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A Quality Cover Solution – Rollo Solar From Lighthouse Available through Lighthouse, Rollo Solar is one of the highest quality slatted cover systems on the market today. Housing designs for any pool, above-ground or in-pool are available. Pit exit rollers, reduce damage to the top of the slats whilst they exit cave pits. Stainless steel frames are designed for easy access, and accessory design and manufacture are second to none. With its own design tubular motor system installed within the roller shaft, specifically designed and built in house, it features slats that push the profile to a new level of excellence. Rollo Solar slats are truly some of the best on the market and their design features prove this. The thing that stands out is that the slat profile is curved, offering better roll dimensions and more secure storage on the roller shaft. This in turn allows for longer end sections to be achieved on the roll. The slat also has been modified along the back edge, a curved rib has been added into the slat’s design giving a fourth air chamber. Not only does this increase the buoyancy of the slat but helps reduce the dirt and debris build up. By sealing off this edge, the top of the slat remains clean, algae is no longer able to grow plus state-of-the-art welding the end caps ensures a crystal clear finish all round. As well as a myriad of colours to complement the white, blue, grey and coloured solar slats, a RAL colour service is offered for those customers looking for that special effect, plus there’s a new Copper Solar slat option – simply a stunning colour to compliment a pool and house!

Certikin Enhance Their EPS Easy Build Corner Steps Range As a leading supplier of the wet leisure and water treatment equipment in the UK, the in-house Development Team at Certikin are constantly researching, sourcing and developing new products, so they remain at the forefront of innovation. Following on from the launch of their EPS easy build in-pool corner steps earlier this year, Certikin have announced the addition of a new size to the product range. In addition to the existing 3 sizes, they are now able to offer a 3-tread step to suit 1,020mm (3’4”) depth pools. Additionally, all sizes of steps are now suitable for 90° and 6” radius corner pools. The EPS steps are quick and easy to assemble with one customer quoting “it takes longer to unpack the steps than to install them!”. Made from a 25kg/m3 density EPS block which is covered in shaped noncorrosive Magnelis steel sheeting, the units are lightweight and easy to handle. No concreting or rendering is needed, and with adhesives included and no specialist tools required, the build time is approximately one hour. Certikin International 01993 777200 www.certikin.co.uk

Lighthouse 01752 253525 www.lighthousepools.co.uk

Bespoke Panels Offer Control And Flexibility For private customers, the decision to invest in a pool is often driven by emotion and that sometimes can include having a very visual indication of their success. In these instances appearance may well be the driver when deciding on who to offer the contract to. Of course, often price will also be an important factor. Given that customers will often want the best looking pool for the lowest investment, if a compromise is needed, it can make sense for this to be on the parts of the pool that are unseen. The contents of the plant room are often of the least interest to customers, but are crucial to ensure a pool runs effectively. Within the plant room, one of the pivotal parts is the control panel, and

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there are numerous off the shelf solutions. So why have a bespoke panel made up? If there’s uncertainty about the best control panel to suit the project, the expert advice a panel builder will offer can take away some of the risk and stress. Seeking advice will help create the right specification and get the best panel for a project. Also, the very best solution has been designed to a customer’s brief, so why compromise on the electrical controls? A bespoke panel provides more flexibility to incorporate different features, and make the

electrical installation much simpler. In most instances a bespoke panel will be designed in such a way as to accommodate changes to the plan, or even retrofit parts. This means there’s the opportunity to amend the design during the process and even years after. A bespoke panel will also have the contact details prominently displayed. For years to come, if a customer wants repairs, or servicing, this ensures follow up work. CN Controls 01295 266704 www.cncontrols.co.uk

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) October 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) October 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...