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COUNTER-CURRENT SYSTEMS swimming experience to any home pool. The patented technology has already received numerous prestigious awards, including a Golden Wave Award, a German Brand Award and a Plus X Award. As opposed to conventional counter flow systems, HydroStar generates a wide water flow which carries the body in the water similar to a natural river current, without splashing. Unlike pump-operated swim systems, there is no concentrated jet that causes unpleasant concentrated strain on the head or shoulders. The wide and regular overand undercurrent of the HydroStar engulfs the entire body. Hydrostar has a range of turbines that offer a flow capacity for all swimmers. Six standard performance levels are on offer with flow rates ranging from 160 to 550m3 per hour plus for particularly ambitious swimmers, there are two special sizes with flow rates of 600 and 1200m3/h. Flow velocities are fully adjustable between 1 – 3.2 m/s. As the units are turbine driven, a maintenance free, all-in-one flush fitting kit is offered which are available for all types of pool construction from concrete tiled, liner to panel or fibreglass construction. For existing pools, there’s the modernlooking EasyStar hanging system. Available in grey and white and, just like the permanently integrated version, the retrofit system is offered with the six standard performance levels and has all the benefits of a fullyfledged HydroStar system. Ocea partnership with Binder has grown over recent years leading to it becoming one of the most popular high spec countercurrent systems available. With a good mix of German engineering combined with UK based sales and service backup, the HydroStar and EasyStar products are perfect for all ranges of training whether it’s for health, fitness or elite swimmers.

THROUGH- AND OVER-THE-WALL UNITS FROM PLASTICA The X-Stream counter-current unit, made with a stainless-steel niche and grab rail, is Plastica’s new through-the-wall unit. It’s easy to install, gives a neater finish and is more powerful than overthe-wall alternatives. There are two options for the X-Stream. The single kit comes with a Nardoself pump and produces 60m3/h output. Alternatively, the X-Stream duo, which comes with two of the Espa wiper pumps and gives an impressive 100m3/h output. Each X-Stream kit option comes with a complete plumbing kit and counter-current controller. The

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Binder’s HydroStar counter-current turbine system is available through Ocea UK

A counter-current system makes it possible to have unlimited pool fun, swim for as long as a user likes, plus their introduction can often provide hydrotherapy options too” duo unit has a sequential start system, so the pumps have a start delay between them. The X-Stream is especially suited for the range of wooden pools manufactured by Plastica. It uses pneumatic on/off switches, accessible from the pool to keep any electrics away from the bather and also features directional nozzles for fine adjustment of the flow. Perfect for a small size pool where space is limited, Plastica also sell the Counter-current Jet with white LED Light Kit which is ideal for fitness training, underwater massage and endless no-lap swimming. The Jet can be used as a single or double jet system with one or two pumps. The counter-current face plate is fitted with a white LED light, along with the On/Off light switch for ease of access while in the water. The unit is made

from a durable ABS structure, and is suitable for installation in concrete and liner pools. If an over-the-wall unit is needed, new to Plastica’s BADU® Jet range this year is the Stella, which has two swivelling nozzles. This model comes with White or RGB LED colour changing ambient lighting for night exercise or an atmospheric and relaxing swim. It joins the existing Perla or Riva units and all three can be used as a simple retro-fit in any swimming pool.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com Jetstream UK 01252 545006 www.jetstreamuk.com Ocea UK 01865 604882 www.hydrostar-binder.de

If an over-thewall unit is needed, the twin nozzled Stella (left) has joined the Perla (right) in Plastica’s BADU® Jet range

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