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Professor Spotlight: Dr. Bryan Pilkington

joking that he got to keep the dog. Pilkington is Aquinas College is named excited to continue after one of the more famous developing the medieval philosophers, St. philosophy Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas’ landscape while teachings are well-known he’s here, with here at AQ and the philosophy many plans department continues his already in the tradition of scholarship and works to increase critical thinking even today. discussion and Professor of Philosophy critical thinking Dr. Bryan Pilkington was on campus. He hired this year to further believes that the prominence of his healthy debate discipline on campus, and he is a vital part of is attempting to do just that. the liberal arts After getting his Ph.D. COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS experience, and is at Notre Dame, Pilkington Philosophic Discussion: Dr. Bryan Pilkington hopes to expand the always looking to felt Aquinas was a good philosophic landscape while teaching at Aquinas. provoke students fit for him. The Catholic into new ways of environment, coupled with thinking. his dissertation was on the concept of our namesake is attractive to him, as is When speaking on the subject the prospect of helping to expand and human dignity, and he often discusses of philosophy, Pilkington said the concept as it relates to moral develop the philosophy department. “Dominicans are famous for philosophy, Also, the smaller school means smaller problems in the medical and political and deep engagement in philosophical class sizes and more conversational landscape. When he isn’t at the college, questions is a key portion of that.” approaches to philosophy. As For next year, Pilkington has plans Pilkington enjoys watching baseball, Pilkington puts it, “It’s fun to argue.” to hold a panel discussing the ethics rooting for the Mets, hanging out While working on his doctorate, of obliteration warfare and a series of Pilkington developed his specialty. with his dog, or reading philosophical medieval style debates in the fall. literature. His wife is attending college His area of concentration is moral in Indiana, so he often visits her, as and political philosophy, with specialization in bioethics. In particular, well. Even though him and his wife are far apart, Pilkington feels that he won, By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer

Catholicism & Marriage In light of the Michigan marriage ban, the Catholic Church reacts to the news not have any sort of impact on the church. The Catholic faith will go on practicing and carrying out On Friday March 22, Michigan’s marriages as it presently does. Marriage Protection Act from 2004 When asked about the civil unions wa s d e c l a r e d u n c o n s t i t u t i o n a l . between two people of the same However, the next day, Saturday, gender, Fr. March 23, a “stay” had Stan replied been put into place saying that to block the new law the Catholic from allowing same sex Church does couples to be able to not have form a civil union. This an official stay is expected to hold statement on over until early July. same sex civil Over 300 same sex unions. couples had already N o w , signed a civil union by because of the time the law was the practices put on the stay, with and beliefs of the first wedding taking Catholicism, place in Muskegon the Church has county the day after retained a bad the ban was lifted. reputation of M a n y p e o p l e h a ve being anti-gay. been worried about However, the COURTESY SEAN MCENTEE the effects of this new church is not law and Catholicism. Catholics keep faith: The Catholic Church will not recognize marriages beanti-gay, and W h e n a s k e d a b o u t tween same-sex couples. it welcomes how the church everyone, the will be affected by this new law, difference is that it will not recognize t h e A q u i n a s C h a p l i n , F r . S t a n which the church does not condone. a same sex marriage. Pope Francis Drongowski said, “There would be F r . S t a n a l s o m a d e s u r e t o has said himself, “who am I to no impact on the Catholic Church recognize the important difference judge” in response to homosexuals. because we would not recognize the b e t we e n a m a r r i a g e a n d a c i v i l relationship as a marriage.” union. A marriage is faith driven A same sex relationship does not fit and is a holy sacrament between the definition of a Catholic marriage, two people in the Catholic Church, where, as explained by Fr. Stan, while a civil union is a court driven “has two ends.” In Catholicism, the contract. The fact that a civil union sacrament of marriage is dependent is not religious at all is why it will upon the salvation of both parties. Each person needs to contribute to making the other whole. The second end is children, or procreation in a relationship. The first could be possible, but the second would be impossible without artificial means,

By Tom Carr The Saint Reporter

The dating doctor is in By Alicia Gifford The Saint Reporter The self-proclaimed Dating Doctor, David Coleman came to Aquinas on Monday, March 31, to give advice on relationships and the future of them, to attending students. The event was sponsored by the Aquinas College Programming Board. Prior to starting, there were information packets placed on the seats for students to read and look over. The audience could take this back and share the information with their friends or in the future if they needed some more advice, as on the back of the packet was his email. Coleman started his program off by announcing that this event provided a safe environment for students and made it clear that he was the audience’s friend. “Wake up each morning, look in the mirror, and say the words ‘I would so date me.’’’ said Coleman. Throughout the night, Coleman gave helpful advice on how to tell if someone was hitting on you and pointed out that not every technique he said was used by both genders. Later

on in the program, he talked about military relationships and long-distance relationships and advice for both situations. Throughout the program, he would make jokes to lighten the mood and make it a memorable evening. As the night went on, he would stop for five minutes and give the audience a chance to ask any question they had about any topic. A few members of the audience got the chance to ask more than one question due to the fact that some might have been embarrassed to ask their question or didn’t have a question to ask. Despite this, the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming for anyone who attended. For one part of the program, he asked the audience to write down in the packet their favorite animal, favorite color, and favorite body of water along with three words to describe them. After the audience got those written down in the packet that was on their seats, he asked them to share what they wrote down with the people sitting around them, and if someone was alone to adopt them into the group. Once he got the audience’s attention, he explained what each

News Editor Mayra Monroy

category was and then asked for the audience to share with him some of their answers for each of the categories. Activities like these were what gave the audience such a comfortable vibe from Coleman and why the program was successful.


The Doc is in: The Dating Doctor shares his insight with AQ


Hidden no more

Acton Institute’s human trafficking forum sheds light to a growing problem faces of buyers.” Both Isaacs and Emmons stress that the risk of becoming a victim of On Friday, March 28, Acton human trafficking belongs to everyone. Institute hosted “Hidden No More: Here in Grand Rapids, that risk is Exposin g H uman Tr af f icking in heightened during large events like West Michigan,” a moderated panel auto shows and ArtPrize, which discussion examining the pervasive increase foot traffic through town. problem of human trafficking and King, a recovering victim with a how the West Michigan community sense of humor and dire devotion to can respond to a crime that often goes her cause, used her trauma to create unreported. Sacred Beginnings, a safe house for Wi t h h u n d r e d s o f s t u d e n t s , other adults who have fell victim to professionals, ministry leaders, and the crime. even an artist When the or two in front conversation of them, panel was opened to members: Becky the audience, M c D o n a l d one member f r o m WA R asked, “What (Women at Risk) can we do International, right away to Chief Deputy help victims Carol Isaacs from of human t h e At t o r n e y trafficking?” General’s Office, King State Senator emphasized Judy K. Emmons t h e (R-33rd District), importance Leslie King of volunteer from Sacred work within Beginnings, and organizations Andy Soper from COURTESY VIA DESIGN that work the Manassah with human P r o j e c t a t Learn the signs: Acton Institute’s “Hidden No t r a f f i c k i n g W e d g e w o o d More” discusses the signs of human trafficking v i c t i m s . Christian McDonald Services, drew from the Michigan State encouraged people to speak out on Attorney General’s 2013 Report on their own, especially through art. Human Trafficking to spark discussion, “Arts are helpful in discussing this moderated by WZZM-13 weekend kind of brokenness,” said McDonald. morning anchor, Jennifer Pascua. A student in the crowd then asked Filled up with the fire of a modern the panelists to list the signs of human day abolitionist, McDonald, who trafficking. Between the panelists, the works predominantly with small conclusions were made that: most children, introduced herself with the predators are female because they are dispiriting thought. more easily allowed to pass under the “What I have discovered is that, in radar. Look for uncomfortable looking the land of the free, we sell our babies,” “tots” being tugged along by an adult. said McDonald. Be suspicious of young children in Soper, who works hands on with adult, unmonitored settings such as young men and women in West a college party. Be skeptical about Michigan, spent time critiquing the internet, or other lures, and if this stereotypes. Though popular culture activity is spotted, call an authority often suggests that victims of human immediately. trafficking are white teens from the “Fighting for a cause is suburbs, as it is depicted in the movie inconvenient,” said Soper. “Without Taken, “75 percent of victims are your involvement, this issue rises, colored and in poverty,” said Soper. endangers, and kills innocent victims.” “White males are the predominant By Cait Hilton Staff Writer

Earth Day at Aquinas

The Sustainability Center will be holding “Stake Your Place: A Close Line Endeavor.” The Center will also Earth Day, celebrated on Tuesday, be work shopping DIY eco-friendly April 22, brings together student orga- cleaning products and hosting water nizations for the worldwide demon- bottle give-away. stration of support for environmental The Aquinas Chemistry Society protection, as well as to honor Aqui- will be walking students through the nas’ commitment to sustainability and science of recycling, composting, the goal to become the first campus in the power of renewable energy resourcnation to achieve Zero Waste. es, and methods of cleaning water The Cook Carriage House will through interactive games. host the Earth Day celebration from 2 Keeping Bees, an AQ club that p.m. until 7 p.m. Live entertainment aims to educate the campus about the will be provided by the Music Club role of honeybees and their socio-ecofrom 2 p.m to 3 p.m, directly followed nomical and sustainable functions, will by violinist be welRhett Price coming a from 3 p.m beekeeper to 4:30 p.m to their and country booth for singer Joey live demHyde from onstra6 p.m to 7 tions on p.m. an empty T h e hive. Moose will In adbe selling dition to smoothies these othfrom 2:00 er orgap.m. to 4:00 nizations, p.m. and the Jane MARY WEBSTER/THE SAINT the Aquinas Hibbard College Pro- #EarthDay: Student organizations will set up camp I d e m a g r a m m i n g outside of the Moose to spread “green” awareness. Women’s Board will be Studies treating party-goers to root beer floats Center will have a cosmetic dumping from 4:00 p.m until the event wraps booth, Tri-Beta will be educating stuup. Across campus, Wege Cafeteria dents about organisms native to Michwill also be serving an “Earth Day Ex- igan, and Variety will be talking about travaganza” for lunch and dinner. the sustainable use of cars. Booths will be given to student After students have had a chance organizations to allow them to share to explore the booths, Wall-E, the 2008 with the student body their strides to- animated film about a small waste-colwards sustainability and Earth friend- lecting robot responsible for the fate of ly practices. Some of these organiza- mankind, will be showing in the upper tions include C.O.W.I.I. (Community, level of the Cook Carriage House. Outreach, Wellness, and Ideas/Issues) Mark Earth Day on your calenwill have several stations throughout dars, students as you don’t want to the Moose for students to decorate miss out. TOMS shoes. By Cait Hilton Staff Writer

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