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Whatever the mood, for the spa lovers that want the very best, the 700 Series from Vita Spa are packed full of features

Promising an experience that was once reserved for the rich and famous, the luxury end of the hot tub market is a buoyant one and is a key battleground for both manufacturers and retailers in the UK. Targeting the serious enthusiast, who demands the very latest in technology, innovations and features, models costing in excess of £10,000 aim to provide their users with the ultimate hot tub setting for relaxation, recuperation and more. This issue, we look at the brands and models competing at the luxury end of the market By Jon Wadeson


igh-end hot tubs costing in excess of the magical £10,000 mark represent a key and lucrative section of the sales in what is an increasingly mature and knowledgeable UK sector. For customers that want the latest technologies, features and innovations combined with a sense of exclusivity, then high-end is the only choice and sales growth for these models has been reported by a number of brands. Despite the cost, an increasing number of customers clearly have both the appetite and finances for these premium priced products and the benefits that their numerous built-in features offer. 51-54_SPN_Oct_16_Hot_Tubs_High_End_Feature.indd 51

All product sectors cater for a luxury end and more often than not, despite lower volumes, margins are often considerably better and they are an essential part of any overall hot tub offering. In the UK, there’s plenty of choice available too and this issue, we take a look at a number of the options on offer at the luxury end of the hot tub market.

CALDERA CANTABRIA AIMS TO BE IN A CLASS OF ITS OWN! Supplied exclusively in the UK by Certikin International, the Caldera Spa range offers high-end models with its Utopia™ Series

of hot tubs. Featuring five models known for their thoughtful styling and performance enhancements, the Utopia Series offers the pinnacle of hot tub enjoyment for discerning spa owners. Signature features like the EnergyPro™ heating and circulation system, integrated FROG™ in-line water care, Hot Tub Circuit Therapy™, and the convenient LCD Advent™ control panel complement a host of exclusive points of distinction on the Utopia Series models. Sitting right at the top is the flagship model, the Cantabria. This magnificent spa doesn’t need to justify its position as the range topper of the popular brand – its

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