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it’s bla A ck & w Ohite“ ” Company videos delivered from company websites are now so important for UK companies, that to miss out is to miss the boat! Robin Crowshaw tells it as it is!


Arguably the internet will probably take its place next to the invention of the wheel and the discovery of fire.

We buy things on it. We move money on it. We listen to the 'radio' on it - our favourite music, watch 'TV' programmes at our leisure on it. And during our working day we seek information from it. But this is where UK businesses really do need to get up to speed! Good websites do provide good information, but unless a visitor is hooked within the first handful of seconds they're gone - to the competition! Video holds visitors to your site longer. Information can be presented more directly and persuasively - and of course - with a lot more interest.

Research tells us that in the US up to 70% of middle management seek information from video before any purchasing or recommendation to purchase or contact is made.

So come on UK! Start thinking about your website in a totally different way! Your website is your own communications broadcasting channel! Now see just how important videos on your site can be - in your marketing mix. Not only can you present your company and services virtually on a one-to-one basis with your clients and target audience, but showcase your products at the same time - all in one, well constructed, proverbial ‘nutshell’! Plus - you can do this with any business from Accountancy to Aerospace!

The use of video in business environments will be as prevalent in 2020 as audio conferencing is today. Video communication will be part of most business applications, conferences and meetings within and between companies. Given the effects of consumerization, increasing deployment of UC (Unified Communications) features and the influx of the next generation into the workforce, video will become one of the preferred business methods of communication. Video multimedia presentations will be as common as PowerPoint use is today. Ovum 2010

Ok - so we're passionate about video. But we're also passionate about all aspects of digital marketing. A little while ago I was asked to best describe what we do. Aquila Video is a brand of Aquila Digital Ltd - a multimedia agency in the UK West Midlands. At the core of our expertise is a wealth of experience in the advertising industry (that is - to use a more conventional term). My colleagues and I have a business and creative background which - yes - goes back a long way! And our professional careers cover campaigns through retail to precision engineering and just about everything in between! But it would be wrong to assume we're 'Jacks of all trades', because in these incredible, exciting digital times we find that our wide ranging skills can now be concentrated into a substantial digital

marketing tool box. We know the business of marketing. Our creative skills are equally as in-depth and thankfully, forever being challenged and enlightened. Strategies, corporate issues, web design and development, magazine production, photography, copy & scripts, award winning graphics and of course .. video.

All of this - is Aquila.

The expansion of the digital age into video enabled Aquila to determine exactly the level of service to offer. Even the choice of every piece of equipment has been investigated, discussed and assessed as to it's place in delivering our package to our market - a package which our market can afford! Our choice of Canon cameras has been one such decision. There are cameras far more expensive and there are many a lot cheaper. But our choice fits with our production values and to date, offers the versatility to cover all aspects of our projects. And the other thing is that all four of them - just plain feel good too! Aquila videos are not full of 'bells, whistles and lift music', but to each of their target audiences - they tell the story - professionally.

And of course there’s more! Because Aquila is completely digital. Because we are professionally multi-disciplined. Because our pricing structure is realistic and in tune with the times. In most cases - we can produce a company video which costs less, reaches a wider audience, lasts longer and is more cost effective than any equivalent piece of printed, company literature! And here’s a parting shot for the creative marketeer and the innovative business owner. All images used in this brochure have been taken from videos produced by us. But in reality, this very brochure you are reading - doesn’t actually exist!

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AQUILA VIDEO sensible and affordable videos for business

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Why Aquila Video for your business. Why you need to think about video for your company. Why you should have video on your company website.


Why Aquila Video for your business. Why you need to think about video for your company. Why you should have video on your company website.