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Open to the elements this full height Algarve enclosure from Summit perfectly demonstrates the benefits of a telescopic pool enclosure

Products That Go Over The Top To Extend The Pool Season Providing all year round swimming, regardless of the unpredictable UK weather, a swimming pool enclosure reduces both maintenance and running costs for both commercial and domestic pool owners plus it builds in safety too. There’s no doubt that having an enclosure is an investment, but having one means owners can maximise the full potential of their swimming pool. From the big to the small and to suit any size and shape of pool, we take a look at the options that are available to cover up pools across the UK By Karen Witney


chill is in the air and leaves are falling and this can mean only one thing for many owners of outdoor swimming pools. Regrettably, it’s time to prepare to close down what has been a focal point for fun during the summer – the swimming pool. Of course, there is a way of extending the fun times and many pool companies will no doubt be pointing out the many advantages of adding a pool enclosure, and these great add-ons come in a whole spectrum of shapes, sizes and price points. They are extremely versatile and can be fully fixed to the floor or wall and be telescopic, allowing a completely open air pool when weather permits or be neatly closed up protecting swimmers from the elements when necessary. Whatever the choice, the fact is that an enclosure is an effective way of lengthening the pool season and at the same time cuts back on maintenance time as the enclosure is a barrier to debris. As always, safety is of course of vital importance 65-68_SPN_Oct_17_Enclosures.indd 65

too and an enclosure when closed prevents the pool being accessed by children and pets without adult supervision. Another bonus is that heating and chemical costs are also reduced due to this efficient cover up. So with a multitude of benefits on offer, we take a closer look at some of the products that are literally going over the top to maxmise the use whilst minimising the maintenance of outdoor swimming pools.

SWIMEX OFFERS A ONE-STOP SERVICE Swimex UK Pool Enclosures are one of the country’s top swimming pool enclosure suppliers, with over 1,000 buildings installed throughout the UK. The company is an established and

Fully telescopic this enclosure from Swimex’s extensive range neatly and attactively covers this garden outdoor pool

renowned industry supplier and have been providing pool enclosures for almost 20 years to homes, hotels, leisure centres, holiday parks and schools. The Swimex team have extensive experience whatever the shape, size and location of the pool and can offer a pool building to suit all requirements. Their installed pool enclosures are of the highest

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