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Hanna BL121 Pool and Hot-Tub Chemical Dosing Systems From the smallest hot-tub to a school pool, the Hanna BL121 offers precision chemical dosing to control Chlorine and pH levels in private and public pools. Hanna Instruments is one of the worlds leading scientific instrumentation companies with European production facilities manufacturing over 3,000 Hanna products. The Hanna BL121series of controllers is one of the 30 Hanna Pool-Line products manufactured specifically to answer the needs of the pool and hot-tub users and operators. Unique features provide a higher level of control than previously available, while the benefits of producing every component in-house make Hanna BL121 controllers particularly competitive. • Continuous monitoring of Chlorine, pH and temperature • Consent dosing – only doses Chlorine once the pH level is correct • Automating data logging of parameters with ability to remote monitor via the internet • Built-in precision dosing proportional control dosing pumps • UK sales and service support

• 3-in-1 digital sensor with grounding pin and unique configuration pH sensor to remove pH errors • 2 year warranty • UK wide installation and training available • Complete controller package including pumps, sensor, saddles, injectors, tubing from £1245 plus VAT

HANNA INSTRUMENTS LIMITED Eden Way | Pages Industrial Park | Leighton Buzzard LU7 4AD Tel: 01525 850855 | Email: sales@hannainstruments.co.uk Web: www.hannainstruments.co.uk

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