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Hot Tubs That Provide A Premium Experience There’s no stopping hot tubs and as with many lifestyle products, that applies to the premium end of the market too. Promising a setting which will provide users with the ultimate hot tub for relaxation, recuperation and more, the luxury end of the market is a key and lucrative sector for both manufacturers and retailers. Featuring models retailing over the key £10,000 mark and which boast the sector’s latest innovations and technology, in this issue we look at some of the high-end hot tubs which are tempting buyers this year By Jon Wadeson


he premium end of the hot tub sector has always been a tough battleground for both retailers and manufacturers, especially with so many cheaper models and brands on the market. However the last year and a half or so has been somewhat different. Continuing uncertainty throughout 2021 due to the pandemic, combined with some decent, albeit not amazing weather, plus mainstream media coverage and supply issues… add it all up and it meant the demand for hot tubs across all price ranges, has still been high. For the more affluent in the UK, money saved from not going on luxury summer holidays has often meant some form of retail therapy has been hard to resist. For numerous others where budget still is a factor, it seems that they have come round to the idea that now is the time to enjoy the finer things in life from the comfort of their own home, and hot tubs are increasingly falling into that ‘finer things’ category. Range-topping hot tub models are a chance to fully showcase a brand’s design capabilities, imagination, quality and much more to potential customers. In short, they’re a brand’s flag-bearers – which makes them important for reputations as they will have a bearing on a customers’ perception of cheaper models within ranges too. After all, not everyone will commit to the ultimate tub experience, especially if they are new to the experience, so impressions, rightly or wrongly, count. With budgets often well into fivefigure territory for these models, any customer looking to invest in this sector quite rightly demands the latest features and innovations combined with a sense of style and of course exclusivity. After all, bragging rights and social media pictures are likely to follow! So with a lot to live up to, and with premium products very much still in demand, we take a look at just some of the luxury models that are available.

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ARTESIAN ELITE RANGE – THE ULTIMATE IN HYDROTHERAPY Artesian Spas has long been recognised as a manufacturer of premium luxury hot tubs and have always strived to be at the forefront of innovative spa technology. A customer will already expect a superior design for comfort and quality of build, but Artesian push further to provide a hydrotherapy experience like no other. The brand is home to one of the most premium lines of spas on the market, the Artesian Elite Class, which focuses heavily on hydrotherapy, energy efficiency, water quality and user experience. Each model within this range has been designed to offer features that ensure each hydrotherapy break is the best ever, making them the perfect addition to any health and well-being routine, during and after the lockdown period. For the ultimate hydrotherapy, the Artesian Elite class outperforms other spas by utilising patented DirectFlow™ technology with Variable Flow Control™ . This fantastic The Artesian Elite Class offers a unique solution for those who like to enjoy the finer things in life such as this Eagle Crest model

invention maximises power with an individual pump per therapy seat to provide the spa user with their own direct water flow and control. Not only does Variable Flow Control™ act like a dimmer switch adjusting the massage pressure from low to high and anywhere in between, but it saves up to 50% of the energy used by the pump when set to low. The small 1.4hp energy efficient pumps, along with the DirectFlow™ technology have created the most powerful yet energy efficient spa range on the market. The Artesian Elite line also features a revolutionary breakthrough in hydrotherapy jetting with the remarkable Helix™ jets. Exclusive to Artesian, the Helix™ jet utilises a special shaped jet cylinder to create a powerful double helix spiral of water flow, providing one of the best deep tissue massages possible from any hot tub. With a whole host of other features such as impeccable design, superior construction, innovative technology, and optional lighting and stereo systems, the Artesian Elite Class offers a unique solution for those who like to enjoy the finer things in life.

NEW OASIS BRAND GIVES SUNBEACH SPAS GREATER HIGHEND OPTIONS Sunbeach Spas were recently given a huge opportunity to bring the world-renowned Oasis Spas hot tubs and swim spas to the UK market. Sold in 35 countries worldwide, these quiet, roomy and comfortable hot tubs are available exclusively through Sunbeach Spas. Featuring one of the thickest and toughest shells on the market and strong frames, Oasis Spas are built to last! They are also some of the most energy efficient hot tubs available, with features including: • Multiple layers of high density foam which reduce heat loss significantly • Low current pumps consume less energy than a 75W light bulb • Covers which use high density foam to create a seal minimising heat loss.

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