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Are You Just Too Busy? In this issue, business coach Mark Page shares tips for owners to overcome business challenges and strive for excellent results


ark Page recently shared his knowledge with BISHTA and SPATA members as a guest presenter at their annual Information & Networking Days. Throughout his career, Mark has helped teams and individuals accomplish their business goals and reach their potential. His analytical mind and ability to get people talking candidly about their challenges help Mark see the ‘big picture’, which often eludes business owners. Before becoming a coach, Mark worked for a large corporation and built up a reputation as a trouble-shooter. “Whenever a department or team was in trouble, I’d be sent to work out what was going wrong and why. Sometimes it was people in the wrong role or lacking training/motivation. Other times, the processes or performance metrics were the barrier. The point is this: there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for overcoming business challenges. Each scenario must be taken on its own merit and given care and respect.” This combination of business experience and the ability to tailor his approach to each client and situation has ensured that Mark has been in constant demand since becoming a business coach. He has helped business owners overcome their challenges and build the business they want by working with hundreds of clients. In the current climate, many businesses are working flat out with the feeling they are doing brilliantly with an extended order book several weeks, if not months ahead. However, when they look at the cash in the bank, it’s a different story. Simply put, they may be busy, but the model needs to change to create more money in less time. Many good businesses have hit a virtual ‘glass ceiling’, struggling to break through for one reason or another. Could this be you? Do you suffer from the three most common frustrations in business? • Money – the business doesn’t generate the sales, profits and cash flow the business owners desire or believe possible. • Team – challenges recruiting the right people; the team doesn’t perform to the level the business owner desires. • Time – the owner works too many hours in the business; therefore, missing out

on time with family and friends and developing interests outside of the company, and the business doesn’t work without the owners. You went into business in the first place to give you and your family a better life. The reality is, you’re working long hours and possibly not earning enough money to justify the extra responsibility and pressure you’re under. Perhaps you don’t spend enough time with your friends and family? Maybe when you do, you’re still thinking about work? Possibly you’re wondering if there is a better way? The answer to this is simple – there is a better way. Wealth is not just money, but also time and health. There is no point in having money with no time to enjoy it, or the business has robbed you of your health. Likewise, time and health with insufficient funds to enjoy is also not an ideal outcome either. Wealth is money, time and health.

WHAT IS IN IT FOR THE BUSINESS OWNER? • You will have clarity and focus on what’s essential… and your levels of focus will be sky high! • Find the most cost-effective sales appeal

There’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for overcoming business challenges. Each scenario must be taken on its own merit and given care and respect” www.swimmingpoolnews.co.uk 29_SPN_October_21_BSPF_Mark.indd 29

for your products and services to set your business head and shoulders above the competition. • You’ll stop selling on price and learn to sell on value. • Your business and personal financials will dramatically improve. • You’ll receive a step-by-step marketing plan that significantly increases new customers, revenues and profits. • You’ll gain an advantage over your competition to help grow your business. • Your leadership skills and abilities will rapidly develop. • Your team will be inspired and outperform your expectations. • Get the team to a stage where your business will perform for profit so that you can take time out for hobbies and holidays. • You will feel challenged, stretched and most importantly, happier because of your achievement levels. • You will get a hotline to someone who helps you stay focused, answers pressing questions, and can help you grow your business. If you want to identify the key areas to help you grow your business and get a better worklife balance, take this helpful survey: https:// survey.zohopublic.eu/zs/B2Bzwt To view Mark’s videos and client testimonials, visit youtube.com and search for ‘Mark Page Coaching’. Mark Page Business Coaching 07836 673093 www.markpagecoaching.co.uk

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