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Hot Tub Solutions For Commercial Settings Enjoying success in a wide variety of environments, hot tubs in a commercial setting have become ‘must-have’ pieces of kit for many who choose to spend their leisure time in the UK and manufacturers have been quick to produce a number of sector specific solutions to make ownership easier. With holiday parks, lodges and cottages seeing an increased demand, the inclusion of a hot tub can be the difference between competing destinations and we take a closer look at some the commercial options By Jon Wadeson


ot so long ago, the sight of a hot tub in a commercial location was a fairly rare event or it was at least restricted to select and exclusive locations. These days, they can be regularly seen in sports clubs and leisure facilities and of course many holiday destinations across the country have them to add a touch of the exotic to a UK-based holiday. Before the pandemic, they were increasingly popping up at music festivals and similar events too! UK based lodges, cottages and holiday parks in particular have embraced hot tubs over recent years and according to research, hot tubs are one of the most requested items from customers researching holidays of this type online. Research also suggests that with the introduction of a hot tub, impressive premiums can be added to the overall price of a holiday – sometimes up a whopping 40%! And in addition to this premium, occupancy rates greatly improve too. So with statistics like these, it is no surprise that hot tubs have performed well in the sector. A number of considerations have to be taken into account when it comes to maintaining models in commercial settings though. Their operation should be in accordance with the latest Health & Safety Guidance – HSG282: The control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems – something which there is more information on within this feature. Operating methods, costs and durability also have to be considered too but thankfully, manufacturers have been quick to acknowledge the sector’s needs and produce a number of models plus develop technologies specifically for it. With numerous solutions on offer, in this issue, we take a closer look at just some that are being used within the commercial sector.

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Available from Hot Tub Suppliers, this Mardi Gras 282 hot tub will be joined in 2021 by a range of new HSG282 complaint models

HOT TUB SUPPLIERS’ 282 COLLECTIONS SET TO EXPAND IN 2021 Available from Hot Tub Suppliers, the 282 range of hot tubs is designed and equipped with all the features required for a safe and successful hot tub experience for both guests and management. For 2021, Hot Tub Suppliers are launching a specially designed 282 range. The range will include both square or round models with the new Logic model the new standout model Logic. Logic is a 6 seater, 2m x 2m square design which is both attractive and practical for owner and user. A commercial hot tub has to feature all the specification of a luxury hot tub with added features to ensure owners and operators remain totally in control of the hot tub and any HSG 282 requirements. Hot tubs in the 282 collections are reliably sanitised via an inline chemical feeder which has been designed with a patented

performance valve that operates on cue, responding accurately to each adjustment with its wide range of settings. Chemical dosing is vital to keep the hot tub sanitised and free of bacteria for safe use by the guests. The top control panel also has minimal functions to restrict the user to basic operations (jets and lights). A second, complete management control panel is hidden within the cabinet of the hot tub with a lockable cabinet to ensure safety. From experience, Hot Tub Suppliers know a restricted top panel will eliminate user errors and keep the hot tub in peak condition. A Wi-Fi receiver is connected to the hot tub to enable each to be BWA (Balboa Water App) enabled. This enables remote control of the hot tub and gives management maximum control. Wi-Fi, management control panel and automatic are concealed behind the hot tub cabinet with a lockable door again to eliminate outside disturbance.

PARK LEISURE SOLUTIONS LAUNCH NEW ECO FRIENDLY HOT TUB Earlier this year, national water leisure manufacturer and supplier Park Leisure Solutions announced another industry first

Whether for relaxation, therapy or just good fun the new Eco-PKS circular hot tub from Park Leisure Solutions is outstanding value-for-money

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