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ENCLOSURES manufacturing to transport and even installation. Their preference is that the enclosures are fully pre-assembled in the factory and then transported in complete sections. This means that not only is the installation itself incredibly fast – half a day to one day, depending on size – it is also very clean. Alukov UK is based in Surrey and covers the whole of the country. As an extension of the factory in the Czech Republic, customers are talking directly to enclosure experts. Alukov are known as innovators within the sector and are constantly developing their products. Providing new shapes and models, using the best possible materials, employing fantastic craftsmen and providing a great, customer orientated approach are all part of the Alukov experience.

For a model that was ‘not too low, not too high’ – this Tropea NEO™ from Alukov fitted the bill perfectly and was supplied in four segments ready for on-site installation

With staycations becoming the increasingly normal and sensible thing to do, at least in the short term, pool owners in both residential and commercial sectors are opting for effective cover-ups that mean swimming and pool-based outdoor leisure time can continue way past the normal seasonal shut down” keep heat loss and maintenance of the pool to minimum – and that is exactly what all Alukov enclosures do. The company is very proud to present the widest range of enclosures from one manufacturer – from ultra-low, medium, high, free standing, lean-to and spa domes – all enclosures are fully bespoke and can satisfy any need. An example meeting needs was when a customer recently required a model that

was ‘not too low, not too high’ and Alukov’s Tropea NEO™ fitted the bill perfectly. The Tropea is a superb combination of the company’s spacious Laguna model and the low Elegant which provides an enclosure that fulfils all expectations. The design has higher vertical sides allowing owners to sit on the edge of the pool while still being under cover. It can be fitted with clear polycarbonate with UV resistance. Alukov provide a full service from

CUSTOM OPTIONS PROVIDE FLEXIBILITY FOR ALBIXON’S CLIENTS Albixon are a well-known around Europe and the Czech Republic-based manufacturer who are looking to establish more of a footprint in the UK. Established in 1990, the company are best known for their swimming pool enclosures and have been producing them for 25 years. Products are manufactured within Albixon’s own facilities using the most recent technologies and carefully selected quality materials. They are then stored in the company’s 50,000m2 warehouse where technicians perform the final thorough quality check before the products leave the premises. Products are delivered door-to-door with enclosures then assembled on site to ensure they work perfectly. A comprehensive range includes a number of standard sizes and options, with further custom alternatives also being offered. If a low-level telescopic enclosure solution

CASE STUDY: AQUACOMET’S THE SOLUTION FOR DEVON POOL OWNER For this Tiverton pool owner, who was looking to get the most out of the family’s new swimming pool, installing an Aquacomet enclosure from Certikin, with all its flexible options, was a no-brainer. Somerset based pool builders, Purepools were given the brief to create a good family-sized indoor pool at a farm overlooking the stunning Lowman valley. Located on the hillside, it affords breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside but the downside is its exposure to the elements. Installing an enclosure to maximise the pool’s use was a decision made at the outset. Manager of Purepools, Stewart Skinner said: “The site is subject to strong winds so swimming without some sort of enclosure would, on most days, be unpleasant. I had no hesitation in recommending Certikin’s Aquacomet enclosures as I have fitted them in the past using their team of installers and it has been a very straightforward process. They look good, are robust and are highly versatile. “For this site, I chose a lean-to telescopic enclosure which opens from the middle. The garage was converted to make a changing room which the pool adjoins.” Delighted with the result, the owner says: “My two teenage boys enjoy hours of fun in the pool and it is a good focus for family entertaining. Thanks to the enclosure, the pool season is greatly extended and we could, if we want, swim all year.”

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