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Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Swimming Pool Service If you own a commercial swimming pool or any other aquatic facility, you may realize that many of the facility problems are related to maintenance and cleaning of the pool. All the swimming pool services are mainly focused on the working and maintenance of the facility. Though many having an aquatic facility know how to be in this business but they don’t have the time, or let’s say, they don’t have the knowledge to maintain a pool. Pool maintenance sounds easy, and it is, if you have a small residential pool, but in a commercial aquatic facility, things are quite complex. There are a lot of factors involved in maintaining an aquatic facility, so the best option is to hire a pool maintenance service provider. But with so many service providers, how will you find the best for you? Well.. ask these 4 questions before hiring a pool maintaining and cleaning team.

 How much experience do you have? No matter how good are they, this is the first question you should ask them. Experience reflects their expertise in this field. Experience shows that they have already done and learned from their mistakes. Make sure you verify few of the projects done by them.  Ask about the license, proof of liability, and employee insurance, and are they bonded? Most of the facilities don’t ask this question, simply because they don’t find it very important. But it is really essential to find out the authenticity of the company. Since ensuring proper hygiene is the main motive behind hiring a pool cleaning service, it is important to ask for the proof of liability.

 Are they equipped to handle emergencies? An emergency such as sudden breakdown of the filter, or any other equipment malfunctioning can happen anytime. So if they have their own team for repair works, the problem can be sorted out easily in less time.  What are they going to provide in their service? This question can affect your budget. Ask them what is included and what is not? Are they going to use their own chemicals, pumps, heaters, and other equipment or do you have to arrange it for them. Most of the service providers provide pool supplies so that the facility owner do not have to worry about it. It is always better to sort out these aspects before starting the work.

Before signing the contract, clear all your doubts, discuss the budget and the terms of the contract with them. Apart from these 4 questions, there are many questions which you should ask before hiring a pool service. A reliable pool service will save both your time and money.

Questions you must ask before hiring a swimming pool service(article)(17th feb 2017)  

The best way to select a swimming pool service is to first understand your needs and on that basis, ask your questions to them. This will no...

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