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Blackfish Reporter Paige Graham reviews the sobering documentary.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013 Volume 33, Issue 4

Fall break must be the holy grail Jay-Z was talking about.

Still waiting

>>NEWS Writing Center | 2 The Aquinas writing center is newly improved and looking to aid students in the writing process.

Detroit | 3 Staff Writer Chuck Hyde takes a look at the current financial state of the city.

>>CULTURE Gravity | 5 Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Giluk reviews the gripping space thriller.

Diane Birch | 5 Staff Writer Carly Plank tells you all you need to know about this soulful singer.

>>SPORTS Detroit Tigers | 8 The Saint gets you the latest on the Tigers.

Nicci Thomas | 8 Staff Writer Chuck Hyde interviews the senior volleyball player about her time at Aquinas.

The United States government is at a standstill as the two parties struggle to compromise By Nathan Gimby Staff Writer The shutdown of nonessential government functions continued into its third week on Monday as lawmakers failed to reach a resolution on reopening the government or extending the debt ceiling during weekend negotiations. The U.S. stock market dropped Monday morning amidst investor fears of a U.S. default. Financial analysts and legislators alike have expressed concern that failure to resolve the debt ceiling and increase the amount the government can borrow by Thursday’s deadline could potentially result in a global financial recession, The Washington Post reports. As the October 17 deadline for the federal debt ceiling approaches, both Democrat and Republican leaders have claimed “progress” toward a deal but no agreeable resolutions have yet emerged. However, Senators on both sides of the aisle are reportedly optimistic that a deal can be reached before Thursday when the federal government will exceed its borrowing limit. Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) were in talks as of Monday and are reportedly hammering out the most promising bipartisan solution yet to come to the table. However, their meeting to present the deal at the White House scheduled for 3 p.m. Monday was postponed “to allow leaders in the Senate time to continue making important progress,” according to CNN. The framework for the plan Reid and McConnell are negotiating would lift the debt ceiling until February 15 and reopen and finance the government until January 15, a congressional aide told the New York Times.

Miley Time Miley Cyrus’ muchanticipated Bangerz released By Paris Close Culture Editor This year, we applaud Miley Cyrus for two reasons, but neither of which are for this album. The first is for surprisingly making herself more relevant than Justin Bieber, and the second is for entertaining America with what little dancing skills she has. After much expectation for the singer’s fourth studio album, the overrated Bangerz will have you begging for a refund. Wi t h s u c c e s s f u l s i n g l e s “ We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” the expectations for Bangerz seemed to be fairly high, but while my loyalty to Cyrus remains unshaken, I cannot give Hannah Montana a pass for such an artless and embarrassing record as Bangerz. I m p r e s s i ve l y t h o u g h , C y r u s managed to snag big names in hiphop: Nelly, Big Sean and Future, to name a few cameos. It’s a shame, though, how none of her features could save her from plummeting into the pits of predestined humiliation. “SMS (Bangerz),” featuring Britney Spears, carries a simple club beat that sounds at least a decade after its time, and with playschool lyrics like: “You know I’m on that meow/ Quick to scratch your eyes out,” the track is hardly considered “banger” material. Even after several spins, “4x4” and “FU,” featuring French Montana, bring absolutely nothing to this record. The former has a chorus which sounds extracted from a

Red Wings | 7

nursery rhyme and the latter exposes Cyrus’ poor pitch and inability to collaborate with rappers coherently. More of the singer’s failed attempts at showcasing her rap skills can be heard in “Do My Thang” and “Love Money Party,” featuring Big Sean. Although this is not her most gilded record, it is not entirely hopeless. There is one thing I can appreciate about this album: the ballads. I know you’re probably thinking, “What the heck? I can’t twerk to that!” I feel your pain, but just listen to a few of her slower jams. Aside from “Wrecking Ball,” “A d o r e Yo u ” k e e p s t h e l i s t e n e r in a state of emotional suspense, and Cyrus alludes to her passive relationship with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth in “Rooting for My Ba b y . ” Ca r rying on the custom, “Drive” endorses the same troubling narrative with lyrics: “You told me that you wanted this/ I told you it was all yours/ If you’re done with it/ Then what you say forever for?” Hopefully, for our sake more than hers, this will be Cyrus’ final attempt at approaching an urban sound. Her efforts were “cute,” and have been noted, but nonetheless not well received. Ironically, the slower tunes were the real bangers on the album, but the other tracks stoop to a level of awkwardness that would even offend Riff Raff.

While the Senate deal is still developing, details released thus far indicate that a delay of the medical device tax and individual mandate to purchase health insurance imposed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are not on the table, according to Bloomberg News. This is expected to make the Senate plan difficult to sell to House Republicans, especially those with Tea-Party affiliation. Details released by the Washington Post indicate some concessions on the ACA within the Senate plan, such as new safeguards to ensure citizens receiving federal subsidies are eligible, COURTESY IBTIMES but none approaching the drastic demands No parks here: National parks everywhere have been indefinitely closed during the government m a d e b y m o r e shutdown. conservative House been brought back to work, such as most attempts to defund Obamacare through Republicans. of the Pentagon’s 350,000 workers and threats of default. But whoever is This partial shutdown, the first to 800 employees of the Federal Aviation ultimately at fault, both parties are occur in 17 years, is mainly the result of Administration, most national parks, experiencing less and less public disagreements between the Republican museums, federal buildings and services approval as the shutdown continues. controlled House and Democratic Senate remained closed as of Monday and the A poll conducted by the over funding for the 2010 health care law. Center for Disease control is operating Washington Post and ABC found that A federal budget could not be agreed at limited capacity, according to BBC 74 percent of Americans disapproved upon by October 1, the beginning of the News. of the Republican Party’s handling government’s fiscal year, resulting in the President Obama has criticized of budget negotiations while 61 shutdown of non-essential functions and House Republicans for manipulating percent disapproved of congressional leaving thousands of federal workers on the debt crisis to gain concessions on Democrats. The president suffered the unpaid furlough. the ACA, and even Republican Senators least negative impact, with only 53 While some federal employees have such as John McCain have condemned percent disapproval.

World news

By Yashowanto Ghosh The Saint Reporter

AZERBAIJAN – Azerbaijan held presidential elections on Wednesday, October 9. Their election commission had announced the results o n Tu e s d a y , O c t o b e r 8: the incumbent, President Ilham Aliyev, had won with 73 percent of the vote. The official results, released Thursday, October 10, showed President A l i ye v w i n n i n g w i t h almost 85 percent of the vote, with the secondplaced candidate receiving under six percent. President Aliyev’s family has g o ve r n e d A z e r b a i j a n since the time when the country was part of the Soviet Union. BANGLADESH – On Tuesday, October 9, yet another Greenpeace: Artic Sunrise, the Greenpeace ship, was f i r e i n a g a r m e n t causing a national uproar. factory just outside the capital, Dhaka, killed taken two turns for the worse in the 10 people. In November 2012, a last two weeks: on Friday, October garment factory fire had killed over 4, everyone who was on the ship was 100. In April 2013, a garment factory charged with piracy. On Wednesday, building in a different part of the October 9, Russia said narcotics outskirts of Dhaka had collapsed, had been found on the ship. The killing over 1,000. The garment captured ship’s crew consists of 30 i n d u s t r y i n B a n g l a d e s h m o s t l y people from 18 countries around employs women, earns about $20 the world. Its captain is Peter H. billion a year from exports, and had Willcox, an American citizen who been accused of neglecting safety wa s a l s o c a p t a i n o f G r e e n p e a c e measures. fleet’s flagship, Rainbow Warrior, RUSSIA – The drama around the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, seized by authorities after it protested drilling for oil in Barents Sea, has

when it was bombed and sunk by French agents in 1985.

SWEDEN – Canadian writer Alice Munro, acclaimed master of short fiction,


recently seized by Russian authorities, has won the 2013 Nobel Prize in literature. The prize in chemistry went to Martin Karplus, Michael L e v i t t , a n d A r i e h Wa r s h e l ; t h e prize in physics to Peter Higgs (as predicted by Dr. Sheldon Cooper in a 2012 episode of The Big Bang Theory) and Francois Englert; the prize in medicine to James E. Rothman, Randy W. Scheckman, and Thomas C. Südhof; and the prize in peace to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The prize in economics went to Chicago professors Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen.






Aquinas: Residence Life promises a good scare

Grand Rapids: Caffeinated talks about Starbucks heat up

National: Raising the bar for the G.E.D. exam

World: Noble Peace Prize awarded to anti-weapon group

Prepared to be scared yet again this year as Residence Life takes on a favorite Halloween tradition. St. Joe’s residence hall will be holding Haunted Hall Asylum on Halloween, Thursday, October 31, from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

A proposition for a new drive-thru Starbucks on Michigan Ave on the edge of medical mile is being deemed problematic. The Grand Rapids Planning Commission argues that the new drivethru only facility does not meet the needs of the area. The fear of more traffic congestion may hold back the project.

Starting in January 2014, the high school equivalency exams will be revamped, aligning with the notoriously rigorous Common Core program. The test will also see a spike in fees causing major concern among educators. Officials worry that the test will become too difficult and expensive for drop outs and immigrants to take.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last week. The group is responsible for destroying Syrian chemical weapons programs that were secretly run during their war.

Be nice! laura farrell |news editor As a senior, I know just about every way possible to distract myself from homework. Netflix, failed Pinterest recipes, frustrating rounds of Candy Crush, pumpkin carving, Meijer runs, and celebrity twitter rants are just the few of the ways I attempt to procrastinate everything on my to-do list just a little bit more. My latest obsession is Buzzfeed. For those of you who do not yet know the glory that is Buzzfeed, it is a one stop shop for all things viral. It is a hub for media and culture and covers a wide range of news, entertainment and life topics. For instance, clearly the most important part of October is the 13 nights of Halloween on ABC Family. And the best movie: Hocus Pocus. Buzzfeed could not agree more, hence their list of 13 fascinating things you did not know about the movie. Yes, I wish Leonardo DiCaprio would have taken the part too. In my opinion, this is the college student’s best option for fulfilling procrastination. Honestly though, my favorite part of Buzzfeed is the heartwarming snippets of stories about amazing citizens across the world. Lists of “things that will restore your faith in humanity” never fail to have me bawling like a baby. The other day, I read a touching article on Buzzfeed. The story spotlighted fellow Michigander Dan Dewey, a man who understands both the struggle of cancer treatments and the deliciousness of a good latte. Dewey’s father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had to go through chemotherapy treatments at a cancer center. Dewey started asking his dad if he wanted some coffee during his treatment, and eventually started asking other patients in the facility the same. His father unfortunately passed away in 2008, but his coffee trips never stopped. He has only missed one week since 2006. He continues the weekly coffee runs for two cancer treatment facilities and buys over 90 cups a week. It’s no secret that a cup of Starbucks can easily eat up your wallet. When word first got out about Dewey’s caffeinated thoughtfulness, touched neighbors and friends raised a couple thousand dollars for him. There are so many parts of your day that can just go plain wrong. You miss your alarm, you get cut off on your way to work, you forget your homework on the printer. Our lists could go on and on, especially in the week before fall break. So, it becomes those little acts of kindness that end up making your day. Whether you just witness a good deed or you receive one yourself, you owe to that person and yourself to take that good deed with you. Do not just let the compassion stay in that moment, carry it with you. Pe o p l e q u e s t i o n i f t h e r e i s such a thing as a selfless act. Well, Dan Dewey answers that question. His coffee runs of happiness are unprecedented, he doesn’t ask or need recognition, and certainly the financial end of it can’t be easy for him. At a rec en t e ve n t , co m e d i a n Amy Poehler was honored for her work with the Worldwide Oprhans Organization. In true Poehler style, she joked about the other benefits of being nice: “[Good deeds are] really selfish, and it feels good. It feeds your ego.” There are endless opportunities to be nice, even if you can’t throw done your pay check at Starbucks. And Amy is right, you will feel all the better for it. Win-win. I truly commend all of the students and faculty participating in service learning trips next week. I commend those who participated in Into the Streets, and those behind the Be Nice AQ campaign. Let’s make Aquinas’ campus the campus of paying it forward, the campus of being nice. So here’s to some more procrastinating in the final few days of the quadmester folks.

Affordable health care

Write away AQ writing center looks to aid students and faculty By Mayra Monroy Staff Writer Located in Lower Wege, Aquinas College’s very own Writing Center has many of services to offer the student body. Writing centers are become more common on college campuses around the nation. The Writing Center offers a variety of services that provide students with academic support and consulting at various locations with hours of operation. “The Writing Center has been operating f o r o f f i c i a l l y f i v e ye a r s a n d i n the past two years, it has grown

President Obama’s health plan now set in motion

students will find consultants waiting to provide help and skilled service. Contrary to popular belief, the Writing Center offers their services to all of campus, providing feedback and support to the entire Aquinas student body. Endorsed by professors and staff, the Writing Center is a great place to seek support and advice about writing in any subject. Both locations offer the same services with equal convenience and free to all that wish to use it. Another thing that the Writing Center offers is employment. For students interested in working


IS DUE TO THE STUDENT DEMAND FOR INCREASED WRITING SUPPORT>> dramatically,” said Writing Center Coordinator Julie Bevins. The Writing Center began in the basement of AB with originally just a few professors and occasional hours. It had finally found a home in lower Wege. The last academic year was the first time that the Writing Center was open in the lower Wege, providing convenient hours of operation to students. “Much of this growth is due to the student demand for increased writing support. There’s a deepening investment in the culture of writing across campus,” said Bevins. Along with the center in lower Wege, the Writing Center provides convenience in another location, the Satellite Center. With another location located in the library, Writing Center consultants are available to students during a set night and weekends hours. When walking into the library,

for the Writing Center, they are encouraged to acquire a spot in the Writing Center Theory & Practice course taught by Gretchen RumohrVoskuil. This course, only offered in the fall, trains students to become consultants and seek employment in the Writing Center. Students can get into this class by recommendation only and the course is highly competitive. Students are welcomed to stop in the center during their hours, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Mondays and Thursday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. on Tuesdays, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Wednesdays, and 10 a.m.2:30 p.m. on Fridays. The Satellite Center hours are Mondays from 7 p.m.-9 p.m., Wednesdays from 6 p.m.-8 p.m., Saturdays from 2 p.m.-5 p.m. and Sundays from 3 p.m.-5 p.m. and 6 p.m.-10 p.m.


Health care: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden celebrate the House passing the health care reform bill. By Laura Farrell News Editor There is no doubt that the Affordable Health Care Act, or Obamacare, has raised questions and caused confusion in Americans. As proven by various polls and the Jimmy Kimmel show, most people are not aware that the Affordable Health Care Act and Obamacare are in fact, the same thing. The bill has been down a long and tumultuous road, but it was passed on October 1, 2013, with a plethora of mixed emotions. The government shutdown has not aided in resolving uneasy issues with Americans, but there are facts that citizens should know about the act as soon as possible. The health care act extends health care to all Americans and in fact requires coverage. Besides extended coverage, the bill requires insurance companies to not turn down applicants because of preexisting conditions. There are also no more lifetime caps on

coverage, and doctor, hospital and maternity visits are now covered. If you already have health insurance, the new bill will probably not impact you. Young people can also remain covered on their parents insurance until they turn 26. If you currently do not have health insurance, the window to sign up for insurance started October 1, 2013, and will end on March 31, 2014. The website provided for people to sign up for coverage has notably been overloaded with hits and has not been working properly in the first few days of the coverage. With the government remaining at a standstill, we can surely expect more arguments and debates to come from officials on Obamacare. As far as financial disadvantages and advantages for individuals, time will tell based on state plans. Many aspects in health care insurance are changing and it will now be important to stay up to date. More information can be found at

Living Learning Community spotlight:

Knape Hall

their sights set on a bigger target as well. “We’re trying to raise awareness throughout Next up in the spotlight series the Grand Rapids community on the LLCs at Aquinas is Knape as well, not just Aquinas,” said Hall, located on the edge of Burnett. campus on Woodward Avenue Their upcoming work in between Woodcock Hall and with Gilda’s Club, located Meier Hall. off Bridge Street in Grand This year, the Aquinas College Rapids, will focus on creating Knape House LLC is busy a supportive environment spreading awareness during the for cancer patients and month of October. The Cancer survivors. Knape members Awareness LLC, also known as hope to spread AQ support “Saints for AQure,” is a dynamic to local community members house of 17 women in pursuit of struggling with the effects of awareness and cancer prevention. cancer, in one way or another. Sophomore Knape Hall Resident “Everyone in the house has Assistant Courtney Burnett been affected in some way [by heads the busy LLC. “We want cancer], so meeting someone to raise awareness through the else who [understands] is Aquinas community to show going to be cool, being able to everyone how it affects people,” help them in ways that people said Burnett. have helped me. It’s nice to With such a high number make that connection,” said of students living in the house, Burnett. Help support the the collaborative LLC intends Cancer Awareness LLC in to bring the serious problem their events throughout the of cancer and its effects to the year. Students should keep community through several an eye out for the Saints for COURTESY AQUINAS COLLEGE events. The Cancer Awareness AQure’s upcoming event, the LLC calendar includes a Relay AQure: Knape Hall will be the home to the Cancer Awareness LLC this school year. “pink out” soccer game taking for Life event that is anticipated place October 16 at 4 p.m. at for this upcoming spring. The LLC will to cancer patients and survivors. Knape awareness. the Aquinas soccer field. also get to work with Gilda’s Club, a Hall is also planning “pink out” Aquinas Not only are the LCC members trying local organization that provides support soccer game in the name of breast cancer to raise awareness on campus, they have

By Mayra Monroy Staff Writer

News Editor Laura Farrell E-mail

Phone (616) 632-2975





Detroit drama

Service learning helps out

The financially ailing city looks to create a plan quickly

Six fall break service learning trips take AQ students all over to lend a hand By Laura Farrell News Editor One of the staples of fall and spring breaks has become the service learning trips that send AQ students around the country and world. This fall break is no different with six trips and a variety of work that will be done. N a z a r e t h F a r m a n d B e t h l e h e m Fa r m Although these are two separate trips, they are geographically very close. Senior Leah Nawrocki will lead the Nazareth Farm and her twin sister Lindy Nawrocki and Alicia Halberg will lead Bethlehem Farm. Focusing on MARISSA KUNKEL / THE SAINT s u s t a i n a b i l i t y , t h e s e Helping in Philly: Students from last fall’s service trip enjoy company with the elderly at a t w o t r i p s w i l l w o r k Philadelphia senior center. in the community and promoting eco-friendly habits. will be doing service on the land, to the mountainous areas between and studying the culture. Haiti and the Dominican Republic Maine to perform medical clinics. The Lead by sophomore Alan Lally nonprofit organization FUMSIL and seniors Madison Gabriel and Philadelphia will greatly benefit from AQ’s help Lydia Hansen, the Maine trip Leading the trip to Philadelphia next week. group will head to the eastern will be junior Marissa Kunkel “Service learning trips are so outdoors. The group aims to work and junior Arielle Rios alongside important because it not only creates at the Acadia National Park, but their faculty advisor Director of a community, it opens your eyes that remains to be seen with the Campus Life Tim Ramsey. “We t o t h e w o r l d a r o u n d y o u , ” s a i d shutdown. Nevertheless, the group will be working alongside literacy Bevins. will be performing manual labor on programs, thrift shops, and other Lally, leader of the Maine trip the coastline. local non-profits,” said Kunkel. The adds, “I think service learning trips group is looking to connect with the are an important “hands on” type S o u t h D a k o ta people of Philadelphia. of learning that everyone should try T h i s ye a r , n i n e s t u d e n t s w i l l to take part of before they graduate head to the Pine Ridge Reservation. Dominican Republic from AQ.” Leaders Victoria Zalokar and As the only fall international trip, Good luck and safe travels to the G a b r i e l l a C i c c a n t e l l i w i l l g u i d e the Dominican Republic destination members of fall service learning t h e g r o u p t o “ e x p l o r e t h e l a n d , has become a staple for AQ service. 2013. read devotionals, and meet Native Senior Katie Bevins and junior Jake Americans,” said Zalokar. The group Eccelston will be leading the group

Mount Trashmore makes its mark on Wege Plaza


Abandoned: The once flourishing Packard Automotive Plant sits empty in Detroit. Many properties like the Packard Plant remain an eyesore to the once bustling manufacturing city. By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer A once-flourishing city, Detroit has been down on its luck in recent decades as auto companies and other businesses have pulled out to find better locations. As Detroit declined even further, the city’s mayor, Dave Bing, along with Detroit’s city council, entered into negotiations with Michigan governor Rick Snyder for state-sponsored aid for the city. Even this was not enough, causing Detroit to file for the largest municipal bankruptcy in the country’s history. Kevyn Orr was appointed emergency manager of the city, but was unable to negotiate with creditors to lower the city’s debt. Now the entire city is gearing up for a bankruptcy trial set to begin on October 23. Wednesday, October 9, Snyder was brought in to answer questions concerning the financial crisis under oath, reports the Detroit Free Press. This is highly unusual, with Snyder being possibly the only governor ever called in to testify in a bankruptcy case. When asked to comment on the situation, Aquinas political science

professor Donald Roy had much to say on the topic. He believes that the situation has more to do with abandonment than corruption or poor financial decisions. Much of the wealth that was once present in the city has moved to the suburbs, leaving Detroit to deteriorate. “Emergency managers who engage in dictatorial decision making from the top down rarely change a city,” said Roy. Roy believes that the only solution to the financial situation is to persuade competent and passionate people to take on roles in local government and change the system from within. Many would agree with him. According to the Detroit Free Press, many union leaders and retirees suspect that Snyder and Orr’s bankruptcy plans are designed to benefit political goals of the governor involving spending. ABC reports that there are still hefty pension and healthcare benefits in place from before the city lost twenty-five percent of its population in the last thirteen years. The state and city must work with the federal courts to sort out the plan for Detroit’s bankruptcy starting later this month. A final plan must be put in place by March 1 2014.

Student senate AQ looks forward to exciting changes and additions By Abigale Racine The Saint Reporter During the student senate meeting hosted on Wednesday, October 9, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Brian Matzke stressed the importance of generosity and he asked the audience to consider those who make sacrifices. Student senate will continue to devote its time and effort to make a difference and provide a voice for the student body, while Aquinas College makes advancements to benefit its students’ learning experience.

The construction of a new chapel will not affect Bukowski Chapel and is expected to be built in proximity to the ravine, close to Bukowski’s current location. The Bukowski Chapel will remain standing and the building will have purpose. While the new role for Bukowski Chapel has not been set in stone yet, Olivarez assured that, “We will use the building for something.” Additionally, new carpets will be installed on the lower floor of The Moose Café during winter break. The most impactful development,

<< Aquinas College is looking into receiving and achieving university status >>


Mount Trashmore: Volunteers sort through various trash from around campus for the first ever Mount Trashmore event that took place on Thursday, October 10. Sponsored by the K House, a Living Learning Community (LLC) focused on sustainability, Mount Trashmore was an idea taken from other schools that aim for sustainability awareness. Volunteers gathered trash from all residence halls and houses. They sorted through the trash, taking out items originally thrown away that could have been recycled, reused or composted. The mountain was hard to miss at Wege Plaza, as was the smell. The message of the event was to be the hardest to miss, however, and is another phenomenal testament to Aquinas’ commitment to serious sustainable practices. News Editor Laura Farrell


Most of the senate’s agenda involved development projects. During the meeting, President Juan Olizarez explained that the school board is prioritizing on six different updates: the addition of Apartment E, the first two floors of the Academic Building, technological a d va n c e m e n t s , i m p r o v i n g We g e Center and building a new science building and chapel. The first apparent upgrade will be the groundbreaking of Apartment E. Groundbreaking will be early November. Apartment E will be a residence for upperclassmen and will be open by the next academic year.

Phone (616) 632-2975


however, may be that Aquinas College is looking into receiving and achieving university status. Before making a firm decision, the school board’s first step involves a three month evaluation that begins with intensive research. “This is a step in the right direction, concerning the updates, and potential updates, that are going to be made to campus,“ said Oliveraz. All Aquinas students and affiliates are welcome to attend student senate meetings, and the next meeting will be hosted at 3 p.m., on Wednesday, November 13 in Upper Wege.

opinion >> FROM THE CROWD


ArtPrize, for bringing super cool art to Grand Rapids for a few weeks; Fall break, for being here right when we need it; The library, for having extended hours; Earth, for having gravity and being a lot less scary than space; Aquinas’ fall sports teams; Oscar season, for providing us with plenty of awesome movies to watch; American Horror Story, for being back in time for Halloween; Miley, for making a sweet album, contrary to popular opinion.



Cancelling the coming out celebrations By Paris Close Culture Editor For minorities, women and various other marginalized peoples, the quest for acceptance and equality in this country is a long-lasting one. Very rarely do we deem relationships between two men or two women as something “normal,” let alone the act of “coming out of the closet” as a natural occurrence, especially in America. Though, nowadays, it seems as if in order to insure our own broadmindedness or hide our guilt, we lionize and congratulate those willing to disclose such secrets to the public. I think this method is highly ineffective and counterproductive to the complete goal of reaching a leveled field amongst all peoples. And so the general question presents itself: Is it really necessary to applaud every individual who “comes out” as openly gay or lesbian? Speaking as a member of the LGBT myself, I can honestly say that I find this to be a backwards approach to reaching such a fair plain. Every year or so, a handful of brave celebrities come out of the

People who are still wearing summer shorts; Pumpkin-smashers, for ruining our Halloween fun; Tree leaves, for not being as beautiful as they should be; Professors, for scheming against us to make everything due on the same day; Social media harassers, for not having the guts to say it to our faces; Robin Thicke, for still being a disgusting person; The Tigers bullpen, for not doing their job.

closet. In turn, they are usually congratulated by fellow superstars and contingent upon their popularity, make appearances on daytime talk shows and are plastered on the covers of tabloids. While such amenities are not always allotted to every individual, the noticeable pattern continues on even to this day. Personally, I do not consider every person’s coming out to be a “celebration.” In fact, to a certain degree, the confession no longer seems like a pivotal moment in American history, as it loses significance over time. I am not suggesting that being an openly gay and successful celebrity in this society isn’t something honorable, but I believe we start to send the wrong message to the rest of the world when we highlight every single public figure or celebrity for such a decision. Understand that my statements regarding the matter at hand are certainly not intended to upset my fellow LGBT brethren, but please be open to approaching said topic at an alternate angle. For example, those same immediate “congratulations” are not

given to straight individuals. Why not? Because being a straight person in this world is assumed and therefore, widely accepted. Being openly straight is considered far more normal than being openly gay, which brings me to my initial argument: Why not reach for the same sense of neutrality? The more we underline gay and lesbian lifestyles as something uncommon the further we push ourselves away from achieving the equivalence that everyone desires and deserves in this world. Speaking only on my behalf, as a man who finds other men attractive, there is nothing I want more than to be recognized as just another human being. I do not see the pertinence in my sexual orientation in relation to my career and character, and wishes it would keep this way. I would much rather prefer to be documented for my work as a journalist, my caring and ambitious nature and as a man whose mother would be proud of her child’s accomplishments, regardless of their sexuality.

Letter to the Editor


MLB announcers, for hating the Tigers;


Questioning the definition of equality By Daniel Luckenbaugh Guest Writer As a political science major, I wonder, Is it just me, or are American men hated? While the Democrats were ignoring sperm and exploiting rape and incest to justify abortion in 2012, I was writing my World in Crisis paper on the East European sex trade. Sexual slavery makes the “war on women” look like bullying on the elementary school playground. It is hell unleashed against women, sheer torture—and includes forced abortions. But only after the election did President Obama join the fight against modern slavery. Talk

about lust for power. Republicans are equally guilty. Rigid Religious Right: quite OCDing over abortion. People who really want something will pursue it even if it is forbidden. Pray and love the broken. Ignoring men except when saying rape or incest is radical feminism—and portraying men as sexually aggressive beasts. Somehow marriage and motherhood are problems for the radicals as well, who seem to think they hold women back—when the family is to society what the cell is to organisms. The radical feminists violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment by elevating women above men. Too few American women are radical feminists to justify the

radicals’ amount of political power. The only thing I can think of for which women are still below men is the wage gap. However, I learned from Foreign Policy magazine that that is a global problem. Radical feminism treats sex as a woman’s right but oppresses men. Btw, know about false accusations of rape? Look up Brian Banks, Darius Hunter, and the 2006 Duke Lacrosse case (which also featured anti-white racism). False accusations and exploitation of rape dehumanize rape survivors—some of whom suffer from PTSD, usually associated with combat veterans. New meaning of “war on women.” Men and women need each other.

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in the digital age By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer For most of recorded history, the wealthy and social elite have caught the attention of the poorer “common folk.” Whether it was their money or their power derived from arbitrary bloodlines or divine claims, they enraptured the lower classes, earning both their affection and envy. Of course, they were largely removed from their daily lives. They would catch glimpses of them occasionally or hear rumors of their actions. The modern age and the prevalence of digital media has changed that. Now the wealthy and famous are the focus of everyone’s attention. We take this fascination and reverence to an entirely new and unhealthy level, letting the lives of these people we’ve never met affect our personal undertakings. We take time out of our schedules to watch reality TV shows and read gossip magazines, wasting our time reading

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about someone else’s life rather than living our own. There are even people that are famous for being famous. They are not actors, businessmen, politicians or musicians. They are merely rich people (often heirs or heiresses) that make fools of themselves and end up in the national press. I think that we worry too much about the lives of everyone but ourselves. A perfect example from recent memory is Miley Cyrus. She has been acting in a way that many consider outrageous and inappropriate, causing an uproar. Honestly, that is why she behaved the way she did. She knew it would get her back into the spotlight, and it has. The same could be said of Lady Gaga, Madonna, or any of the other artists that aim for shock value as a way to attract attention to themselves and their craft. Some try to say that it is just another form of escapism, like art or literature. The only problem is that art or literature don’t involve elevating a person to another level just for their Website

notoriety. Celebrities are not works of art. They are simply people that are richer or more well-known than others. Ultimately, people worry too much about what people whom they don’t even know do with their lives. People worry more about the aforementioned stunt that Cyrus pulled than they do about the state of their own government or the number of children that die during warfare every year. It really transcends to a level of worship in some cases. The American public (and the world, for that matter) seem to forget that these figures are still just people. Gone are the god kings and emperors of ages before us. The digital age should make us realize more than ever that we are all on the same level, but it somehow has just widened the gap.

culture Movies: You will know her name Even though this is the third film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel Carrie, both Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore’s performances promise more suspense and, most importantly, more blood. The supernatural horror flick, starring Moretz in the title role, is slated just in time for fall break on Friday, October 18.




Television: American Horror Story: Coven Premiere

Music: Jo Bros no more?

You’ve seen the ghastly trailers and listened to the creepy music all summer long, and now the season premiere is finally here! Question is, will Coven live up to the hype? Focusing on a clan of witches trying to preserve and protect their coven, season three is set in New Orleans. Tune in on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

“A deep rift within the band” was the supposed cause of the brothers cancelling their 19-date fall tour, said the band’s spokesman Jesse Derris to People. Evidently, an argument took place after a show in St. Paul, Minnesota, regarding the band’s “musical direction.” According to TMZ reports, this could be “the precursor to an official breakup.”



>>Josh hutcherson

The Hunger Games hunk is no stranger to attracting both girls and guys. During an interview with Out, Hutcherson discussed his sexuality, defining himself “100% straight,” at the moment, but doesn’t dismiss the chances of finding another guy attractive.


Gravity delivers a high-octane space odyssey

It’s handled

paris close | culture editor

I want to be more like Olivia Pope. I know my saying this sounds weird but once you watch ABC’s Scandal, better known as Shonda Rhimes’ (the woman behind Grey’s Anatomy) greatest creation, you’ll understand why. Though I wouldn’t necessarily consider this a spoiler, since it’s been running for over a year, I thought I’d dish on my new favorite political thriller series. I know I’m a bit tardy to the party—as I’m just arriving at the peak of the show’s third season—but it merely took two days of devout procrastination to watch both seasons, all 29 episodes. Was it worth it, might you ask? Absolutely. Well aware of the show involving politics, I chose not to participate since I could care less about the matter. Despite the raving things people have said about the series like, “Oh my God, I love it!” or “It’s the best show ever,” I refrained from watching, in which I received the prompt response, “Are you freakin’ crazy?” Little to my knowledge, I was crazy and definitely foolish for depriving myself of such breathtaking television. After nearly 48 hours of sofa-sitting, nail-biting and binging on bags of chips and bottles of Diet Coke, I realized I had an addiction. But this addiction was not with my indulgence of junk food and aspartame (albeit noted) it was with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). I haven’t been this drawn in by politics since…well, ever. But Washington’s unflinching character is probably the boldest I’ve witnessed. Not only does the woman bring vivacity to her signature character, she leaves an astounding impact on the watcher even at the show’s end. That is why Rhimes is more than deserving of acclaim for crafting such sly subplots and assembling an incredible cast to execute them. While some may disagree, Olivia’s makeup is the total package: matriarch and mistress. While the term mistress is hardly endearing, Olivia’s way with managing her somewhat-secret affair with the President of the United States (Tony Goldwyn) while preserving the title as empress of her own crisis management company, Olivia Pope & Associates—I’d say it’s a reasonable trade. Speaking of her enterprise, Olivia’s team is lined up with some of the most badass characters or, as they’re so often referred, “gladiators in suits.” Harrison (Columbus Short), the well-dressed and well-spoken lawyer of Olivia’s firm is the most loyal of the bunch without question, always at her beck and call. Quinn (Katie Lowes), who Harrison recruits in the series’ first episode, is the most naive member of the squad, and quite frankly, the show could do better without her incessant nosiness. Huck (Guillermo Diaz) is an exMarine turned C.I.A. assassin/prohacker, whose traumatic history with murdering American “traitors” at one point leaves him homeless, who Olivia assists in recovering. And then, there’s my personal favorite, Abby (Darby Stanchfield), the skilled investigator who does well ringing out dirty laundry: from sex scandals to illicit political activities—she has no shame. As mentioned earlier, I am no fan of the political sphere, but the professional and sexual tension between President Fitzgerald and Olivia is as scandalous as the name proposes. As indecent as it may be, you won’t want to turn away from such passionate onscreen chemistry, relentlessly wondering what will become of this affair. Cyrus (Jeff Perry), the White House Chief of Staff is also a force to be reckoned with, doing everything in his control to keep the matter concealed from the public—even if that means executing his friend and former White House associate, Olivia. You’re probably wondering, “Where’s the First Lady in all of this?” Well, Mellie (Bellamy Young) is the perfect rival for Olivia, the manipulative wife who blackmails Fitz into “playing the part” of the loving father and husband, irrespective of his love for Olivia. Scandal is the best thing cookin’ on ABC. I have never been as involved in the secrets behind politics as I am when watching this show. Despite Washington’s unmerited snub at the Emmy’s earlier this year, the show is one that refuses to go unnoticed and will have you hooked for life.

By Stephanie Giluk Editor-in-Chief In the original trailer for the fantastically creepy Alien, the tagline was, “In space, no one can hear you scream.” Gravity, a breathtaking and technologically stunning movie about the physical and psychological dangers of space, opens with several placards, one of which winkingly tells us that all sound in space is swallowed by a vacuum. Though there is no terrifying chest-bursting alien in Gravity, the conflict in this movie is still edge-ofyour-seat frightening and surprisingly familiar. Gravity, directed and cowritten by Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men), is very much like other survival stories like Cast Away or 127 Hours, in that outwardly it appears to be about a disaster of epic proportions but is really about the emotional interior life of a single character as they try to manage a life-threatening catastrophe. And what a catastrophe Gravity offers us. The movie opens with a breathtaking 17-minute unbroken shot of first-time space explorer Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and veteran astronaut Mike Kowalski (George Clooney, who looks a lot like a handsomely aged Buzz Lightyear) repairing the Hubble telescope. Earth looms large and beautiful behind them, but Stone is obviously uncomfortable being separated from the vastness of space by only a bulky suit and a tether. Kowalski, on the other hand, floats tetherless around the repair station using his jetpack while listening to country music and cracking wise with mis-

By Carly Plank Staff Writer


Defying gravity: Bullock’s latest performance is out of this world. sion control (voiced by Ed Harris, star of Apollo 13 and The Right Stuff). His fun is cut short when Houston reports that a Russian missile strike on an obsolete satellite has created a chain reaction of high-speed debris heading right for Hubble and the Explorer. The warning comes too late for Kowalski and Stone to get away as the debris violently destroys their way home and sends Stone hurtling alone and tetherless through space in a tense sequence that’s as gorgeous as it is disturbing. Every shot in the movie could be described that way—gorgeous and disturbing. Cuaron’s camera work is masterful. He never looks like he’s

showing off, even during the hightech disaster sequences. He shifts from third-person shots to first-person shots flawlessly. There are moments where he takes us closer and closer to Stone’s wide-eyed face until we’re in her suit with her, looking out through her breath-fogged helmet, desperately searching for signs of another survivor among the debris. As Stone, Bullock delivers a phenomenal performance. Emotionally, she pulls no punches, making us feel Stone’s fear, frustration, hopelessness and determination in equal measure. Bullock’s physical performance is also stunning, as she twists and floats her body in a facsimile of zero gravity.

There’s a quiet, moving scene where Bullock, out of her bulky space suit, hangs suspended in the fetal position with her tether floating umbilically behind her. The symbolism would be melodramatic if Bullock wasn’t so spot-on in her delivery of every moment of Stone’s harrowing experience. Gravity is a space movie, a survival movie and an adventure movie. But it’s also about the moments when we want to give up, when we’re faced with such immeasurable odds survival seems impossible but we choose to keep going anyway. Life will triumph even in the bleakest, harshest conditions.

Artist Spotlight: Diane Birch

Artist: Diane Birch Genre: Indie-Pop Current Album: Speak a Little Louder Comparisons: Adele, Florence + the Machine, Carole King Popular Tracks: “Rewind,” “Fro zen Over” & “All the Love You’ve Got” “I want to make people dance and cry,” said Diane Birch in a recent interview with Philthy magazine. The singer-songwriter’s latest effort is Speak a Little Louder, released on October 15, is certainly capable of realizing such an audacious desire. The album follows a nearly three year break following 2010’s Bible Belt, a piano driven collection of pop songs inspired by classical music and Birch’s globetrotting childhood as the daughter of a missionary preacher. Birch learned to play piano by ear at the age of seven as a student of the world renowned Suzuki method, and she’s been developing unique vocal trademarks since then. Showcasing a voice that slings power and pain across stylistic and temporal boundaries, Birch’s songs encompass all of the breezy joy and yearning of historical


Diamond in the rough: The Michigan native makes music nourishing to the soul. pop hits along with lyrical heft and musicality to rival proven greats like Carole King and Adele. Birch’s music is immediate and heartfelt, avoiding the chronic detachment that plagues many trendy songwriters and indie bands. Originally intending to compose film scores, Birch, a Michigan native, was discovered in 2006 at the age of 23 by the one and only Prince at a piano

bar in the Beverly Hills Hotel. An impromptu jam session with the cultural icon opened the door for Birch to pursue singing as a full time career. Bible Belt, regardless of overt religious undertones in the title, was intended as an expression of freedom from the restraints of externally imposed spirituality. Birch’s debut introduced the world to a singer with genre-bending capabilities and the

potential to expand into jazz, soul, dance and rock. Arrangements on that album are sparse and cohesive, featuring Birch pounding out retro tinged songs on an antique Wurlitzer piano. “Rewind” was exquisitely reworked by English rapper Devlin, becoming a top ten hit in the United Kingdom. Speak a Little Louder solidifies the artist’s nature as a fearless experimenter who is constantly evolving. It’s hard to imagine skipping a single track because each song is brought to complete fruition using a wider palette of instruments to paint with. Additional electronics are implemented to crystallize Birch’s visions. The standout track, “Frozen Over,” includes percussion reminiscent of the late ‘80s Stevie Nicks song “I Can’t Wait,” and indie-tinged rocker “Lighthouse” sounds like a supercharged Florence + the Machine ballad. Prince’s influence can be heard on “Love and War,” an irresistibly hook-driven torch song. As her sophomore album has proven, Birch has all of the hallmarks of an influential artist poised for musical longevity. Speak a Little Louder is currently streaming for free at, and Bible Belt is available for your listening pleasure on Spotify.

Lissie takes you back to forever ond studio project, Back to Forever, you won’t want to forget her. Sensational electric guitar grooves partnered with Lissie’s lenient, rasping voice is indicative of an impeccable parallel to rock goddess Stevie Nicks. From Rock Island, Illinois, all the way to the sunny state of California, the former barista and honey saleswoman has made one heck COURTESY COLUMBIA RECORDS of a transition into a Sweeter than honey: Lissie’s second record proves she’s smooth-singing solo act. more than just a pretty face. No stranger to generating fascinating melodies, By Paris Close the singer has covered an array of Culture Editor musicians—from lending her acousElisabeth “Lissie” Maurus may tic soul to Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of not be a household name right now, Happiness,” to infusing a bluesy but once you’ve listened to her sec- resonance to Fleetwood Mac’s “Go

Culture Editor Paris Close


Your Own Way.” Though the singer’s 2010 debut Catching a Tiger was as fierce as it sounds, Back to Forever cultivates a nostalgic feeling, doddering along the edge of both happiness and hollowness. Kicking the rotors into motion is “The Habit,” opening the record to the singer’s fanatic side and conveys the same emotion heard in Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans,” with the singer preaching, “The heart breaks/ Way before the habit.” At the very first note, “Sleepwalking” takes the listener back through the 80s with its diner-friendly feel, lyrics sweeter than chocolate milkshakes and helplessly reminds one of oldies like Sixteen Candles. While the fair-haired singer does well producing sweet serenades, she doesn’t take kindly to being commercialized and could care less whether you know her name, making this poignantly clear in “Shameless.” In Lissie’s most rebellious tune, she fights against the oppressive grip of the media, singing, “I don’t want to be famous/ If I got to be shameless.”

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The singer maintains that same hardball aggression in sassy songs like “Cold Fish” and “Can’t Take It Back,” two bass-driven tunes that will naturally have you nodding your head and tapping your foot at Lissie’s call. “Mountaintop Removal,” which the record offers in both studio and stripped down renditions, is perhaps the most explicit cry for help and insurance, an overall plead for patriotic revitalization. In an ode to America, Lissie preaches for spiritual and national revival with lyrics that sing to a lost civilization: “What’s the use in making something new/ If all that made us must be ruined.” Closing this illustrious record is the titular tune “Back to Forever,” which the singer reflects on idyllic pastimes of her native land, and explores the questions life leaves unanswered. In her second record, Lissie makes one great lyrical leap with Back to Forever, proving fantasy to be just as tangible as gold.





Machete Kills doesn’t strike a match By Nathan Gimby Staff Writer Machete Kills is a touching and heartfelt portrait of the human condition and a powerful tale of endurance and dignity in the face of tremendous adversity. Machete Cortez (Danny Trejo) is unrelenting in his quest for vengeance and the sophisticated consumer of cinema will feel his pain and spirit through the expertly furrowed brow of the amazingly talented and criminally underrated Trejo. Seldom is such a relatable character portrayed on the silver screen. Whether Machete is exchanging expertly crafted dialogue with schizophrenic secret agent-revolutionaries or tangling his enemies’ intestines in helicopter blades, Machete Kills never stops reminding you that it is indeed a masterwork. But in all seriousness, Machete Kills has one simple strength: its constant and almost painful adherence to accurately parodying the tropes of 70s action exploitation films. The plot is a dysfunctional Frankenstein’s monster of every action movie cliché on the books, the special effects are purposefully goofy and unrealistic and the acting is so stiff and cheesy it’s almost impressive. Sometimes entire scenes are literally

Over-hyped: The Machete sequel brings a lot of blood but little buzz to the big screen. just exchanges of poorly devised or recycled one-liners and the action sequences are so blatantly over the top that no sane person could possibly

AQ Jazz Jam Aquinas students pay homage to jazz greats By Yashowanto Ghosh The Saint Reporter The AQ Jazz Band, performing with Dr. Paul Brewer (Doc) on the keyboard, rocked a standing-roomonly audience at the Moose with their renderings of nine classic Jazz standards on the evening of Tuesday, October 8. Showing up minutes before the show began, I snagged the last available seat, in great view of both the audience as well as the musicians— who were waiting on the couches next to the stage—lively with anticipation, the room resonating with their energy. More people continued to stream in, some sitting on the floor, others standing along the walls. The one-hour show—the annual Jazz Jam at the Moose—started promptly with an arrangement of “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” at a faster tempo than the mellow 1966 version by Cannonball Adderley, making the piece sound more upbeat—almost like a pop tune—setting the mood for the rest of the evening. Trailing 20 years back in time, with two compositions from Miles Davis’ album Kind of Blue (“All Blues”—which, of the nine pieces played on the evening, drew the most enthusiastic applause—and “Freddie Freeloader”), The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood” (with guitar

moonlighting as George Harrison’s double-track sitar), Benny Golson’s “Killer Joe”, Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments,” Horace Silver’s bossa-nova-influenced “Song for My Father” and Harold Arlen’s “Come Rain or Come Shine”—and culminated in Silver’s “Sister Sadie,” which had the audience clapping to its beat. There was applause at every solo, and even the occasional whistle and shout. During our interview two days later, Doc said the atmosphere—with the engaged audience and the intimate setting of the Moose—was reminiscent of the 1950s coffee houses and nightclubs of Chicago, New York and New Orleans in which jazz took shape and grew. He was happy to see how the jazz genre survived, and how young people take a liking towards it. He talked about the sense of restlessness that inhabits jazz, and that young people, being also restless, connect with that sense. For those who missed the event, the Jazz Band will perform again— this time in a more formal concert setting—at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 14, in the Kretschmer Recital Hall in AMC. For those interested in participating in the next event, Doc offers a one-credit Jazz Band class every semester.

take them seriously. You’ll see just about every “plot twist” in this movie coming long before it happens, in part because it’s


one giant cliché but also because director and co-writer Robert Rodriguez basically just tells you what is going to happen right to your

face. The beauty of Machete Kills is that even though you know what’s around every corner, it still surprises you that it actually happens because the events are just that ridiculous. I found myself laughing raucously more times than I care to admit. The absurd self-awareness Machete Kills exudes about how poorly devised a movie it really is almost makes it good. But most moviegoers will be turned off by this film, perhaps even disgusted by it, and rightly so. By conventional standards of critical review, this movie objectively blows. Full of poor acting, mind-numbing gratuitous violence, and scantilyclad gun-toting prostitutes, Machete Kills is offensive to all five senses and most standards of common decency. But some people out there will enjoy this movie, either because they have very poor taste and aren’t very smart or because they truly appreciate the absurd and know the value of a good joke. As someone with horrific taste and a dangerously low IQ, I enjoyed this movie more than I’d care to admit. The key is having a sense of humor (and incredibly low expectations).

Sleigh Bells get flashy with Bitter Rivals

By Stephanie Giluk Editor-in-Chief

The Brooklyn-based duo that is Sleigh Bells know how to trademark a signature sound, and for the most part, they don’t mess with their usual jagged big beat pop-rock matched with airy, navel-gazing vocals. Bitter Rivals, the group’s follow up to last years Reign of Terror, keeps to the loud, fun, intense sound that made them so popular with their 2010 debut, Treats. The album does feel calmer, which might be a result of guitarist Derek Miller giving vocalist Alexis Krauss control over the melodieson the previous two records, Miller had written all the duo’s music. As a result, the sounds are softer (but not by much) and the intensity of Treats and Reign of Terror has been dialed back a few notches. This isn’t to say that Bitter Rivals sounds somehow less confident than its predecessors. The whole album feels just as strong as any of their earlier work, even if it is less earbud-shattering. The opening track, “Bitter COURTESY FLICKR Rivals,” is a light-hearted, bombastic opener to the album, with A new pace: Sleigh Bells’ newest record takes a turn for the best with a different Krauss singing, “It was the best of sound. times/it was the worst of times/I had can’t be tamed/Now make like a ba- plinking beat. to kill the new sheriff in town,” over Sleigh Bells, with their most nana and split.” a high-energy guitar riff. It sounds Krauss really gets to show off recent effort, manages to fix what most like a song you’d expect to in songs like the self-assured “To wasn’t broken on their previous two hear on Treats, and it’s a fitting way Hell with You,” which is gentler albums with great success, creating to start the album. than many of the duo’s other songs a more mature but still energetic “Tiger Kit,” a few songs into the without losing an inventive back- record. Bitter Rivals is just as fun album, slows down the pace withbeat. Again, with “Love Sick,” the to listen to as their older songs and out losing the fun. The closing lines album’s closer, Krauss gets to croon maybe a little easier on the ears too. of the bluesy, more melodic track a catchy kiss-off with a rhythmic, are, after all, “Music’s like a tiger,

Blackfish dives deep into an American tragedy By Paige Graham The Saint Reporter For those of you sick of seeing overdramatic movies with impossible endings and irrational relationships, maybe it’s time you saw a documentary. Take a leap of faith and cleanse your imagination with some cold, hard reality. Let yourself relax, bring your mind to rest and allow yourself to be intrigued by the real world. Blackfish, a documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite, tells the story of a killer whale named Tilikum, who has lived in the confinements of marine mammal parks for 29 years. Tilikum is 32 years old and has been personally involved in three trainer deaths at various times in his career. The most notorious attack occurred on February 24, 2010, at SeaWorld Orlando, when Tilikum dragged one of his trainers, Dawn Brancheau, into the water and held her under until she drowned. The incident was witnessed by thousands of people and has been the most talked about trainer death since SeaWorld opened in 1973. Blackfish takes a very sentimental look at Tilikum’s history and discusses the psychological issues that have manifested due to his long life in confinement. Instead of accusing orcas of being aggressive and vicious, Blackfish focuses on the idea

world. Blackfish forces those who watch it to secondguess their childhood memories at the zoo and their treasured family vacations to SeaWorld and Shedd’s aquarium. Even those who have never been to such places feel an overwhelming sense of guilt after leaving the theater. It is difficult to acknowledge that the human race is capable of being so cruel for the sole purpose of entertainment and to confront the fact that we think our species so superior to others that we are willing to torture and humiliate animals for purposes of money and power. Blackfish manages to stay relatively neutral when it comes to politics and the emotions felt by the audience are all genuine and real. If you are looking for something to COURTESY MILAN BOERS move you or something Uncovering truths: Cowperthwaite’s documentary reveals the saddening details of the infamous Tilikum incident. to change your outlook on life, see Blackfish. Cruelty and evil live that animals, just like humans, can Cowperthwaite manages to audience begin to pity Tilikum and among us and the more ignorant develop deep psychological disor- seize the audience in a feeling of his orca brethren, they’re also able we are to it, the more likely it is to ders that affect personality and life- overwhelming sorrow for all ani- to make easy connections to animals infiltrate our lives without us even long behaviors. mals in captivity. Not only does the that are held in captivity around the knowing it. Culture Editor Paris Close


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Volleyball: The girls are still swinging

Men’s Soccer: The boys are still going strong

Grand Rapids Griffins: Start of season looks promising

The Aquinas women’s volleyball team has played well this season. With an overall record of 12-6 and a WHAC record of 4-3, the Saints are on the right track. With captains Amy VonKroneneberger, Mackenzie Kolstad and Rachel Sprenger leading the way, the Saints are in a position to finish this season strong.

The Aquinas men’s soccer team has played a very impressive 2013 season, with an overall record of 11-3 and a WHAC record of 3-3. With four regular season games left to play, the Saints are likely to make another playoff appearance and maybe even Nationals.

The Grand Rapids Griffins played their first regular season game on September 28 against the Lake Erie Monsters. The Griffins won 3-2 but lost the next night against the Monsters 2-0. The Griffins were victorious against the Rochester Americans and the Hamilton Bulldogs. The Griffins play next Oct. 18 at home.

Baseball fever

Saints golf



>> Aquinas Hockey

The Aquinas men’s hockey team has had quite the season so far. With an impressive record of 4-1, the Saints look promising on the ice. Beating Notre Dame in their first season game in double overtime, the Saints started off the season right and are determined to be victorious. They play next on October 18.

Detroit Red Wings

Staying true

Start of season excites fans

alyssa frese |sports editor Baseball has always been my favorite sport to watch. After all, it is America’s past time. I don’t know when it was that I first became obsessed with baseball, but ever since my early childhood I remember having a deep appreciation for the sport. Coming from a small town in Iowa where baseball is prominent, baseball is seen as a lifestyle and not just a fun sport. I remember going to watch my dad play in our town league. The baseball players were treated like local celebrities. They even filmed a move, The Final Season, in my hometown based on the high school team my dad actually played for. It was always weird to me that there was no professional level baseball team in my beloved home state of Iowa. Everyone loves baseball there so I just could never figure out why we didn’t have a team of our own. I never really thought about that fact growing up though, because I was raised to be a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Since Iowa has no team, that means us Iowans root for who’s closest: Minneapolis, Chicago or St. Louis. I’m so glad I was raised as a Cardinal fan. There is something about Cardinals baseball that I just can’t describe. I went to my first game at Busch Stadium when I was only five years old and I fell in love. Every summer after that, I went to at least one game at Busch Stadium. I never felt more alive than when I was watching my Cardinals play baseball. My dad and I would watch all the games on television when we got the chance. The Cardinals were a way I got to bond and connect with my dad which made them that much more important to me since my dad and I don’t really connect over much else besides sports. When I entered my freshman year of college, it was different for me. I was so used to the Cardinals versus Cubs rivalry that we all fought over in Iowa that when I got to Michigan and tried to start talking baseball like I do with my friends back home, it didn’t really work. People would always just talk about the Detroit Tigers. I had watched the Tigers play before, but they were no big deal in my mind. However, as I got to know more and more people at Aquinas, I couldn’t escape the Tigers obsession that possessed many of my friends. In a way, I was a little jealous. All my Michigan friends actually got to grow up with a baseball team within their state while I had to travel seven hours just to watch my Cardinals play one game a year. I tried to put up a fight whenever my friends would try and make me watch the Tigers games but I couldn’t fight it for long, being the baseball lover that I am. Watching the Tigers with my new friends became a fast way for me to connect with others just as I had with people in my hometown when we watched our own town team games. I even began to start cheering for the Tigers on occasion but I would still watch my Cardinals whenever I got the change. The playoffs this year are very exciting for me not only because the Cardinals are playing but because the Tigers are as well. The playoffs have been a great way for me to catch up on watching the sport I love the most but have not had the time to watch as religiously as I used to. I am so excited to see both teams play but if it comes down to choosing who I think should win it all, you know my heart is always with my St. Louis Cardinals.



By Taylor Hodges The Saint Reporter


Put, put: Sophomore Morgan Leep lines up for a put during a WHAC tournament this fall season. By Alyssa Frese Sports Editor The Aquinas men’s and women’s golf teams started both their seasons on August 30. Since then, both teams have played in six invitationals. The women’s team has had an impressive season. With lone senior Kristina Raiz leading the team, the women have had a more difficult season then in previous years. In their first two meets this season, the Saints performed well, finishing first of four teams at the Furniture City Classic hosted by Davenport University and fifth out of 18 teams at the Olivet College Invitational on September 6 and 7. Since then, the Saints have been finishing on average fourth of nine teams. The Saints finished fourth out of eight teams at their final meet of the season, the WHAC Jamboree #4 on October 11 and 12. “The start of the season hasn’t been like previous seasons, but we are working hard and I think as a team we will finish strong. My personal goal is to be lower than my average last season, and be in all conference. Being my senior year I would like to see myself personally or with the team go to Nationals,” said senior Kristina Raiz. “That would be an amazing experience.” The men’s golf team has had a rough season, placing 16th out of 17 teams at their first meet back in August. The Saints placed seven

By Joe Foldenauer The Saint Reporter

out of 10 teams at four other meets throughout the season. Their most solid finish was a fourth place out of seven teams at the Siena Heights Invitational on September 14. “My expectations for the season were overall pretty positive; I knew that it was going to be really difficult getting competitive, especially after we lost all of the seniors that we did in the last couple year. But I was optimistic that we would have a pretty strong squad, and we have made some pretty notable progress in the last couple months,” said senior Cody Britton. “The goal as a team is to be as competitive as possible and give the other schools something to look at. We have a lot of competitive fire within the group, so we try to channel that to every start we make.” The men’s golf team finished their last meet fifth out of seven teams at the WHAC Jamboree #4 on October 7. The team may not have finished as strong as years previous but the team chemistry is something that can be commended. “I came to Aquinas College not knowing if I was going to play golf. I went to the meeting and felt incredibly intimidated, but at the first practice all of the guys were welcoming and helped me out with the course, and made me feel very welcome,” said freshman Zane Gates.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions had a tough game against the Green Bay Packers, losing 22-9. Stafford had a decent day throwing for 262 yards, going 25 for 40 on attempts and one touchdown, but the team was sacked five times as well. Brandon Pettigrew received four passes for a total of 59 yards. Tony Scheffler also only had four receptions and a total of 55 yards running. The Green Bay defense contained Reggie Bush, allowing him to only rush for 44 yards and 13 carries. This game showed that without Calvin Johnson, who was out with a knee injury, the Lions couldn’t do a whole lot without him. Without the team’s leading receivers, Johnson and Nate Burleson, who is still out with a forearm injury, Detroit will have to come up with a new strategy to help pull this season together. Unfortunately, not only did this loss drop the Lions from the number one spot on the NFC standings, but this loss added onto the NFL’s longest on-the-road losing streak, making a total of 22 losses. On Sunday, October 13, the Lions played against the Cleveland Sports Editor Alyssa Frese

Aquinas cross country


Long strides: Juniors Blake Bitner and Alex Martinez run for the Saints during the fall season.

Browns. The Lions came ready to win and triumphed over the Browns in a 31-17 victory. Cleveland dominated the first half of the game which looked to make a promising second half for the Browns. The Lions came back after halftime with a new game plan. Quarterback Matt Stafford threw three of his four touchdown passes after halftime, leading the Lions to a victory that seemed unlikely. Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy intercepted a pass from Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden with 4:36 left in the fourth quarter, which prevented the Browns from making a last-minute comeback. Along with Stafford and Levy, runningback Reggie Bush and wide receiver Kris Durham were key players that helped greatly to win over the Browns. Bush finished the game with 135 total yards and Durham finished with eight completed passes from Stafford. Durham has had to step up his game since Calvin Johnson has been injured and unable to play at his best. The Lions will play next against the Cincinnati Bengals on October 20 at Ford Field.


The Red Wings are off to a good start considering they are now competing in the Eastern Conference, which was realigned during the off season. The East is thought to be one of the better conferences this year due to the amount of talent on the teams and that is evident in the Wings 2-2 record in the 2013-14 season. Fans shouldn’t be worried, as the amount of travel time has significantly reduced this year giving the Wings players ample time to recover. Leading the scoring charge is captain Henrik Zetterberg, who has posted three points in the first four games of the season. Zetterberg, who posted 48 points in 46 games during the shortened season last year, is bound to have another great season. Fans will also be happy to know that their Russian superstar Pavel Datsyuk is off to a similar start. Putting up a goal and assist in the first four games of the season is by no means bad but, expect Datsyuk to find his rhythm as the season progresses. Recent summer free agent signings Daniel Alfredsson and Stephen Weiss are still finding their stride with their new team. Al-

fredsson, who was the Ottawa Senators captain and franchise player for 13 years, has posted just one assist so far after having a somewhat disappointing season last year. Look for Alfredsson to be more of a mentor for the young players coming up in the Wings organization than a prolific offensive threat. Weiss, who has played his whole NHL career for the Florida Panthers is also on the struggle bus in the early season. Similar to Alfredsson, he has posted only one goal in four games and is a minus one. Look for him to pick up the pace as the season goes on and solidify himself as the number two center in Detroit. Twenty-three-year-old rookie Danny DeKeyser is still finding his way in the NHL after posting zero points through four games. While DeKeyser is known to be more of an offensive player, he has been playing an excellent defensive game and is tied for third on the team in the plus/ minus category. Upcoming battles for the Wings include road games against the Colorado Avalanche and the Phoenix Coyotes this Thursday and Saturday.

By Carly Plank Staff Writer Over the past two weeks, the men’s and women’s cross country teams divided and conquered at three different meets. The largest meet was NAIA Pre Nationals, held in Lawrence, Kansas, on October 12. The men were meet champions and were led by the one-two punch of junior Grant Gunneson, who placed tenth in 25:26, and sophomore Zach Stepanovich, finishing in 25:27. Sophomore Jacob Towne, senior Kevin Mahar and junior Dan Foley rounded out the top five scoring positions. The men, who were ranked third in the nation going into the meet, defeated eighth ranked Lewis-Clark and fourth ranked Shawnee State for the title. At the same meet the women’s team placed seventh, outpacing conference rivals Cornerstone by four points and Indiana Tech by nine points. Junior Catie Rietsema placed 28th and led the Saints for the first time this season with a time of 19:13, followed by junior Rachael Steil in 19:23. Sophomores Carly Woolcott and Emily Hazelbach and freshman Sydney Anderson were the next three Aquinas runners to cross the line. In the midst of warm conditions and a hilly course, the team’s position provided an accurate measure of racing

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performance. “There weren’t any outstanding times today since it was a super tough course,” said Steil. “We all finished so close to each other, which made for a great race in front of two strong teams in our conference.” At the Lansing Community College Invitational on October 4, the men placed fourth and were led by junior Blake Bitner, who placed 20th in 26:07. Following Bitner were junior Jesus Alvarado and sophomore Jeff Cherry, while freshman Tom Willet and junior Alex Martinez completed the scoring five. The women placed tenth and were led by freshman Abby Heiler in 20:15, followed closely by sophomore Clare Naughton and freshman Ellen Hackett. Junior Jessica Dippel and sophomore Crysta Paganelli were the fourth and fifth Saints to finish. The Bethel College Invitational took place on October 12, where the Aquinas men placed fourth and the women placed ninth. Junior Geoff Albaugh placed 11th in 27:02 on the men’s side and sophomore Megan Skinner placed 25th in 20:15 for the women. The next meet on the schedule for both teams is the NAIA Great Lakes Invitational, which will be hosted by Aquinas at Riverside Park on October 26.




Detroit Pistons By Zoe Harmon The Saint Reporter After the Detroit Pistons’ first preseason game versus the Miami Heat on Thursday, October 10, the Pistons are ready to begin the official season. The game was their second of the preseason and the Pistons suffered a tough lose on their home court to rival team Miami Heat (112107). During the game, Andre Drummond scored 15 points in the thirdquarter, giving the Pistons hope. Unfortunately Josh Harrellson’s desperation three-pointer in the fourth-quarter was unsuccessful, and the team could not pull together a win. Before playing the Heat, the Pistons were successful against Maccabi Haifa, an Israeli professional basketball club, winning 91-69. The team showed solid teamwork throughout the game, sharing the ball and playing in unison. Drummond had 17 points and teammate Brandon Jennings added 15. In order to keep wins like this one com-

ing, the Pistons are relying on the strong new players as well as their returning roster. The team looks forward to having Josh Smith, who signed with the Pistons as a free agent this summer to contribute to a winning season. The organization signed Smith in hopes that he will provide a boost on both ends of the court. They are in need of a boost, as they have not had a winning season since the 2007-2008 season. Since he is an experienced athlete, Smith will also act as a leader for the young team. The Pistons are also excited to have two more summer additions, Chauncey Billups and Brandon Jennings. With these veteran newcomers added to their young core of Drummond and Greg Monroe, the Pistons have high hopes for the 2013-2014 season. The Detroit Pistons will play in their official season opener on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 7:30 p.m. versus the Washington Wizards. The game will be played at The Palace of Auburn Hills and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit.

Aquinas women’s soccer

The Saints continue to play strong

Senior Nicci Thomas pushes her own limits COURTESY ANDRIS VISOCKIS

Heads up: Freshman Leann Latsch heads the ball in home field action this season. Latsch and the Saints will play against Rochester tonight at home. By Taylor Hodges The Saint Reporter With a 3-1 record in the WHAC so far, the Aquinas women’s soccer team is looking to keep that loss column small in hopes of having another successful season. “We have a tremendous amount of talent on the team this year and a strong connection with one another,” said sophomore midfielder Allison VanPatten. “If we just keep giving it 110% and keep playing for one another, the possibilities are endless.” With that amount of talent, the team feels more confident this year than last in terms of being able to compete against any team in the conference. “We are getting more confident in how we play and how we should play,” said sophomore keeper Molly O’Connor. “We are just getting

more confident in each other’s abilities on the field.” That confidence is seen throughout the team and seems to be paying off on the scoreboard. The team was riding a four game win streak until an overtime loss by rival Davenport. “Our four game winning streak gave us the boost we needed to go up against nationally ranked Davenport with a sense of authority and pride rather than with our tail between our legs looking for mercy,” said freshman forward Leeann Latsch. “We’ve figured out how to work with each other and find that success giving us endless reasons to believe in our team and program.” When you spend every single day with each other on and off the field, you gain a sense of having a second family. “The best part about

being a part of the team is becoming a family,” said sophomore Mikayla Goldsmith. “We have fun and we just enjoy being around each other.” Family seemed to be the most common answer when asked about the best part of this team. “This team has been my family since starting at Aquinas,” said Latsch. “We play for each other and that makes being on this team such fun.” Not only is there a “family” on the field, there’s also camaraderie during workouts. “Whether it’s celebrating a win or pushing each other through the workouts, everyone is there for one another,” said VanPatten. “Teamwork makes the dream work.” The Saints will play against Rochester tonight at home as the regular season winds down.

College football By: Joe Foldenauer The Saint Reporter


Set her up: Senior setter Nicci Thomas has been very involved in her Aquinas career as a volleyball and basketball player. Thomas will graduate in May with a degree in Sustainable Business. By Chuck Hyde Staff Writer What started as a fun hobby to get involved in has turned into a big part of senior Nicci Thomas’s life. Thomas has been playing volleyball for nine years, and she believes that it has made her into the person she is today. Of the sport’s impact on her life, Thomas said, “It has really determined the way [she acts] and [her] personality.” Thomas has a lot of good things to say about her involvement with volleyball. She has met many of her best friends and grown along the way, transforming into the person she finds herself to be. “It’s taken me all the way here,” said Thomas. That isn’t to say that things have always been easy, however. She had to work hard to get where she is. In high school, her coaches and teammates helped her develop her skills and “get her to an end point” that resulted in her playing for Aquinas. Once she got here, she had a much different experience. Her first coach at Aquinas was Dave Rawles. Her experience with Rawles was not necessarily a positive one, but it allowed her to develop many skills that she needed in her life. “It helped me find the strength to overcome authority and become a better person,” said Thomas. Though this experience may not have been the most positive one, it

impacted Thomas greatly and she was able to take away good life skills from her freshman year. “It’s good to know when you’re being treated wrongly and it’s okay to stand up for yourself,” said Thomas. She came out of the experience with skills and personality traits that she will be able to apply to her life, whatever she may end up doing. She also made many memories, including her first year at Aquinas and the team’s trip to the finals. On her first college season, Thomas said that “the rebuilding and tough times were mixed with a lot of fun.” Though volleyball and school have allowed Thomas little free time, she likes to relax and enjoy the company of her friends when she gets some free time. “I know it’s the answer that everyone gives, but I love hanging out with my friends,” said Thomas. Thomas is majoring in Sustainable Business and plans to graduate in May. She believes that the program has prepared her well for the world, hitting on her interests in both the business and environmental spheres. The large background will give her a lot of options after graduation, making her ambitious plans for postgraduation possible. She wants to move to Oregon to find an environmental group or eco-friendly business to get on board with. Thomas put it best herself: “I’m looking to move on to my next adventure.” Sports Editor Alyssa Frese

Notre Dame had a close game against the Arizona State Sun Devils a few weeks ago, winning 37-34. In this Shamrock series game, Tommy Rees played decently, throwing 17 for 38 attempts with a total of 279 yards and three touchdowns. TJ Jones had eight receptions for a 135 yards and one touchdown. Ben Koyack, a junior tight end, finally scored his first career touchdown off a 19 yard pass from Rees. Unfortunately Notre Dame will lose linebacker Jarrett Grace for the rest of the season because of his broken leg. The Fighting Irish this past weekend had a bye week and will be playing against the USC Trojans this Saturday. The Wolverines played a great game against the Minnesota Gophers

a few weeks ago, winning 42-13, making the Wolverines 1-0 in the Big Ten Conference. Devin Gardner finally had a his first turnover free game along with throwing for 235 yards off of 13 for 17 attempts, with one touchdown ran in by him and one touchdown pass to Devin Funchess. Along with his one touchdown, Funchess had seven receptions for 151 yards. The following week, Michigan finally suffered their first loss of the season against Penn State, with 40-43 in 4OT. Gardner threw for 240 yards off of 15 of 28 attempts with three touchdowns, but unfortunately he did also throw two interceptions. Funchess had a decent game, running for 112 yards with four receptions and two touchdowns. But this wasn’t enough to conquer the Nittany Lions, and after four overtimes the Wolverines couldn’t stop them. The

Wolverines will play against Indiana Hoosiers this weekend. The Michigan State Spartans played a great game against the Iowa Hawkeyes, winning 26-14. Connor Cook had a career high during this game, throwing for 277 yards, going 25 for 44 attempted passes, and scoring two touchdowns. Macgarrett Kings Jr. also had a good game, receiving five passes and running for 98 yards with one touchdown. Following this victory, the Spartans played a great homecoming game against the Indiana Hoosiers, winning 42-28. After allowing only for one interception in the first quarter of the game, Cook led the Spartans to victory, throwing for 235 yards and one touchdown. MSU will play against Purdue this weekend.

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers look to edge out the Boston Red Sox for the rest of the series By Zoe Harmon The Saint Reporter After an eventful five game series, the Detroit Tigers came out on top of the Oakland Athletics in the American League Division Series (ALDS). The Tigers had active bats in game five of the ALDS, which led to their win of 3-0. The action started in the fourth inning, when Miguel Cabrera hit a two-run homerun that knocked in Torii Hunter, who was on base due to recording the first hit of the game. In the sixth inning, Victor Martinez and Jhonny Peralta reached the base path safely recording back-toback singles. Then, Omar Infante knocked in Martinez by grounding into a fielder’s choice. Justin Verlander was the starting pitcher for the Tigers. He pitched an outstanding game, as Oakland did not record their first hit until the seventh in-


ning. Overall, the series was an exciting one. The first two games were played in Oakland, the second two in Detroit, and the last in Oakland. All-star pitcher, Max Scherzer started game one for the Tigers, retiring 16 of the 18 batters he faced. The Tigers had a key first inning, in which Cabrera and Alex Avila both had run-scoring singles. They ended up winning 3-2. In the second game, both teams remained scoreless until Oakland’s walk-off single in the ninth inning. Verlander threw seven scoreless innings in the 1-0 loss. When the Tigers traveled back home, they were ready to record the final two wins needed. Unfortunately they fell apart in game three and lost 6-3. Coming back the next night, the Tigers woke up and played an exciting game, ultimately winning 8-6. After Peralta’s three-run homerun, the team’s bats came alive, and

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Scherzer stepped up to the mound in relief recording yet another win on the season. Joaquin Benoit closed the game for the Tigers. Next, the Detroit Tigers headed to the American League Championship series. They are currently playing the Boston Red Sox in a best-of seven series that began on Saturday, October 12. The Tigers were victorious in Game One, beating the Red Sox 1-0. On October 13 in Game Two, the Tigers played hard but eventually lost to the Red Sox 6-5. The next three games will take place at Comerica Park in Detroit, while games six and seven, if necessary, will be played at Fenway Park in Boston. Justin Verlander is set to pitch Game Three on October 15. All games will be broadcasted on FOX.

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