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Attractive And Effective Enclosure Additions

There’s only one way to ensure uninterrupted outdoor pool use in the UK – and that’s to cover pools up! For commercial and domestic pools around the country, enclosures provide year round swimming and in addition, will improve safety whilst reducing both maintenance and running costs. There’s no doubt that having one is an investment, but an enclosure means owners can maximise the potential of their pool. From the big to the small and to suit any pool, we take a look at the available options By Karen Witney


f ever there was a time to invest in a swimming pool enclosure this is it! With the word ‘staycation’ now more of a rule than an option, pool owners in both residential and commercial sectors are opting for effective cover-ups that mean swim leisure time can continue way past the normal seasonal shut down. Instead of flying off to exotic locations, families are looking to relax closer to home and where better to do this than around their own pool or at their local leisure facility. There is a wide selection of fabulous enclosures that come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the majority of site requirements and the most particular of customers too!

RELY ON THE EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE OF SWIMEX Swimex UK are one of the country’s leading swimming pool enclosure suppliers, with over 1,000 buildings installed throughout the country. Swimex are an established industry renowned supplier and have been providing pool enclosures for over 20 years to homes,

hotels, leisure centres, holiday parks and schools. The team have extensive experience and whatever the shape, size and location of the pool, they have a pool building to suit all requirements. Installed pool enclosures are of the highest quality and built to withstand the British weather and come with a ten year product guarantee. The company’s comprehensive hassle-free service goes from design, planning issues to installations and after care to provide a onestop service. They can supply both fixed and telescopic enclosures, with any width, length or height to suit requirements. Design wise they can offer curved/arched or angled and can help choose what design would be best for the pool site. Swimex’s EasyGlide Telescopic Enclosures are designed to give each client exactly what is best for their needs, they don’t restrict clients to standard sizes. Their enclosures are manufactured to any length, width or height and they offer a full choice of 180 colours to suit every requirement. An EasyGlide pool building can raise the water temperature of a covered pool by up to 12°C.

Swimex installed this fixed Galaxy enclosure, finished in anthracite and measuring 26.2m x 10m at St Stephens School to the delight of the pupils!

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The Swimex Galaxy fixed pool enclosures are great value for money and can be designed to be attached to a house or building, either at the end or on the side of the enclosure, allowing owners and users to walk straight into an all-weather pool area. They have been designed so that all the side walls can be lifted from the floor to a height of 2.1 metres allowing access to the pool from any point at both sides, giving the feeling of an outdoor pool but with a translucent roof above. Inside there is a minimum 2m walking height along the sides approx. 0.5m in from the sides.

FROM ASSEMBLY TO INSTALLATION – ALUKOV PROVIDES THE TOTAL SERVICE As UK weather is not always favourable, and in 2020 with the pandemic meaning many pool owners are reluctant to travel, the aim of any enclosure is to extend the swimming season plus keep heat loss and maintenance of the pool to minimum – and that is exactly what all Alukov enclosures do. The company is very proud to present the widest range of enclosures from one manufacturer – from ultra-low, medium, high, free standing, lean-to and spa domes – all enclosures are fully bespoke and can satisfy any need. An example of meeting needs was when a customer recently required a model that was ‘not too low, not too high’ and Alukov’s Tropea NEO™ fitted the bill perfectly. The Tropea is a superb combination of the company’s spacious Laguna model and the low Elegant which provides an enclosure that fulfils all expectations. The design has higher vertical sides allowing owners to sit on the edge of the pool while still being under cover. It can be fitted with clear polycarbonate with UV resistance. Alukov provide a full service from manufacturing to transport and even installation. Their preference is that the enclosures are fully pre-assembled in the factory and then transported in complete

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