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British Swimming The challenge of raising money for your sport

Some options • • • • • •

Your membership Trading with people who enjoy your sport Public Funding Sponsorship Corporate social responsibility Donations

Membership • • • • •

Do we have a membership fee? Is it realistic? Can we manage the data base for a win-win What do I get for my money? Know who your members are and communicate with them • What extra services can you offer and sell?

Trading • • • •

What does the market need? Can you bring products to market? Can you use e commerce? How can you use your data base to build new markets? • Can you find new markets?

Public Funding • Climate will be tough • Can you offer to achieve outcomes for government for less? • Your programmes will be reviewed • Does the programme deliver your strategic objective • Be clear on the strategy and monitor and evaluate outcomes and communicate

Sponsorship • • • • • • •

Have a clear marketing structure Understand the sponsor’s objectives Know about your sport and it’s market Be clear on what the programme is about Engage and communicate at all levels Support the partner Monitor evaluate and communicate

CSR • Where does it fit into your marketing plan • Understand if it is pure CSR • Be clear on what the CSR programme is to deliver for the client • Support the programme • Monitor evaluate and communicate

Donations • • • • • •

Some sports do this well Know who the targets might be People who enjoy swimming and have wealth Alumni programmes Make the donor feel fully involved Monitor evaluate and communicate

It is not easy! Good Luck

Challenge of Raising Money by David Sparkes  
Challenge of Raising Money by David Sparkes  

Raising Money in Aquatics