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Flu season is here Aquinas’ Health and Wellness services gives tips on how to avoid the bugs floating around campus.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012 Volume 31, Issue 8

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theSaint We ask the questions that no one can answer.

>>NEWS Welcome, Episcopalians | 2 The Catholic Church opens up a new order just for Episcopalian converts. However, the order is controversial among some Catholics.

Rick Snyder cuts, again | 2 In an effort to bolster Michigan’s floundering economy, Rick Snyder announced a new set of benefit cuts over break.

>>A&E B.F.A. on display

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The AMC is currently displaying art from two of Aquinas’ own graduating seniors. Reporter Dale Domer checks it out.

Disney in 3D

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Saint reporter Sam Swartout watches some childhood classics with extra dimensions. But is the ticket price worth it?

>>SPORTS Break action at AQ

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The Saint brings you highlights from Aquinas sports that you might have missed.

Pitiful Pistons

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Reporter Brian Kalchik looks at how Detroit basketball is shaping up. Or rather, not shaping up.

Searching for answers Police still not sure about cause of death for body found in Willowbrook Pond

By Matt Kuczynski Editor-in-Chief Two student workers discovered the body of Nathanael Pelkey, 29, in Willowbrook Pond, along Robinson Road, on the Aquinas College campus Wednesday, Jan. 4. Pelkey’s body was found over winter break, when few students were on campus. There are no known witnesses of his death. According to Aquinas College Campus Safety Director Kevin Kwiatkowski, the body was discovered around 2:00 p.m. Emergency services were called to the scene to investigate and remove the body, and all campus personnel were notified. I n ve s t i g a t i o n s a t t h e s c e n e revealed that a set of tracks led from Robinson Road to the pond. Although foul play was considered at first, investigators quickly ruled it out. “You always suspect [foul play],” said Kwiatkowski. “You can’t rule anything out until you have facts.” Investigators are still waiting on the results of a toxicology report on Pelkey’s blood. “ We k n o w t h a t h e w a s o n foot, and we know that Mr. Pelkey stumbled into the pond,” said Sgt. Chris Postma of the Grand Rapids Police Department, “but other than that, the real reason how he ended up inside the pond is of question. “That’s why we’re waiting for a toxicology report,” he continued. Some Aquinas students were


Found: Nathanael Pelkey’s body was discovered in Willowbrook Pond, pictured above, by Aquinas College student workers who were on the job January 4. taken aback when they heard of the Zylstra. “ It just didn’t make sense.” start, with plans to enroll in college body found on campus. “I was very Police publicly identified the and find a job. shocked and surprised,” said senior b o d y o n T h u r s d a y, J a n . 5 , a f t e r His family did not know exactly Charles Merkel. “My initial reaction Pelkey’s family was contacted with where he was living at the time of was, ‘ I don’t know what to say. This n e w s o f h i s d e a t h . Pe l k e y wa s his death. is messed up.’” he added. originally from the St. Joseph area of Funeral services for Pelkey were “My first thought was that he western Michigan. He had moved to held on Jan. 9 at St. Gabriel Catholic was murdered,” said senior Joel Grand Rapids searching for a fresh Mission in Berrien Springs.

news update Republican primaries heat up World Opposition to al-Assad continues, Greece By Laura Farrell The Saint Reporter

After the increasing involvement of young adults in the 2008 presidential election and ups and downs of President Obama’s first term, the 2012 presidential election has been highly anticipated. There was no doubt that the 2012 Presidential elections would prove to be very competitive in the GOP and so far, the presidential primaries have proved just that. The Iowa GOP primary, which took place on January 3, brought high hopes and anxiety as Michigan native and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney beat second place finisher Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania senator, by a marginal, but victorious 8 votes.

Ron Paul, Texan member of the House of Representatives, rounded out in third place with a respectable twenty-one percent of the votes. Last Tuesday, the primaries in New Hampshire were held with a very different result. Mitt Romney took the lead with almost forty percent of the total votes. Ron Paul came in second this time with Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah, just behind in third place. Rick Santorum took a dive into fifth place with around nine percent of the votes. With several more GOP primaries to go, the next in South Carolina on January 21, there is still question as to whether or not Romney has secured his spot. There is room for Santorum to become more consistent at the top.

After the success of President Obama’s 2008 campaign, where social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter played a vital role, his 2012 campaign will have to be just as fresh in order to compete. With most of his 2008 campaign crew back again, Obama is well underway with his campaign after he announced his re-candidacy. With things like the Occupy M o ve m e n t s a n d t h e r e m o va l o f troops in Iraq on everyone’s minds, voters will turn to specific points in the candidates’ agendas on issues like the economy and war. The Michigan Presidential Primary Election will take place on February 28 with the registration deadline on January 13.

In Pictures:

Aquinata Hall to be converted into assited living facilities

in financial turmoil, Four dead in cruise liner fiasco By Dan Meloy Sports Editor


Protests continue against Syrian leader President Bashar al-Assad and his government. Assad and h i s g o ve r n m e n t a r e a c c u s e d o f continuing violent crack downs on dissenters. More than 5,000 people have died since the protests have begun. Demonstrators are demanding an end to al-Assad’s regime which began in 2000. On December 26, the Arab League sent in monitors to observe the Assad regime’s actions in the country. However since the monitors were sent into Syria, 400 people have been killed. President Bashar al-Assad




The cruise liner Costa Concordia hit a reef last Friday night, creating gash in the ship’s haul causing the cruise liner to sink and resulting in six people dying. Problems arose when the ship’s

>> SINCE ARAB LEAGUE MONITORS WERE SENT INTO SYRIA, 400 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN KILLED << made an ‘impromptu’ appearance in Damascus where thousands of people attended in support of al-Assad. Critics of al-Assad said that the rally was not impromptu but only a ploy by the Syrian government to make it appear that he has support.

Something different: Aquinata Hall, a former Aquinas College dormitory on the Marywood campus of the Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters, is slated for a $4 million renovation to create an elder care facility that will serve both nuns and the public.

outstanding loans given to the Greek government. Without the funds from the EU and the IMF, Greece may be forced to leave the European Union. The Greek government has been working on some austerity measures at the request of the EU and the IMF in order to make the country more financially solvent. However these measures have been met with domestic unrest throughout Greece.

The Greek government is currently in talks with the International Monetary Fund and the European Union over a deal that would have the IMF and the EU bail out the bankrupt Greek government. In return the Greek government would have to agree with its private lenders to write off 50 percent of the

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captain Francesco Schettino piloted the ship close to the shore of Giglo Island off the coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. After the crash, Schettino abruptly abandoned ship and made it to shore while passengers will still trapped on the sinking ship. Costa Cruise’s CEO stated the captain deliberately changed the course of the ship to show off the ship to people on the island. The Schettino is currently being detained on charges of manslaughter. As of press time, seven deaths have been reported and 28 people still remain missing from the incident.






Aquinas: Service Learning trip deadline is approaching

Flint: Get a tattoo before church at The Bridge

Michigan: Protests move to Rick Snyder’s doorstep this week

Nation: Wikipedia and others protest SOPA proposed policies

For all those looking to make plans for spring break, be aware that the applications for spring service learning trips are due Friday, January 20th. Options for students to consider are the Christian Appalacian Project in eastern Kentucky. Applications can be found on Course Connect.

An upstart church called The Bridge, located in Genesee County, has opened a tattoo parlor inside the church. Tattoo artist and Bridge member Ryan Brown used the art as a form of recovering from alcoholism. The church provided space for Ryan to move his studio.

Buses from Flint, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Benton Harbor dropped off protestors at Gov. Rick Snyder’s private home in Superior Township. Members of Occupy protestors were upset over Snyder’s policy for emergency financial managers to lead finances of at-risk school districts.

On Wednesday, Jan. 16, Wikipedia, along with several other websites, will be shutting down for 24 hours to protest the anti-piracy bills Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). The bills were created to block access to websites containing unauthorized copyright material.

Lighting Married Episcopalian the fire priests welcomed to the monica rischiotto |news editor

I’ll be the first to admit it. During the academic semester, keeping up with world news is not always number one on my priority list (Matt Kuczynski please don’t fire me). I find myself more engulfed in medieval literature, twentieth century writers, and just how exactly to calculate Excel spreadsheets. Being from out of state, keeping up with news from my home back in Oregon is even further down that list. This past weekend, however, my brother called to tell me our alma mater’s men’s high school basketball team beat our cross town rival for the first time in over 10 years. For anyone who went to Catholic schools, you know the rivalries can be pretty extreme. And when it comes to Holy Cross vs. the Jesuits, watch out. As I was reading an article about the game, highlighting the star players, I noticed the head coach’s name was nowhere to be seen. Curiosity got the best of me. I quickly Googled Mike Petrino. Four years ago when I was a senior he couldn’t have been more than 35. He just had his first baby. Both he and his wife were Montana natives, having moved to Oregon so she could finish her doctorate at the renowned Oregon Health and Science University. For all stretches of the imagination, he seemed to have “settled down.” He loved coaching the men’s team, found a best friend in my high school soccer coach of the time, was popular in assembly movies, and (sorry for the stereotype) for a coach, was not a half bad teacher. Yet despite what seemed to be success through the eyes of most, he never quite seemed satisfied. It is difficult to explain, but he was one of those people who had that look of intensity in their eyes, like their gears were always turning, observing and absorbing information. I had heard once through the grapevine he had dreams of coaching for a college program, but it was hard to imagine at that time someone like him moving up (and away). At my high school, there was a joke that once you started teaching, coaching, janitoring, whatever it may be, the community tended to suck you in, and you literally became a Central Catholic Ram for life. That being said, when I Googled Petrino’s name, my mouth nearly dropped. Portland’s most prominent sports columnist, John Canzano, dedicated a column just for Coach Petrino, who had accepted an assitant coaching position with the women’s basketball team at University of Wyoming. Petrino said it was an offer he would have never expected. The column was titled “Petrino must go.” It wasn’t because our guys team was unsuccessful (they finished third in state twice during Petrino’s 5 years and he finished with an overall 97-37 winning record). “Petrino must go” because it was clear to everyone around him he had the capability of doing even greater things, and deep down, no matter how hard he tried to ignore it, greater (or perhaps different) things were in store. W h y i s t h i s r e l e va n t ? We l l , particularly to all my fellow seniors, I would imagine that most of you like me, went home for break and were bombarded with that question: So what are you doing after you graduate? And if you’re anything like me, your mind helplessly translated this into, “What are you doing with the rest of your life?” Hmm. When I read the article about Coach Petrino, I a rush of excitment, a sense of hope. He represents what Dr. Durham once said a World in Crisis class: Whatever you end up doing, “Find that thing that lights your fire.” For Petrino, it was coaching basketball, whatever level it may be, and always looking to improve. Maybe it’s okay if we haven’t had a supernatural experience of our computer blackening out and a deep, James Earl Jones-esque voice declaring, “This is what you’re supposed to do with your life!” Maybe we just need a spark. Something that gets us up in the morning and doesn’t place our childlike curiosity on a no-carb diet. After all, there is something spitirually comforting in realizing we can only plan ahead so much. When it comes down to it, the change we least expected just might be what we were always shooting for.

Catholic priesthood

The Personal Ordinate of the Chair of St. Peter for ex-Episcopalian priests causes controversy over the vow of celibacy By Laura Farrell The Saint Reporter As America celebrates its diversity in culture, it also has to deal with the tensions between the many diverse groups. In the midst of economic strain and war overseas, the Catholic church has taken a small but significant step in promoting peace and understanding. At the start of the 2012 year, the Catholic Church announced that they have created the Personal Ordinate of the Chair of St. Peter. The new order will be a nationwide diocese of former Episcopalians, including former Episcopalian priests who are married with children. Although the Catholic Church has always welcomed new members, this ordinate allows former Episcopalians to COURTESY ANNIE BURCH share in their new faith together. It also allows for large groups of ex- Rome is opening its doors to married priests: The Vatican Episcopalians to join in the Catholic recently established a new order for ex-Episcopalian priests, many married with faith all at once. The base of this new children, to join the priesthood and still continue their married life. diocese will be in Houston, Texas and Among differing teachings of theology, explained just what will be headed by newly appointed on the Pope, Mary, divorce and this means: “Because the practice Bishop Jeffery N. Steenson. Bishop abortion and contraception, one of of priestly celibacy is a disciplinary Steenson, who has a family himself, the main concerns of this new order rather than a doctrinal issue, left the Episcopalian church in 2007. deals with the clergy. Episcopalian exemptions from practicing priestly There has always been tension priests are allowed to be married celibacy, as in the case of the former between these two churches, as these and have children. Because of this, Anglican priests returning to Roman issues are serious to many people. the Catholic Church has decided Catholicism, can be granted by the In recent years, the Episcopalian that ex-Episcopalian priests, now in Pope.” church has faced many differing the Catholic order, who are already All of these new members of the views between its members on married do not have to follow the Catholic Church will be expected allowing their priests to be women Church’s rules on celibacy, but they to follow and uphold the Catholic and homosexuals, as well as other will never be able to become bishops. traditions and teachings. changes within the church. Dr. Dennis Marshall, professor

Governor Snyder shortens benefits for unemployed

AQ Health Center to the rescue By Laura Rico The Saint Reporter

Winter has settled in, and so has the possibility of coming down with the unwanted aches and pains of the cold or flu. Dr. John Walen from the Health and Wellness Clinic said, “Typically each year’s influenza activity starts on the west coast and moves east over several weeks. Usually, we begin to see influenza activity in west Michigan in early January, with peak activity in mid-Febuary.” There have been no “warnings” from the Kent County Health Department or the Center for Disease Control about a particularly bad season, nor any warnings about dangerous new flu strains – unlike a few years ago when the warnings about H1N1 Influenza came out. “This year’s flu vaccine protects against both the ‘regular’ flu and the H1N1 strain, so there’s no need for these agencies to specifically warn about H1N1 this year,” said Dr. Walen. Walen added, “We get a handful of sick kids returning from Christmas break, who then generously spread their infections amongst their friends, so things stay pretty steady with viral illnesses for the next month or two.” Physician assistant Audrey Keller said the best way to reduce the chances of contracting the flu or cold is by “washing your hands for more than 20 seconds,” and advises students who are feeling ill to “stay at home so as not to spread their illness to others.” Sophomore Kelsey Moellmann makes sure to “stay clean during the [cold and flu season] by using hand sanitizer a lot.” Moellmann also recommends students read the AQ Student Health 101, the online student health magazine and says it’s full of “good health advice.” Students should rest assured that it isn’t too late to stop by the Health and Wellness Clinic, located in lower Wege, to get their flu shot or flu mist for $25. The clinic is open Monday thru Thursday from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. (closed 12:45 p.m.-1:15 p.m. for lunch) and Friday from 11:30 a.m. thru 3:30 p.m.

Damaged New policies focus on getting the unemployed back on their feet, some argue they lack the water main resources to do so leaves many without

By Yasmeen Ahmed The Saint Reporter

To end 2011, Governor Rick Snyder made some changes in Michigan. First, Snyder signed a measure excluding public employees with unmarried partners from being able to provide benefits for them. In addition, Snyder signed a law constraining the over 400,000 unemployed workers in Michigan to select low wage jobs after ten weeks of benefits, regardless of if the jobs pay less than they were making before and whether or not the job is outside their previous experience. Snyder claims, “It’s to encourage people to work. It’s not to have them go backward.” These laws may also potentially make it more difficult for someone to collect jobless benefits if they’re fired or leave a job voluntarily. Political Science major Taylor Ellison commented on the changes.

“This sounds more like starving the state of revenue as it limits the amount of money placed back into the economy,” she said. “Whether or not these tax-cuts translated into job growth has yet to be disclosed... “Personally, I feel like placing constraints on unemployment benefits at a t i m e w h e n unemployment is highest is as much, if not more problematic then the amount of money COURTESY FLICKR.COM the government p ays o ut in the s e Finding answers for the unemployed: Gov. Snyder hopes that cutting back benefits will push unemployed individuals benefits.” to seek job opportunities.

classifiedadvertising Want to win a 50 dollar gift card to Barnes & Noble? Philosophy Club would like YOUR refutation of the following argument: 1. Everything has a cause. 2. If a person’s choice has a cause, then that choice is not free. 3. Therefore, every person’s choices are not free. 4. If a person’s choices are not free, then they don’t have free will. 5. Therefore, no person has free will. 6. If things do not have free will, then they are not morally responsible for their actions. 7. Therefore, humans are not morally responsible for their actions. Come up with an argument against the conclusion (number 7), using any method you wish. There is no minimum or maximum word length. Email all submissions to Deadline is February 8th, by midnight. One winner will be decided by club leaders, based on originality, clarity, and cogency.

News Editor Monica Rischiotto E-mail

Phone (616) 632-2975

By Matt Kuczynski Editor in Chief Students walking past the Academic Building on Aquinas’ campus last Wednesday might have been surprised to see water gushing out of the ground. A water main burst that occurred Wednesday evening at around 9:00 p.m. flooded the lawn area outside the north wing of the Academic Building. The pipe leak affected water supplies to the Academic Building, the Arts and Music Center, Wege Student Center, the Campus Safety building, St. Joe’s hall and the maintenance buildings. However, regular campus activities were unaffected: classes were still held, and Wege was able to stay open and feed students. The pipeline was repaired and operating normally around noon the next day, after Aquinas’ maintenance crews called in a contractor to fix the damaged water main. Campus Safety Director Kevin Kwiatkowski said that the pipes in that area burst on occasion. However, according to Kwiatkowski, the damages from this leak were minor, with the only real issues being the “pipe [repair] cost, and the inconvenience for students and staff.” Students should still exercise caution walking the paths in the area of the repairs, as sidewalks that were above the pipeline have not been replaced yet.


arts & entertainment Internet: New sci-fi web show watches out for Big Brother

Movies: Lionsgate and Summit have exchanged vows

Books: Lil Wayne to release memoir

Tom Hanks and Yahoo have teamed up to create an animated sci-fi web series called Electric City. The show sprang from Hanks’ mind after he read about the controlling techniques used in the former Soviet Union. Electric City will air this spring in four- to sixminute episodes.

Lionsgate, an independent movie studio, has acquired Summit Entertainment for $412.5 million. Both studios have been, as of late, marketing toward young adult audiences. Lionsgate is releasing The Hunger Games later this year and Summit has the rights to the Twilight franchise and the movie adaptation of Ender’s Game.

Dwayne Carter, better know as Lil Wayne, is set to release Gone Till November, which will detail the rapper’s firsthand account of his time at Rikers Island in 2010. The book, which will be released this November, will be based on the diaries Wayne kept while incarcerated due to a gun charge.

The girl of the moment

stephanie giluk | a&e editor

Lately it has become rarer for me to find a heroine, whether in books, movies, or television shows, that I can honestly and unashamedly say I like. She can’t be a damsel in distress and the whole story should not revolve around her making the agonizing choice of picking between two guys. If I’m going to like a female protagonist, it’s because she’s smart, imperfect, and kick-ass. I found one such heroine reluctantly, and she might just be the most contradictory and interesting character I’ve stumbled across. The first time I tried to read Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I couldn’t get into it. The minute journalistic details bogged me down and I put it in a dusty corner of my bookshelf. Not even the enthusiastic reviews of friends and family who had managed to charge their way through the rough beginning made me want to pick up the book and try again. What really prompted me to give the books a second chance was director David Fincher’s adaptation of GwtDT (in theaters now, by the way). It was dark, suspenseful, and fascinating. What really sold me on the series, though, was Rooney Mara’s take on the titular Lisbeth Salander. Mara gives Lisbeth a quiet edge, and coupled with her scar-like piercings, choppy hair, and bleached eyebrows, a menacing power that manages to encompass all the character’s contradictions. Because when I finally gave in and devoured all three books over the course of about a week, I realized how contradictory Lisbeth really is. She’s a brilliant hacker but almost everyone else sees her as both mentally unstable and stupid. She’s strong, able to overpower men twice her size and weight, but she’s also fragile and easily forced into the role of victim. Her emotions are tightly locked down, but she can’t help connecting to and caring for others that make an effort to help her. Lisbeth is also very androgynous, as if she is a gender unto herself. In Fincher’s movie, Lisbeth goes undercover in several scenes as a woman, and not one person recognizes her. Perhaps the most interesting contradiction is the way Lisbeth must deal with the constant sexism dragging her down and victimizing her. The original title of GwtDT was Men Who Hate Women, after all. Lisbeth is the victim of very violent sexism and has been throughout her whole life, but has this made her sexist too? Does the violence perpetrated against her by certain men make her hate all men indiscriminately? I would argue that while she might be guilty of sexism, she is nowhere near as awful as those men who have hurt her. Lisbeth acts out violently only in self-defense, after provocation, and she does trust certain men. These mysteries are part of the reason Lisbeth is such a compelling character. I never feel like I know exactly who she is, even after three books, three Swedish films, and one American film. The complexity of her character is the challenge, and based on the popularity of the books, many other readers feel the same way I do. I have seen both the Swedish and American takes on GwtDT, and I think that Mara’s take is neither better nor worse than Noomi Rapace’s Lisbeth, but is, to me, at least more representative of what Lisbeth, if she were a real person, would truly be like. There are several reasons Mara’s take works. Mara’s style becomes an extension of her character. Lisbeth is so wounded by what has happened to her in the past that she has armored herself, by way of painful-looking piercings and a style that’s genderless and metallic. It says clearly, “Stay away from me, or I will hurt you.” The way Mara handles the character is vital, because she keeps Lisbeth from being too hard to relate to. Mara manages to show Lisbeth as both vulnerable and brutal, naïve and worldy. Though Mara, Lisbeth can both play with fire and feel for those she tries to keep herself locked away from.







Beyonce and Jay-Z’s firstborn is already causing controversy. The newborn had been the subject of rumors claiming she is one of the Illuminati or possibly Lucifer ’s daughter. Blue Ivy has also had a strain of marijuana named after her.


B.F.A. exhibit at AMC displays Aquinas artists’ talent

By Dale Domer The Saint Reporter

Aquinas seniors Michaela Farley and Jaymes Miller showcased their best work as they welcomed the many family members, faculty and students that came to support the two graduating art seniors. The B.F.A. Gallery exhibition, which took place Sunday, January 15, in the Art and Music Center, was a huge success. The atmosphere was alive with a sense of community that was only made possible by the stunning artwork of Farley and Miller. Pieces included several three dimensional works that provided a nice contrast to the many two dimensional works that occupied space on the gallery walls. Miller, who has spent considerable time working with Professor Kurt Kaiser, claimed the majority of the three dimensional works. Kaiser has been one of Miller ’s greatest inspirations. “He got me into a lot of found object stuff through his 3D course,” said Miller. “He helped me think about using different materials.” Miller ’s work includes the abstract use of cassette tapes, cardboard and even slide images of dental photos. Miller said that he likes to “allow the materials to govern themselves.” His understanding of design and amazing creativity are reflected in his work. His untitled

installation demonstrates his expressive quality as the piece engages the viewer. It comes to life as the unreeled tape that hangs from uniform boxes attached to the ceiling is moved by the gentle breeze as people walk by and look. In contrast, Farley’s focus is in drawing and photography. Her eleven stunning portraits adorn the walls and reveal her skill and creativity. Four are photographs while the remaining seven are charcoal drawDALE DOMER / THE SAINT ings. They each portray Farley’s appreci- No need for 3D glasses: The B.F.A. exhibit lets Aquinas students enrolled in the Bachelors of Fine ation of human form. Arts program present their very best work to the public. “The way she “I was experimenting in my studoes her charcoal drawings, it’s nique. dio and I got Windex on one of my “I take the paper and I gesso it, hard to distinguish the drawings drawings. I tried to wipe it off and it or prime it, and it creates a rough from the photographs,” Kaiser said. When asked how she accomplished texture underneath while making came off perfectly so I started using this, Farley responded, “I started off the paper stronger. Then I tone the that as my technique.” “People might be surprised that doing pinhole photography. It was entire thing black using charcoal. I this is a student show,” said Dana take Windex and a cloth and rub off the quality of the pinhole photography that brought about my ‘scrub- the charcoal where I want the image Freeman, Aquinas art professor and gallery director. “It has the work of to be.” negatives.’” professional working artists.” When asked how she discovShe went on to explain what ered such an interesting method of she meant by “scrub-negatives” and how she found this distinctive tech- portraiture, she explained,

Rifkin’s Revolution Is Beauty and the demands a commitBeast worth the 3D ment to sustainability price? By Sam Swartout The Saint Reporter Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time: a beautiful young girl whose father gets lost in the woods is held prisoner by a beast in his castle. Belle (the beauty) offers herself in her father’s place and the plot thickens from there on out. Beauty and the Beast was originally released on November 13, 1991, as a Walt Disney Movie. This film almost instantly turned into a classic for children of all ages to enjoy. In its box office earnings around the world, the movie grossed over $403 million. Now, 20 years later, Disney is reCOURTESY WALT DISNEY STUDIOS releasing all of their True love: This one’s a Disney classic, just not in 3D. “classics” in 3D. Is The only time the 3D was recognizable this a good idea? Probably not. It is enwas when Belle was playing with a couraging that Disney is trying to keep flower and the petals blew out towards up with new technologies and that they the crowd. do not want to be left in the dust by all If the 3D is not noticeable, why reof the 3D movies Pixar and other comlease the film that way? Is this a ploy panies are making, but can these movto get more people out to the movies? ies still be called classics if they are in Does Disney think more people will 3D? buy tickets if it is 3D instead of 2D? The idea of re-releasing all of DisThe cons of having Disney Classics ney’s older films is a wonderful idea. re-released in 3D are much higher than Children are still watching the Disney the pros. Making these films into 3D classics today from the comfort of their takes the “class” out of “classics.” Walt own homes. Why not let the kids enjoy Disney did not intend for his movies to actually going to the movies and seeing be altered or changed, especially not their favorite princess or prince on the for the worse. big screen? Although Beauty and the Beast is However, throughout Beauty and one of Disney’s finest, I prefer for the the Beast, the 3D special effects were flowers to stay on the screen and not to hardly noticeable. For instance, in the have to wear face-pinching glasses for scene where Belle and the Beast are 90 minutes. I say keep the classics clasfighting off a pack of wolves, instead of sic. Stick to 2D, Disney. having the wolves leap out at the audience, they stayed static on the screen. A & E Editor Stephanie Giluk

tems.” In this instance the communication regime developed first, as the Internet, and the new energies he disThe world appears to be on the cusses will work in a manner similar verge of a crisis. Oil prices are con- to the Internet. Rifkin is talking about stantly shifting and the economy is an interactive smart grid that both down-spiraling. Quite simply, anar- produces and consumes renewable chy looms near. However, one author energy in much the same way the inhas a plan to save all of humanity–a ternet is able to process data. plan that fits into the sustainable busiRifkin offers explanations as to ness belief at Aquinas College. why the economy fluctuates so easily. Jeremy Rifkin, in his non-fiction He believes that fluctuation occurs novel The Third Industrial Revolution: from oil pricing per barrel, not from How Lateral Power is Transforming En- the stocks or investors. ergy, The Economy, and the World, tells He covers philosophy as well. A all. topic Rifkin conRifkin explains sistently reiterates how the world is is the need for a leaving the Second storyline or narraIndustrial Revolutive in all aspects of tion (also known as politics or sciences. the oil age) and on He points this out the brink of enterseveral times, once ing a new age: the in the second chapThird Industrial ter when discussing Revolution (TIR), some shortcomor the era of reings of President newable energies. Obama’s attempts He predicts these to create renewable new energies to be energy sources: independent from “We are left with a petroleum, natural collection of pilot gas, nuclear power, projects and siloed etc. programs, none Throughout of which connects the book, Rifkin with the others to focuses on a plan tell a compelling called the Five Pilstory of a new ecolars. Essentially, a COURTESY PALGRAVE MACMILLAN nomic vision for TIR cannot occur Apocalypse now: Rifkin plans ahead. the world.” unless all pillars There is a sigare completed. The pillars are: shift- nificant amount of science fiction ocing to renewable energy; transform- curring within this nonfiction. Rifkin ing building infrastructures to mini- paints the perfect picture of a utopian power plants; deploying hydrogen world in which the poor and rich are storage technologies in every build- on equal footing due to the easy acing; creating an energy smart grid cess of renewable energy sources. similar to the internet; and change the Also, in the middle of the book, a few transport systems to electric plugs in daydreams occur with the creation of vehicles. a manmade Pangaea with deep ocean Rifkin emphasizes how impor- rail systems connecting the contitant it is for both communications and nents. energy sources to adapt and change Rifkin’s TIR is a must read for together. He says “…they [commu- anyone wanting to witness the birth nication regimes] are the mechanism of a new era, or, more specifically, the that manages the flow of activity birth of the Third Industrial Revolumade possible by new energy sys- tion. By George Van Den Driessche The Saint Reporter


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NCAA: Syracuse ranked first in the nation

Hockey: Aquinas accepted into MCHC for 2012-13 season

NFL: Weekend Championship games set

The Syracuse Orange are on top of the AP Top 25 poll receiving 60 first place votes. The Orange are 19-0 and are 6-0 in the Big East. Elsewhere, four Big Ten teams are ranked in the top 15 with Ohio State ranked fifth in the country. Michigan State and Illinois lead the conference, with both teams boasting 4-1 Big Ten records.

Aquinas was granted full membership by the Michigan Collegiate Hockey Conference during the league’s winter meeting. Gaining acceptence into a conference was the final step for Aquinas to establish an official hockey program. The Saints will be in the MCHC West Division and compete against the likes of Calvin, Hope and Davenport.

Only four teams remain on the road to the Super Bowl as the conference championship games are set. This Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens will travel to Foxboro to play the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship. Later in the day, the New York Giants will head west to face the San Francisco 49rs for the NFC Championship.

Sick of the Saints in action over SEC winter break

dan meloy | sports editor

“And Alabama are kings of college football.” The moment those words left Mike Tirico’s mouth a sharp ringing sensation entered my ear. It’s not that I am against Alabama. On the contrary, I love the ESPN “Roll Tide” commercials and often I find myself saying that joyful phrase throughout the day. My problem is, well, I have an SEC problem, and a major one at that. Now it may seem odd to hate an entire conference (if the word “hate” puts you off, just replace that with “passionate despisal”) but I just do. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just cannot wrap my arms around Dixie being the best at college football. The Southeastern Conference has won the last six National Championships in college football and there are plenty of good reasons why we probably will be talking about number seven next year. But I don’t necessarily despise the SEC because of their success on the gridiron, even though that plays a huge part in it all. Rather, it seems that the SEC goes against everything the Big Ten, the beloved conference for all Midwesterners, stands for and for the most part they get away with it. Let’s start with the weather. It is no wonder that the best athletes in the country want to go to school in the South. It’s nice down there. Imagine you are a star athlete and you got to pick anywhere you wanted to go to school. You can go to a place like Wisconsin where it snows in October and you will be lucky to wear shorts past September, or you can go to a place like Florida where the pool is always open and it is a sunny 80 degrees outside. The SEC has an inherent recruiting edge over the rest of the country because it is nice outside all the time. That’s great to draw kids to come to your school from far away, but what about home grown talent? Well... Schools in the South get to play football year-round. Whether it be the ability to practice outside or the ultra-extreme of Texas where they have a fall, winter and spring football league (because who doesn’t want to win 12 state championships in one sport?), the fact is kids down South have the ability to play football year round. Students in the North focus on multiple activities growing up like football, basketball, band, student newspaper or hockey. In the South there is one main activity-football. Hey, if you are only going to do one thing, might as well do that one thing well. Maybe this is a little Big Ten envy flowing in me, but I much prefer schools and students to focus on multiple events and activities and try to create wellrounded student-athletes. Oh, speaking of that whole student part of the equation, perhaps the biggest reason why I despise the SEC is for this simple reason: The Big Ten on average are better schools than the SEC. According to the most recent U.S. News college and university rankings, the Big Ten on average ranks head and shoulders above SEC schools in terms of quality of education. Call me old-fashioned, but I like college with my college athletics. But above all, above their nice weather, above the fact that for the most part the SEC only cares about one sport and above that when it comes to academics the Big Ten is clearly superior to the SEC, perhaps the biggest reason why I hate the SEC is that everyone else seems to be in love with them. The SEC has a contract with CBS to broadcast their games. As a result of that, everytime you turn on CBS another sportscaster is on the air talking about how the SEC is the greatest thing since sliced bread. That would be all fine and dandy if it was not for the fact that ESPN, the selfproclaimed “worldwide leader in sports” does the same exact thing. I swear, if I have to hear Kirk Herbstreit tell me how the SEC is the strongest conference in the country one more time a large object will be flying through my television screen. It will not be pretty. So this year I shall make a resolution. Beside rooting for my favorite teams I will do my part to root against the conference I do not much care for. In 2012 any team can win the nationial title. But dear God please don’t let it be an SEC team.






The Aquinas College men’s basketball team will try to recover from a loss to #4 Davenport by hosting Madonna tonight at the Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center at 7:30 p.m.

Party like it is 1999 Lions make it to the playoffs for the first time in 12 years but fall to the Saints 45-24 By Sam Swartout The Saint Reporter


Face off: Senior forward Jo e Powers stares down a Calvin defender. Powers and the rest of men’s basketball team went 3-2 over break. By Dan Meloy Sports Editor While students were relaxing over break after a grueling series of exams, Aquinas athletes were still hard at work competing over the holiday season. Here is a rundown of how the Saints fared over winter break. Men’s basketball Right before Christmas, men’s basketball competed in the St. Xavier Holiday Classic in Chicago. The Saints opened against Saint Ambrose University. Aquinas was even with the Fighter Bees at the end of the first half, but Saint Ambrose pulled away in the second half for a 76-68 win. In their next game, Aquinas fell behind early to Columbia College and did not recover. They fell 66-57. However, the Saints would not leave the tournament empty handed, as Aquinas beat conference foe Siena Heights University 71-58. Junior guard Ken Gordon led the Saints with 15 points. Following the tournament, Aquinas won a pair of Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference games against UM-Dearborn and once again over Siena Heights University. The Saints were in control of both games that were well in hand by halftime. Following a win last Wednesday over Concordia and heart-breaking loss to crosstown rival Davenport last Saturday, the Saints are 9-11 and 5-3 in the WHAC. Women’s basketball The Aquinas College women’s basketball team had a very successful win-

ter break, winning two of their three games over the holiday season. The Saints hosted Trinity International University on Dec. 17 and defeated the Trojans 73-67. Freshman guard Allison Heberlein and junior guard Taelor Sanders led the Saints with 14 points apiece. On Jan. 4 the Saints throttled UMDearborn 86-58. Four Saints scored in double digits in a game that was never close. Aquinas shot for a staggering 52 percent in the game and thoroughly dominated the Wolves. Next, Aquinas traveled to Adrian to face a much tougher Siena Heights University team. Aquinas kept it close, only trailing by three at the half, but in the second half Siena Heights began to pull away, winning the game 75-60. Since returning from break the Saints have dropped games to Concordia and Davenport, both of which are in the Top 10 nationally. Aquinas is 11-8 and 4-4 in the WHAC. Indoor track and field At the beginning of break, both the men’s and women’s indoor track and field teams competed in the Grand Valley State Open. Senior Rumeal McKinney won the 60-meter dash with a time of 6.83 seconds. Senior Caitlyn Bonney finished second in the 600-meter run with a time of 1 minute, 44.05 seconds. On January 6, both the men’s and women’s teams faced Calvin College in a duel meet. The men won 60-47 while the women also won 61-44. Both teams will run at the Mike Lints Open in Allendale on January 20.

Bama rolls while Spartans and Wolverines claim bowl victories By Brian Kalchik The Saint Reporter This bowl season has been one of the more memorable postseasons in recent memory, with amazing individual and team performances, as well as some shocking moments that have made us scratch our heads. Here are some memorable moments from this bowl season BCS National ChampionshipAlabama 21-LSU 0: Behind the strong running of Trent Richardson and perhaps one of the all-time greatest college defenses, Alabama topped Louisiana State to win the National Championship. Alabama not only shut out LSU, but absolutely dominated them, not allowing the LSU offense to cross midfield until late in the fourth quarter. Alabama avenged an early season overtime loss to LSU to claim the school’s 14th National Championship. Alamo Bowl- Baylor 67-Washington 55: If you are a fan of defense, the Alamo Bowl was not the game for you. Baylor running back Terrence Ganaway scored five touchdowns to upstage Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III as Baylor completed a historic season for their program. Rose Bowl- Oregon 45-Wisconsin 37: Both offenses combined for over 1,000 total yards as Oregon’s speed outlasted Wisconsin’s size and strength in this year’s Rose Bowl. Wisconsin had a chance to tie the game late in the fourth quarter, but poor time management by the Badgers led to Oregon sealing the win for the Pac-12.

Sports Editor Dan Meloy

Capital One Bowl- Michigan State 33-Georgia 30: Michigan State defeated Georgia 33-30 in triple overtime to claim the Capital One Bowl. The Spartans overcame a 16-0 halftime deficit to outscore Georgia 33-14 during the second half and three overtime periods. Quarterback Kirk Cousins and a host of other seniors capped off their careers with Michigan State’s first bowl win since 2003.

Sugar Bowl- Michigan 23-Virginia Tech 20: Both teams were questioned as to whether they deserved to be in a BCS game, but Michigan proved that they belonged as the Wolverines topped Virginia Tech 23-20 in overtime in the Orange Bowl. The Michigan defense and special teams dominated the Hokies, claiming Michigan’s first BCS bowl game since 2006.


With a winning regular season record of 10-6, the Detroit Lions were able to secure their place in the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs. This was the first time since 1999 that the Lions have made the playoffs. Helping to lead the team to victory was quarterback Matthew Stafford, who threw for 5,038 yards and 41 touchdowns. Leading the team in rushing were running backs Jahvid Best and Kevin Smith. Best had 390 yards and two touchdowns, while Smith had 356 yards and four touchdowns. Also leading the team in receiving were wide receivers Calvin Johnson and Brandon Pettigrew. Johnson had 96 receptions for 1,681 yards and 16 touchdowns, while Pettigrew had 83 receptions for 777 yards and five touchdowns. Johnson was also the only Lion to be chosen to play in the Pro Bowl on January 29 in Hawaii. However, due to an injury, he will not be able to make his appearance in the game. The Lions finished their regular season strong winning three of their last four games. In their December 11 home game against the Minnesota Vikings, the Lions came out on top with a 34-28 win. Throughout the game, the Lions were able to maintain the lead and finish strong. The following week, the team traveled to Oakland for a nail-biting game. The Lions were able to secure the win in the final minute of the game,

Red Wings begin 2012 on the right foot By George Van Den Driessche The Saint Reporter The Detroit Red Wings enter 2012 second in the Central Division and fifth overall in the NHL with a record of 2815-1. Detroit started January with a 5-4 victory over the Dallas Stars on the road. The Wings played three more road games, falling 4-3 to the Toronto Maple Leafs, beating the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 in overtime, and concluding the road series with a 5-1 loss to the New York Islanders. Next, the Wings hosted a two game home series, first playing the Phoenix Coyotes and then the Blackhawks. Phoenix fell to Detroit in an exciting shoot out, 3-2. The next game versus the Blackhawks would also enter overtime where the Wings topped Chicago 3-2. Pavel Datsyuk leads the team in assists with 33 and has 13 goals so far this season. Johan Franzen leads the team in goals with 17 and also has 20 assists. Other team leaders are Henrik Zetterburg with eight goals and 24 assists and Valtteri Filppula with 15 goals and 22 assists. Protecting the Wings net has been a dual effort by Jimmy Howard and Ty Conklin. Howard is 26-10-1 on the season, facing 987 shots and only allowing 75 goals. Conklin is 2-5-0 this season after facing 214 shots and only allowing 24 goals. The Wings currently sit in third place behind Chicago and St. Louis in the Central Division with 57 points which puts them fifth in the Western Conference. Detroit plays Pheonix tommorow night at 9 p.m.

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winning 28-27. On Christmas Eve the Lions faced off against Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers. Detroit dominated the first half, shutting out the Chargers until the third quarter. In a blowout the Lions won 38-10. In the final game of the regular season the Lions travel to Lambeau Field to play against the Green Bay Packers and backup quarterback Matt Flynn. This was an extremely close game, with both teams matching the other score for score. After a controversial call that cancelled a late Detroit touchdown, the Lions lost their last regular season game 41-45. Despite their final loss, the Lions were amped up and ready to take on the New Orleans Saints in the wildcard round of the playoffs. Detroit took control of the first half of the game with a halftime score of 14-10 the Lions seemed on their way to another win. However, in the second half, the Lions’ playoff dreams faded away. In a key play, the Saints fumbled the ball and the Lions recovered and ran the ball back to the end zone for an apparent touchdown. However, the officials had blown the play dead and did not allow for the Lions to recover and run the ball. Detroit never recovered from this set back and fell apart as the Saints rolled to a 45-24 victory. Although the 2012 playoff run for the Detroit Lions was not long, it has given fans hope and a dream that one day soon the Lombardi Trophy will be in Detroit.

Pistons stalling out of the gates By Brian Kalchik The Saint Reporter The Detroit Pistons have had a slow start to this shortened NBA season, posting a 3-10 record, one of the worst records in the league. Detroit kicked off with three straight losses, losing to the Indiana Pacers, Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. The Pistons rebounded with two consecutive wins over the Pacers and the Orlando Magic. However, three straight losses have sent the Pistons in a spiral and to the bottom of the Central Division. With no Piston averaging more than 17 points per game, it is hard to find one true scorer to help lead Detroit every game. Some Pistons who have been performing well are center Greg Monroe, who is averaging 16 points and nine rebounds per game. Ben Gordon is averaging 14 points and three assists per game after taking Richard Hamilton’s spot on the starting lineup. Rookie Brandon Knight is averaging 12 points per game which is good, considering there was a shortened training camp where the rookies were not able to learn the ins and outs of the game. This has to be considered a rebuilding year for the Pistons. With the team being sold to a new owner and first year Head Coach Lawrence Frank trying to clean up internal problems from last year, expect more of the same for the Pistons this year. The Pistons face the Minnesota Timberwolves tonight at 8:00 p.m. as they look to climb out from the bottom of the Central Divison.

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