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AQ awarded service honors Reporter Hillary Najor gets the scoop on a national community service honor that AQ was recently given.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 Volume 32, Issue 10

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>>NEWS Dr. Anthony Burdick | 2 Reporter Paige Graham sits down with Dr. Burdick for a professor spotlight.

Retrial in Italy| 3 The Saint has everything you need to know about the recent controversy with the Amanda Knox case.

>>CULTURE OneRepublic | 6 Want to know if the band’s new album Native is worth a listen? Take a look inside.

B.B. King | 6 The King of Blues makes an appearance in Mount Pleasant. Reporter Spencer Wilczewski checks it out.

>>SPORTS March Madness



After a month of shockers and upsets, the NCAA tournament comes to an end.

Connor Sutton

Women’s Lacrosse | 7

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Reporter Sarah Parlette interviews the senior lacrosse captain as the season picks up.

Who is Jane Doe? Aquinas students perform the fifth annual Jane Doe Project this Thursday

By Stephanie Giluk Editor-in-Chief & Laura Farrell News Editor The Jane Doe Project will take place Thursday, April 11, at 8 p.m. in the Wege Ballroom. The project, a one night only performance, was created in 2009 by Cheyna Roczkowski, an Aquinas alum, to raise awareness about violence against women. Roczkowski sought out Aquinas women, students, faculty, and alumni alike, who had been abused sexually, mentally and physically. Roczkowski interviewed the women who stepped forward and wrote their anonymous stories into different monologues. When Roczkowski graduated, senior Abigail Koprowicz took over the project and since then, more monologues have been written by m o r e A q u i n a s wo m e n a n d m e n , Koprowicz and senior Erin Lodes, who joined the project in 2011. “These are true stories. They are powerful and show us that to fight this type of violence, we must be willing to acknowledge it and then take a collective stand against it as a city and as a nation,” said Lodes. This year, juniors Neal Steichen, Anastasia McRoberts, Kelsey Peavyhouse and Lindy Nawrocki, seniors Aimee Shemanski, Lodes, Robin Brown and Brianna Scott, and sophomore Erica Utter will all be performing monologues from Roczkowski’s original production and new monologues, all of which are based off real anonymous accounts from Aquinas faculty, staff, alumni, and students. When asked why she has participated in Jane Doe for the past

Summer research at Aquinas Mohler-Thompson grants allow three AQ students to pursue studies By Carly Plank The Saint Reporter E a c h s u m m e r, a h a n d f u l o f ambitious students remain close to campus in order to collaborate with faculty mentors on intensive research projects and immerse themselves in a specific area of study. This year, Kendra Garcia, Jacquelyn Gipe, and Andrew Zahrt will take on projects in biology, mathematics, and chemistry, respectively. All three were recipients of Mohler-Thompson Summer Research Grants. Garcia, a junior biology major, will work with Dr. Rob Peters, associate professor of biology, on preliminary work in the development of a vaccine for the bacterium that causes kidney disease in salmon, which could aid the Great Lakes sport fishery. “We will be trying to knock out some of the virulence factors of Renibacterium salmoninarum , and an attenuated strain could then be used as a vaccine and would have a great ecological and economical impact on the Great Lakes,” said Garcia, who hopes to attend medical school to study immunology. Sophomore Jaquelyn Gipe will tackle a more theoretical problem in the field of hyperbolic geometry. Gipe, along with Mathematics Department Chair Dr. Michael McDaniel, will analyze the construction of segments of radical length. “The research is going to require a lot of trial by error, and looking at the problems and proofs from different perspectives. It should be a great learning experience,” Gipe

said. Additionally, the two hope to take a closer look at hyperbolic knot theory. “Both of these topics are ones that have not been researched by many mathematicians before, so hopefully we’ll be able to come up with some helpful proofs to contribute to the field,” said Gipe, who is looking forward to exploring new areas in mathematics while also majoring in Spanish for education. Senior Chemistry Major Andrew Zahrt and Associate Professor of Chemistry Dr. Jonathan Fritz will complete general research involving direct arylation, “a process in which you join two aromatic rings directly. The goal is to get them to add together the same way the majority of the time,” explained Zahrt. The process is similar to one that earned a 2010 Nobel Prize in chemistry. “If it is possible to make direct arylation more efficient, it would cut down on boronated waste product.” Boron, a hazardous waste product, is concentrated in pesticides in certain medications, among other products, prompting the federal government to monitor levels in soil and groundwater. Zahrt plans to pursue a Ph.D. in organic chemistry after he completes a fifth year “victory lap” at Aquinas. Regardless of study topic, these three students continuing the tradition of scholarly research at Aquinas will gain indelible skills that will help them along the path to their career aspirations.

three years, Scott said that Jane Doe “empowers g i r l s w h o h a ve been through the stuff I’ve been through, who are afraid to stand up for themselves or who think they don’t have to.” She also emphasized the importance of raising awareness about violence a g a i n s t wo m e n and ending the silence surrounding abuse. Peavyhouse, who is codirecting Jane Doe along Lodes, wanted to help with the p ro j e c t b e c aus e she thinks it is important for COURTESY NOTTHISGIRL.ORG women to “have t h e a w a r e n e s s Standing together: The Jane Doe cast from 2011 performs the final monologue together. Jane Doe aims that they’re not to increase awareness of all forms of abuse. Catch this year’s performance on Thursday, April 11, at 8 alone and [they] p.m. in the Wege Ballroom. don’t have to be the victim.” Jane Doe is important for everyone problems that society should not Different monologues include at Aquinas to see, Peavyhouse said, only be aware of, but also respond stories from perspectives of young “I started with the project because it to. “Domestic and sexual violence people and adults touch on abuse deals with problems that exist today. is a fact of life in Grand Rapids. Our i n a n u m b e r o f u n i q u e w a y s . Every women has an awareness, in intention is to empower people to T h e p e r f o r m a n c e i s n o t j u s t f o r the back of her mind, that something take action against it by ending the women, however. The production could happen, that abuse and rape silence that so often shrouds it,” said includes monologues from the male are serious problems in our society. Lodes. perspective and the cast includes Jane Doe brings awareness to these Be sure to support the Jane Doe male students. Project and the cast this Thursday. issues.” Whe n as ke d w hy s he thin ks Lodes stressed that these are

Marriage debate

Supreme Court takes up Proposal 8 By Mayra Monroy The Saint Reporter The Supreme Court has taken on a new controversial case. The justices are deliberating on Proposition 8, a policy existing in California that bans same-sex marriage. Proposition 8 was approved by the state of California in 2008, despite the ruling of the California Supreme Court stating that same-sex couples had a constitutional right to marry. The Supreme Court picked up the case, along with the Defense of Marriage Act, which is a law that denies benefits to same-sex couples. Both of these cases were argued in open court between the justices, seemingly torn down the middle. The Court’s liberal justices, Ruth Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, COURTESY TED EYTAR Sonia Sotomayor and Elena K a g a n , a l l b e l i e v e t h a t Hot topic: There has been a significant amount of public reaction to Proposal 8, both on the Proposition 8 should not have state and national levels. been passed and would not in having the support of political leaders deliberated in court. A sweeping trend today’s environment. such as Secretary of State Hillary in the matter began on Facebook, as O n t h e o p p o s i n g e n d , t h e Clinton, as well as Senators like Rob members everywhere changed their conservative justices Chief Justice Portman of Ohio, the movement profile picture to the Human Right John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Samuel gained momentum when in May of Campaign symbol for equality, a red A l i t o , a n d C l a r e n c e T h o m a s a l l 2012, President Barack Obama stated equal sign. However, with support, believe that the proposition should in an interview that he believed that there will come opposition. Protesters stay in place. The final vote will same-sex couples should be able to take to the streets, voicing their views go to Justice Anthony Kennedy, an get married. Obama later stated in and opinions. undecided candidate willingly going another interview that he hopes that With heated debates in and outside into “uncharted waters.” the Supreme Court will rule same-sex of the courthouse, the final decision is With so much media influence, as couples the right to marry. yet to be made. The estimated date well as political influence, the general T h e g e n e r a l p u b l i c h a s a l s o of the decision is predicted to be in public has taken personal positions on taken a stance in the issue. Protests early July. the matt er. With same-sex marriage and parades ensued, as the case is






Aquinas: Spring Formal promises another night of fun

Grand Rapids: Helen Devos Children’s Hospital wins honors

Michigan: Asian carp threatens Michigan summer fun

World: Former South African President Mandela ailing

The annual Spring Formal will be at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts on April 20, 2013. Beloved local restaurant San Chez will cater the night, which promises to be a memorable evening. The cost per student is $25 and sign ups are on the Campus Life page. Transportation will be provided.

Helen Devos President and pediatric surgeon Dr. Robert Connors was named in Becker’s Hospital Review’s “50 Experts Leading in Patient Safety.” Connors created a new structure for the hospital that focused on patient safety in 2005. The Review also noted two other Michigan hospital professionals in Detroit and Ann Arbor.

You may find some new beach friends this summer. Reportedly, Asian carp have been found in the Great Lakes. The Michigan fishing industry, which is worth around $7 billion dollars, would be threatened if the fish do stick around. Scientists continue to track them and hopefully deter them from the fresh waters.

After nine days of treatment, former South African president Nelson Mandela has been released from the hospital. Mandela, 94, suffers from tuberculosis after his almost thirty years as a political prisoner and is in fragile health. Mandela, who is seen as a symbol of the people and is revered worldwide has not been seen in public

Hypocrisy laura farrell |news editor It seems that every month, there’s a new hot topic in the American world of politics. From the sequester to gun violence, the arguing is endless and just adds to the American headache we have all come to know too well. This month: marriage rights. The many diverse beliefs about defining marriage equality make the scene even more confusing. Many people against allowing marriage equality claim that allowing gay people to marry will ruin the sanctity of marriage. They point out that marriage is not only a religious sacrament, but it is also a societal institution. I will not argue with that. In American society, marriage is an assumed concept that most people generally agree with. And in many religions marriage is revered. I will not spout my explicit beliefs on homosexuality and who I think should be allowed to marry who and who should not. Taking a practical approach, I have to point out our obvious hypocrisies as a society. If we are going to claim that marriage equality will ruin the “sanctity” of marriage, we must absolutely look at other parts of our culture that make marriage something other than what we claim it is. It is no secret that the ideas of marriage have drastically changed over time. Generally, we can decide for ourselves who we want to marry, as long as they are of the opposite sex. It might not seem like much, but we have come a long way from marrying our daughters off very young to please the family name. I have to say I appreciate that. With the American divorce rate at roughly 50%, there is something clearly not working so well. We have almost 13 divorces every second. From my perspective, I am genuinely terrified why people are not more worried about that number. In high school, I was given the assignment to write a satirical story. Expose a problem, and give it a prosperous solution. So, I took on short celebrity marriages. The solution? If they get a divorce they should have to live on a stranded island together forever. Mind you, our inspiration was Jonathan Swift’s, “A Modest Proposal,” so my solution was pretty tame. My claim then and my claim is still that these people that we put on a pedestal, the people we idolize, take marriage as seriously as they take paying their paying their next car payment. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were married for 72 days before she decided to call it quits. Britney Spears’ Vegas marriage lasted for a whopping 55 hours. Zsa Zsa Gabor was married nine times. Rupert and Anna Murdoch’s divorce settlement came to almost $2 billion dollars. Dennis Rodman (who oddly enough is in the center of North Korea relations) and Carmen Electra’s marriage tapped out at just over a week. What takes the cake for me though has to be The Bachelor and The Bachlorette. Since reportedly seven million people watch these shows every week, I am sure you are all familiar and about to be offended. The whole premise of the show, in my opinion, demolishes the sanctity of marriage. They pick one good-looking rich guy, stick him in a house with 20 modellike dental hygienists and vet techs, and after a couple dozen roses do their job, in eight weeks you are supposed to have a happily engaged couple? Talk about messed up expectations. I am sure many of you are scoffing at my criticism but only four out of the 24 couples to come out of those shows are still together. That is sixteen percent. And not only are their weeks of courtship televised for the world to see, they make their “sacred” weddings a worldwide blowout event. Before anything is decided about which certain people can get married, we need to look at what we already make marriage to be. It is nice to think that marriage is always wholesome and a happy ever after scenario. But clearly, society and our behaviors indicate something quite different.

A trip to Eat out and Africa help out AQ brings a bit of Africa to campus


All around the world: The AQ Women’s Chorale headed to Africa over spring break and will be performing at “Trip to Africa.” By Hillary Najor The Saint Reporter Students looking to absorb the African culture and learn from personal experiences will be making their way to Donnelly Center to see the Trip to Africa come alive on Wednesday, April 17, from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Several events will be put on by Aquinas students, making this short trip to Africa an authentic experience. “We are taking people to Africa, not physically, but mentally in their mind,” said Professor Swithina Mboko, who is in charge of the event. Over the past few years, students have been traveling to Africa and have visited several of the countries within the continent, such as Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Guinea, Cameroon, Malawi, Nigeria and Kenya. These talks will include profiling the country, where the students will share their stories and present information about these different countries. This event has a personal connection to lots of the people who have traveled there. “It makes me Africa-sick,” said junior Jennifer Kalchik, who is helping coordinate the event. “I went to Malawai in May, and with planning this event it makes me want to go back again.” Speakers will also be coming from different nonprofit organizations

connected to Africa speaking about Christianity and business. Many other cultural traditions will be shown at this event. One such event, in the form of a fashion show, will be put on by senior Brianna Scott. Students will be strutting their African wear from the country they visited. A local restaurant will provide African cuisine for people to get a taste of Africa. The most anticipated event will be presented by the Women’s Chorus, who traveled to Guinea. They will be performing a dance and doing other types of performances. “I am excited to see the AQ Chorus and their dance number,” said Kalchik. “And also hearing the similarities and differences that are between each country.” This Trip to Africa is a true cultural event, but the absolute goal is for the Trip to be an educational experience. The Communication Club is putting a video together, asking students what they think Africa really is. This event is made to create and enrich student’s lives, seeing that Africa is not just one country, but a continent full of different cultures that share some similarities with one another but have their differences too.

By Alissa Muller The Saint Reporter Imagine a restaurant where a delicious meal packed with rich nutrients could cost you a penny. Or $1000. Your choice. The citizens of St. Louis no longer have to imagine. All 48 Panera Breads in the area have adopted a pay-whatyou-want policy for a single menu item, turkey chili in a bread bowl. This meal includes vegetables, beans, and all natural, antibiotic-free turkey and comes inside a sourdough bread bowl. Its listed price is $5.89, but that is merely a suggestion. Customers can pay what they want depending on how much money they have or feel inclined to give. Panera has coined this experiment the Meal of Shared Responsibility and if successful in the St. Louis area, the concept could be expanded to most or all of the Panera cafes across the country. Ron Shaich, founder, chairman and co-CEO of Panera and president of the Panera Bread Foundation, is committed to helping those in need. “We are launching the Meal of Shared Responsibility because we know that one

balanced meal. The idea is that those who pay above the suggested price will cover the cost of those who cannot pay much or anything at all. “A lot of cynics think Americans are just gaming the system. Our experience is very different. People do the right thing and are willing to take care of each other,” Shaich said. Panera Bread is no stranger to helping those in need. Panera started Operation Dough-nut, which has donated tens of millions of dollars of baked goods over the years and in 2010, St. Louis became home to the first pay-what-youwant Panera Cares cafe, in which all menu items are paid for by donation. The concept then expanded to select Paneras in the cities of Detroit, Portland, Ore., Chicago and Boston. Shaich himself worked at the opening of the first Panera Cares cafe in St. Louis. There, he saw “frat boys” take advantage of the free meal by not donating a cent but more frequently, he witnessed people giving what they could and more. Even those who clearly were in need tried to come up with some sort of payment.


Staying aware: Panera Bread has many initiatives in place to serve the community. in six Americans - over 50 million people nationwide - are food insecure, meaning they have limited or uncertain access to adequate food,” he said. The Meal of Shared Responsibility provides potential customers with an 850-calorie meal, which is nearly a days worth of nutrition, at whatever cost is convenient. This helps those who cannot afford regular priced items have an opportunity to receive a healthy, well-

“We don’t want this to be selfserving,” said Shaich. “We want to make this an intellectually honest program of integrity.” The Meal of Shared Responsibility is counting on the media and word of mouth techniques to promote the project. No advertising or direct mailing will be used but rather, signs will be posted in local cafes and the hosts and hostesses will explain the cause to customers.

Professor Spotlight Dr. Anthony Burdick By Paige Graham The Saint Reporter Professor Anthony Burdick was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, and moved to Michigan when he was five years old. He attended Pontiac Central High School and the University of Michigan to continue his academic endeavors. Although he teaches Accounting at Aquinas, Professor Burdick majored in Drama and, for some time, pursued a career in acting. “ W h e n I wa s t h e a g e o f t h e students I work with now, I was in shows non-stop,” said Burdick. He shared that his passion for the arts was very strong and that for a majority of his youth, he “lived, ate, and breathed theater.” Although his passion was definitely substantial, Burdick decided after a strengthening of his religious faith to take his professional career elsewhere. “I was very interested in going to divinity school,” said Burdick. While waiting to attend divinity school, Burdick worked as a screen printer. After working in this field for a while, Burdick decided not to go to divinity school and ultimately attended Walsh College to get his master’s degree in accounting. When a n s we r i n g t h e q u e s t i o n o f w h y

News Editor Laura Farrell E-mail


Well-rounded: Professor Anthony Burdick, who teaches accounting, also has an extensive background in theatre and also plays the piano and percussion. he chose accounting specifically, Burdick stated, “Accounting seemed like it made a lot of sense because I loved the idea of service—of being there for a client.” Before coming to Aquinas, Burdick taught as an adjunct faculty member at Northwood University and Walsh College. Although Burdick lives in Lansing, he chose to pursue a full-time teaching job at Aquinas in 2008. On his decision to teach at A q u i n a s , B u r d i c k s a i d , “ I ’d s a y b e c a u s e i t ’s a g o o d s c h o o l Phone (616) 632-2975

academically, and the faith-based aspect is very important to me.” He says that being able to feel spiritually comfortable at his job is very special for him. “It is another way to live out my faith.” Burdick also commented on his appreciation for Aquinas’s freedom of religious expression saying, “I have had better theological conversations here than I have [in other places] because here we are given more freedom to explore.” He goes on to say that even though there are definitely differing religious views being discussed on campus, it is still Website

all “under the umbrella of faith.” Burdick discussed his life outside of Aquinas by saying that he loves to write and play music. Along with giving presentations on professional writing, Burdick also plays the piano and percussion. Professor Anthony Burdick has been at Aquinas for about four years and has already proven that he is an excellent addition to the Aquinas community. He teaches several accounting courses and has a number of advisees. Burdick also serves on faculty committees and helps with the administrative work of the Accounting Department. Hopefully, he will continue to be a part of our community for many years to come.

DR. BURDICK’S FAVORITES: MOVIE: To Kill a Mockingbird FOOD: Dried Apricots PLACE TO EAT IN GR: The Electric Cheetah MUSICIAN: Bach, Brahms, and other composers, among many types of music genres




Honored for service History in the “We have known for a long time that we are an engaged campus,” said Dr. Kremer, “but now we have tangible recognition of our community partnerships.” After much researching, collecting

service projects include Project Unite, Into the Streets, service-learning trips from the fall, spring, and summer and Heartside Aquinas College has received the Pride Cleansweep. The wide variety of designation of the President’s Higher service Aquinas provides towards the Education Community Service Honor community is endless, and many of Roll that is handed out annually these volunteering honoring higher institutions opportunities occur involvement in service to the across the United community. States and even This award was internationally established in 2006, and through the the website describes it Dominican Republic as follows: “[this award] and Ireland. annually highlights the role “To be one of 690 colleges and universities institutions of higher play in solving community ed[ucation] across problems and placing the country to be more students on a lifelong recognized in this way path of civic engagement is very important to by recognizing institutions Aquinas,” said Dr. that achieve meaningful, Kremer. “We know measurable outcomes in the COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS t h a t t h e c u l t u r e communities they serve.” Project Unite: Provost Gunnoe serves alongside student volunteers during o f c o m m u n i t y Less than 20 schools the well-known “Project Unite” orientation service day. engagement benefits in Michigan have this our students, but this designation. Calvin College designation should and Davenport University are the other data, and talking to other professors and also help us att ract students who want two colleges from Grand Rapids receiving faculty members, Dr. Kremer found that to come to an engaged campus. It can the honor this year. 1,890 Aquinas’ students have participated also impact our ability to increase donor Since service is a part of the college’s some sort of service project. Over 31,000 support.” four Dominican charisms, Dr. Kathy In the future, the college wants to look Kremer found that it was critical to start of those volunteer hours collected were dedicated to service connected to at what the real impact the service work collecting data and apply for this award. coursework and about 10,000 of the hours done through the college actually results It was the appropriate time for Aquinas were connected to service trips and other in. Through this, Aquinas College looks to be recognized for all the service the non-course related projects. to receive this designation annually. students put hours into. The data was Many of those non-course related collected from July of 2011 to June 2012. By Hillary Najor The Saint Reporter

World News Update

North Korea continues to threaten with nuclear weapons of his country’s government could mean instability and chaos for the Middle East for years to come. T h e n a t i o n ’s civil war still rages on, with oil shortages taking a toll on both sides. The Wa s h i n g t o n Po s t r e p o r t s that Lebanese militants are aiding the country’s rebels, which has proved to be a c o n t r o ve r s i a l move within the country.

By Chuck Hyde The Saint Reporter NORTH KOREA-The country is once again in the international spotlight. They are threatening war and supposedly have nuclear weapons. CNN reports that on Friday, Pyongyang said they could not guarantee the safety of any emissaries in the case of armed conflict. With this announcement, many countries are growing more and more wary of North Korea. The U.S. government believes that while a missile launch is likely, it will probably be only a test.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC- Thousands of WORLDpeople have fled the small Many nations country since December, across the world says BBC. The evacuation COURTESY PETERSNOOPY are debating the is due to a rebellion that is rocking the country. Threatening many: North Korean president Kim Jong Un is not shy about the same issue that Americans have The country’s president nuclear weapons North Korea possesses. been debating himself has fled, following Fox News. The incident caused the death the capture of the capital in Bangui. South of at least 45 people and injured more for the past few weeks: same-sex marriage. African troops were initially stationed in than 50 others. The building’s collapse Countries across Europe, Latin America, the country, but have withdrawn due to is a sign of the dangerous practice of and Asia have been discussing the issue, the danger they are facing. Over 173,000 cutting corners that is so common in India. with some of them already passing people have been displaced since the The causes of its collapse are still being bills. Many of those that aren’t currently looking at the issue are considering official beginning of the conflict. investigated. legislation in the near future, says CNN. INDIA- Friday saw the collapse of a SYRIA- Syrian President Bashar alresidential building in Mumbai, reports Assad cautioned that the potential collapse

Spring is in the air...


Springtime: Melting snow and budding flowers are sure signs of spring on campus. The Student Senate Sustainability Committee handed out bike odometers at the beginning of the semester to promote the sustainability initiative on campus even more. News Editor Laura Farrell



President Obama appoints first ever female Secret Service Director By Alissa Muller The Saint Reporter

the president. Secret Service agents also take on other tasks such as protecting the vice president, former presidents, presidential nominees, and making visits to foreign leaders. It was not until 1970 that the first woman was sworn into the Secret Service. In 1971, five women were made agents and then some time later women were allowed to be involved in the presidential protective details. Pierson

President Obama appointed Julia A. Pierson as the first woman to lead the notoriously male-centered Secret Service on March 26 in Washington, D.C. Pierson will head the agency that is dedicated to protecting the president, vice president and their families. “Julia is eminently qualified to lead the agency that not only safeguards Americans at major events and secures our financial system, but also protects our leaders and our first families, including my own,” said Obama. Pierson has worked for 30 years with the Secret Service and has most recently been the chief of staff to director Mark J. Sullivan (now retired). “This is a historic and exciting time for the Secret Service and I know Julie will do an outstanding job” Sullivan said. During his presidency, Obama has appointed women as directors of the Marshals Service and Drug Enforcement Administration but Pierson marks a milestone for law COURTESY ORAU.GOV enforcement. She is taking on a highly important role in an Making history: Julia A. Pierson was appointed agency that has a long history of the first ever Secret Service Director being controlled by men. Pierson is taking over the position at a time when the agency is recovering from a prostitution gained much of her experience as part of scandal that occurred last year when former president George Bush Senior’s a number of Secret Service agents protective detail. Barbara Riggs, the first female were caught employing prostitutes in Columbia. She will most likely be closely deputy director of the Secret Service watched to see if she can redeem the and Margaret Moore, a retired Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent and agency’s damaged reputation. Republican Senator Charles E. chairwoman of the Women in Federal Grassley said, “During the Colombia Law Enforcement, have applauded prostitution scandal, the Secret Service Pierson’s hard work and success. lost the trust of many Americans and Pierson gives hope and encouragement failed to live up to the high expectations to women across the country. “[Her placed on it. Ms. Pierson has a lot of being appointed] validates that women work ahead of her to create a culture that have contributions to make in law respects the important job the agency enforcement, and they’re finally in place is tasked with. I hope she succeeds in where they can take these positions,” restoring lost credibility in the Secret said Moore. Service.” Formed in 1865 to put an end to counterfeit currency, the Secret Service now provides full time protection for

Reoccurring nightmare Amanda Knox heads back to trial in Italy for murder charge overturned her acquittal and will hold a new trail for her murder charge. It was reported that the courts Amanda Knox and her former want to focus more on the DNA eviboyfriend were arrested in 2007 for the dence, although most of evidence was murder of Knox’s roommate, Meredith “contaminated” by American stanKercher, while studying abroad in Pe- dards. Knox has stated that she will not rugia, Italy. travel back to Italy for the trail. If she Kercher was found dead in the is convicted, Italy could possible seek apartment she shared with Knox, with extradition against her. her throat slit. Knox and her boyfriend A worldwide case, different mediclaimed they as villainwere not at ized both the apartKnox and ment at the the Italtime, and ian courts were also alike. Itahigh at the ly’s court time. system T h e is much trial became differhighly pubent than licized and America’s, was a commaking it plex battle. difficult There were for many more than Ameriforty hearcans to ings with COURTESY SASCHA POHFLEPP m a k e over one hunsense of dred and fif- Media frenzy: Media outlets across the globe have the decibeen following Knox’s case from the start. ty witnesses sions. testifying. T h e With little DNA evidence that was also persistent media and the court differclaimed as faulty, no murder weapon, ences have made this case. Experts and and dicey alibis, global media took officials do agree, however, that this hold of the case. case proves as a warning for college Initially, in 2009, Knox was con- students studying abroad. They urge victed and given 26 years in prison. Af- students to be aware of the law systems ter held in prison for nearly four years, and the local laws, and as always, exerKnox was acquitted of all charges and cise extreme caution. set free. The judge ruled that her conUnfortunately, the case, which still fession was coerced and that the DNA has no start date, will most likely not be evidence was faulty. fully resolved until 2016. At the end of last month, however, Italy announced that the highest court

By Laura Farrell News Editor

Phone (616) 632-2975


opinion >>



Media and moral responsibility



Michigan basketball, for exceeding expectations;

By Carly Plank The Saint Reporter

Woodland theater, for letting us see Oscarnominated movies for cheap; Finding Dory, for being a real movie that’s happening; Game of Thrones, for bringing us quality entertainment; Students in Action, for recognizing and rewarding Aquinas’ hard-working students; Jimmy Fallon, for his promotion; Roger Ebert, for a lifetime of reminding us what’s great about movies;

One glance at the website of the Steubenville, Ohio high school football team introduces the pride of a community. A crimson and black stallion rears atop the football scoreboard and countless state and regional championships dating back to 1930 are splashed across the page to the backbeat of a rolling, trumpeted fight song for the ages. The team’s most recent State Championship title was in 2011. There is no evidence of the swirling debates sparked by events that took place in August of 2012, but apparently, the team made the playoffs that year. On March 17, 2013, two members of the Steubenville football team were found guilty of rape committed in the early morning hours of August 12, 2012. Unlike the national news media, I will not be mentioning the names of the minors convicted of rape, and cer-


Social media, for airing everyone’s dirty laundry;

The Scary Movie franchise, for not knowing when to die; Kim Kardashian, for making us look at her baby bump; Giant projects, for being due all at the same time; Daniel Craig, for holding out on the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo sequel.

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fenders. However, what was not examined is a larger story than what was publicly revealed. Regardless of whether the victim recalled the incident, she was humiliated and betrayed by people close to her in a way that irreparably affected her outlook on herself and on humanity. Steubenville is a football town where championship seasons are lauded, where evidence of a losing season is hard to find. The public turned away from disappointing scenes on the field, just as the nation turned away from the ugly yet invisible scars left upon the victim. In order to work towards preventing rape, the guilty need to be analyzed so motives can be isolated and addressed on local, state, and national levels because on the outside, there is no evidence. All that is visible is the scoreboard.

A response to “Fighting for equality”

PDA, for making us feel uncomfortable;

Summer, for not being here yet;

tainly not that of the 16-year-old victim. When CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC aired an uncensored apology by one of the guilty men addressing the victim by name, her identity flooded screens across the country, adding to the firestorm of virtual harassment directed towards the victim, who had already been subjected to threats from those in her community siding with the football players. Additionally, many media outlets originally placed emphasis on the effects of the crime on the defendants rather than the emotional impact on the victim. The victim admitted she had little memory of the night of the crime, which somehow put her entirely at fault in the eyes of many. She was just a drunk girl at a party. She put herself in the position to be assaulted. Girls should be more careful when they drink. Now the futures of two formerly exalted football prospects are ruined, as they are viewed by the eyes of the law as sexual of-

Letter to the Editor

April showers, for replacing winter snow.

Jonathan Knight, for refusing to be a new kid on the block;


By Daniel Luckenbaugh Guest Writer Dear Editors: I found the article “Fighting for equality” in the February 21 issue good journalism, covering both sides of the controversy of the BSOA’s ban on homosexual participation. However, I found the title biased against Scouting. Joining Scouting was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and the three years I spent earning Eagle Scout were well spent. As an Eagle, I am jealous for the BSOA and believe that the word “homophobia” that many people have used about this issue is a sign of prejudice against this wonderful organization. Personally, I have just one question for those who want the policy overturned: “How do you suggest that Scouting protect against the possibility that gay

adults and Scouts may want to have sex with their straight comrades on campouts, and similar scenarios?” If measures can be taken, then perhaps the BSOA should lift the ban if it decides that doing so will not betray Scouting’s core principles. Often the truth is not so clear. This is one example. What is best for Scouting? The people in charge of the BSOA cannot control how the Scouting community will respond to the removal of the ban. Human beings make their own decisions. Will lifting the ban hurt Scouting or help it or what? The people in charge of Scouting do not know and cannot control that. Yet their job is to seek the best interest of the organization. Now I would like to answer, from a biblical perspective due to Scouting’s Christian foundation, Miss Occhipinti’s question how this policy is any different from racism or discrimination against women.

The Bible calls homosexuality immoral, but it does not call being a certain race or being female immoral—that is the difference. Finally, I would like to say that those accusing Scouting of discrimination, homophobia, etc. are themselves intolerant. Those who do not like the morality of Scouting have no basis for using it against Scouting itself—that is irrational. Additionally, this world is messed up due to the Fall. Homosexuality was not part of the original plan. The opposite sexes attract each other; even opposite electric charges (but not the same charges) attract each other. But God does let humans reject His path. Should Scouting thus lift the ban? Perhaps. But anti-BSOA attitudes, such as Madonna’s recent antics, are themselves discrimination, intolerance, bigotry, and prejudice—and thus hypocrisy.

Remembering a critic who made the movies magic By Stephanie Giluk Editor-in-Chief Everyone has most likely heard by now that Roger Ebert, longtime film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, passed away Thursday, April 4. His passing occurred just two days after Ebert announced on his journal that his cancer, which he was first diagnosed with in 2002, had returned and that he was taking a “leave of presence.” He had planned to continue writing select reviews himself but would trust a team of writers to write the majority of reviews. His last film review, on his website, is of Terrence Malik’s To the Wonder, which is to be released on April 12. Ebert gave the movie three and a half stars. Though I wasn’t around yet when Ebert and Gene Siskel premiered Sneak Previews on PBS in 1978, I’m as familiar with their thumbs-up, thumbs-down reviews as anyone else. Siskel and Ebert were able to be critical of movies

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and of each other without being disagreeable or obnoxious, and the pair ’s love for movies helped audiences everywhere share the duo’s passion for moviegoing. Ebert’s greatest asset, I think, was his lack of snobbery. He was a film critic, and a very popular and successful one at that, but he was never arrogant or condescending. When he told you about a movie, it was like listening to or reading something from a friend, not some highbrow, snooty critic. He made you excited to see movies because he genuinely loved films and that love shone through in all his positive reviews. His passion for movies allowed him to wax poetic about films he loved, but he didn’t hold back when he found fault, because he knew the joy and wonder that great movies are capable of bringing to people. Ebert didn’t just tell us what he thought about the movies he reviewed; he also told us to think for ourselves, to watch critically, and that’s a skill far more invaluable that being able to Website

simply say if a movie is good or bad. Ebert gave all movies a chancethis is the man, after all, who gave Transformers (yes, the one directed by Michael Bay and starring Shia LeBeouf) three stars in his review of the film for the Sun-Times, describing it as “goofy fun with a lot of stuff that blows up real good, and it has the grace not only to realize how preposterous it is, but to make that into an asset.” When a critic can admit to liking Transformers, you know you can trust him. I liked Ebert’s reviews because he believed in movies the way I do. For both of us, I think, it comes down to a love of storytelling, an appreciation for seeing something beautiful, tragic or epic (or all three) play out on a big screen. Ebert knew how to write effusively and eloquently about the magic that can happen at the movies in a way few others could. His presence and guidance will be sorely missed.

culture Movies: Ryan Gosling goes rogue With movies like Drive and Gangster Squad underneath his belt, the name Ryan Gosling alone screams badass. In his latest flick, Gosling portrays famous motorcycle stuntman, Luke Glanton, in The Place Beyond the Pines. The crime drama is set to release Friday April 12.




Television: McQueen returns to Vampire Diaries

Music: Snoop and Miley: best or worst collab ever?

All you Vampire Diaries fangirls out there, get ready to drool again. Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) is set to rise from the dead, returning to Mystic Falls. Whether McQueen’s reprisal is the result of Silas’ devious tricks, no one knows, but according to TVLine reports, McQueen will grace our TV screens once again.

Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) pairs with Disney star and recent twerk princess, Miley Cyrus, for his latest single “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks.” Having already worked with Katy Perry, this collab isn’t much of a shocker. The surprising thing, though, is that it doesn’t sound so bad, especially with Cyrus’ flare. But we’ll let you decide.




With a chilling confession via twitter, the Easy A actress scolded media publications for using unflattering images of her. “I have an eating disorder,” said Bynes, who has since asked writers to only use images from her twitter from now on.


No more Paramore? paris close | culture editor The year is 2007, on a living room sofa is where I lay watching Total Request Live (TRL for those unfamiliar) on MTV with Cotton, my cat. At that time, my musical preferences were deeply embedded in R&B and pop music every once in a while. So why was I watching a network that pretty much glorified rock and alternative music? Don’t ask me, it was all Cotton’s idea. As I run my fingers through her salt and peppery coat I witness a firecracker-like spectacle blazing on the TV screen. All I saw was red, flaming hair, a tangerine tank top and the word RIOT! written in glowing white letters all over a dark backdrop. Little did I know that firecracker of a redhead was Hayley Williams, the front woman of the band Paramore, a band that would later become my first favorite and the very essence of my soul. Just so you know, this wasn’t intended to be so dramatic but I absolutely love(d) this band. And I’ll explain why. Not long after this discovery, I devoted my days after school to listening to their entire discography. The first was All We Know Is Falling, their debut album. Personally speaking, “Pressure” and “Never Let This Go” are their most evocative songs from that album. They gave me reason to believe that beyond the nuisances of high school there was, in fact, a silver lining to it all. Once I finished the first, I was eager to hear Riot! which is by far my most favorite to date. I was 17, and naive to the intricate beauty of rock music. But Riot! was more than an album, it was an emblem of everything I experienced in high school: the pressures to conform, to define myself in the face of others. “That’s What You Get” to be careful of “letting [my] heart win.” “Let The Flames Begin,” the live version especially, was the song that made me feel infinite, like I could take on any crappy obstacle in my way. Listening to Paramore became an everyday ritual. It wasn’t until a year or so after they released Brand New Eyes that the horrors of my favorite band breaking up had fully manifested. When Josh and Zac departed in 2010, I was crushed. I’d thought for sure this would be the end of Paramore. My fears of this only grew stronger as the remaining trio (including Taylor York) kept stagnant over the following years, only having released sub-par soundtrack singles. I was totally convinced that my band would forever be stuck at a standstill. Three years later, the band finally produced another full-length album since the Farro brothers’ departure. As soon as April 4 rolled around, I ditched my biology readings, turned to the fridge for some Moose Tracks ice cream and listened to the entire album. What was supposed to be a pleasant revival turned out to be the total disappointment. Paramore, their latest, is a great depiction of how talented bands succumb to the pressures of mainstream expectations. The content on this album is very artificial, untrusting and has conformed to an almost strangerlike sound. I don’t even recognize who it is singing on this because the lyrics are so watered down. Thankfully, for my sake, and theirs, the band has managed to retain some of its dignity on this album. “Part II,” is a graceful sequel to “Let The Flames Begin,” from their Riot album. “Be Alone” and “Daydreaming” reminded me of their demo days, when I could actually feel Williams’ emotion through her singing and the music alone could tell stories. Although I appreciate the band’s drive and admirable attempt to produce classics as they’ve done in previous albums, I’m still not convinced they’ve recovered from losing their band mates. When the Farro brothers left, so did the heartfelt meaning behind their songs. Even though the band is still alive, I’m worried that the spirit of their music will fade away.

G.I. Joe Retaliation sacrifices quality for special effects

force in the film and also one of the only characters to give a convincing performance. Although the G.I. Joe’s forces are compromised and up against insurmountable odds, they decide to fight against Cobra by coming together and recruiting the retired General Joseph Colton (Willis, doing his best Bruce Willis impression). The story comes across as incoherent and hard to follow. Apparently, Hasbro spent most of their budget on special effects because Tatum, Willis and RZA’s characters all play extremely minor roles in the film. On the up side, the action is the one saving grace of this movie. Retaliation has nonstop explosions and gunfire, which might be enough to keep some people entertained COURTESY PARAMOUNT PICTURES for an hour and a half. There are lot of things All bark: Even Channing Tatum’s chiseled abs couldn’t save this underwhelming action flick. wrong with this film and just not enough to save it from seeming By Spencer Wilczewski This follow up to 2009’s G.I. Joe: fects. The Saint Reporter Rise of Cobra features a high proThe premise of the film is mildly trite. Retaliation would be a good file cast that includes Bruce Wil- original, to give the film some cred- film for middle school aged kids but Right out of the gate, G.I. Joe: lis, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it. Cobra has infiltrated the White if you want a movie with quality you Retaliation makes a couple of things Channing Tatum and Wu Tang Clan House and manages to wipe out the are probably better off catching anabundantly clear. First off, and quite alum RZA. Yet despite its $130 mil- bulk of the G.I. Joe team. It is up to other flick. In the end, low caliber obviously, it is an action packed film lion budget and solid cast, Retaliation the remaining members to prevent acting and corny one liners end up with no small budget for special ef- does not deliver much aside from an the total annihilation of the world. tarnishing the quality of the movie. fects. Secondly, the acting is painful hour and half of flashy special ef- Roadblock (Johnson) is the driving to witness.

OneRepublic brings back their native sound “I Lived,” the fifth track, is one of those songs that should be played every morning in preparation for the day. Its enthusiastic pop-rock sound and repetitive lyrics like “I did it all/ I owned every second, that this world could give,” makes it stand apart from the other optimistic but not quite as heart-pumping tracks while endowing it with an anthem-like qualCOURTESY MOSLEY ity. Scrolling Unanticipated: Latest record shows hope but no interest. down the track list, “Can’t Stop” starts out with a By Sarah Parlette strong slam of drums which seem The Saint Reporter to mimic stomping feet. While the OneRepublic’s Native, released harsh sound slows a tad, it still March 26, is a solid album but it contrasts beautifully with Tedder ’s soft and ethereal voice. It resembles lacks the band’s usual flair. As a whole, Native is a pro- some of the older OneRepublic mategression of decently paced, upbeat rial with more complicated sounds, anthems full of well-written and hard beats and synthetic hits. The catchy lyrics. It is obvious that vo- lyrics are a bit remorseful, wanting, calist Ryan Tedder is both a talent- and a tad incomprehensible as Teded writer and singer; however, the der ’s high voice blends well with the newly released album falls short of backing music, but the overall piece the OneRepublic “oomph” and sty- sticks in one’s head. Rounding out the album is listic presence as heard in previous “Don’t Look Down.” With just one releases. minute and 39 seconds to deliver, Aside from the already released radio singles “Feel Again” and “I the tune is reminiscent of a movieLose Myself,” Native is full of long, like dream sequence with minimal inspirational and airy tunes coupled vocals and light, fluttery sounds. Native is certainly worth a liswith a few slow, almost generic, ten but is inconsistent and borders melancholy pieces. Track one, “Counting Stars” is on boring in a few places. In comcatchy, upbeat and induces head parison to 2009’s Waking Up, Native bobbing, following in the footsteps is slower, more mellow, with lonof most of their earlier music. Its ger and drawn out choruses, softer lengthy four minutes and 17 sec- tones and is lyrically in sync. onds is only a tad longer than most of the other tracks which all, except for three, surpass the four minute mark.

Culture Editor Paris Close


Artist Spotlight: Lil Debbie

discuss things such as “making money,” “sipping syrup” and “balling.” The beats that she raps to in her songs are usually very fast paced and are either poppy or resemble a mix of dub step/metal/electronic. Some of the artists that Lil Debbie has collaborated with are V-Nasty, COURTESY ELI WATSON Riff Raff, and Dolla Bill Gates. Style: This California rapstress makes a name for herself. Her most popular songs are “Brain Freeze (Ft. Riff By Paige Graham Raff),” “Squirt (Ft. Riff Raff)” and The Saint Reporter “Michelle Obama (Ft. Riff Raff).” Before she went solo, she was Artist: Lil Debbie in a rap group with Kreayshawn Genre: Hip Hop and V-Nasty called White Girl Mob. Current Album: Keep it Lit Unfortunately, for music lovers, the Comparisons: Kreayshawn, Iggy group strictly performed live withAzalea, V-Nasty out ever recording a song for the Popular Tracks: “Michelle public. There is still hope for a trio Obama,” “Brain Freeze” and “I collaboration, however, since the Do It” three of them often feature each other in their songs. Oakland-born rap artist Lil Along with being a musician, Debbie (born Jordan Capozzi) is Lil Debbie also models for fashmost commonly known for her close ion companies and helps to design friendship with up-and-coming rapclothes. One of her favorite hobbies per Kreayshawn. If you don’t know is styling musicians for music vidwho Lil Debbie is, she might look eos and appearances. She has styled familiar because she was featured Soulja Boy, Riff Raff, Kreayshawn in Kreayshawn’s music video “Guand others. cci Gucci.” What many people do Lil Debbie’s music is the perfect not know, however, is that Lil Debkind to blast in your car, windows bie records her own music and often down, during the summer season. collaborates with very well-known Fans should be expecting Lil Debartists. bie to release a full album sometime Although Lil Debbie has yet to soon. Debbie’s most recent release is release a completed album, she has called “I Do It (Ft. K00LJOHN),” so released several singles, some of hopefully we will be seeing a music which have music videos. Lil Debvideo soon. bie’s music best resembles a fusion To find out more about Lil Debof Ludacris and Lady Sovereign. bie you can go to Her voice is very feminine but, or check out her music on Spotify unlike many female rappers, it is and iTunes. not very high pitched. Her verses are often very “hard” and generally

Phone (616) 632-2975





I Am Not A Human Being II More like I’m not interested

Dakaboom asks you to embrace your awkwardness


Predictable: This raw, uncensored style may be getting too old for the Young Money CEO. By Brian Kalchik The Saint Reporter Lil Wayne, or should we say, Lil Tunechi, is back at it again with a new album that was released March 26, titled I Am Not A Human Being II. This is Wayne’s tenth studio album and the self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive stays true to his raw hip-hop style. While some of the tracks such as “My Homies Still,” “No Worries,” and “Love Me” have already been made popular singles, the rest of the album is not all that different than what you would expect from Wayne. Much like his earlier records, the vulgarity and provocative nature of Wayne’s lyrics remain a central aspect in this album as well. “Wowzerz,” featuring rapper Trina, is about as raunchy as it gets, with the two boasting about what they can do after hours. “Lay It Down” features the Harajuku Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj, and fellow YCMB member Cory Gunz. While the track delivers an undeniably catchy beat and clever rhyming, the overriding message of violence is a bit unsettling. When you look at any album

cover of Weezy’s, you would expect to see an image of the rapper shirtless, sporting bling, or perhaps even a cropped image of him as a young tike. The cover art for this album, however, deviates from its predecessors, receiving help from Kanye West. “[West] chose the moth butterfly thing because it has so many different stages of life,” Wayne told According to multiple reports, I Am … II sold 217,000 copies in its first week on the market. Perhaps this is due to the album’s guest-star appearances from Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, 2 Chainz and Drake. As with most of Wayne’s albums, this one received mixed reviews. Maybe this is due to Wayne’s excessive use of obscenities and vulgarities which people may view as distasteful, to say the least. Drugs and sex are, of course, prevalent topics on this album. Considering Wayne’s previous work and the unfortunate circumstances that have surrounded him over the past couple of months involving Weezy’s health, his music on this album, is average.

B.B. brings the blues to Grand Rapids


Awkward: Dakaboom shows you how to find humor in weirdness. By Chuck Hyde The Saint Reporter Ben McLain and Paul Peglar make up the musical comedy act Dakaboom. According to their Facebook page, they define themselves as postmodern vaudeville and their music dapples in a variety of genres, from hip-hop to jazz. I feel that this definition fits them well—their show is theatrical, inviting and fun, with some numbers having more of a show tune feeling to it. Most performers today go for a more modern approach, utilizing a cappella, beat-boxing, and looppedals. I saw a mix of these varied styles on Tuesday, April 2, in the Moose Cafe. The most entertaining part of their show lies in the environment they create. They make themselves and everyone around them feel really awkward, but in a good and fun way.

The laughter heard from the crowd might have been nervous, but it was also raucous. A perfect example of this was when McLain began to sing a love song tailored to a girl in the audience. He was being very weird, almost creepy, yet in such an over-the-top and vaudevillian way that the hilarity overcame the tension. The duo is genuinely creative in their show, utilizing this tension along with their talents to create hilarious situations. They can turn what should be a sad discussion about being single into a funny play on the angst and self-pity that people feel when they are in such a circumstance. During another segment, McLain took the opportunity to talk about how difficult it was to be a bat. He spoke as if he lived in a cave and then sang about it, using a loop pedal to create intricate back beats behind the song. Many of the audi-

ence members were confused, yet all of them were laughing. Besides the pun-filled comedy the group performed, they had bits that displayed their considerable talent. Peglar has a rather impressive falsetto, and put it on display in a mash-up of famous songs with high lead parts. The pair also seamlessly switched off parts in an a cappella song about their friendship and other such feats. Overall, I thought they put on a good show. I was laughing the entire time, sometimes uproariously. I am definitely glad that I went and encourage you all to do the same in the future. For further information regarding Dakaboom’s gig dates, merchandise and press content be sure to check out their website at:

Gender Bender Ball

A celebration of important issues


Blues is back: The king of blues, B.B. King, reunites with his old guitar, Lucille. COURTESY SARAH EWING

By Spencer Wilczewski The Saint Reporter The blues are alive and well. Soaring Eagle Casino’s Blues Festival on April 5, 2013 was a testament to this fact with a line up consisting of a Michigan based blues group along with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the Legendary king of the blues himself B.B. King. Every act delivered an exceptional performance, guitars weeping, wailing, and roaring with the blues. King’s performance was the highlight of the night. The 87 year old legend played with vigor, his energy was in no short supply as he effortlessly played and sang. He even took time out to interact with the audience every chance he could. His set consisted of classic blues staples that he plucked out with uncanny precision with help from his longtime musical partner Lucille, a jet black Gibson guitar that has been his standby since 1949. It was truly amazing to see an artist as seasoned as King still on top of his game. Even his voice was identical to the recorded versions of his tunes. The audience applauded as he went through classics such as “The

Thrill is Gone,” “Every Day I Have the Blues” and “3 O’Clock Blues.” Every song came across as sincere and there was never a moment where he seemed off his game. When the set finally wrapped up, King’s assistants had a hard time getting the musician to leave the stage, making it clear that this is an artist who still loves what he does. Shepherd’s set was very impressive. The group’s musicianship was impeccable, with near virtuoso guitar playing. Shepherd’s style is heavily influenced by Texas-blues acts like Stevie Ray Vaughn, which made them one of the loudest acts of the night. “Blue on Black” and the bands rendition of “Voodoo Child (a Slight Return)” were crowd favorites that showcased the bands musical prowess. Larry McCray, a local bluesman from Saginaw, Michigan, also performed a great set that captured the spirit of the blues. Every group in attendance made sure to keep the crowd happy by giving heartfelt performances. Overall, it was a very exciting evening of music that made the show well worth the $60 ticket price.

Culture Editor Paris Close

Awareness: GSA strives to bring prizes, fun and social acceptance with its Gender Bender Ball. By Sarah Parlette The Saint Reporter The Gender Bender Ball will be held in the Donnelly Center on Friday April 19, at 10 p.m., cosponsored by the Gay Straight Alliance. Free for all Aquinas students the event is also sponsored by AQ Programming Board, the Gender Studies Club and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, whom all have joined GSA to promote the Gender Bender Ball as a forum for discussion about gender issues. At the gala, students are encouraged to dress however they wish. They do not have to dress strictly as the opposite gender like many students assume. The goal is to have Aquinas students feel fierce and fearless in whatever they choose to dress in, regardless of gender. A “Finest of the Fierce” contest will be held with three of the most fiercely dressed students, awarded gift cards after being judged by surprise faculty judges. DJ Mark Witz will be making an appearance and


raffles will be awarding gift cards for Eastown businesses throughout the evening, with tickets only being one dollar. The event is highly anticipated and already catching the attention of students, one of whom is Sophomore Laura Rico who just recently joined the organization. “I’m very excited for the Gender Bender Ball. GSA has been working really hard to put together an event that is not only fun, but also very informative on issues pertaining to the LGBT community,” said Rico. A portion of the evening will be for students to read and listen to stories from genderqueer or transgender individuals, with some of the stories coming from the Aquinas community. “Our goal [the sponsors] is to make students more aware of the kinds of obstacles faced by transgender or genderqueer individuals, and more importantly, show them how they can be sensitive and supportive to friends, peers, or simply people they meet who identify in some way as gender non-conform-

Phone (616) 632-2975


ing,” said Gay Straight Alliance Secretary, Emily Blakowski. Blakowski said that most students are cis-gendered (gender self-identification that matches with ones assigned gender at birth) and do not even consider the issues regarding those who do not conform to their assigned gender of male or female. The Gender Bender Ball is designed to raise awareness and bring attention to those issues faced by the gender non-conforming community, as said issues are rarely discussed in public forum, or within the classroom despite growing acceptance of gender nonconformists throughout the nation. The previously annual event was cancelled last year, and then postponed last semester to this April, but Blakowski anticipates that it will return as an annual event for the GSA with more involvement and support from the Aquinas community.



NASCAR: Driver Kurt Busch escapes fire and stays calm

NHL: More outdoor games are to potentially occur

NCAA: Championship Game: Freshman Spike Albrecht shines

On Sunday, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch’s seemingly successful day on the track ended in flames. A fuel pump problem caused Busch’s car to burst into flames with only 15 laps left in the Sprint Cup Series race at Martinville. Busch quickly pulled the in-car extinguisher and was able to put out the flames almost immediately.

The league’s Chief Operating Officer John Collins will not comment officially. He has made it clear that he believes that outdoor games have too much impact on the marketplace not to have more of them. These outdoor games would be played at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles next season.

Although the Wolverines were not named champions, they ultimately played a very close game. Michigan freshman Spike Albrecht saw major playing time after national player Trey Burke took the bench after picking up two fouls within the first eight minutes of the game. Albrecht made 17 points in the first half alone.

Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings are holding on, just barely, to their playoff spot as they remain in seventh place in the Western Conference at the moment and are 6-4-0 in their last 10 games. On March 22, the Wings started a four game Western road trip against the hot Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks were on an at home winning streak when the Wings demolished them in a game that would end with a score of 5-1. A few days later on March 24, the Wings would again play the Ducks in what would be a much closer matchup. The game resulted in a 2-1 victory for the Wings. Then the Wings headed to Phoenix to play the uninspired Coyotes the following day. The Coyotes had lost five previous games in a row. Unfortunately for the Coyotes, the Wings would hand them their sixth loss in a row. Although the Wings looked like they would lose after the first period, trailing 1-2, the Wings made a comeback and won the game 3-2. With their road trip coming to




The Aquinas baseball team is having a very successful season. Holding an overall record of 8-6, the Saints are refusing to back down. With regular season games being played until the end of April, the Saints are in a position to continue their success and make a playoff appearance.

Staying Focused

Fighting to the finish By Hillary Najor The Saint Reporter



a close, the Wings looked to cap it off with a win against the San Jose Sharks. With failed attempts and missed opportunities, the Wings lost 2-0. The Wings played on Easter Sunday against the Chicago Blackhawks. The game looked to be an intense matchup, but it turned out to be an embarrassing loss for the Wings as they would let in three goals in the first five minutes. The final score was 8-1. On the following day, the Wings beat the Avalanche with a score of 3-2. A few days later on April 4, the Wings traveled out west again to play the Coyotes. Another loss was handed to the Wings because of a messy second period leading to a final score of 4-2. The Wings made up for that loss on April 5, beating the Avalanche in overtime with a final score of 3-2. The Wings total win-loss record is 19-14-5. They are nearing the end of the regular season with only ten more games to play with their next game being Thursday, April 11, against the San Jose Sharks.

Aquinas Track and Field Staying motivated

By Taylor Hodges The Saint Reporter

Men’s and women’s lacrosse continue to play hard

With the men’s lacrosse playoffs coming up in a few weeks, the team has taken initiative to prepare for the final games of the season and create momentum heading into the playoffs. After losing to Siena Heights in the WHAC tournament and powerhouse Grand Valley State University, focus has never been more apparent. “The team is making sure that every practice counts as the season winds down. After Tech, we have four games left and no one is taking the short time for granted,” said senior captain Connor Sutton. “Every minute of practice matters and no one is wasting it. We are growing and working every time we meet,” he continued. That work is expected to show results with the team having four games left, three of which the Saints will have home field advantage. “Our young guys are learning what it takes to play against top teams and these losses show we still have a lot of room to grow,” said Sutton. While the team is certainly hoping to make a run in the playoffs, they are content with where the program is headed in the near future. “The future looks bright, we have a lot of strong young attack players. Our middies are strong and effective and our defense will only lose one senior this year,” said sophomore Alec Rasegan. While the team is losing Sutton after the year ends, he can be proud that the hard work he helped instill in the team will continue to flourish. “As the season winds down we continue looking for wins and I think as long as we continue to work hard the future looks bright,” said Rasegan. The Saints will play next on Thursday,


Hustle: Sophomore Meaghan Farrell (middle) and Senior Kati Rogers (far right) look to attack the ball during a recent home win. April 11, against Northwood at home. The women’s lacrosse team has had another impressive season sporting a 2-2 record in the WHAC and an overall record of 8-4. After a seven game winning streak through March and April, the team lost a close game to Indiana Tech. “We need to keep the pedal down and play the full 60 minutes,” said junior Abby Lux, who had three ground balls in the Indiana Tech game. “We have a lot of talent and when we click we are a very successful team.” That “click” has been demonstrated all year with landslide wins over opponents Calvin, Davenport, and Lo-


In the Loras matchup, sophomore Alexa Burns scored seven goals and had five assists as the Saints crushed the opposition 24-1. “I think the team will be successful in the future, we have great players staying and coming in,” said Lux. The team is headed in the right direction and is looking to make a deep run in the WHAC Championships and the NWLL Championships in St. Louis, Missouri. The Saints will play next on Thursday, April 11, against Davenport University in the WHAC Tournament Semifinal.

March Madness Louisville beats Michigan in championship matchup By Brian Kalchik The Saint Reporter


Finish strong: Senior middle distance runner Jackie Katt runs in action for the Saints this outdoor season.

By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor The Aquinas men and women’s track and field teams started their outdoor season on Friday, March 29. With only two meets underway so far in this season, the Saints have plenty of time to improve and race harder. The Saints finished their indoor season on Saturday, March 2 at the NAIA Indoor Championships in Geneva, Ohio. The women’s team placed 30 of 50 while the men’s team secured an impressive eighth place out of 51 teams. The Saints have competed in two meets this outdoor season: the Grand Rapids Open on March 29 and 30 and the Spartan Invitational in East Lansing on April 6. In the Grand Rapids Open, the Saints were successful in multiple events. Freshman Micailia Rice placed first in the 100 Meter Dash. Sophomores Jason Parnell and Caleb Teachout placed first and second in the 300 Meter Dash. Teachout placed first in the 600 Meter Run as well. Freshman Jeff Cherry and junior Grant Gunneson placed first in second, respectively, in the 3000 Me-

ter Run. First place in the men’s high jump went to senior Ryan Helminiak. Junior Alicia Dorko placed first in the women’s pole vault as well. “Coming off of our first meet we are looking pretty strong. Our goals are to improve every day and work towards winning a conference title and qualifying as many people for nationals as we can,” said freshman Grant Cook. The Spartan Invitational was more competitive and the Saints gave it their all. Freshman Britta Patterson finished sixth overall in the 6000 Meter Run. Other successful events included the women’s 100 meter hurdles where freshman Alex King took twelfth place and sophomore Erika Heston took thirteenth. Senior Emily Smith took fourth in the women’s shot-put and fifth in the women’s discus. Parnell took ninth place in the 200 Meter Dash and Teachout finished tenth in the 800 Meter Run. With seven regular season meets left, anything is possible for the Saints. The next meet will be Saturday, April 13 in Adrian, Michigan.

Sports Editor Alyssa Frese

This year ’s NCAA men’s basketball tournament was full of excitement, to say the least. With all of the memorable moments that made this tournament one of the best in 75 years, here is a brief recap of the “madness” that occurred. Louisville-Duke: As unfortunate as the Kevin Ware injury was (a tibia shaft fracture), seeing the rest of the Cardinals rally around their fallen teammate and beating a perennial power touched the nation. Kansas-Michigan: Whether you call this game a great Michigan comeback or a choke by Kansas, Trey Burke proved that he is one of the best players in the nation, making a Mario Chalmers-like buzzer beater against one of the favorites to win it all in the Jayhawks. Florida Gulf Coast’s run: The 15 seed Eagles came out of nowhere to shock Georgetown and San Diego State before ultimately losing to the Florida Gators in the Sweet 16. It was the first time a 15 seed had reached this far in the tournament. This cinderella run will certainly never be forgotten. Ohio State’s comebacks: Thad Matta’s Buckeyes had two fantastic finishes that put the “madness” in March Madness. Aaron Craft and LaQuinton Ross hit game-clinching three pointers against Iowa State and Arizona to advance the Buckeyes to the Elite 8, where they would ultimately lose to Wichita State. Gonzaga’s disappointing tournament: The Bulldogs, a questionable number one seed on Selection


Sunday, did nothing to prove the doubters wrong. Being within five minutes of the first number one seed to lose to a 16 seed with a nailbiter against Southern, their season ultimately ended against Final Four contender Wichita State in the Round of 32. Now that this year ’s title game is set to tipoff, it’s hard to forget what took place on Saturday’s semifinal games in Atlanta. In the first matchup, the cardinals of Louisville had beaten the Shockers of Wichita State 72-68 in Louisville’s ugliest, yet biggest win thus far in the season. Ranking as the number one overall seed in the tournament, and steam rolling their way through their first four games, the absence of Kevin Ware was evident. While limiting opponents to 59 points and a 42 shooting percentage through the first four games of the tournament, the Cardinals were able to overcome a Shocker upset due to the excessive star power and full court press of Louisville. Despite this past week’s emotional roller-coaster ride, the Cardinals have one thing on their mind: winning for one more game for beloved team mate Kevin Ware. In the second game, it couldn’t get any more exciting for Michigan fans. With a four seed matchup against Syracuse, this 2013 Michigan squad presents a new “Fab Five,” guided by Trey Burke, Nik Stauskas, Tim Hardaway Jr. Glenn Robinson Jr. and Mitch McGary. For you doubters that came into this game saying Michigan had no chance against the impenetrable 2-3 zone defense of Syracuse, you didn’t do your re-

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search. The Wolverines’ last four games have all been against some of the best defensive teams in the nation, including impressive victories over Kansas, Florida, and Syracuse, all of which held a less than 40 percent defensive field goal percentage. Even with a lackluster performance by Michigan’s best player Trey Burke (he scored a measly seven points), excellent backup play by Tim Hardaway Jr. and Mitch McGary relentlessly attacked that suffocating zone defense to get an 11 point lead on Syracuse at the end of the first half. In the second half, it was big contributions off the bench, in which Caris LeVert, Spike Albrecht, and Glenn Robinson III excelled with their inside-outside versatility to help advance the Wolverines to the national championship game with a 61-56 victory over the Orange. The Championship Game was held Monday, April 8. The Cardinals and the Wolverines both showed up determined to win. Michigan’s unforgettable “Fab Five” even made an appearance to root on their alma mater. It was their first appearance all together since the reported allegations involving Chris Webber were revealed. The competition was consistent throughout both halves with both teams staying within just a few points of each other. Michigan wasn’t able to keep up in the final minutes and ultimately lost to Louisville 82-76. This was Louisville’s third national championship, but first since 1986. This year ’s tournament proved to be a roller coaster yet again.





Senior Connor Sutton shows excellence on and off the field

AQ tennis teams do not fail to impress By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor With only four regular season matches left, the Aquinas men’s tennis team is playing a very impressive season. Holding an overall record of 16-4 and a WHAC record of 2-0, the Saints are doing what they do best: win. With three freshmen on the team, the Saints have had a collaboration of new and returning players which has proven to work out quite nicely for the Saints. “The season is great. I’m having lots of fun. Our fans have been really great and supportive,” said freshman Andy Struble. The Saints are on a ten game winning streak, not losing a game since March 15. The Saints will play two of their last four games this coming weekend, April 12 and 13, with a home court advantage. The Aquinas women’s tennis team is having a challenging season, though, holding an over record of 10-8 and a WHAC record of 1-1. With only three regular season games left to play, the Saints have been up and


Pushing the boundaries

Never back down: Senior Connor Sutton looks to an open teammate to pass the ball in home field action. By Sarah Parlette The Saint Reporter It is all about finding the balance between academics, sports, and work for senior lacrosse captain Connor Sutton. Graduating in May with a dual major in history and political science, the Milford native feels that he has been able to see Aquinas lacrosse grow from its infancy four years ago (when the team was in its second year) and its regeneration into the current team of which he is the only senior. He has sacrificed much of his time and energy to be able to balance the year-long preparation and practices for the fall and spring seasons for the second year captain, as he must lead the team both on and off the lacrosse field. Luke Griemsman, coach of the lacrosse team, said that Sutton’s social sacrifices as captain have been instrumental in helping the team grow these past two years, as he has patiently led by example for the younger players. Being able to instill the lacrosse culture and fraternity that previous players have created is something that Sutton hopes the team will continue to pass on to future teams, and something that he himself has passed on. Having played against All-American players within his lacrosse ca-

Madness Indeed alyssa frese |sports editor March Madness is a highly anticipated time of year for many people. Sports fanatics get to see their favorite college teams face each other in the biggest event of the season. As an Iowa Hawkeye and Kentucky Wildcat fan, I really wasn’t looking forward to this year’s tournament. Neither of my teams were playing so I had nothing to look forward to. Being the sports fan I am, however, I decided to watch whatever games I had time to watch. The first round alone was enough to make sports fans lose their minds. When number two ranked Georgetown was beat out by 15 ranked Florida Gulf Coast. There were many other upsets that occurred throughout the tournament making it much more intriguing to watch. The Championship Game was highly anticipated by many students, myself included. The number four ranked Michigan Wolverines played number two ranked Louisville. The game was a nail-biter to say the least. Michigan was up by 12 points at one point in the first half, but Louisville was able to answer back. Both teams played hard and kept the game close up until the last minute. Michigan could not keep up with Louisville and lost 82-76. March Madness is a time of year that all people can enjoy, not just sports fans. Whether it’s placing bets and filling out brackets to win some extra cash or sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings watching multiple games simultaneously with friends, March Madness is something viewers of all ages and interests can enjoy together.

reer, always in defensive positions, Sutton, who has played lacrosse for over 12 years, said that it is always rewarding being able to have said that he played against men who are now professional players. He cites his parents as being very supporting, and that his father was his lacrosse coach when he was in fifth grade. Currently, he has played 53 games, had 36 ground balls and 26 takeaway checks in his time at Aquinas. Many of his favorite memories come from the spring break trips that the lacrosse team has taken, and the increase in brotherhood that he has felt for his team mates. Another memorable moment happened when he manage to score from 60 yards away. Representing Aquinas in a black AQ t-shirt, he modestly admits that the goal-scoring pass was meant to go to a teammate but that it went too high and straight into the net. Griemsman said that Sutton has vastly improved from his freshman year. “His lacrosse IQ and stick skills have definitely increased. He has become more of a leader on the defensive half of the field,” said Griemsman. “Learning the defensive schemes and things we like to accomplish defensively, he has been able to move from just following directions to understanding the why

behind the things we do, and then manipulate those things to counter the opponent’s offensive moves, as well as teach the younger guys that play alongside him.” Outside of lacrosse, Sutton has been active in the Chicago American Model United Nations and Model Arab league conferences, winning an Outstanding Delegation Award for his role as representing Canada on the 1947 Security Council simulation this past November. In his free time Sutton plays the banjo and bluegrass guitar, as well as being an active board-member of the “Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue,” a position which his family inherited from his aunt. He also is an assistant lacrosse coach for the seventh and eighth grade Grand Rapids public school teams. He said that he enjoys being outside as much as possible and has paddled the length of the Huron River. When he graduates in May, Sutton plans on attending graduate school and hopes to obtain his doctoral degree in political science. Having been accepted into three different programs, he states that he would like to be a political science professor and coach lacrosse down the road.

Detroit Tigers Baseball

Anything is possible By Brian Kalchik The Saint Reporter Coming off a strong campaign last year which saw the Tigers sweep the powerful New York Yankees and ultimately losing to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, there are many areas that need improvement for the Tigers to make the next step to a championship. The Tigers acquired Tori Hunter from the Angels in the off-season and brought back Victor Martinze from injury, helping a once potent offense become more dangerous and adds some must-needed outfield defense. The Tigers will lose some key contributors from last year. Delmon Young, who broke out last year, was let go and is now with the Philadelphia Phillies. Much talked about reliever Jose Valverde, who struggled in the postseason last year, was let go as well. The strengths of this team lies with their offense, led by the Triple Crown winner of last year in Miguel Cabrera. Prince Fielder also provides a major boost to the lineup, as well as a core of solid hitters that can get on base with Austin Jackson, Alex Avila and Omar Infante to name a few. The starting pitching is looking good. Justin Verlander is considered one of the best pitchers in the game, but he is not the only who makes this crew tick. Second starter Max Sports Editor Alyssa Frese

Scherzer is an underrated pitcher who is among the top pitchers in the AL in terms of strikeouts. Doug Fister, Annibal Sanchez and Rick Porcello round the starting five, with Drew Smyly gaining a start or two. There are weaknesses to this team as well. The bullpen, which was very strong in the past few years, is now a question mark. Without Valverde, there is no certified closer that is taking the lead role. Candidates include relievers Phil Coke, Joaquin Benoit, Octavio Dotel and Al Alberquerque. Projected closer Bruce Rondon was sent back down to the minors during spring training. Another possible weakness, although faint, is a possible letdown after the Tigers’ great year last year. With so many teams that can be good or equally bad this year, the Tigers can’t afford to take anyone lightly this year. After the recent success that the Tigers have had in the past, anything less than a championship will be deemed as a failure. With practice and great persistence, the Tigers may have what it takes to make it to the World Series two years in a row. The Tigers hold a record of 3-3 this season, losing their first two games to the Minnesota Twins. With the season in its early stages, anything is possible.


down all season. “We were doing really well until a lot of team members, including myself, became injured. Our injured players just started playing again this past Tuesday so we are just trying to get the feel for things again,” said junior Lauren Ramey. The Saints are not discouraged with the amount of losses this season. They are determined to overcome these injuries and finish the season as strong as possible. “We are much improved from last year. We have had some good wins this season including wins over nationally ranked competition. Now, we are preparing for our regional tournament at the end of the season,” said assistant coach Jordan O’Neill. The Saints will play next at home against Northwestern Ohio on Saturday, April 13. With previously injured players ready to play again, the likelihood of victory for the Saints is great as they are more determined than ever to finish the season strong.

Baseball and softball teams gain momentum as the season rolls on


Swinging around: Senior Nick Kissane swings for a pitch in baseball action last week. The Saints split the doubleheader against Cornerstone University. By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor The Aquinas men’s baseball team is having an impressive season so far. Holding an overall record of 18-6 and a WHAC record of 9-2, the Saints are off to a solid start. Starting the season off with a spring break trip to Florida where the Saints played in 13 games, winning nine of the 13. Coming back from spring break, the Saints continued to play hard. The Saints won their first doubleheader against Lourdes and continued to win five out of the next six games. “We are off to a good start. We had a successful spring trip with a 7-4 record, with two junior varsity wins as well. We swept our weekend series against Lourdes and Concordia Universities, while splitting doubleheaders against local rivals Davenport and Cornerstone,” said head coach Doug Greenslate. Though the Saints have had an impressive season thus far, there is still a good number of games left to be played. Although, the Saints have been successful so far, they need to be able to maintain the performances they have been putting on this season. “We have won the games we need to, but have the toughest part of our schedule coming up. Starters going deep into games and our speed on the bases have won us a lot of games so far. I think that our team is more confident and hungry this year, we expect to go deep into the postseason,” said senior Vince Misiewicz. With a group of returning players, the Saints definitely have what

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it takes to win this season. With a start like this, anything could be possible for this team. “With timely hitting and solid pitching performances, we are looking to continue to play great baseball and really have a standout season,” said senior Allen Manyen The Saints will play Madonna in a double-header at Kimble Stadium. Unlike the men, the Aquinas women’s softball team are having a bit of a testing season. The Saints hold an overall record of 15-12, with a WHAC record of 3-3. The Saints traveled to Arizona over spring break, where they played 15 games. The Saints came out fairly well, winning eight of the 15 games. “We are having a roller coaster of a season right now. This is one of the most talented teams I have ever coached and when we come to play we can beat anyone, but we are struggling to find our rhythm right now,” said head coach Crystal Laska. The Saints have won doubleheaders against Concordia and Olivet Nazarene this season. The Saints lost a doubleheader to rival Davenport. With some consistency and a positive mindset, the Saints have what it takes to be victorious. “We just started conference play and while that is important our main goal for the whole season is to be playing our best softball going into the conference tournament,” said Laska. With a good part of the season left, the Saints have time to pull things together. Their next game is a double-header Saturday, April 13 at Lourdes.

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