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Sunbeach Spas Go From Strength To Strength With a new collaboration providing extended reach around the UK and an innovative app that streamlines all stages of the sales process, Sunbeach Spas have a vision that is sure to please both customers and dealers alike


ansfield’s Sunbeach Spas recently confirmed a collaboration with SpaCare UK to expand their distribution network significantly, with the Scunthorpe-based company serving as Sunbeach’s first external distribution centre. It’s no coincidence that this announcement comes with the creation of SpaCare’s brand new showroom, which at 5,000 sq. ft., is one of the largest of its type in the UK. The showroom features over 40 hot tubs on display and a private wet test room for the ultimate hot tub shopping experience. With plans for a further distribution centre in the south of the country already in the works, Sunbeach Spas, who are also the exclusive UK distributor of the best-selling Oasis Spas brand, are going from strength to strength with their award-winning spas and service receiving plaudits from their peers. Speaking about the move, company director Wayne Green said: “We’re growing massively, both as a company and a brand. Rather than simply expand here in Mansfield, we felt it more sensible to space ourselves out; to keep stock and skilled staff at key points around the country to give our dealers a more localised experience. With [SpaCare UK’s] Craig’s passion and vision, this was one of our easier decisions this year!” One of the more interesting outcomes of this collaboration has been the development of a mobile CMS web app, available exclusively to Sunbeach Spas and Oasis Spas dealerships. The app, which has been designed to function on any platform from smartphones to desktop PCs, is set to become the beating heart of the Sunbeach dealership system, and will be a significant shift in how many dealers might be used to operating. It has been built from scratch entirely to serve the needs of spa dealerships and permits suppliers, dealers, sales teams, engineers and customers alike to access information about each spa through its entire life cycle in the sleekest, most stressfree way possible. Wayne explained: “Everything you need to know about each hot tub is available from the app. Need to order a spa for a customer? Your sales team can check live stock and place the order right there on their phones. Waiting for new stock to come in? The app tracks the progress of the shipment, showing you just where it is in the process, and when you can expect it to be available. Or maybe your

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customer is expecting a delivery – the app tracks on a map where the delivery team are in the UK. It’s complete transparency and simplicity.” The premise is simple enough – for every process, every transaction and for everything relating to every spa a dealer sells, everything needed will be available at their fingertips via the app. The system is built on the idea of ‘live data’ – whether it be warehouse stock levels or the spa’s location – everything is kept totally up-to-date across all dealerships. Alongside supply chain and order management, the system boasts a wide range of features including built in text messaging to contact customers and confirm deliveries; information and checklists for the installation or service teams, along with the ability to report missing items or other issues; tracking of the spa’s service history and any warranty-related issues; and a dashboard to show important metrics on sales and other reporting tools. The end customer too will be able to use a version of the app to view guides and manuals specific to their own spa, receive reminders and arrange services, and to order consumables safe in the knowledge that they are compatible with their hot tub. And this is just the start – with more

functionality for the app already in the pipeline, Sunbeach Spas and SpaCare UK are really embracing how the technology carried with us everyday can be leveraged to simplify and streamline their dealership’s workload. In order to extend the company’s reach yet further, they have put together a Demonstration Trailer – a branded, walk-in trailer containing one each of the Sunbeach and Oasis spa ranges – designed to showcase the best of each brand in a mobile form. Wayne elaborated: “The trailer means that, if you’re a showroom manager who’s considering joining the Sunbeach family or just to see what our brands are all about, there’s no need to take staff away from your showroom or even close up for the day – we can come to you.” Both Sunbeach Spas and SpaCare UK are actively recruiting new dealerships. SpaCare UK 0800 644 6762 www.spacareuk.co.uk Sunbeach Spas 01623 706185 www.sunbeachspas.co.uk

The app, which has been designed to function on any platform from smartphones to desktop PCs, is set to become the beating heart of the Sunbeach dealership system” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 19/10/2021 23:45