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Controlling Humidity And Evaporation In Commercial Pools Controlling the humidity and evaporation of a million litres of pool water 24/7 is just one of the tasks facing the new Heatstar Taurus EC – an environmental control system exclusively designed and manufactured for use in large municipal swimming pools and water leisure centres. A typical commercial leisure centre swimming pool can contain up to a million litres of water normally heated to around 28 or 29°C. The water evaporation levels from the surface of this type of pool can equate to hundreds of litres every single hour. This evaporated water must be removed from the pool hall air or else the humidity levels will rapidly rise resulting in heavy condensation occurring on the pool hall structure. This leads to rapid deterioration of the décor and eventually possible structural failure. This is just one of the tasks that the Heatstar Taurus EC is designed to deal with.

Heatstar Taurus EC units offer humidity control, energy recovery, fresh air, variable rate ventilation, mechanical cooling and renewable energy heating solutions. The specialist dedicated design of the Taurus EC overcomes all the traditional problems associated with operation in aggressive, corrosive and comparatively humid environments. The Taurus EC systems feature the latest energy saving approaches and are purpose designed for UK Building Regulation legal compliance. They can be specified with a range of technologies including EC digital fans, active energy recycling via a dehumidifying heat pump, passive recovery via heat recuperators, integral aerothermal heat pump and comfort cooling provision. The position of the control panel, pipes, air duct spigots and maintenance access can all be orientated during

manufacture to accommodate the ideal equipment room layout. For retrofit and refurbishment applications, the Taurus EC units can be custom-made, as necessary, to accommodate existing services and plant room space restrictions. Special ‘weatherproof’ models are also available for external positioning.

With its specialist design the Taurus EC has the capacity to deal with the very largest leisure centre or an Olympic size swimming pool complex. Heatstar 01983 521465

An Eco Pool That Integrates With Its Natural Surroundings Surrounded by the rolling Shropshire Hills, the Baron at Bucknell near Ludlow is a traditional free house country inn and is considered one of the region’s finest. When Michael Caffyn-Parsons from Inspired By Water happened to stay at the Baron at Bucknell, he struck up a casual conversation with co-owner Phil Wright. “He asked me what we did and I ended up showing him our brochures and website on swimming ponds, something he had not previously heard of,” Michael recalled. “As it turns out he was considering a swimming pool as he had permission to build some luxury garden rooms.” As the region surrounding the Baron at Bucknell is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Phil and his wife Debra liked the idea that guests could swim in a natural system that seamlessly integrated with the rustic landscape. Working with colleague Tim Gunning, a natural swimming pool engineer who has managed the 25&26_SPN_Oct_17_News_Eco.indd 25

construction of over 100 natural swimming ponds in the UK and Europe, Michael recommended a range of Waterco’s filtration and sanitation products for the Wright’s proposed new outdoor pool. “Equipment includes an Exotuff 30” Waterco Bead Filter, which is far superior mechanically and biologically to anything else on the market, and Aquamite 1.25 pumps which are also used to draw water through the reparation area pipework,” he explained. “The system also includes a MultiCyclone MC 16, which we have fitted with our own automated valve so it can be flushed out by remote control.” The MultiCyclone is a key feature of the system as

it helps remove debris through the process of centrifugal filtration prior to reaching the filter. Furthermore, the addition of the automated valve on the waste ensures that the sediment bowl is cleaned regularly with minimal effort. “The Aquamite pump is ideal for recirculation systems used in conjunction with ponds and water features due to its compact design and energy efficiency,” added Michael. “The range of Exotuff bead filters are the market leaders within this field due to the sturdy tank design along with the unique lateral arrangement and water distribution headers. This ensures the best mechanical and biological filtration is achieved at all times.” Officially opened on the 19 May 2017, the 10m x 5m x 2m swimming pool looks like a natural oasis, where guests swim in pristine water filtered by plants, microorganisms, and Waterco’s superior sanitation products. Inspired Natural Pools 01962 461002 Waterco Europe 01795 521733

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