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TILED SPAS & SWIM SPAS CERTIKIN – THE HOME OF THE TILED SPA AND MUCH MORE For exemplary sales and technical support coupled with trust and reliability, when it comes to purchasing a tiled spa, it’s hard to beat Certikin. Manufactured in the UK, the highly versatile Certikin tiled spa is available for domestic, light commercial and heavyuse overflow applications. It is the perfect solution for new build or refurbishment projects, and particularly where access is a problem, as it comes with the option of being delivered in two halves. Fully tiled from the factory in eye-catching glass mosaics, the spa is re-joined on site and the joint hidden by tiling over with the matching tile strips provided. Alternatively, the customer can provide their own choice of tiles. Available in any size, shape or design, skimmer or overflow, they vary from a twoperson spa to one capable of holding a football team. On site installation is quick as there are no stoppages for curing etc and the design allows access to all fittings after installation. The Certikin tiled spa’s high specification can be tailored to each client’s requirements. Its features can include water hydrotherapy jets, air jets, underwater lighting, a floating heat retention cover and full support leg kit. Purchasing a tiled spa from Certikin does not stop at the spa shell; being the UK’s number one supplier and manufacturer of wet leisure equipment, the company are able to supply as part of the package the correct sized pumps, filters, air blowers, heaters, balance tanks and even the dosing for the complete one stop shop.

AWARD WINNING SOLUTIONS FROM RIGO SPA Rigo Spa is the UK’s leading manufacturer of GRP tiled spas and pools. Their awardwinning design and manufacture team are creating some of the UK’s most luxurious, unique pool and spa products that are robust, aesthetically stunning and huge programme

Produced in the UK, the highly versatile Certikin tiled spa is available for domestic, light commercial and as here, heavyuse overflow applications

With the developments, improvements and sheer choice on offer within the tiled spa and swim spa sector, there’s no need to choose between form and function anymore” savers for leisure builds, whether indoor or outdoor. They look and feel like concrete pools and spas but, are available faster, to factory enforced quality control conditions and huge money savers too, when compared to a concrete solution. This means whatever the vision, their creative design team can help make it happen. Their GRP tiled swim spas are a great way of combining relaxation, hydrotherapy massage and exercise. They can be designed and tailored to almost any size to suit any individual specific requirements and space availability. This incredible three-fold swim spa product allow bathers to choose the intensity of the swim against a counter-current system to

one end, whilst also offering the therapeutic relaxation of a hydrotherapy massage at the opposite end of the spa. From their 21,000 sq.ft manufacturing facility in Cheshire, Rigo Spa can create these luxury tiled swim spas in under eight weeks. The swim spas can also be split into multisegments to fit through access restrictions and can be finished aesthetically in many different tile options to fit the client’s specification. For a three-fold relaxation, hydrotherapy and exercise pool all in one product, this swim spas solution is a fantastic leisure addition to any property whether residential or commercial, indoor or outdoor, it suits all environments.

FOR FURTHER DETAILS: Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

Rigo Spa’s award-winning design and manufacture team are creating some of the UK’s most luxurious, unique pool and spa products

Cheshire Wellness 0151 336 3417 www.cheshirewellness.co.uk GMT Spas International 01244 629252 www.gmtspas.com Rigo Spa 0151 236 4259 www.rigospa.com Spa De La Mare 01481 701333 www.spadelamare.com

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