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Top Tips in Deciding for a Wedding Invitation

Weddings are like fairytales, they always have happy endings! If you are among the couples who are getting married and are one the move of planning everything – from the wedding dress to the wedding reception, then you sure would want to also achieve that happy ending. Wedding planning is simply a complicated task and know-how is a must. If you have a supportive family and friends who can help you out with all the planning, much better, but if two are left alone with all the wedding planning then you can always hire expert wedding planners. Because you want your wedding to be perfect, you want to be very particular to the details and among the elements that is quite tedious and will need your personal touch is the wedding invitation. This is your wedding’s first sneak peak to your guests. It is the first thing that your guest will see among anything else. With this being said, it is important to give some thought about designing your own wedding invitation. It is best to make it unique and more personal. Here are some tips for designing your own wedding invites:

Choose the paper for your invitations. This is the first step to do and the size, feel and weight will follow. Choose good quality paper as this greatly emphasizes the importance of the occasion.

Choose a matching envelope of course. Good quality texture is key. Also, the size and color should match the invitation. Many times, there are lots of amazing DIY wedding invitations but poorly matched envelopes. So be sure to take note of this. Pick wisely.

Choose vibrant colors. Mixing and matching colors are exciting but a bit tricky too. So make sure to decide on the best color that will fit your wedding concept.

Choose the type of lettering that you want on your invitation. Engraved, printed, or letter-pressed, whatever it is, make sure to pick the one that ideally fits your taste as well as the theme of your wedding.

Observe proper wedding invitation etiquette. A well-designed invite should always follow proper etiquette otherwise; its artistic design and style won’t matter. Be aware of the proper wordings. While the stationer where you ordered your invitations are competent, but you might want to get expert wedding wording advices at various online guides or ebooks.

Order sufficient number of wedding invitations that you have chosen. Usually, companies sell and deliver them in batches so if you are inviting a hundred guests, be sure to add 25 more so you always have a reserve in case you have unintentionally neglected or you have an eleventh hour guest.

Prior to sending the invitation, make sure that it includes a reply card, address envelope, or perhaps information about the reception location.

Wedding invitation creation greatly demands time and effort. So it is highly important to put some attention to it so that it is perfectly presented the way you wanted it to be.

For unique and stylish wedding invite designs, choose pocketfold wedding invitations. For expert wedding planning guide, get our Destination Wedding Survival Guide.

Top Tips in Deciding for a Wedding Invitation  

For unique and stylish wedding invite designs, choose pocketfold wedding invitations. For expert wedding planning guide, get our Destination...

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