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An Assured Solution For Effective Fresh Air Ventilation The Heatstar XF EC is a high efficiency heat recovery ventilation system offering full rate fresh air ventilation centred upon a ‘Cross Flow’ multi-plate heat recuperator. To reduce the heat loss incurred through the product’s ventilation process, warm expelled room air is passively conducted, via a series of adjoining plates, directly to the incoming colder fresh air. The ability of the ‘Cross Flow’ heat recuperator to provide genuine heat recovery from expelled room air actually increases as the outside fresh air becomes colder, so the system is able to maintain its outstanding heat recovery efficiency, even during cold winter weather. Therefore it always exceeds the minimum efficiencies stipulated by UK Building Regulations. Ideal for all indoor swimming pools where a higher level of demand is anticipated – the XF EC also provides effective humidity control, along with both pool room air ventilation and pool water heating. The system has an enviable reputation for offering an assured solution for both effective and efficient natural dehumidification of swimming pool halls and by utilising the introduction of fresh air, the air temperature of the pool room is also regulated. With current industry focus placed upon COVID-19 and how ventilation equipment and air distribution affect an indoor pool environment, users can be assured that the XF EC can be tailored to best suit any applications demands. As standard the expelled air volume is precisely regulated by the combined effect of a motorised air damper and the automated power of the exhaust air fan inside the system. This procedure ensures that the unit is setup to perform as energy efficiently as possible. To cope with the current situation the XF EC has the ability to have both the fresh air dampers and exhaust fan speeds adjusted for enhanced 100% outside air ventilation. Heatstar 01983 521465 www.heatstar.com

Good Vibes All Round With Del Tixit

With the latest addition to the ever-popular DEL pool cover range, pool owners can bring the party to the pool with the DEL Tixit above-ground automatic slatted cover which now features built-in Bluetooth speakers. The Tixit is currently available in solar and electric variations and can be purchased from wet leisure distributor Golden Coast. “Gone are the days when your pool cover used to look plain and unsightly,” said Luke Honnoraty, Technical Sales at Golden Coast. “The end stands of the DEL Tixit pool cover are a modern, slim rectangular design that subtly blends in with surrounding aesthetics. They are a bit different to other products on the market, particularly as the electric models offer LED lighting for an added night-time glow. The Bluetooth speakers also add a bit of fun and can enhance the owner’s enjoyment of their pool.” DEL Tixit end-stands are available in matt grey, white or black, with a textured power-coated aluminium finish, and are even 100% recyclable. Customers can select from either solar polycarbonate slats, which also heat the pool water and come in six colours, or opaque PVC slats in grey, white, beige or blue. All DEL Tixit cover slats meet standard NF P 90-308. “With the DEL Tixit the customer can choose the end-stand and slat combination that suits their own style,” said Luke. “Most importantly, the cover makes the area safer as it prevents anyone, particularly young children, from entering the pool. It can be opened or closed in a matter of minutes, and customers can also add locking kits for extra security.” The DEL Tixit cover can be remotely operated by the wireless Wi-key control box, which is password protected to stop unauthorised access. Covers can be retrofitted to pools of 2.5m x 3m up to 5m x 13.5m. Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

Hayward’s Innovative AquaVac® 6 – A Unique Cleaning Solution The AquaVac® 6 Series pool cleaners from Hayward are reinventing the robotic cleaner market with first-of-their-kind capabilities. While other cleaners can lose suction, AquaVac 6 Series cleaners feature patented SpinTech™ filterless technology with 18 hydrocyclones, maintaining the maximum constant and powerful suction power. In addition, the six variable-speed-driven rollers with HexaDrive™ adaptive traction expertly navigates, climbs and scrubs all pool surfaces, offering wall-to-wall cleaning on any pool surface. After cleaning, with the press of a simple quick release button, the unique TouchFree™ debris canister –

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designed for effortless cleanup – empties and or Android™ device, SpotClean remote rinses itself. AquaVac 6 Series cleaners are steering and multiple programmable colour the perfect solution for pool owners who want themes (AquaVac 650 only) the latest in innovation and smart technology. • Caddy cart and power supply included with Additional features of the 6 Series cleaners both models. include: • AquaVac 600 operates on a recurring Available through SCP UK, the AquaVac 48-hour cleaning mode, while AquaVac 6 Series is one of a number of new pool 650 offers a cleaners from a variety of brands programmable to have been introduced by the weekly cleaning distributor in 2020. schedule • Wi-Fi® offers SCP UK 01293 546126 control from an www.scpeurope.com iPhone®, iPad®

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SPN (Swimming Pool News) October 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) October 2020  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...