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Sturrus Phase II Reporter Mayra Monroy gives us an inside look at the new construction taking place at the fitness center.


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Thursday, August 22, 2013 Volume 33, Issue 1

>>NEWS Sustainability | 2

The zero-waste campus goal is aimed at with new initiatives.

We’re up all night but we don’t get lucky.

The places you’ll go Grand Rapids neighborhoods have food and fun to offer

Senate aides study | 2

The Saint lets you know about summer research programs because it’s never too early to plan ahead.

>>CULTURE K.T. Tunstall | 3

The singer returns after some major personal upheavals and gives us an album worth the wait.

Haim | 3

Reporter Carly Plank tell us about Haim, a trio of sisters who know how to rock out.

>>BACK Welcome back | 4 Check out our final page for need-to-know information about Aquinas’ Get AQuainted days. We’ve got all your backto-school socializing needs covered.

By Laura Farrell News Editor It is easy to forget that the Aquinas campus is nestled in the middle of Michigan’s second largest city. While it appears that most of the action is downtown, unique neighborhoods surrounding campus should not be missed. Eastown, Gaslight Village, East Hills and Fulton Heights offer top notch entertainment, shopping and cuisine to get you out of your dorm room and into city living. Eastown: Very close to campus (just head east), Eastown is just mintues away. Arguably, the most famous hot spot in Eastown is Yesterdog, a dive restaurant that serves up the best messy chili dogs until the wee hours of morning. Spoonlickers, an up and coming “fro-yo” oasis, is giving Yesterdog a run for their money as the most popular spot in Eastown. Other notable places include Kava House, an eclectic, reasonably priced coffee shop that doubles as a study spot and Wolfgang’s, GR favorite that serves up delicious breakfast and lunch. Jimmy John’s, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns will all give quick campus deliveries from their Eastown locations and have great student deals. Other student favorites include Bombay Cuisine, Harmony Brewery and The Chez Olga. Gaslight Village: Another short walk away from campus will get you to Gaslight Village. A mixture of franchise and locally owned businesses cater to every need. For practical needs, D &W grocery store, the UPS store and Walgreen’s pharmacy are all conveniently located on Wealthy St. Local spots include Jersey Junction, a tasty ice cream venue that will surely

Time to get involved Saint Stock is the place to be to get the inside scoop on clubs and organizations By Mayra Monroy The Saint Reporter A favorite Aquinas Welcome Week event is underway and ready to rock. Saint Stock, a signature AQ event sponsored by Campus Life and Campus Ministry, will take place September 4, 2013, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Sturrus Sports & Fitness Center. Saint Stock is an event in which

clubs going to be present at this event, students should take advantage of this opportunity to join on campus clubs, organizations and to get more information on events going on campus. RSOs and outside organizations set up stands and prepare to recruit newcomers to all the opportunities their organization has to offer. RSOs all across campus must go through the process of signing up and preparing a booth that will

<<STUDENTS SHOULD TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPPORTUNITY>> Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and outside Grand Rapids organizations convene to provide insight and opportunities to new and old students of Aquinas. In planning since the final weeks of May, Assistant Director of Campus Life Tim Ramsey is in charge of setting up the entire project as well as monitoring the organizations within and outside of campus that apply to be a part of this signature event. “There are about 65 [organizations] this year. About 35 outside nonprofits organizations, etc,” Ramsey said. With so many outside organizations and Aquinas

draw in students to check out their organization. The event is a campus favorite, as many students gather to explore what clubs, programs and organizations the Aquinas community has to offer. “Last year approximately 800 students went through,” Ramsey said. With so many students on Aquinas’ campus, Saint Stock is a great opportunity for AQ and local businesses and organizations to show newcomers what the community has to offer.

satisfy. Other restaurants include Olga’s Kitchen, Rose’s, and Derby Station. Easily the most picturesque part of Gaslight Village,however, is Reed’s Lake. The beautiful lake that surrounds the hopping village includes bike/ running paths and trails. East Hills: This up and coming neighborhood is just a few blocks from campus. Acclaimed restaurants like Maru Sushi, Marie Catrib’s, Brewery Vivant and The Green Well are all located between Lake St. and Cherry St. and are renowned for their food and service. The lesser known Gaia LAURA FARRELL / THE SAINT Cafe sits on the corner of Cherry and Diamond and offers mouthwatering Eastown: Wealthy St. is the home to places like Wolfgang’s, Yesterdog, and Spoonlickers. vegetarian cuisine. Cherry Deli may hold one of the biggest produce and goods Wednesday evenings, Just minutes from campus sits busy menus in GR; their walls are covered in as well as on weekend mornings and downtown. Van Andel Arena hosts their sandwich options. East Hills also afternoons. Family Fare grocery store is the Grand Rapids Griffins, popular offers a wide variety of fun shops, such located just down the road from campus. musicians, and other events year round. as Lamb, Clothing Matters and Blue. Schnitz’s Deli and Bakery, next to Family The Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM), Blue is a Goodwill owned store that Fare, offers delicious deli finds and The GR Public Museum and The Gerald R. offers second hand women’s clothing freshly baked goods. Ford Museum always offer an afternoon for reasonable prices. East Hills is the of enlightenment. And John Ball Park Zoo place to be for a fun night out or quick Beyond the is just on the other side of Grand River. shopping trip. They offer discounted student prices and Neighborhood: Fulton Heights: Fulton Heights is perhaps the most convenient neighborhood for students. The most notable spot is the Fulton Heights Farmer’s Market, where the newly renovated space offers fresh

If you’re looking to catch the latest flick, Celebration Cinema has locations at Knapp’s Corner, Rivertown Mall, and Woodland Mall (second-run movies only set you back four dollars). Celebration also offers student discounts with your Aquinas ID.

newly renovated habitats. No matter where you choose to go, Grand Rapids has a lot to offer. Use your ID to get a forty cent bus ride on the Rapid and explore the city.

Campus eats

AQ offers dining options for all schedules, budgets and appetites By Cait Hilton The Saint Reporter As new and terrifying as the beginning of the Aquinas experience is, at least they feed you. Just a meal swipe away is the deliciousness at Wege Dining Hall, the college’s cafeteria that you have probably seen on campus visits, AQ Days or your STAR Day. It is located on the south side of the academic building. Monday through Friday, Wege is open for breakfast 7:15 a.m.-9:30 a.m. with continental breakfast 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m. For lunch, the cafeteria is available from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. with a light lunch 1:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m. Dinner is served 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday brunch is served from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., with dinner from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Within the cafeteria, apart from LAURA FARRELL / THE SAINT Wege’s usual selections, there is a salad bar and The Shakk. Breakfast is served from The Shakk counters Dinner time: Wege dining is here to deliver cuisine choices that will satisfy everyone’s every morning and this year, with appetite. a new healthy twist. Greek yogurts, Sundays. The cafe will remain closed on to brew you hot drinks and serve you Wellness bars and various granolas will Saturdays. The Corner Cafe is great for snacks, The Moose is up and running now be available for breakfast. The Wege those with busy schedules. If a student Monday - Thursday from 7:30 a.m.-1:00 staff will continue to take pride in their cannot make it to dinner at Wege, The a.m. On Friday, the shop opens 7:30 a.m.“from scratch” healthier cooking in their Corner offers a limited amount of dinner 12:00 a.m., on Saturday the hours are 9:00 bakery. For lunch and dinner hours, items that can be paid for with a meal a.m.-12:00 a.m. and Sunday’s hours are The Shakk will also provide creative swipe after 7:00 p.m. Every other meal 9:00 a.m.-1:00 a.m. selections from stir-fry, pasta, and subs can be purchased with cash, credit card, The Moose is a great place to that you can put your own spin on. get homework done and meet with AQ cash or with flex cash. In the lower level of Wege, students Freshmen, your campus visits and professors and friends all while enjoying can also dine at The Corner Cafe. You tours have probably also brought you good coffee. Wege Cafeteria and The can eat in or take your order to go. The past the Cook Carriage House, which Corner Cafe are always working hard to Corner Cafe is proud to announce that all is kitty-corner from the campus library. bring quality meals to the table for the disposable materials, such as to-go boxes The main floor of the building is a safe student body. Aside from these places, and plastic cups, are now compostable- haven for most students and is called vending machines can be found in the just another way AQ works towards The Moose. The Moose is a coffee shop residence halls, all academic buildings building a sustainable environment. that opens early so you can start your and Sturrus Sports Center. The Corner Cafe is open Monday- day on the right foot and closes late to More information can be found on Thursday from 10:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m., ensure that you can get those “it’s way the campus dining page at www.aquinas. Friday 10:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m., and, starting past my bed time” cramming sessions edu/food. this year, from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. on in before class the next morning. Able






Aquinas: GRCC names commons after AQ President

Grand Rapids: Artprize is right around the corner

National: Boston bombing suspect documents released

World: Isolated tribe makes contact in Peru

Aquinas College President Dr. Juan Oliveraz was recently honored for his work at Grand Rapids Community College. Before coming to AQ, Olivarez led GRCC from 1999-2008. The commons formerly known as Bostwick Commons will now be known as Dr. Juan Olivarez Commons.

The much anticipated Artprize festival is coming up September 18 through October 6. ArtPrize brings from all over the world for the competition scattered throughout Grand Rapids. 4,400 volunteers are needed and sign ups can be found at

New documents indicate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had a gunshot wound on his mouth the night he was captured. They also report that authorities talked to Tsarnaev for two days before reading his Miranda rights. He awaits trail for the 30 federal counts he pleaded not guilty to.

The mashco-piro Indians have made contact with the outside world for the second time in two years in Peru. The tribe is thought to be upset with illegal logging and drug smuggling in their area. The encounter was tense as the tribe came armed, ready with bow and arrows, scaring the locals.

Why hello there

laura farrell |news editor

Hello freshman and welcome to the world of Aquinas College. You are completely new to college and this campus, but you have already made a couple of great decisions. First of all, you chose, out of thousands of different schools, to come to AQ. Secondly, you did not throw away this newspaper and you are even reading this column! I would say you are off to a great start. My name is Laura Farrell and I am the News Editor for The Saint. This is my second year as news editor, and I was a staff writer as a sophomore. And because you will always have explain your majors and minors to everyone you meet for the next four years, I am an English and Communication double major. As a senior, I feel like it is my duty to warn you of all of the embarrassing things you will undoubtedly do as a freshman. I should tell you which classes to avoid and which to take. I could let you know what the heck I and E stands for, or let you know if wearing lanyards is cool or not (but is that really necessary?). I probably should tell you to ALWAYS AVOID 8 A.M. CLASSES, but I am not here to give advice. One of the best and worst things about being a freshman is that you have no idea what you are doing. You are forced to share a bathroom with three strangers, talk and participate in class and even sit with random with people you have never even met at meals. Excruciating, I know. And the worst part of it is, you only have a mere four years to figure it all out. We are pressured even before high school graduation to have our “ten year plan” down pat. We are expected to make life changing decisions and make them quick. Ironically, the only way you can do that is to do it blindly. Do not kid yourself in thinking you know what your life is going to look like in four years, because unlike high school, college does not come with obvious rules and regulations. There is no Disney movie to let you know when it is appropriate to burst out into song in the halls of AB. Janice and Ian are not going to draw you up a map of Wege dining hall and most importantly, Troy Bolton is not an AQ student. Not even close. For you freshman, though, orientation is where it all starts. I remember freshman orientation feeling like a holy gift from God where not everyone in the room knew about that one time you fell on the stairs in the senior hallway or could label you as “dumb jock,” “nerd,” or so on. For the first time in a long time, you get to be who you want to be. I started off as a freshman at Michigan State University. I was enrolled at James Madison, the small public policy college and I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I graduated four years later. But clearly, since you are reading this in Grand Rapids and not East Lansing, and I spend my study time reading Virginia Woolf and not Thomas Paine, my plan did not happen to say the least. Right now, no matter how cultured or experienced you think you are, your world is incredibly small. It does not matter how big or small your high school was, where you are from, or how smart you are: you’ve got a lot to learn. And the biggest mistake is trying to choose what we learn. Your world is about to become bigger and a lot different than you ever thought before. That is why you have to take every opportunity you can and do things that you never would have done before. Join clubs, study abroad, take classes that interest you even if they have nothing to do with your major. Get out of your dorm room and explore the city. Don’t get stuck in your high school glory days. Talk with professors and go on service learning trips. Or better yet, join the school newspaper (cough, cough). This I can guarantee: you are going to do dumb things, make wrong decisions, become more confused than you can imagine, and yes, probably wear a lanyard. Don’t sweat it though. You will survive with flying colors. I sincerely welcome you all to Aquinas. It is a good place to be. We, The Saint, promise to be the Ron Burgundy of news here at Aquinas and keep you informed as much as possible, the every other Wednesday we print. So until then, you stay classy, freshman.

Final phase of fitness Phase II of Sturrus Sports and Fitness Center begins

By Mayra Monroy The Saint Reporter A new addition to the Aquinas College campus is expected to break ground this fall. Sturrus Phase II is finally undergoing construction. The addition to the Sturrus Sports and Fitness Center has made progress under the leadership of Greg Meyer, VP of Advancement for Aquinas College. The first phase of the Sturrus S p o r t s a n d F i t n e s s C e n t e r wa s completed in September of 2010 and included the newly built gymnasium classrooms, training facility, coaching offices, new locker rooms, fitness center and the important Aquinas College Hall of Fame. The completion of Sturrus has always been an Aquinas promise. With plans for the ground breaking ceremony in the works, the lay out of the addition has already been worked out. Phase II is planned to add almost 70,000 square feet of space added to Sturrus. Wi t h i n t h i s 7 0 , 0 0 0 a d d i t i o n a l space, there is a 200 meter track that will include all the amenities to host


New construction: Sturrus Phase II set to start construction this fall. track events; new wooden courts for multiple sports such as basketball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, etc; and practice areas for baseball, and softball, among other sports. With this practice space available,

teams that have had to leave campus to practice and to host events will now have the luxury of an on campus space to hold practices. The Sturrus Phase II building is projected to have a main and lower level.

A sustainable campus

Summer Studies

Senate allows academic opportunities for students over summer semester By Chuck Hyde The Saint Reporter College is all about learning. There are many ways to do this: taking classes, hiring a tutor and even doing independent research. Being a small college, funding can be hard to come by for the latter here at Aquinas. Student Senate is attempting to remedy that by providing a way for students to obtain much-needed money. The Student Senate Research Fund was founded in 2008 by the Student Senate under the thenPolitical Affairs Director Brad Bosserman. Bosserman started it to provide an avenue for students to get funding for conferences and other travel-related research opportunities. While it still does that, it has expanded to help cover more research and learning opportunities for Aquinas students. The fund has made it possible for eight individuals over the past two summers to take part in research with a faculty member of their choosing. The so-called Summer Scholars Program has let non-science students have a chance to do the research that can be hard to fund in other ways. A l l e i g h t p r o j e c t s t h a t h a ve

been completed were in different dis c ip line s . Re c ip ie nts inc luded Molly Cook, Ben Hagge, Tom Olson and Rachel Bartels for the summer of 2012. Summer 2013 recipients include Brittany Fata, Brandon Hereiter and Elizabeth Nelson. A l u m n u s J a r r o d I r w i n wa s one of the first recipients of funding from this source. He studied Dostoevsky with English professor Dan Brooks. He looked for discrepancies between Notes from Underground and Dostoevsky’s other novels, specifically concerning their religious themes. “I’m very grateful for having received this grant, because it gave me permission to spend my entire summer immersed in Dostoevsky.” Irwin’s research was an example of the type of unconventional research the Fund sponsors. The main goal is to make sure that as many students as possible can have the opportunity for experiential learning. Right now, the Senate is working on raising money so that the Research Fund can be endowed. This would allow it to become larger and possibly fund more research. For now, the Fund will attempt to aid as many students as possible.

Look for The Saint at Saint Stock September 4. Find us on Facebook and Twitter! News Editor Laura Farrell E-mail

The lower level will provide the track area and multipurpose hard wood and synthetic floors. The main level will be open to viewing the floor below, providing seating for spectators. S t u r r u s P h a s e I I wa s p o s s i b l e thanks to Aquinas alumni and students. A donation of a p p r o x i m a t e l y $ 1 . 5 m i l l i o n wa s donated to break ground for the new building by Aquinas alumnus Greg (‘71) and Sally Alksnis. Committed to supporting the Aquinas community and its students, the Alksnises are dedicated to supporting students and to promote a healthy lifestyle. With a brand new building comes construction, notably overtaking parking spots this semester on campus. With less parking, both commuter and residential parking pass rates have increased. In alliance with Aquinas’ sustainability initiative, local students are encouraged to fine alternative transportation to campus. Sturrus Phase II is planned to break ground this fall.

Sustainability department shows zero tolerance for anything but zero waste


Go ride a bike: Register your bike with Campus Safety to commute to class. By Mayra Monroy The Saint Reporter Aquinas College has built a foundation for a sustainable campus under director of the sustainability department Jessica Eimer. Major changes are happening on campus and are all in part of the movement to get all students to become involved and to be a waste free campus by 2014. This year, Jessica Eimer and the Center of Sustainability have some campus wide ideas that are surefire to succeed. “We are excited to announce a handful of new programs this year,” Eimer explains. “[They will] bring us closer to the college’s sustainability goals.” Some new changes include two new carpool spaces in the Wege lot. “Carpooling can save you gas money, provide you with new friendships, reduce air pollution and helps combat traffic congestion,” said Eimer. This new carpool parking will be obtainable to students that have at least three passengers in one vehicle, where all occupants will have to head to the Campus Safety building to receive the permit for the spot. Another sustainability initiative being implemented this year is the AQ Bike program. “AQ bikes is a new and sustainable way to get around the Aquinas campus and Grand Rapids

Phone (616) 632-2975


area,” said Eimer. “As gas prices continue to fluctuate, eliminate uncertainty by checking out a more affordable way to travel.” The program is being headed by Campus Safety, who will be offering a selection of bikes to Aquinas students throughout the year. “We will currently be renting six bikes and one tandem bike,” Ryan Wendt, Campus Safety Locksmith said. “If there is a demand for more, we will purchase a few more.” Each bike that is to be rented out will be inspected before departure and upon arrival. Rates for bikes vary by daily, weekly, and quarterly. “We are very hopeful that this idea takes off and has some success this school year,” Wendt said. Along with the help of the Sustainability department, the Sustainability LLC headquartered in K House has some plans up their sleeves as well. A big program in the works is “Tees to Z’s,” a t-shirt drive implemented for up cycling and donation. Be on the lookout for some t-shirt donation boxes across campus. “The overall goal of all of our efforts is to assure that Aquinas College is the kind of place where people love to work and learn. The initiative involves protecting the natural beauty of the Aquinas College campus while restoring the natural environment,” Eimer said.



Television: Glee Season 5 without Finn Hudson?

Music: Battle of the singles

After the heartbreaking passing of Cory Monteith this summer, who once portrayed Glee’s lovable Finn Hudson, fans are anxious to know just exactly how the show will continue onto its fifth season without its pivotal male lead. According to E! News, the casting of a new male recurring character is already in the works.

Both Katy Perry and Lady Gaga released new songs this summer after taking a year-long break from the biz. Question is: Who did it better? While Perry’s anthemic tune “Roar” was a frontrunner hit on iTunes, Gaga’s “Applause” received little praise, sinking to fourth place.

Don’t kill my vibe paris close | culture editor As I begin to pack my things, rummaging through what little closet space I have, I forcefully tuck my work uniform beneath a pile of clothes I’ll never wear. It’s the ideal place for such scorned memorabilia. In other words, I hated my summer job and will probably never eat macaroni and cheese again. Despite the grotesque (but certainly true) reality of having to work around chattering pests, this summer was surprisingly awesome. Great music is always said to come out during summertime. From club-bangers like Zedd’s “Clarity” and Calvin Harris’ “I Need Your Love” to seductive slow jams from Ciara and her self-titled record, I was immensely impressed with the material being played over the radio this summer. However, even now, I don’t know what the big deal is with this sudden Robin Thicke craze. “Blurred Lines” was probably the most overrated and overheard tune this season, and while I think Thicke is a total babe his voice is starting to become a nuisance. But his voice wasn’t the only one to bug me during my night strolls back home... I swear, if I hear “Suit & Tie” one more time I’m seriously going to flip my lid. Thankfully, my summer wasn’t totally occupied with the fear of being attacked by bugs on the job; I got an internship! At a time when I thought I was foolish to have waited so long to start applying for internships, I managed to snag one that was right up my alley: pop culture. Even though it wasn’t a paid opportunity, I was able to blast Taylor Swift for being a crybaby, heartbreaker and give accolades to Miley Cyrus for impressively making herself relevant again. I promise you, I could easily rival Perez Hilton! When I wasn’t busy writing articles about Farrah Abraham’s stupid sex scandal or that one time when a fan fearlessly smacked Beyonce’s butt, I was steadily improving my image as a hipster. This involved listening to records by The Jezabels and Daughter, and oh yeah, attending a kick-ass Skylar Grey concert! I’ve also become a religious shopper on Etsy and Big Cartel, stocking my suitcases with my many cat and mustache embroidered sweatshirts as we speak. Although I’d like to say the workers over at H&M know my name by now, I am still known as the “macaroni guy.” I am still working on that. Since we’re talking about things I am working on, I still have a goal to accomplish which I am only 10lbs away from meeting. Astonishingly enough, I kept my word when it came to my fitness goals, running at least 12 miles a week. Yeah, yeah. I know this is lightweight for most of you athletes reading this, but this is coming from someone who was once afraid of treadmills and running, for that matter. To keep it going, I’ll put together a to-do list for the semester and keep you posted. Speaking of to-do lists, have you seen The To Do List? If you haven’t, in the holy words of Taylor Swift, “Drop everything now... and go see The To Do List!” Okay, maybe those weren’t her exact lyrics but you get the idea. Aubrey Plaza’s character is like Daria Morgendorffer meeting Emma Stone’s Olive Penderghast from Easy A. And who wouldn’t want to get sex tips from Rachel Bilson? Okay, things just got a little awkward. Don’t listen to Rotten Tomatoes or read any reviews--just see the movie! Trust me, the laughs you’ll get are well worth your bucks! I’d love to sit here and dish out everything that’s happened with this summer but reality is caving in, and my last couple of days at the macaroni place are calling me. Anyways, here’s to another amazing semester!




Movies: Who’s Ready for The Mortal Instruments? While I’m sure you’re just as bored with these sci-fi movies as I am, The Mortal Instruments does seem a bit promising. The flick stars Lily Collins as Clary Fray, the film’s main protagonist. With all the hubbub surrounding the flick, slated for August 21, it could just as easily become the next Hunger Games.



Miley Cyrus is bringing you nothing but “#bangerz” on October 8. The former Hannah Montana star has finally come clean about the official release date for her upcoming hip-hop/pop album, Bangerz.


Back to basics for K.T. Tunstall By Carly Plank The Saint Reporter Until last year, luck had been the key ingredient in Scottish singer KT Tunstall’s career. In 2004, a last minute opening on the popular UK music showcase Later…with Jools Holland allowed Tunstall to perform her firecracker single “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” around the world. The appearance launched Tunstall to superstardom and funded a string of well received albums. Since then, her luck has changed dramatically, necessitating a radical departure from the upbeat pop rock of her past. After losing her father and divorcing her husband, an unavoidable period of introspection encouraged Tunstall’s latest album Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon. The title was inspired by Tuscon, Arizona, the location of a small studio where the album was recorded in two distinct sessions separated by the title songs on the record. To achieve a stripped down sound tailored for emotional outpourings, the songs were recorded live on analog tape with vintage acoustic instruments. Using the unforgiving tape as an audience, the central messages of the songs were captured completely with the solitude of the surrounding desert as the only visitor. “Invisible Empire,” the opening track, sweeps though a summary of the album’s themes with a mellow guitar groove and passionate vocals

displaying Tunstall’s impressive dynamic range. The track speaks of the illusions none of us are immune to constructing. Tunstall sings of tearing down “pinnacles” of an elusive ideal: the security life periodically teases us with. Facing uncertainty, especially following the loss of a family member, a career, or something taken for granted as a constant, can feel like starting from scratch. However, in Tunstall’s words, and against her expectations, “the candle never went out,” and change was unable to erase the person she had always been. Over the course of songs that alternately recall passing rainstorms and rays of sun penetrating clouds, much of the album blends together and particular songs fail to resonate after the first listen. This is a case where some creative multitracking could have been successful in highlighting lyrical treasures that lay hidden in the monaural vacuum constituting the middle third of the album. Another song that stands apart is “Feel It All,” featured in both solo and “band jam” COURTESY VIRGIN RECORDS versions. The song mirrors the Desert Sounds: Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon captures the essence of vulnerability. sentiments of “Invisible Empire” and successfully bookends the To feel stable at all times is to fail to in the present and be content to feel album. Those three words represent thrive and to avoid a fateful meeting pain and then, eventually, hope. a revelation that the singer of “Invis- with ourselves. Without the options ible Empire” had not yet realized. of escape and denial, we must live

The show you should be watching By Paige Graham The Saint Reporter During the summer, most college students will find themselves either staring at a wall, watching Gatorboys, biting their fingernails raw or doing some other mindless activity for hours on end without realizing that time is passing by. The summer hype lasts for about three weeks and then you don’t quite know what to do with yourself. For many, the idle hours of summer are filled with Facebook creeping, levels upon levels of Candy Crush or unintentional eight-hour marathons of Seinfeld. Some are content with this but some wish they hadn’t blown that internship interview and others feel

guilty for becoming another mindless drone of modern society. Even though Seinfeld is an awesome show, watching the “Festivus” episode for the fifth time probably wasn’t the most productive thing you could have been doing. Summer may be over but there is still a lot of time to reflect on what you should have been doing this season. Contrary to popular belief, there are some unhealthy obsessions that will actually revive your spirit and make you an overall better person. The most relevant example of this can be found in the HBO original series Game of Thrones. If you enjoyed Harry Potter or fell in love with Lord of the Rings, then Game of Thrones is definitely a show you’ll easily gravitate to. Even though the series

just wrapped up its third season, it has already become notorious for having a crack-like addiction on its viewers. This fantasy series is chock full of knights, dragons, sex, murder and conspiracy. In other words, the perfect combination for watchable television. The only bad thing about it is that it’s only broadcast on HBO. If you’re like most people you probably don’t subscribe to HBO because, let’s be honest, it is a channel exclusively for the narcissistic and extremely super-rich. Don’t let this deter you, however, because you can always rent the seasons from your local video store. You can also purchase an online HBO subscription and watch it there, rent it on-demand or simply Google it. The best part about Game of Thrones

is that it is never going to spin off in some confusing direction because the television series was derived from a collection of novels and it follows the novels almost to a “t.” This is also brilliant because you never have to wait half of a year to find out what is going to happen next season—you can just read the books. So next summer, fall, winter or even during spring break, don’t waste your time being a social drone—just read/watch Game of Thrones and you will feel amazing. Just make sure that when you have read and watched all that there is of Game of Thrones you have a life outside the show.

Artist Spotlight: Haim broken down musical barriers across the world. Over the past decade, they have been quietly crafting a completely unique brand of rock that may have massive crossover potential. Infectious bass lines and anthemic vocal hooks have become Haim trademarks. Each single is a structured pop masterpiece worthy of massive radio airplay. Intelligent lyrics, percussive melodies, and three part harmonies set Haim apart as an unquestionable triple COURTESY JARED EBERHARDT threat. Danielle, 24, serves as lead vocalist, studio perfecHoning Talents: The trio gives rock and roll a new rhythm. tionist, and virtuoso guitarist. Already having toured with Cee-Lo Green and By Carly Plank Haim, three sisters from Los Angemembers of The Strokes, Haim’s frontThe Saint Reporter les, California, may have the answer to woman has a voice made for the blues an age old pop culture debate. Lately, and an attitude that defines working music enthusiasts seem divided along Genre: Rock, Pop class rock and roll. Alana, 21, cona fault poised to slip in one of two diCurrent Album: Days tributes glowing synthesizer riffs and rections. One: disregard inorganic Are Gone rhythm guitar while Este, 27, plays bass dance beats and lifeless indie ventures Comparisons: The and provides a strong foundation. And as passing fads and accept the nihilistic Strokes, TLC, Ellie lest he be forgotten, touring drummer vision that quality popular music is exGoulding Dash Hutton has helped prove Haim’s tinct. Two: Gather positives from past Popular Tracks: staying power as a live band. After and present trends and move forward. “Don’t Save Me,” mesmerizing festival crowds from Haim embraces option two and “Forever,” “The Wire” Bonnaroo to Glastonbury, the band has is currently pioneering a new frontier. opened for Ke$ha, Florence + the MaAlana, Danielle, and Este Haim have Culture Editor Paris Close


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chine, and Mumford & Sons. The three sisters began their careers as part of their parents’ classic rock cover band, Rockinhaim, before branching out on their own. Haim played L.A. venues for years with no real expectations, but perhaps the lack of commercial hype allowed for time to hone their skills. Strong musicianship, from vocal intuition to instrumentation, has allowed Haim to take on the melodic rock of “Honey and I” and the power pop of “Don’t Save Me” as well as the old school blues of “Oh Well,” a Fleetwood Mac cover. Due to encouragement from Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and to the success of the “Forever” single in Europe, the group earned the title of BBC’s “Sound of 2013.” The contest, an annual indicator of artists on the rise, has an impressive roster of previous winners including Ellie Goulding and Jessie J. In the face of soaring expectations, Haim has displayed rare patience. Instead of rushing production to capitalize on newfound success, the band’s debut album has been meticulously finalized in the studio. Days are Gone will be released on September 30, the final day of eligibility for the 2014 Grammy Awards. In today’s Facebook generation of first impressions and instant gratification, Haim’s music serves as a reminder that true autonomy and unwavering perseverance remain unrivaled.




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