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Tiled Spa Solutions Are Tough To Beat Thanks to providing a combination of unique finishes, installation flexibility and a durability that’s hard to beat, it’s no wonder tiled spas and swim spas are enjoying a lot of success, especially within the commercial sector. Their bespoke nature has also made them a hit for high-end domestic installations and designers also love them thanks to the variety of choices on offer. With options expanding year-onyear, this issue, we take a look at some of the robust solutions that are offering a compact luxury water experience By Jon Wadeson


hat’s it to be… a fabulous looking project with the wow factor or a functional and economical relaxing space for a spa, holiday park, leisure complex or even the home? Thankfully, with the developments, improvements and sheer choice on offer within the tiled spa and swim spa sector, there’s no need to choose between form and function anymore. Both can be accommodated within a single, bespoke and durable package and it’s this that is the key to the success of tiled spas and swim spas. Tiling and mosaic finishes offer a perfect way to create beautiful, bespoke products and whether for an everyday, special place to relax in or for a top luxury hotel, tiling provides the perfect, flexible solution and can provide something that is extra special that will last for many years. With a vast amount of options available for style and design, there’s no need to compromise as the results which can be obtained from these varied and flexible products means that anyone can be the proud owner of a truly unique spa. Everyone likes to think that something they own is just that little bit different and a tiled spa or swim spa is the perfect platform to enabled this to be achieved.

space. The swim spa comes complete with swim jets, equipped with a supercharger and air blower, a patented compressed air massaging system, as well as the famous Venturi Massager. Equipped with an exclusive design of swimming against a current, the company’s swimming spas are provided with three swim jets, augmented by 3 highpowered, automatic pumps which can be adapted to the needs of the swimmer (25 to 90 cubic metres per hour). Easy to maintain, they are equipped with a very efficient insulation system. Spa De La Mare’s continued success can be attributed to their non-comprise attitude to quality and the dedicated team of technicians who see all projects through from start to finish. They have worked with everyone from A-list celebrities and royalty to the man on the street – clients that have in common an appreciation of the value and sheer quality of the Spa De La Mare range of products. Whilst already having a vast stable of products available to the industry covering

domestic, commercial and bespoke spas alongside their swim spas range, their previous experience in providing wellness solutions to the cruise ship industry has also opened the doors to the Super and Mega Yacht sector.

HAND CRAFTED INNOVATION FROM CHESHIRE WELLNESS Established in 1965, Cheshire Wellness is a family-run business with a proud history in the design, construction and manufacture of pools, experience rooms, wellness products and of course, tiled spas. All of their products are hand crafted which allows them to accommodate anyone’s requirements. With a 30,000 sq ft factory, Cheshire Wellness are one of Europe’s largest spa shell and pool manufacturers which allows them to have up to 40 tiled spas in production at any given time. The company liaises very closely with developers, architects and interior designers throughout the design and build stages Spa De La Mare’s swim spa range offers an unmatched quality with a finish of Briare porcelain which gives them a unique character

TILED SWIM SPAS A SUCCESS STORY FOR SPA DE LA MARE Guernsey-based Spa De La Mare can confidently claim to be one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of fully tiled spas and swim spas, having now spent over 40 years as one of the leaders within the sector. Tiled swim spas have been a particular success story for the company. Created using the same concept as the company’s multi-jet hydrotherapy spa pools, Spa De La Mare’s swim spa range offers an unmatched quality with a finish of Briare porcelain which gives them a unique character. They offer the maximum of comfort in the minimum of

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