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Safety Flooring That’s Far From Boring Visualisation of pool with Designwork’s Belgravia Lasa recified structured porcelain floor tiles 1200 x 600mm with barefoot wet (TRRL55 wet) rating of 46

For the spaces that surround swimming pools and spas, there’s literally no room for any slip-ups when it comes to safety, especially if you are a commercial operator. With flooring materials assessed for how slippery they are when wet and under foot, there’s extra pressure to ensure floors provide a safe level of grip regardless of the conditions. Thankfully, there’s a wide choice of materials available to suit any application and budget. In this issue, we examine the options that are enhancing safety in wet leisure environments By Andrea Hartshorne


afety, quite rightly, is the number one priority in wet leisure environments. But good looks are also a high priority too, after all a lot of money will have been invested into a project so owners don’t want to compromise on aesthetics if at all possible. Thankfully, when it comes to safety flooring for wet leisure areas, minimising the dangers of slippery floors doesn’t mean minimising the style options because there’s actually a huge selection of flooring materials and colours on offer. From specially treated slip resistant tiles to the more contemporary granular rubber flooring, there’s a solution for every need and we take a closer look at just some of the under-foot safety products that are on the market.

RUBAROC – A LEADING FORCE IN SAFETY SURFACES Rubaroc are one of the country’s leading experts in installing slip-resistant, porous, impact absorbent surfaces around swimming pools and have been trading successfully in the UK for over 20 years. 59-61_SPN_Oct_17_Safety_Flooring.indd 59

Their Rubaroc Wet Pour is a swimming pool surround surface suited to all types of residential, commercial and Local Authority swimming pools. Not only does it work effectively – it looks great as well with a choice of colours to suit any pool. Rubaroc Wet Pour is made from hard wearing rubber granular chips which are mixed with a binding agent. This creates a seamless, porous and flexible finish, which is both impact absorbent and slip-resistant whether the floor is wet or dry. This combination of features makes it ideally suited to pool surfacing on indoor and outdoor pools. Rubaroc use a range of different binders for different requirements including two part binders for use in high traffic areas and remarkably, the product stretches to accommodate most substrate cracks caused by ground movement. Rubaroc rubber safety surfacing also expands and contracts with temperature changes.

The product is mixed on site and troweled by craftsmen to a uniform thickness over a new or existing surface to create a beautiful, seamless finish. It can be applied to angular surfaces, like coping around a pool or stair faces and special rubber safety surfacing materials are skillfully used for custom logos and designs . The company don’t compromise on quality, always use the best materials and are wellknown in the industry for their reliability and outstanding after sales service.

Rubaroc’s Wet Pour is a swimming pool surround surface suited to all types of residential, commercial and Local Authority swimming pools

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