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AQUA THROUGH THE CENTURIES A UK – based luxury clothing brand, known for its understated elegance, Aquascutum has been a cornerstone of the British fashion scene for over 160 years. After succeeding to produce the first waterproof garment, the Aquascutum brand has been praised for fine craftsmanship, designer fabrics, and attention to detail in their pursuit of style. With a history that encompasses clothing the likes of the Queen Mother, Winston Churchill and Humphrey Bogart, the stalwart legacy of Aquascutum continues to influence its fashion collections today.

WHERE IT ALL BEGAN In 1853, a young tailor and entrepreneur John Emercy, opened his first tailor shop in Piccadilly. The cloth proved to be such a success that the company was aptly renamed Aquascutum – ‘aqua’ meaning water and ‘scutum’, which translates as ‘shield’ in Latin.

The company made its first noteworthy landmark when John Emery collaborated with the British military to create a garment of protection for the soldiers in the First World War. Hence the iconic trench coat was born, and remains a fashion staple in the British wardrobe to this day.

1800s In 1895, Aquascutum moved into 100 Regent Street in the heart of London.

Royal fashion leader King Edward VII was the first royal client ordering an Aquascutum coat. In 1897, Aquascutum was granted a royal warrant, the first that would mark the British royal family’s long support of the company.

1900s The 'Trench Coat', initially created for the British Military during World War I, became an integral part of British fashion.

The 1920s saw a brand make over for the label, with the coat remaining its classic high-seller. In the early 1930s the Aquascutum coat became available with added luxurious design elements - such as fur. The Aquascutum Trench Coat was again used by the British military during World War II. After the war in 1940s, the Aquascutum rain coat became an essential piece for Hollywood icons. During the 1950s, Wyncol fabric and Sherpa Tensing was developed and used to protect Edmund Hillary and his troops as they conquered the extreme conditions of Mount Everest. Aquascutum received international attention in 1966, when the brand was recognised for its global success and received the Queen's award for export achievement, and having supplied the official uniforms for The Great British Olympic Team. In 1976, Aquascutum celebrated 125 years, marked with a feature edition in Vogue magazine.

2000s 2005 - Spring/Summer Aquascutum's first catwalk collection was launched since the company's establishment in 1851. In 2013, Aquascutum remains a style classic, with their iconic coats, and their latest children’s range.

Aqua through the centuries  
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