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Unique And Durable – Tiled Spas For Workouts, Relaxation And More! For commercial facilities that require a compact luxury water experience with durability built in, it’s hard to beat tiled spas and swim spas. With unique finishes combined with installation, flexibility and resilience, it’s no wonder these products are enjoying such success. Their bespoke nature has made them a hit for high-end domestic installations and designers love them too thanks to a variety of options on offer. This issue, we highlight what’s on the market By Andrea Hartshorne


hether the ultimate goal is to have a fabulous looking project with the wow factor or a functional and economical addition for a leisure complex or home, with the developments and improvements in tiled spa and swim spa systems, there’s no longer a need to choose between form and function. Tiling and mosaics offer a perfect way to create beautiful, bespoke spas and whether for an everyday, special place to relax or for a top luxury hotel, tiling provides the perfect, flexible solution and can provide something extra special that will also last. With so many options available for style and design, there’s no need to compromise as the results which can be obtained from these varied and flexible products means that anyone can be the proud owner of a truly unique spa. Everyone likes to think that something they own is just that little bit different and with the huge range of tiled spa and swim spa options, this can now be comfortably achieved.

SPA DE LA MARE CELEBRATES 40 YEARS AND ADDS MEGA YACHTS TO THEIR REPERTOIRE Guernsey-based Spa De La Mare can confidently claim to be one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of fully tiled spas and swim spas, having now spent 40 years as one of the leaders within the sector. Whilst already having a vast stable of products available to the industry covering domestic, commercial and bespoke spas alongside their domestic swim spas range, their previous experience in providing wellness solutions to the cruise ship industry has opened the doors to the Super and Mega Yacht sector. Having recently completed two spas for the US$145m Illusion Plus Mega Yacht – the largest Mega Yacht to be commissioned to date in South East Asia – the months before the COVID-19 outbreak also saw Spa De La Mare undertaking a further two Super Yacht

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projects in Monaco. 2020 has been a difficult time for all and you would think that celebrating your 40th Anniversary during such a dark period would be disheartening. However, Spa De La Mare took the time during lockdown to re-evaluate their product range and are currently in the process of expanding their swim spa range to accommodate the commercial sector, with the first fully commercial hand built swim spas expected to be available for shipping in early December. Spa De La Mare’s continued success can be attributed to their non-comprise attitude to quality and the dedicated team of technicians who see all projects through from start to finish. They have worked with everyone from A-list celebrities and royalty to the man on the street – clients that have in common an appreciation of the value and sheer quality of the Spa De La Mare range of products.

BESPOKE MODELS ARE NO PROBLEM FOR THE MOSAIC SPA COMPANY The Mosaic Spa Company specialise in design and construction of GRP mosaic tiled spas and they can manufacture bespoke models or customers can choose from their standard range of sizes and shapes. Whilst most customers have a pretty good idea of what they want when it comes to purchasing their desired spa, this might not always be the case. So The Mosaic Spa Company offer a full design service and can work with clients to provide truly individual and imaginative designs which can all be tailored using computer generated images. The company use Solidworks 3D design and Autocad software, meaning both installers and their clients can see exactly how the finished spa will look before it goes into manufacture. All their Spa De La Mare provide solutions in many sectors and their quality solutions has opened doors to high-end installations within the Super and Mega Yacht sectors

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