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Covering Up In The Commercial Sector

After a tough year for pools and spas found within a commercial setting, there’s never been a more important time to be running facilities as cost-effectively as possible. By greatly reducing evaporation and minimising heating and chemical bills, commercial cover systems play a key role in the day-to-day running of swimming pools and more. When deployed indoors, they also cut humidity and condensation levels too. In short, they are a must-have option for owners and operators and in this edition we take a look at what’s availableBy Jon Wadeson


lacing a cover of some form on a swimming pool or spa is one of, if not the most effective ways of saving energy. That’s true for both domestic and commercial settings and for the latter, it’s something which is incredibly important as many facilities look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. But the need to for an operator to reduce emissions and do its bit for climate change is just one of the many benefits on offer – costs are always key to any successful operator and they are more important now than ever as pools and spas, in the commercial sector are facing unprecedented times and for some, potentially challenges to their long term viability. The installation of a cover of any type reduces the spend on energy, but also reduces costs associated with chemicals. In indoor settings, it also improves the atmosphere for both users and staff and will ultimately reduce maintenance costs too as humidity and condensation levels drop. Whether it’s in a public pool, private spa or a school, it’s clear that covers, no matter their location, are an essential product for the Plastica’s reel systems are made with stainless steel to maximise strength, longevity and ease of maintenance.

successful running of wet leisure facilities and in this issue, we look at some of the systems that are helping to make facilities within the commercial sector run more smoothly and more energy efficiently for many years to come.

ENERGY SAVING COMMERCIAL COVERS FROM PLASTICA It is now widely accepted that installing a heat retention cover is the single most effective means of reducing swimming pool energy consumption. Fit the right cover on a pool and a reduction in energy bills of up to £20,500 per annum can be seen (figures based on a 2011 study of a 25m x 12m pool at 2019 prices). Depending on the type of reel system that is chosen, a payback period as short as 12 months can be expected. Plastica’s Managing Director, Edward Campbell-Salmon said: “We have manufactured and installed thousands of commercial cover and reel systems from Olympic sized competition pools to freeform fun pools over the last 40 plus years. Our customers benefit from our products having

unique specification advantages as standard. For example, on our commercial pool covers we provide hemmed edges, double welded seams down the length of pool covers (not the width), reinforced leading edges and stainless-steel reels. All resulting in less stress on the covers to prevent fraying, delamination and tearing, as well as a reduction in general wear and tear and ease of maintenance.” The company’s unique and durable covers almost eliminate evaporation, reduce humidity and condensation, plus the simplicity of operating the system for pool staff is essential too. Plastica’s reel systems are made with stainless steel to maximise strength, longevity and ease of maintenance. The company offers choices to accommodate any commercial pool requirement – manual for smaller lighter pool covers and motorised systems to reduce manual handling for poolside staff. Plastica has earned an enviable reputation for installing cover and reel systems to an agreed schedule, which is essential for commercial centres that need to forewarn customers about any short-term pool closures.

POOL COVER SOLUTIONS CRAFTED OVER THIRTY YEARS Glatz Pioneer have been providing pool covers for the past 30 years and together with their customers, they have developed some leading designs to cover swimming pools effortlessly. The company’s unique hands free covers are a joy to use, especially on those late evenings when staff want to get home. Glatz Pioneer’s production facilities are throughout Europe with manufacturing here in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and France. All these skills are brought together and honed to provide the perfect pool cover system to suit the needs of their clients. The company offer a wide range of cover solutions, and those aimed specifically at the commercial sector include:

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