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PRODUCT / ECO NEWS The team at SolarisKit along with the innovative product

Amazon Launchpad Success For SolarisKit Start-up A Dundee company that launched a pioneering thermal collector flat pack kit following support from Royal Bank of Scotland’s Climate Entrepreneur Accelerator has been accepted onto Amazon Launchpad, enabling the product to be offered globally. SolarisKit was established in 2019 by mechanical engineer Dr Faisal Ghani to harness solar energy in an affordable, practical way to heat water. Its S400 flat-packable solar thermal collector is one of the easiest and cheapest solar thermal collectors to install in the world – and can be used to heat above-ground pools during the summer months, or provide hot water to camping and glamping sites. With a footprint of 540mm x 540mm per collector, the space saving solution means owners can enjoy an uncluttered garden. The product is compatible with all pool sizes, as solar collectors can be joined together to add more heat to a pool. Available to buy direct or on Amazon, SolarisKit has pledged to plant 25 trees globally for every kit sold, through a partnership with Eden Reforestation Project. With ambitious plans to sell up to 160 S200 thermal collectors per week, SolarisKit is set to contribute to the planting of 4,000 trees, offsetting roughly 40,000 kilogrammes of carbon per year. Amazon Launchpad is an exclusive, invitation-only programme designed specifically for innovative and unique brands to accelerate their growth on the platform. SolarisKit earned its place in the scheme thanks to founder Dr Ghani’s experience in the Royal Bank of Scotland Climate Entrepreneur Accelerator. SolarisKit Ltd 07470 493134

New Piranha Clip® – The Ultimate Grip For Domestic Pool Covers The new Piranha Clip® from Plastica is a unique and ingenious way of connecting a standard webbing strap to an averaged sized domestic pool cover. The Piranha Clip® can be placed into position firmly but temporarily while being adjusted across the cover end to ensure perfect alignment. Once in position, the locking wings will click permanently into place. These clips replace the short strap and buckle assemblies and require no holes to be made in the cover. General feedback of this unassuming yet effective new product has been positive from various test sites. Simply put it’s a

‘well-designed’ and ‘time saving’ new fixing that owners of this type of pool cover can simply ‘fit and forget’. If placed at regular intervals to spread the load it will pull the cover with ease. The fully patented design has been manufactured to take a full 150 Newton load per fixing. The Piranha Clip® will be available this October – contact Plastica or an existing account manager to arrange a visit and see or be sent a sample. Plastica 01424 857857

SwamCam System Provides Advanced Pool Safety The SwamCam system is a brand-new innovation in pool security. SwamCam streamlines several technologies to create a customised and richly featured camera alarm system for the pool environment. It uses AI detection and alerts users to human activity at the pool area before they even enter the water. The team behind SwamCam consists of senior engineers that have many years of experience at technology giants such as Motorola, which has enabled the company to make the SwamCam system the most advanced of its kind. Some of the distinct features in comparison to other pool alarms are that the SwamCam alerts users to a potential drowning before a 15+17_SPN_October_2021_Prod+Eco_News.indd 17

person enters the water. Other systems only alert users after a child has already fallen into the water. Another essential feature is that SwamCam sounds an alert in three different locations: outside the home from the camera’s speaker, inside the home from the wireless alarm and remotely from the app. The goal was to cover every possible area to provide the best chance of an immediate response. A backup system has also been integrated to sound an alert from the camera and wireless alarm in case the Wi-Fi signal goes down.

Additionally, SwamCam has a fully integrated app that allows for a myriad of rich and interactive features such as automatic re-arm option in case owners forget to set it, two-way audio, live video, a speed-dial button to call for emergency services and a suite of highly customisable settings. Though fully usable and efficient out of the box, SwamCam also includes the option of premium features for additional fees. SwamCam +1 888 679 2622

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