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The EMF Community's Newsletter

Year II, N°1

January 2008

In this issue:

= Phases IX-XII : Worldwide Schedule 2008. =The Corporate Lattice: a new line of work, specially developed for organizations. =Sedona 2008: All the trainings and events. =Community of Conciousness, by Peggy Phoenix Dubro. =Intro-sessions in a Park in Venezuela.

First training in Sedona is filled. See schedule for following trainings

Phases Ready for Phases IX-XII Peggy Phoenix Dubro will teach the IX-XII InfirstJune, practitioners of Phases IX-XII of the EMF Technique.The training will follow 2008 Balancing a series of activities that will take place in

Schedule June 22-27 Sedona, Arizona, USA July 15-20 Quebec, Canada August 30 -Sept. 4 Madrid, Spain Sep 14-19 Bad Orb, Germany October 18-23 Santiago, Chile November 8-13 Caracas, Venezuela

Sedona, surrounding the EMF Worldwide Conference in June.

he wait has been long but not as long as it was T first announced. When she presented Phases V-

VIII of the EMF Balancing Technique, Peggy Phoenix Dubro knew that four more Phases were coming to complete this work, and at that time (2003) all she said about these last four phases was that they were going to be ready before 2012. There are at least two new things that we now know. The first is that there is going to be a Phase Thirteen of this work. It will be presented on DVD and available to all people. Phase XIII will represent both the starting point and the finishing point for the thirteen phases. The second is that we don´t need to wait for so long. In times of accelerated change, Phases IX-XII are almost here, and they are going to be taught for the first time by Peggy this June in Sedona, USA, where she lives with her family. The training will be preceeded by the EMF Conference and also a major celebration, the 11th Kryon Summer-Light Conference (see schedule on next page), which will be hosted by the Dubro Family this June. Just after the

Kryon event, the EMF Community will have its Worldwide Conference and then, the IX-XII Training. There has been great interest and response about these new Phases of the EMF work. So much in fact that this first training in Sedona is already full. But there are more opportunities to participate in the few months following the Sedona activities. Peggy and her husband Stephen will travel throughout the world to give more trainings (see frame on the left with specific schedules). As a multidimensional Newsletter, we can hear your question: "And what are these Phases about?" We can give you three tasty details: no massage table will be needed, the energy will be very electrical, and people are going to be able to work with specific issues in these new Phases. Wanna know more? Join the trainings!

The Corporate Lattice

This new line of work has been specially developed to help bring out the full potential of organizations. The first training will take place in Sedona in June 2008.

The dreams of many are becoming real beginning this June in Sedona. The Corporate Lattice is a new line of work related to the EMF development, a fundamental step that will certainly help to build more bridges to society at large and begins the series of specific EMF-related programs, such as EMF for children and EMF for health practitioners which will come out later on. The Corporate Lattice is a program available to EMF Teachers and Practitioners who are interested in working with organizations. The potential goes far beyond just the corporate world, as it can be applied to organizations of any kind, like government institutions, NGO’s, schools, hospitals and communities. The program builds on both EMF understandings and specific knowledge about organizational dynamics, business challenges, leadership and implementing change. Its main objective is to drive organizations to develop much more of their full potential. It aims to acknowledge, at a deep level, the relation between the wellbeing

of the organization and the wellbeing of the individual, and to learn how to enhance both. Areas of science, like Medicine and Biology, are increasingly understanding part and whole as intimately interconnected. Indeed, the concept of “part” is being left behind to speak about holographic structures (sound familiar?). Corporations and organizations in general are facing internal and external challenges in these times of rapid and profound change. The purpose of The Corporate Lattice work is to fuel their aggregate human capacity to its next level of expression, manifesting more of their potential. Just as the EMF Balancing Technique helps individuals, so can this work help organizations reach further in their purposes and with greater joy. If you are interested in working with corporations and other organizations, you will want to do this training. (See dates in the Sedona 2008 schedule on the next page. For more information, please write to )

The EMF Community's Newsletter

Year II, N°1 - January 2008

ef h t n I rgy o enelove Community of conciousness

EMF & science, side by side

The EMF Balancing Technique was born in the living room of Peggy Phoenix Dubro’s home. Nearly two decades later, some scholars started to propose that human conciousness could be an electromagnetic field. By now, as Peggy says, “those of us who perceive or see energies perhaps are not so much on the edge as we used to be, because science is starting to explain some of the things we perceive”. An example is a seminar that took place in London in September 2007, The Biology of Transformation. Hosted by an organization that makes scientific exploration of spirituality, Peggy was one

Ask Peggy!

Do you have a question about the EMF Balancing Technique, one of those questions that only Peggy can answer? Well, this is your chance to ask! All you have to do is send your question by e-mail to and give your intent to be part of the selection of questions that will be answered in the following editions of The Lattice News.

of the keynote speakers. The others were Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of the book Biology of Belief; Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, author of more that ten books and one of the eminent scientists to first propose that consciousness is an electromagnetic field!; Dr. Joyce Hawkes, developer of a healing technique at the cellular level; Dr. Eric Pearl, author of the Reconnective model of healing; Lynne McTaggart, author of the best-selling books The Field and The Intention Experiment; and Dr. Todd Ovokaitys with his discoveries on DNA. A demonstration that EMF and science are starting to make steps side by side.

Venezuela: sessions in the park. A group of the EMF family in Venezuela decided to “give service to the beautiful people of our country”, they said. They invited everyone “who wanted to first change themselves instead of thinking of changing others”, and it was a surprise for them that so many people arrived to the park. They gave 84 Introductory sessions in one event! There is a slide show of this beautiful initiative in our web page: click Media, then Images and you will find it: Sessions in the Park.

w w w. E M F W o r l d w i d e . c o m

I travelled for a year holding what I call Community Meetings, where I talked about what it means to be in a community of conciousness, known throughout the world as a community of New Age. I presented these meetings from Switzerland to Austria, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Japan and Russia. It all started in Mount Shasta, in June 2006, at the Kryon Summer Light Conference. About 20 years ago, when I first started doing this work -once I got over being shy-, I started to go into an out-ofbalance understanding. I started to feel as if what I had was all you really needed. My arrogance had escalated into a form of disrespect for other human beings and their work. One night I went home and stopped doing all of my work. For three months, I went inside of myself to calibrate. In that moment I knew I was not becoming who I believe I am: a being of wholeness, a being of respect for other people. During that time I made a promise to myself, that I would honor every effort, every understanding that each individual brings to what we call collective consciousness, whether I agree with it or not. Because the respect for another individual making an effort to understand more of why we are here has great benefits for all of us. With that promise to myself and that understanding, I have been travelling throughout the world, where I see the EMF Balancing Technique being embraced by many different cultures. And that is because this work honors each individual and what they have to bring into the world. Family of humanity, I absolutely love our community. The small efforts we make in being more centered and aware of how we are living the connectedness that we all share, will make a very big difference. I truly have faith in us, I know that we can do it. We can become more aware of how we treat one another and how we speak about one another and how we can support one another as we cocreate a new reality on the planet. The time of change is now. In the energy of love,

Text: Bárbara Partarrieu (

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The EMF Community´s Newsletter

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