness in her voice that is simply bottle of unfulfilled wishes. topian novel Never Let Me Go, ready perament of class act artist Bon Iver. unmatched by any other songstress And what would a hipster band your skiff and press play, you’ll find With a crackerjack mix of instruments other than Regina Spektor, while An- be without some playful tunes to get yourself washed up on the shiny coast on every album, the duo never fails gus underscores his big sister with his lost in the wild to, am I right? “And of Australia by the final chord.

Captain America Winter Soldier brings action and tears


Red, white and blue: Captain America, played by Chris Evans, does what he does best and saves the world By Mayra Monroy News Editor Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier was a true cinematic adventure that broke box office records in it’s opening weekend. Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Captain America geek, so trust me when I say that this movie exceeded my expectations and more. I was sure that this movie would be doomed to repeat the

“sequel syndrome,” meaning that as per usual, the sequel would not even come close to being as good as the first movie. However, this was thrown out the window within the first hour of the viewing experience. Captain America, played by the ever-so-talented Chris Evans, returns to reality after the excitement that played out in the 2012 film Avengers. He works for S.H.I.E.L.D, the secretive agency still led by the

intimidating Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson. There’s deception, plotted decades before eventually playing out, that happens within the agency and this causes a series of events that threaten the wellbeing of the country. Alongside this, a mysterious assassin is out for blood, nicknamed and also the title of the movie, The Winter Soldier. This mysterious soldier turns out to be incredibly

strong and also very driven and a huge problem for Captain America. There are a ton of fight scenes in this movie, between the Winter Soldier and the main protagonist, but also with a variety of other characters, mostly S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. There is also a lot of action with Captain’s sidekick in the film, the smooth and strong Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow and played by Scarlett Johansson. She fights off guards, pirates, an assassin, all while still keeping her hair in perfect condition. If anyone is a fan of the Marvel franchise, you know what to expect at the end of the movie. The notorious after credit scenes that are sure to keep you thinking way after you’ve left the theatre. Well, there are two this time around, so make sure to take a seat even after everyone has cleared out. I won’t spoil what it is, but all that I will say is that it sets up something that will come into play in Avengers 2: The Age of Ultron, set for release sometime in 2015. There are several plot twists in this movie, none of which I’ll share in this review, so you’ll have to check them out. But as a warning, prepare to get upset, sentimental and a little angry. Just know that Captain America does what he does best and remain humble and honest with his intentions and yes ladies, he’s still single.

Good Eats: Terra’s house-crafted cuisine warms the soul By Mayra Monroy & Chucky Blackmore News Editor & Staff Writer Cuisine Type: Organic Avg. Cost: $30 What to get: Grass fed Tavern Burgers and Pub Cheese Eastown is home to a variety of several different stores and restaurants. From the popular froyo stop-shop Spoonlickers to the unique used book store that is Argos, something that Eastown is in no shortage of is amazing food and the locally-sourced, organic cuisine at Terra is no different. Located on Lake Drive, right through the center of Eastown close to Aquinas’ campus, Terra brings home crafted foods to the table of its new age restaurant. The atmosphere is warm and wide open

with a very open space and high ceilings and, of course, friendly service. Once you come in, you’re promptly seated by a friendly server . The menu is filled with Michigan based meals and as Terra claims, a “new farm cuisine.” Terra provides several options for the vegan, vegetarian or the omnivore in all of us with nourishing food to feed the heart and soul and with only the freshest ingredients grown in Michigan. That being said, Terra’s menu consists of seasonal ingredients and delicious (and inexFarm Cuisine 2.0: Terra brings Michigan into every meal with hand crafted foods that go easy on the pensive) meals. And within no time at all, food arrived at our table and the and entrees were all locally grown. menu section, a serving of pretzel helpful server indulged us in a con- We treated ourselves to a plate of rods with Michigan craft beer chedversation about how our appetizers the Pub Cheese off of its communal dar cheese and two Grass Fed Tav-

Culture Editor Abigale Racine


Phone (616) 632-2975

ern Burgers, a delicious combination of meat, house made brioche with a variety of greens and red onions. The dish was served with house made kettle chips. The meal, as I’m sure others have experienced during their visit at Terra, has truly captured what the restaurant hopes to bring to the city. The restaurant’s four values: Artisan, Authentic, Seasonal and Healthful, are incorporated into every dish and provide Eastown and the Grand Rapids area with delicious and natural cuisines that will fill any stomach without draining your wallet. Terra’s great food and excellent service is worth the visit. All local Eastown businesses have their own stories--come in, enjoy a bite to eat, and learn about Terra.





El Ultimo Ready to take stage Aquinas’ Egres prepares for vocal recital Elvis

A story of love, music, and obsession By Cameron Thompson The Saint Reporter The Fifth Annual Latin American Film Festival held at the Wealthy Theatre provided an opportunity for cultural exposure. As per usual, the committee presented the most recent, highly acclaimed Latin American films. It is always wonderful to see diversity in and around the city, and Wealthy Theatre is an Eastown novelty. One of the many films shown at the recent festival was the Argentine film, El Ultimo Elvis (The Last Elvis) directed by Armando Bó. It stars John McInerny as Carlos Gutiérrez (Elvis), Griselda “Priscilla” Siciliani as Alejandra Olemberg (Carlos’ ex-wife) and Margarita Lopez as Lisa Marie Gutiérrez (Carlos’ daughter). The plot followed the deterioration of an Elvis impersonator who becomes trapped in his own world of performance as “The King,” then is suddenly left with paternal responsibility when his ex-wife and daughter are in a car accident. He is called upon to care for his daughter, Lisa Marie, while his wife, Griselda, is in a nonresponsive state at the hospital. The two form a closer bond with the music of Elvis, and Carlos’ beautiful renditions of Elvis’ body of work. Through impersonations, Carlos finds meaning in his seemingly downtrodden life as a washedup performer while working in a factory to fill his days. When he gets on stage he comes alive. The passion can be heard in his perfect vocal ability, displayed in his detailed costumes and visualized in his stage presence. He begins to unravel while Griselda remains in the hospital, becoming aggravated during performances, leading him to storm offstage, and begins using

pills recreationally. Nevertheless, Carlos never loses the lovely connection he has with Lisa Marie through his struggles, however, when Griselda regains consciousness, the family is reunited again at least for a moment. Then the delusions of Carlos’ lifestyle become increasingly real to Lisa Marie and especially to Griselda, who fears that she and Lisa Marie are losing him to his alternate life. When Lisa Marie is returned to Griselda’s care, Carlos informs them of his plans to go on tour. He sells his possessions and flies to Memphis, Tennessee to visit the home of “The King.” What seems like a somewhat innocent and childlike adventure is actually steeped in darkness and it can be sensed that something unsettling is going to befall Carlos. While on a tour of Elvis’ home-turned-museum, Graceland, Carlos sneaks upstairs and hides in a closet until the museum closes, allowing him to walk about in his bathrobe feeling like he is Elvis in his own home. The next and final scene is a sadly accurate depiction of real-life Elvis in his later years as Carlos sits in the master bathroom swallowing pills. Slowly, his eyes close and he crumbles to the floor. The film ends with a shot of the apartment building where Lisa Marie and Griselda live, a testament to those he left behind. The film highlights addiction and obsession, and the struggle between love and art. The Latin American Film Festival was an event that brought all kinds of people together in the West Michigan community and celebrated diversity at one of the city’s most treasured settings.

By Chucky Blackmore Staff Writer

Aquinas College junior Anna Rose Egres has been waiting to share her musical talents. Her upcoming vocal recital in Kretschmer Recital Hall at Aquinas College’s Art and Music Center on Saturday, April, 12, is the prime opportunity for her to display her hard work and dedication. Doors are expected to open at 7 p.m. and her performance will start at 7:30 p.m. Following her performance, a small reception will be held which all are invited to attend. Egres is expected to perform a number of her pieces in various genres including both classical and contemporary. During outfit changes and in preparation for her next set, she will exit the stage, having members of Aquinas’ own music program perform selected pieces during short intermissions. Egres’ repertoire consists of more than a dozen songs, all of which span through different MARY WEBSTER/THE SAINT genres. The set list includes a Mozart All the right notes: AQ junior Anna Egres prepares more than a dozen pieces for composition, as well as a compilaher vocal recital set to take place on Saturday, April 12, at 7:30 p.m. in the Art and tion of Broadway, jazz, country, and Music Center. much more. Wynonna Judd, and Carlos Santana. “[She] has helped me so much,” The singer attributes her musical Egres lists singer-songwriter, Matchsaid Egres. “She is a phenomenal tastes to be influenced from her childbox Twenty lead singer Rob Thomas person and teacher.” hood, as the Clarkston, MI native reas a major influence because of his McCargar’s witty humor and pasmembers family road trips and singambiguous lyrics. sion to get her students on the right ing along to her favorite musicians on “I want to write a song that might track for success is the reason why the radio. Hearing many female singers on the radio further influenced her mean one thing to one person, but has Egres looks up to her. She also ada totally different meaning to anothmires Kathy Gibson, Contemporary to pick up the guitar and sing. In fact, er,” she said. Vocal instructor; Dr. Paul Brewer, when Egres was just 11 years old, she Since singing has become a big Director of Instrumental Music; wrote her first song. She laughs as she part of her life, Egres has been introand Dr. Mark Webb, College Choral reflects on the moment: duced and has become particularly Conductor--all faculty at Aquinas. “It was terrible,” said Egres, “I accustomed to old country and jazz After graduating from Aquinas tried playing the guitar and I didn’t music. College, Egres plans to move to Nasheven know how.” When Egres isn’t reading, writville, Tennessee where she wants to As she played her song in front of ing, or dancing with friends, she is ac- obtain her Master’s degree in Comher family, they were overjoyed. Her tively involved in the Aquinas College mercial Music at Belmont University. father’s strong work ethic influenced Music Department family. Being at a While she is there, she hopes to get her to keep at it. She wanted to her own band together and end up emulate his success in life through her small, communal school allows her to sing noncompetitively, and encouragon the radio someday. Until then, she music. es her to just be herself. Egres extends will focus on her studies. Pinpointing favorite artists and her gratitude to Aquinas College Her passion for music and her composers is difficult for Egres, as it Associate Professor of Music, Barbara love for singing proves that her vocal is for most. Some of her idols inMcCargar, who has contributed a lot recital will surely not be one to miss. clude Kenny Chesney, Willie Nelson, to her improvement as a musician.

Aquinas’ Cyrano to be squashbuckling production John Guild and Stephen Wright play Captain LeBret and Count De Guiche, respectively. LeBret serves as the narrator of the play and Cyrano’s confidante. Guild really owns the role and he commented that he “particularly [liked] breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience.” This personal narrative style helps bring the audience in. Wright’s role serves to include the audience as well, but in a completely different way. As said during a dress rehearsal, he had a lot of fun playing the character. Wright also said that he enjoyed playing the “foppish and arrogant character that is direct about what he wants.” The play has an interesting mix of classic and modern elements. The original verse structure of the play is gone, but the poetry of Cyrano is still intact, adding occasional classicism to the otherwise current language. “The language is beautiful,” said Dodge. “It’s a rare opportunity and a great first acting experience at Aquinas.” Behind the scenes, senior Jenn Kalchik manages the stage and Katherine Mayberry directs. Both CHUCK HYDE/THE SAINT help to coordinate the pieces of the play to make it into an enjoyable The nose knows: Aquinas College’s production of the historic comedy Cyrano experience. de Bergerac promises to be filled with sword fights and Romantic poetry. Kalchik has performed on Both Dodge and Collenburg stage previously, but has worked By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer had fun getting into character. behind the stage for several shows now. This experience helps everyAquinas College’s Circle The- Collenburg said that Roxane “is thing go smoothly. She said that in some ways a dramatic 13 year atre is putting on a modernized she enjoys “making sure all hell version of Edmond Rostand’s old, but in others can come out and doesn’t break loose, and if it does, Cyrano de Bergerac, a historical- kick ass.” the audience doesn’t know.” Cyrano’s affection for Roxane ly-prominent play that features The actors themselves are beswashbuckling, poetry, and a love is blocked by the attractive Chrising coached by Mayberry, who has tian de Neuvillette, a new soldier triangle, among other surprises. experience directing a variety of in his company that Roxane falls The comedy unfolds in France, shows. The actors were all quick set during the time of the Thirty in love with. Freshman Ben Avery to praise her, saying that her direcYear War, one of Europe’s most plays Christian, bringing to life tion brings everything together. As turbulent and destructive conflicts. the loveable naivety of the characWright said, “she brings it to life.” ter. Avery analyzed the role on a The production stars Aquinas’ HuCyrano de Bergerac opens this manities Professor Mike Dodge as line to line basis, something new Thursday, April 10-12, at 8 p.m. the titular character, a playwright to him. He said it really “set this and runs through Sunday, April experience apart” from other plays and soldier with a deformed nose 13, at 2 p.m. Student tickets will be that falls in love with his younger he’s been in. Cyrano features an ensemble five dollars. cousin Roxane, played by Freshof interesting characters. Seniors man Zoë Collenburg. Culture Editor Abigale Racine


Foster the People stick it to the man on latest album


What you want to be: Indie-pop band Foster the People asks some tough questions on their latest record, pushing the envelope with controversal lyrics. By Cait Hilton Staff Writer

On March 18, Columbia Records released Foster the People’s latest album, Supermodel, which gathered generally favorable responses. Supermodel is the follow up to 2011 album Torches, Foster the People’s first release after their formation only two years prior. Torches featured the popular single, “Pumped Up Kicks.” The album’s dependence on electronic beats aligns them well with similar artists, MGMT and Phoenix, and earned them a well-deserved reputation here in the U.S, as well as Australia and Canada. Foster the People’s second studio album makes a shift from electronic pop to a more instrumental sound–looking to The Clash and The Kinks for inspiration. With lighter instrumentals, Supermodel focuses on much darker lyrics revolving around the album’s radical theme. The concept album develops a negative perspective towards popular culture and consumer ideology. Not only does Foster the People criticize capitalism, but also the more personal issue of the flawed

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creation of self-worth in today’s society. In the Supermodel Documentary Series, vocalist and guitarist Mark Foster identifies the need to present ourselves like supermodels, showing others who we want them to perceive us as while hiding our real selves. Supermodel carries the same level of energy that can be found in their earlier album, though harnessed and controlled. The album’s theme offers a contagious spirit embodied by younger generations that are feeling the tolls of popular culture. “Are You What You Want To Be?” expands on the album’s worldly theme by incorporating West African rhythms in its shuffling chorus. The pattern of sounds add a diversity to the album as well, such as the structure of “Nevermind,” which starts with gentle finger picking and builds into a combination of pulsing bass and heavy guitar. Foster and his bandmates, Cubbie Fink (bass, backing vocals) and Mark Pontius (drums, backing vocals) pull it off again. The tracks on Supermodel are sure to demand attention with their head-bobbing tunes, but within minutes of the music’s start, true fans are developed when they begin to understand the album’s underlying message. Supermodel is the must-listen album of 2014 and deserves a 4/4 stars.


sports Detroit Pistons: Every game counts The Detroit Pistons have had a bit of a rough season. Ranking fourth in Eastern Conference with an overall record of 28-49, the Pistons are struggling to win games more than ever. The Pistons play the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight and only have three remaining games in the regular season.


Hey, how’s about that weather outside? Sorry, I’m not very good with introductions. Let’s try that again. My name is Taylor Hodges and by the next school year I will be your new Sports Editor. I began this journey as a young freshman during my second semester and haven’t looked back since, mainly because my neck is sore all the time. I’ve covered various topics in sports, ranging from the Detroit Red Wings all the way to the many sports Aquinas College offers. Alyssa Frese, the current editor, has taken me under her wing and helped me become a better writer over the course of the past year. I can’t thank her enough for spending her precious time teaching me the ins and outs of how to be a great writer and I forever owe this position to her. Thanks, Alyssa, for everything you’ve done. For those who are religious readers of the sports section in The Saint, you’re probably familiar with my writing style, and might even know some background information about me already. But for those just starting to read the sports section, I like to make my articles entertaining for you all. Most times, I try to insert humor into my articles in hopes that I can get a giggle out of whoever’s reading. I have yet to hear someone say my articles made them laugh, so don’t be shy, come forward! I have an immense amount of passion for this newspaper and even though I’m primarily covering sports, I want the whole newspaper to be successful and increase the amount of readers it has. I can promise you as the next Sports Editor, I will do everything in my power to make the sports section one that every reader looks forward to reading. I have a lot of experience in the form of sports. I played sports year-round in high school and participated on the newly-formed Aquinas Hockey team my freshmen year. My knowledge primarily rests within the hockey culture, but I’m well aware of what’s happening in other sports. Now that you know a little about my writing style and my specialties, let’s get deeper into who your new Sports Editor is. One of my favorite tennis players is Roger Federer and my favorite hockey team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. My favorite player is Evgeni Malkin and I wish I was Russian. Most of you probably threw the newspaper down and stomped on it after reading that last sentence. Don’t worry, I forgive you, and I promise to keep covering the Detroit Red Wings. I write and record hip-hop music and some of you may have come across a video or two on my Twitter or Facebook account. I’ve taken a ride in a hot air balloon with my gorgeous mother and love playing the game of ping-pong. I’m always up to play someone new, so hit me up. I was born in Rockville, Maryland and moved to Zeeland, Michigan as a young child and attended Zeeland East High School. Our mascot is super embarrassing and I’m sure every fellow Zeeland person at Aquinas would agree with me. I don’t have any siblings but I do have a yellow lab that I consider to be like my brother. My favorite color is red and I currently have an obsession with Lemonheads and Reese’s Minis. My favorite music artists are: Drake, Sammy Adams, Hawthorne Heights and Tory Lanez. Lastly, I’m a very sarcastic person and the poof in the hair—it’s natural, no product is used. Now that you know a little about me and what I aim to do, I hope you welcome me with open arms and continue to love reading the newspaper as much as I do. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at writing about sports, I encourage you to contact either Alyssa Frese or me and we’d both be happy to show you the ropes. I look forward to what this new journey will bring and I hope you all will join me and allow me the privilege of providing you with what’s happening in today’s sports world. Great, now get back to that homework you were procrastinating on.


She said, yes: Texas coach uses team to pull off proposal

Madness Results: Huskies take the game in 60-54 victory


A Texas high school football coach used football film and the help of his entire team to propose to his girlfriend. While addressing his team on the video, he and the roughly 75 players turned to the camera and got down on one knee and held a sign asking for her to marry him. She said, yes!

In a matchup of two of the highest seeds in the final, The Huskies prevail in a 60-54 win against the Wildcats. UConn becomes the first seventh seed to win the tournament. Not bad for a team that had to win in overtime during the first round. Let the celebration in Connecticut begin!

The Detroit Tigers opened their season one Monday, March 31, and have been playing hard since. With a record of 4-1, the Tigers are leading the AL Central and show no signs of slowing down. The Tigers play tonight, April 9, against the Dodgers on the road.

A fresh Taylor Pawlanta new face Senior shows passion on field

taylor hodges | staff writer



all three outfield positions, shortstop, second base and third base. I play mostly left field for Aquinas this year however. I decided to play outfield when my coach asked me to play out there because we did not have a left fielder,” said Pawlanta. “I had never really played outfield before but I figured out pretty quickly how to play out there and enjoyed playing there.” Baseball is what ultimately lead Pawlanta to Aquinas in the first place. “I decided to come to Aquinas because of baseball. I was not ready to give up playing and I knew that if I came here I would have to opportunity to continue playing,” said Pawlanta.

By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor

Many people get involved with sports at a young age, but it takes dedication to maintain involvement with the sport they love throughout all of secondary education and college. For senior Taylor Pawlanta, his passion for the sport of baseball has fueled his involvement over the years. “I have been playing baseball since I can remember. I started playing tee ball when I was probably 5 years old,” said Pawlanta. “I got involved because of my dad. He loved baseball and got me to love it as well.” Taylor’s father has been a large influence with his baseball career every step of the way. “My dad was the biggest influence in my baseball career because he was the one that got me involved in baseball. He was my coach f r o m THE SAINT/TAYLOR PAWLANTA tee ball t h r o u g h Batter up: Senior Taylor Pawlanta bats for the Saints in home field l i t t l e action. league Pawlanta is majoring in Computer and he was also my coach for travel Information Systems (CIS) and plans to baseball and he was an assistant coach pursue a career in the field post-graduon my high school team,” said Pawlanta. “His love of the game was shared ation. “After graduation I plan on getwith me and I have never stopped lov- ting a full time job working in the IT field,” said Pawlanta. “I currently am ing it.” Having that kind of passion in his working at Universal Forest Products life has molded Pawlanta into the play- and hope to continue working there.” er he is today. He played the shortstop Since baseball has played such a large position in high school but has been role in Pawlanta’s life, he plans to stay adaptable and has played numerous involved even after he graduates. “I positions in his career. “I have played hope to help coach somewhere after I graduate,” said Pawlanta.


AQ baseball By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor The Aquinas men’s baseball team has been playing a decent season. With a record of 11-11, the Saints are hungry for more wins. With four games being cancelled and five games being postponed in the past couple of weeks, the Saints have not gotten to see as much action as they would like. The Saints played a doubleheader against Siena Heights on Sunday, March 30. In the first game, the Saints were victorious, winning 13-10. Scorers for the Saints in this game were seniors Taylor Pawlanta and Kyle Orlowski, juniors Colin Brand and Brad Slis and sophomore Paul Woloszyk with two runs apiece. Also scoring for the Saints were juniors Mark Lepri and Brendan Penny and sophomore Justen Caudill. In the second game of the doubleheader, the Saints played well but couldn’t pull the win, losing 4-3. Nonethless, top performers seniors Greg Baranyai, Slis and sophomore Casey Wila each put up a run during the match. The Saints then played another doubleheader on April 2, against Davenport. The Saints got a rough start in their first game, losing 13-3 but Lepri, Slis, and freshman Ryan Ramsey each put up a run for the Saints. The Saints didn’t let this tough loss get them down

and came back in their second game, winning 3-2. Top performers for the Saints in this match-up were Baranyai, Penny and Wila. “As a team, we have depth in all of the positions and most, if not all, of the freshman have made a good transition into the team. The upper classmen have made it a very welcoming and easy-to-get-along-with team,” said freshman Tyler Strevel. The Saints then played three games against Lourdes. The first game was a bit of a letdown as the Saints lost 12-6. Top performing players in this game were Pawlanta, Baranyai, Lepri, Ramsey, senior Jimmy McDonagh and freshman Michael Priest, each whom scored a run for the Saints. Their next game was more successful as the Saints came out on top with 5-4 victory. Top performers were Pawlanta, who scored two runs and Penny, Priest and Caudill who each put up one run for the Saints. In their last game against Lourdes, the Saints came up short, losing 6-0. “The season is going well so far. We’re just above .500 right now, but there is a lot of room for improvement in all areas,” said senior Christian Potter. The Saints will have played another doubleheader, yesterday, April 8, at Cornerstone.

Aquinas softball Giving it their all

Fifth Third Bank run Running for a greater cause

By Emily Elias The Saint Reporter The largest 25K road race in the country is just around the corner and anyone can participate. Fifth Third Bank is hosting the 37th annual River Band Run on Saturday, May 10, in downtown Grand Rapids. Junior Zoey Weber and sophomores Grant Cook and Alan Lally will each be running the River Bank Run for the Conductive Learning Center (CLC). Anyone is more than welcome to join team CLC. There will be a variety of events that day starting at 7:00 a.m. which also features team competitions for the 5K, 10K, and 25K run. According to their website, the CLC “serves children birth to age 26 with motor disorders related to complications of prematurity, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida or brain injury. For these children with motor disorders, even the smallest tasks – eating, buttoning a shirt, sitting in a chair –can be monumental.” The Aquinas College POHI Program (Physical and Other Health Impairments) gives Aquinas students hands-on opportunities to work with the participants and children at this facility. Students like Weber, Cook and Lally will be among the many to give back to the organization this year. There are also a couple walks and a few other unique events students and participate in. A 25K hand cycle event at 8:10 a.m., a 35K wheelchair race and for you pet owners out there, there will even be a 5K dog walk going on as well. Cook has been very involved with team CLC. He found out about the CLC through orientation his Sports Editor Alyssa Frese

freshman year. Being able to help those with special needs has really hit home for him. He has raised money for team CLC and has also been asked to be on the planning board for the event as well. “Running has impacted me in more ways than I can imagine. It has built my leadership and has helped me gain lifelong friendships. It is a great way to distress and bond with others,” said Cook. This race truly has an event for anyone. There are a few other events participants and the public can enjoy. According to Fifth Third’s website, the pre-race expo on Friday, at DeVos Place and the post-event Michelob Ultra Finish Fest on Saturday at Calder Plaza are free and open to the public. Much like Cook, Lally, too, commented on how running has influenced her life: “It has helped me become a goal oriented person. Not just for running. It gives me an outlet when I am stressed out with school. It also has made me healthier and a lot more fit,” she said. Both students are very excited for the race, and encourage others interested in joining to get involved: “If anyone wants to join team CLC and help raise money for a good cause feel free to contact me,” said Cook. When students participate in combo races they will receive a few special prizes. Participants will wear a “combo” participant bib and will receive a special finisher gift at Calder Plaza. The run is about a month away and there is still time to sign up for one of the many exciting events.



Game time: Sophomore Caitlyn Hensel keeps ready with her game face. By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor The Aquinas women’s softball team has played a winning season so far. With an overall record of 11-10, the Saints are determined to accumulate more wins. With four games canceled and one postponed, the Saints are struggling to get to play the games they are supposed to. On Sunday, March 30, the Saints played a doubleheader at Northwestern Ohio. In the first game, the Saints were victorious, winning 8-2. Top performers for the Saints in this match-up were junior Kala Foerster with two runs and junior Sadie Stowell, sophomores Olivia Platte, Lexi Popma and Irma Cruz and freshmen Miranda Wineowicki and Mallory Warner each put up a run as well. The Saints kept their pace and were victorious in their second game as well, winning 5-2. Top performers were Stowell, Foerster, Warner, sophomore Olivia Hrymak, and junior Chelsea McWain, each putting up a run for the Saints. “We have a very strong offensive team. We can score whenever we want and string together hits very well,” said freshman Ellie Adams. The Saints then played a doubleheader against Madonna on April 2. The Saints played hard but lost the

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first game 2-1. Senior Emily Corning scored the lone run for the Saints. The Saints tried to come back their second game but were unsuccessful, losing 4-1. Foerster accounted for the one run for the Saints. On Sunday, April 6 the Saints played their most recent doubleheader against U of M Dearborn. The Saints came ready to play in the first game where they came out with a 9-1 victory. Top performers for the Saints in this game were Foerster and Hrymak who each put up two runs for the Saints. Popma, Warner, senior Torie Lowe, sophomore Jenn Woolard, and freshman Ellie Adams each scored for the Saints as well. The second game was not as successful as the first. The Saints played hard but were not able to get the victory, losing 5-3. Top performers for the Saints in this game were Stowell, Woolard and Hrymak who each scored. The Saints are at a good place but there is always room for improvement as the season progresses. “I think we could work on our intensity. It takes us a while to get fully into the game,” said Adams. The Saints play next this Friday, April 11, in a doubleheader at Cornerstone.




Tiger baseball is back By Zoe Harmon The Saint Reporter The Detroit Tigers started their season on March 31, when they took on the Kansas City Royals at Comerica Park. They were victorious in both of the games played, and unfortunately, the last game of the series was postponed due to weather. The Tigers proved that with a strong, fresh lineup including a few new faces along with key returnees, they are set to have another successful season. In the first game, the Tigers lost the lead early but tied the game in the bottom of the seventh. From there, neither team scored until the Tigers had a walk off base hit by newcomer Alex Gonzalez to win the game (4-3) in the bottom of the ninth. Gonzalez had only been signed with the Tigers for a week. Rookie, Tyler Collins, scored the winning run after he was put in to pinchrun for Alex Avila. Two other newcomers, Rajai Davis and Ian Kinsler, both went hitless in the season opener. This also marked the first win for the new Tiger manager, Brad Ausmus. The second game ended with another walk off win for the team. During the game, there were two

close calls that required the new instant replay system to be used. And ultimately, both calls were overturned in the Tiger’s favor. Kinsler made up for his slow start by delivering both a solo homerun in the fourth inning, to take the lead, and a single in the tenth that scored Austin Jackson who had reached the base paths on a walk. Returning pitcher, Max Scherzer, started the game and pitched eight shutout innings. After the third game of the season was postponed until June 19, the Tigers took on the Baltimore Orioles. In the first game of the three game series, the Tigers dominated over the Orioles in a 10-4 win. The bats were hot throughout the entire lineup. To no one’s surprise, Miguel Cabrera stole the show going 4 for 5, getting his 2000th career hit. Two other key returners, Torii Hunter and Jackson went 3 for 4 and 3 for 5, respectively. The Tigers will take on the Orioles in two more games before they travel to Los Angeles for a two game series with the Dodgers.

Men and women’s lacrosse The men’s lacrosse team is currently 6-3 overall and 0-1 in the CCLA. After annihilating Northwood by a score of 26-2, the energy in the locker room is thriving. “The environment in the locker room during our games is filled with positive feelings, and guys with their headphones on, getting in the zone for the game,” said freshmen Liam Ryan. “The team is very supportive before that game, and we try to build confidence as much as we can.” Much like the women’s team, the men’s team boasts seven freshmen, but there is no hesitation and the chemistry has already started to form. “The incoming freshCOURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS men that are on the team have changed Aquinas laFocus: Junior Tim Hansen looks to pass to a teammate in home field action this crosse with the sense of adding season. Hansen leads the team in ground balls this season. speed and agility and a different By Taylor Hodges Davenport, in which the Saints won type of game play,” said Ryan. “AdStaff Writer by a score of 16-6, the energy in the justing to playing lacrosse in college with school work coming first, it The women’s lacrosse team is locker room is oozing with joy and is very tricky to make time for the doing quite well as playoffs are just confidence. “The environment in both, but I believe me and the rest of around the corner. Having won their the locker room is crazy,” said Carr. the team can do it.” last five games in a row, the team “Everyone is pumped for playoffs Leading the team in goals and chemistry seems to be right where it but still anxious to get the job done points is junior Grant Holloway should. “Winning is fun and when (winning nationals).” The Saints are now 8-3 overall with 28 and 39 respectively. Juyou win against tough opponents and 6-2 in the WHAC. Freshman nior Tim Hansen leads the team in you bond as a team,” said freshman ground balls with 46. defender Kendal Carr. “Sharing a Hannah Crosby leads the team in common goal and achieving it forms goals and points with 39 and 54 rea strong friendship between the spectively. Junior Alexa Burns has registered 50 points and leads the people you share it with.” After a huge win against rival team in ground balls with 35.

Men and women’s tennis By Taylor Hodges Staff Writer With a record of 7-7 and currently on a four match losing streak, the women’s tennis team remains positive while also trying to get back on track. “Our last three matches have been tough ones for sure,” said sophomore Jenelle Miller. “All three were great teams that really stretched our abilities and caused us some long, tough matches. It is good for us to be playing these tough teams because it helps our tennis games to improve as well.” The team’s focus right now is working hard and taking it one match at a time. “We are continuing to work hard and prepare our lineup for the tough matches ahead,” said Miller. “We must prepare mentally and physically so COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS that we can have the upper Following through: Junior Ariana Kambodian returns the serve to her opponent during a hand when going into these home meet this season. Kambodian and the Saints are to play against Cornerstone tonight matches to come.” at home. The freshmen have The men’s tennis team is off to an- conference games against opponent played integral roles this season, and while there may have been struggles other fantastic season. With a record Northwestern Ohio and emerged vicat first, everyone seems to be on the of 16-2 and wins over Grand Valley torious. The Saints will face a tough right page. “The freshmen have been State University, Lake Superior State, rival next, playing Davenport at home a great asset to this team and are ex- and Ferris State it is no question that on April 9. They will then hit the road tremely hard working,” said Miller. the team can hang with the best in the down to Indiana for a weekend before “They are by far the most improved of NCAA. Currently on a one game win- wrapping up the WHAC play with the team and continue to pull through ning streak in which they brutally de- close-town rival Cornerstone. These for us if need be.” With a tournament stroyed Grace sweeping all matches, matches are surely going to prepare in Indiana coming up, the women’s the team is looking to continue that the Saints for a strong run in the tennis team is looking to regain some momentum as they head into WHAC NAIA nationals. of their momentum in time for a home conference games. The men’s tennis team has just opened up their WHAC match against rival Davenport.

Red Wings Things are looking up

By Taylor Hodges Staff Writer The Detroit Red Wings are sitting pretty well after winning three of their most recent games. On Saturday, April 5, the Red Wings played the Montreal Canadiens and lost 5-3 which brought the Red Wings’ overall record to 37-27, with 14 of those games being played in overtime. The Wings are seated in first place for the wild card which means, as of this moment, they would make the playoffs. Seated behind them by only one point is rival Columbus. The last two wild card spots for the Eastern Conference will be a close call because only one point behind Columbus is Toronto. Washington is three points behind. Leading the Wings in points is none other than Henrik Zetterberg, with 48 goals in 45 games played. Zetterberg has been out since early February, but is expected to be ready by the time playoffs roll around. Second in points, is Niklas Kronwall, the team’s most valuable defenceman, who’s been expected to contribute offensively on the blue line since the retirement of Nicklas Lidstrom. Finally, in third place is rookie

Two words:

Gustav Nyquist. Nyquist has been lighting the lamp ever since Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk have been out. It’s a good thing this young blood is turning into a star since Zetterberg and Datsyuk are getting older. In Nyquist’s last five games, he’s accumulated six points and loads of highlight reels. Along with Zetterberg, Datsyuk has been out since late February, but is expected to return against Buffalo. If the playoffs started today, the Red Wings would be slated to begin first round play against the Pittsburgh Penguins. While Detroit has been doing quite well despite the amount of injuries to the roster, the playoffs are a completely different ballgame and I find it hard to believe Detroit will do superb with an injured, ravished lineup. After this weekend, the Wings will only have four games remaining until it’s time for the playoffs. The Wings need to stay focused and play hard because anything is possible.

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