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CYA SMART™ LAUNCHES HISTORIC COLLABORATION Industry leaders have joined together to introduce the CYA Smart Alliance, a movement for better, healthier, sustainable and chemically safe and consistent water care. Centred on the principle that pool water should be stable, simple to manage and healthier for swimmers and the environment, the CYA Smart Alliance provides pool and spa professionals from across the industry the ability to join the alliance at www.cyasmart. org and adopt a simpler, more complete water care approach. By adopting smarter methods, the alliance aims to significantly reduce overstabilisation and the problems it brings. Thus, ending the cycle of chemical overtreatment leading to water and chemical waste and establishing a win for pool professionals, swimmers, health and the environment. Members will gain access to free educational materials to support their proactive involvement and will be able to display the CYA Smart badge on their website and marketing materials to be recognised as a business committed to better water.

LAS VEGAS SHOW BECOMES VIRTUAL With the numbers of COVID19 cases continuing to climb, organisers of the International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, originally scheduled to take place in Las Vegas, have decided to deliver the event online – a choice many within the exhibition sector are adopting. While the decision was difficult, it came after owners and organisers Informa surveyed its clients. “We just really wanted to do what was right for the pool, decking and outdoor living community,” said Ray Giovine, Group Director for Informa Marketing. The event will still take place on its original dates of 11-13 November 2020 and educational sessions will still feature too.

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In the foothills of the Mahogany Mountain range in Utah, just south of Salt Lake City, a family have installed a striking pool slide like no other. Designed by Splinterworks, it not only adds hours of endless pool-side fun, but the Waha slide also serves as a striking piece of sculpture in their beautiful garden. The elegant design was inspired by surfing a waha, barrel wave. The aqueous shape appears to gather momentum and reach a crescendo, just like a wave, circling back on itself.  This piece of functioning sculpture not only enhances its spectacular surroundings, but when in use, provides a lot of fun for the whole family.   What really attracted the family to it, was this water slide is specifically designed for clients who have existing pools, and who want to bolt the slide easily into their pool deck with minimal upheaval. It is shaped with a twist at the end, which not only makes for a more thrilling ride and a more beautiful shape, but allows for the structure to be placed parallel to the pool. This meant it could easily fit with their existing

Images courtesy of Splinterworks / Meagan Larsen Photography


Pool Slide Adds Sculptural Intrigue To Mountain Range Garden

deck and not take up too much space.   Water jets spray the entire sliding surface keeping it slippery and cool even on the hottest summer day. The hand rails are also internally water cooled to ensure it doesn’t get too hot to touch in the strong

Utah sunshine. Made from a single skin of stainless steel, it is their simplest design from their range of sculptural water slides. Designed with customisation in mind, they are handmade from scratch and typically take 5-6 months from initial conversations through to finished installation – so planning for summer 2021 starts now! Splinter Works Ltd 01225 464957 www.splinterworks.co.uk

Team Horner Group Recognised With Cigna Well-Being Award Cigna has selected Team Horner Group as a recipient of the annual Cigna Well-Being Award for demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the health and well-being of its employees through a workplace wellness programme. Team Horner Group’s well-being programme, called ‘Color Me Healthy’, was noted for its employee teams having the power to choose the initiatives on offer. These initiatives address many aspects of well-being and provide support in a variety of ways including one to one coaching for nutrition, stress, fitness, financial concerns and parenting. “At Team Horner Group, the well-being of our 500 employees and their families is a top priority. We are honoured to be selected as a recipient of the Cigna Well-Being Award,”

said Bill Kent, CEO. “We know psychologically healthy employees are happier, more productive and better engaged with their work, which is good for everyone.” While poor health takes a physical toll on workers, it is also a burden to employers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US employers lose more than US$225bn each year in productivity due to employee health problems. Cigna Well-Being Award applicants are evaluated based on the core components of their wellness programme, including leadership engagement, company culture, strategy and goals, implementation, and employee engagement. All applications are scored and reviewed by a panel of Cigna health promotion experts.

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) October 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) October 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...