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Campaign Project Proposal A: Marine Animals Need Love Too...

Name: Aquila Jones Date: January 27, 2013

Ranked # 92 of Top 100 for Non-Profit Organizations

Media Design MFA Program MDM525 Defining Client Needs 2.3.2 Week Three Project Market Sector Overview:

(Korlaar, 2011-2012) ranks these non-profit organizations as follows

Wanted: Gulf Dolphin Killers Reward: $20,000 for information leading to the killer contact, Captain Paul Watson The owner and founder of sea shepherd conversation sent this headline . Dolphins are appearing on the Gulf Coast dead, missing fins, missing jaws, mutilated, etc (Hansen, 2012). These types of global issues are continuing all over the world, but most importantly, right before our very own eyes. With sea shepherd as my marketing sector, my intentions are to promote this nonprofit organization to help find and stop the dolphin killers, as well as the killer for all other marine mammals.

References Hansen, J. (2012, November 20). [Web log message]. Retrieved from

Ranked # 56 of Top 100 for Non-Profit Organizations

Ranked # 49 of Top 100 for Non-Profit Organizations

Korlaar, C. (2011-2012). Top 100 nonprofits on the web. Retrieved from

Ranked # 24 of Top 100 for Non-Profit Organizations

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