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Albixon’s ultra-low profile Sydney was developed in cooperation with automotive designers and features elegant curves and unique look

is required, the Casablanca Infinity is a modern looking choice. This low enclosure, which makes a very discreet first impression in the garden, features angular clear roofing material, futuristic carbon design and low Air rails. Glazing consists of 4mm compact carbonate with UV stabilisation and the Casablanca Infinity has a removable front panel, supporting L profiles and a side entrance within the biggest module. Another low-level telescopic model within the range is the Sydney, which was developed in cooperation with automotive designers. This relatively new ultra-low profile option features elegant curves and unique look. Glazing again consists of UV stabilised 4mm compact carbonate and this model offers a left or right guide rail location option. The Sydney is sure to make a statement in any environment and is available in four sizes as standard. With custom options available on many of the enclosures within the Albixon range, including for size and colours (over 40) on the

Swimming Pool Enclosure Benefits

• A pool enclosure can be a highly worthwhile investment to extend the season; keeping it covered and warm well into the winter and keeping out leaves and snow. • The polycarbonate material used for most enclosures also helps to protect swimmers from harmful UV rays in the height of summer, as well as sheltering from any unwanted insects and wildlife. • An enclosure decreases the amount of chemicals that are required to look after the water. • Additionally, cost savings can be made with the addition of a pool enclosure; they shelter the water meaning less water evaporation and with a reduction in heat loss, owners will see utility bills are reduced. • Many of the models come with secure locking systems, making it almost impossible for children to be in the pool unattended. Slips and falls can also be reduced by keeping the surrounding ground covered from ice and rain. • Great for extending the home and creating an additional living space.

supporting structures, there’s an enclosure solution for every possible situation.

NORSUP POOL ENCLOSURES FROM BOSTA UK The ultimate in swimming pool comfort Unobtrusive, solid and available through Bosta UK, Norsup’s Supreme Line combines modern design with sophisticated functionality

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is achieved with indoor swimming pools but budgets, space and planning are all traditional factors in deciding whether an indoor pool is an option. By choosing a Norsup pool enclosure, there is another option to gain ultimate indoor pool comfort at a fraction of the price. Whether it is a simple pool covering or a walk-in pool house, with their new enclosures range, Norsup has cost effective options to maximise the pool design. Norsup is synonymous with quality design and their pool enclosures range follows this ethos. Manufactured by a well-known company with 26 years’ experience in producing quality pool enclosures, they have four different options of pool enclosure that can accommodate any size of pool, plus with different finish options, there is a design suitable for all. The Supreme Line combines modern design with sophisticated functionality. The flat track on one side allows easy access to the pool. In three different colours, the roofs harmoniously fit in every garden. The Premium Line is both subtle and classic in its design. The flat tracks on both sides are inconspicuous and guarantee easy opening and closing of the roof. The Pro Line offers the most space with a height of up to 1.90m. Thanks to the universal structure of the roof and the optional revolving door, it is also ideal for

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