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Company Brand Brief: ( Rank # 4 Volkswagen Bulli)

Media Design MFA Program MDM530 Brand Development 3.2.2 Week Two Design Project

Volkswagen Meaning “The Peoples Car” Established by Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Porshe

Name:Aquila Jones Date: February 17,2013


Volkswagen Commitment

Performance – Volkswagen delivers power and their commitment to a driving experience. Design – Volkswagen form meets function with simplicity flair. Quality – To Volkswagen, every little thing matters.

Volkswagen makes a significant impact on the Orlando metro marketplace. Volkswagen also wants to expand their presence and firmly establish themselves as the leading VW expert. In doing this, Volkswagen sees this as a major longterm investment, enabling them to service their customers and demonstrate their commitment to the VW brand.

Environment – Volkswagen believes when it comes to the design of their cars.

Volkswagen Flexibility Volkswagen has began implementation on a sophisticated and highly flexible platform with the deceptively simple label MQB, which is a German acronym for “modular transverse matrix.”

Onliness Statement (Differentiation) Volkswagen is the only company that makes a turbo diesel that gets over 50 mpg.

Company Brand Brief: (Rank # 3 Toyota Scion Xb) Media Design MFA Program MDM530 Brand Development 3.2.2 Week Two Design Project

Toyota Value

Toyota’s success stems from vision and

dedication to a set of common principles .

Name: Aquila Jones Date: February 17, 2013

Toyota Flexibility

Meaning Toyota logo consists of three ovals: the two perpendicular center ovals represent a relationship of mutual trust between the customer and Toyota. The ovals combine to symbolize the letter “T” for Toyota. The space in the background implies a global expansion of Toyota technology and unlimited potential for the future.

Toyota’s flexibility is an essential part of their corporate philosophy; Toyota exists to meet the needs of their clients so they have the flexibility to adapt their services specifically to each and every new project.

Toyota Commitment Toyota challenges themselves to minimize environmental impacts at all stages of the vehicle life cycle: in research and development, manufacturing, logistics and sales.

Toyota’s Vision reaching higher & challenging themselves to find a better way in everything they do every single day.

Onliness Statement (Differentiation) Toyota is the only company that continues to push forward to make the use of hydrogen fuel a reality for consumers in the near future.

Company Brand Brief: (Rank # 2 Nissan Cube ) Media Design MFA Program MDM530 Brand Development 3.2.2 Week Two Design Project

Nissan Vision Nissan will respect your time. Nissan will market their products and service honestly.

Name: Aquila Jones Date: February 17,2013

Nissan will employ a professional, well-trained and knowledgeable staff. Nissan maintain a clean, comfortable and modern facility. Nissan will offer only products and services that meet your needs. Nissan will provide clear explanations of all pricing and paperwork.

Nissan Meaning power derives its significance from the strengths and efforts Nissan will apply to their brand and sales.

Nissan will deliver consumers vehicles clean with a full explanation of features. Nissan will treat consumers as a guest in their home.

Nissan Values

Nissan Flexibility

Environmental Technologies – to mitigate global warming, protections indicate that it is necessary to stabilize atmospheric CO2 below 450ppm by the year 2100.

Nissan will include a broadening of its flexible manufacturing system to faint-venture plants in emerging markets and expansion of a modular-assembly philosophy that has suppliers co-locating inside Nissan assembly plants.

Safety Technologies – Nissan aims to halve the numbers of fatal and serious injuries from accidents involving their vehicles in Japan by 2015 compared with 1995. Dynamic Performance – each vehicle in Nissan’s extensive lineup offers its own distinctive features. Life on Board – Nissan cars provides unprecedented value at every stage-getting into the vehicle, preparing to drive, actually driving and, finally getting out.

Nissan Commitment Nissan is absolutely committed to providing their customers with quality pre-owned vehicles.

Onliness Statement (Differentiation) Nissan is the only car company that fit-test nearly one hundred different child safety seats in almost every vehicle it makes.

Company Brand Brief: (Rank #1 Kia Soul ) Media Design MFA Program MDM530 Brand Development 3.2.2 Week Two Design Project Name: Aquila Jones Date: February 17, 2013

Kia Value

Kia Vision According to, the Hyundai Motor Group aims to create ultimate value and promote harmonious growth from all stakeholders through eco-friendly management and respect your mankind.

Kia motors grows on the strength of the value it gives to and receives from their stakeholders. Through this collaboration, Kia continues their ongoing efforts to provide better cars and services to their customers worldwide and carry out their responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

Kia Meaning “The power to surprise” represents Kia’s global commitment to surpassing customer expectations through continues automotive innovation while embodying the exciting and enabling attributes of the Kia brand.

Kia Coherence

Onliness Statement (Differentiation) 3rd

Kia is the manufacturing car company to receive $10 billion annual export distinction. Kia Commitment Kia Motors is committed to leasing partnerships with major sporting events as it continues to expand their operations throughout the world.

“Moving forward responsibly” is what Kia Motors strives to do. Kia has seen development and has enjoyed convenience; but now, confronting Kia are the limitations of Earth, which is their only habitat of Earth.

3.2.2 Week 2 Design Project  

A visual/Verbal "Brand Brief" for each of the four companies in my chosen business sector.