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Pools Are No Longer Just For Swimming

Easy Pools have been supplying the 100% French made Archimède range of aquatic exercise equipment to the UK for a number of years

Exercising in water provides resistance to activity and reduces the impact to the body, so with these benefits, it’s no surprise that aquatic exercise for general fitness, rehabilitation or just plain fun has taken off. Whether it’s providing exercise sessions in the water or turning pools into complete gyms, commercial operators are now providing a wide range of options to cover a multitude of needs. Aquatic exercise is crossing over into the domestic pool scene too so this issue we put the sector under the spotlight By Jon Wadeson


qua, or aquatic exercise, is a sector that despite being a huge fitness phenomenon across Europe and beyond, is only really now starting to take off in the UK. And that’s somewhat of a surprise as there are many benefits associated with exercising, as opposed to swimming, in a pool. With water providing resistance but at the same time also providing support, burning off calories while during a pool workout with an aqua bike, aqua treadmill or other equipment is a great way to exercise for a wide variety of people who have different fitness levels and very also very different needs. Those that are already fit benefit greatly from the resistance that the water provides and often burn off as much as twice the

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calories that a similar land based workout would. Where as those that are coming back from injury benefit from the support and almost weightless conditions that water provides with a smooth workout and decreased weight, and therefore less strain, on joints, muscles and ligaments. The buoyancy and low impact benefits also assists those that are over weight, or people who have muscular or joints problems such as arthritis plus pregnant ladies seeking a less strenuous form of exercise than that which traditional options often provide. Aqua exercise is a more inclusive form of using a swimming pool too as those that participate don’t need to be able to swim or have the level of fitness that regular

swimming often requires. In commercial settings and with the number of classes on offer on the increase, aqua exercise provides a great social setting and a fun full body workout experience for everyone, at every fitness level. Offering aqua exercise classes is a great revenue booster too and doesn’t need to take up much space or time for facilities that offer it. Importantly, it can also often be a point of difference between competing leisure facilities and an often unique experience that can be enjoyed by all and scheduled around other peak time activities. With the UK sector poised to follow in the footsteps of other European countries, this issue we take a look at some of the options on offer. 23/09/2015 18:17

SPN (Swimming Pool News) October 2015  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) October 2015  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...