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HIGH-END HOT TUBS The 5 person St Andrew, part of the Beachcraft series from Clearwater Spas

Premium Hot Tub Solutions There’s no stopping hot tubs and as with many lifestyle products, that applies to the premium end of the market too. Promising a setting which will provide users with the ultimate hot tub for relaxation, recuperation and more, the luxury end of the hot tub market is a key and lucrative sector for both manufacturers and retailers alike. Featuring models that retail for over the key £10,000 mark and which boast the sector’s latest innovations and technology, in this issue we look at some of the high-end models which are competing for the business By Jon Wadeson


s with any product sector, the premium end of the market represents a key battleground and in the world of high-end hot tubs, it’s no different. With budgets in excess of five figures, customers in this sector quite rightly demand the latest features and innovations combined with a sense of stylish exclusivity. Manufacturers, keen to offer something different to their competition, have been quick to respond with some truly stunning models to satisfy the needs of these higher spending clients. In the UK, the competition between retailers is tough as there are plenty of brands that offer products in this price category and in this issue, we take a look at a number of the smart options that are available.

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CLEARWATER SPAS – QUALITY THAT’S REFRESHINGLY DIFFERENT Supplied by Aqua Design & Leisure (ADL), the range of models from Clearwater Spas includes some of the most unique, advanced spa designs in the world. With help from aerospace engineers they have totally reengineered the hot tub for the modern age, using the most modern materials, theories and manufacturing processes. All with the aim of making the most efficient, ergonomic and eco-friendly spas possible. Sitting at the top-end of their offering are their Resort and Beachcraft Series. Both come loaded with standard features, offer an excellent hydrotherapy experience and promise hassle-free maintenance, but the main thing that makes a Clearwater so unique is its structure, which can be broken down

into four main components. Clearwater Spas’ shells have beauty, strength and eco-friendly qualities. Formed of three layers plus expanded steel support in heavy traffic areas they are, according to ADL, the strongest shell system in the industry.   Clearwater Spas PVC pillar supports stand the test of time. They will never rot, mold, rust or breakdown which can happen with other manufacturers that use wooden or steel frames. Clearwater Spas weather-resistant, RTB (Reflective Thermal Barrier) insulated Durafloor™ system insulates and protects from the outdoor elements. It is siliconesealed and bonded to the hot tub cabinet for a solid foundation. It lifts components off of the cold ground, protects from moisture, 28/09/2017 09:40

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