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New Pool And Spa Water Sampler From Lewsolve Lewsolve are pleased to announce their new Swimming Pool & Spa Water Sampler, designed for collecting water samples for analysis. The most important factor when taking a water sample from a pool or spa is to ensure the sample is taken from at least 300 mm depth and not from the surface or any areas near a skimmer or return jets. The Lewsolve sampler allows the user to collect from this optimum area without bending or laying on the ground to retrieve the water sample. Benefits include more accurate pool readings, better water chemistry control, improved water condition and improved posture when collecting sample. Features of each unit include: • Tapered neck collector vessel for controlled water collection • Water collector quick release holder • Adjustable length for pool or spa use which featuring non slip handle grip with lanyard • Screw cap spout adaptor for easy sample transfer • Screw cap for collector for offsite analysis Chris Lewis, designer of the Lewsolve water sampler said: “We are really excited about our new product. Our approach in designing this unit was to fully evaluate commercial and domestic market needs for a water sample collector and produce an ergonomic, rugged & cost effective unit. “Now available from available for purchase from our new website, we hope our customers enjoy this new and exciting product.” Lewsolve 07768 515376

Leisure Works Launches Fun Pool Floatles Leisure Works are excited to announce the launch of their new range of Floatle pool floats. They are now ready to order and will bring a fresh splash of life to swimming pools with their bright, bold and fun designs. Choose from Monkey, Hippo, Penguin, Lobster and Walrus! Floatles are a reinvention of the simple pool float, designed to provide more interactivity and fun, build water confidence and encourage interaction amongst children and adults of all ages. They also bring longer life to the pool area due their durable, easy to clean, hard wearing printed skin which helps prevent degradation. The product was trialled at the China Fleet Leisure Centre in Cornwall, and when asked for feedback, customers gave the Floatle an impressive 10/10. Not only did they get points for being light and flexible, but they were popular and fun too! Purchase up to three Floatles for £155 each, four or more for £140 each or ten or more for £125 each (excluding VAT and delivery). With a team of highly experienced individuals, Leisure Works focus on combining technological advancements in manufacturing with new designs for pool play equipment and aim to bring more innovative water play products to the market to suit all budgets, objectives and enhance customer experience. Leisure Works Ltd 01579 381916

Certikin’s iSAVER – An Efficient Upgrade For Single-phase Pumps The Certikin iSAVER Inverter is a low-cost solution designed to reduce the running costs of pool circulation pumps and improve the efficiency of swimming pool filtration by as much as a 60%. Pumps in swimming pools invariably run at higher flow rates than necessary, and the iSAVER Inverter enables owners to control both pump flow rates, and pump run times. Allowing the pump to run at a slower speed reduces power consumption to reduce electricity running costs. Reducing the pump speed often does not significantly affect the filtration rate of the pool due to the corresponding reduction of 15+17_SPN_October_2021_Prod+Eco_News.indd 15

pressure and resistance within the filter. Featuring a high contrast display panel, the iSAVER Inverter also includes a timer to control the pool circulation pump. The pump can be programmed to run at different speeds for each time programme. The unit works with virtually all single-phase pool circulation pumps and two sizes are available: • For circulation pumps up to 1hp (output power up to

1.1kW from inverter) • For circulation pumps up to 2HP (output power up to 2.2kW from inverter) With a reduction in running speeds, owners will also benefit from a quieter running pump, plus see a longer life span for the motor and other pool equipment. Certikin International 01993 777200

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