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The AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT • We recognise the importance of clubs, schools, communities in the initiation of swimming activities • The role of instructors, teachers, coaches is fundamental at the beginning of our activities

• When achieving the high performance level we found ourselves in the world called “sports industry” • Clubs, national federations, continental organisations must adapt themselves to unwritten rules of this industry

2009 – A difficult year for NF • local markets badly hit In consequence: • Sponsors that were active before, shifted their spending priorities elsewhere

• Despite these difficulties, the sport industry is said to bounce back from downturn due to the recession, growing almost 4% in four years • This progress is mainly due to the 2010 FIFA World Cup and 2012 Olympic Games

• Facing this reality, FINA must improve its market position in global sports industry in competition against both traditional sports/events and new ones, which are looking to gain ground from Aquatics

• The global sports market was worth over $114 billion in 2009, rising to $133 billion in 2013 • Growing at compound rate at 3.8% in this period • Our share of this huge market worth is actually minuscule and our income must increase at least at the same rate

PRIORITIES • Improve and increase our activities • Improve and increase our income • Win the challenge with other competitors in sports industry • We need to move forward • Attract young people to the sport, both as participants and fans, winning them from other sports and new activities that are available

• Innovate in presentation of events by theatre-style venues • Implement new races in swimming like mixed relays or new events like a Continental Cup • Night diving competitions in unique venues • Include cliff diving in our activities

If we DON’T do it: • Aquatics sports will be left behind and marginalised • In the short term, this can represent a danger for our future

By Discipline In Water Polo  To review the game’s parametres in order to create an attractive and understandable game for broadcasters and spectators  To create a mini-game with a smaller pool and fewer players to stimulate development worldwide and to create a more spectacular and faster game

In Synchronised Swimming ďƒ˜ To present in a better way our beautiful athletes and artistic elements of the sport ďƒ˜ To improve event presentation and content as required by sports business industry

In Open Water Swimming ďƒ˜ To bring this event near to the spectators: races to be organised in venues where host broadcaster can easily provide the TV production ďƒ˜ To bring new people into the sport, creating a trend for participation in mass races as witnessed in city marathons and triathlons

Concerning ATHLETES • They must raise their public profile at the national and international level • Sport and athletes should be cool, fun and exciting • Best athletes must take part at FINA events by removing the barriers to participation

Concerning NEW TECHNOLOGIES • Make the best use of and take advantage of new and future media opportunities and platforms • Embrace existing social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter • Be the first to use new platforms as and when they emerge

Concerning COMMUNICATION & SPONSORING • Be fast – we have to provide information and services before anyone else does • Increase commercial opportunities for athletes, coaches and federations without damaging the sport • Provide commercial partners additional benefits to retain existing sponsors and attract new ones

Preventing DANGERS • attention to doping • Avoid betting/gambling

Ways to MAKE IT HAPPEN • Actively seek out and take every opportunity • Be professional - we are part of an enourmous and very competitive sport and entertainment business • Being professional means employing professional people dedicated to implementing defined strategies from the highest level of the organisation

• Work in a coordinated way and streamline our product to maximise the opportunity and minimise the conflict • Example: FINA continental associations, national federations, athletes and coaches, all have to work together and not against each other

In CONCLUSION • Future is challenging • We need new products • There is no time to hesitate • We want and we have to transform ourselves to create new value • FINA, national federations, continental organisations, commercial partners can build a bright future for our sport

FINAL IDEA Maybe not everything we did was right but everything we will do TOGETHER is for the honourable cause that is the Aquatic Sports worldwide and FINA

Aquatics in the 21st Century - Trends and Opportunities by Cornel Marculescu  
Aquatics in the 21st Century - Trends and Opportunities by Cornel Marculescu  

From FINA Aquatics Conference 2010