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The Winter Cover Up

Plastica’s tried and tested Criss Cross winter debris cover

For outdoor pool owners, the arrival of autumn means that it will soon be time to put the pool into hibernation for the colder months. One invaluable product for many that will be ‘winterising’ their pools is a quality winter debris cover. Keeping the pool clean and ready for a quick start start-up when the warm weather returns, winter debris covers are the perfect defence against leaf drop and UV, whilst safeguarding children, pets and wildlife from the water. This issue, we cover what’s on the market By Karen Witney


ebris or not debris that is the question! And the obvious answer is NOT!!! Of course outdoor pools should be protected and put to bed for their much needed winter hibernation after another summer of work and play. Once all the winterising steps have been taken, water balanced, pool vacuumed, backwashed, equipment drained, winter chemicals added then the final step is installing the winter cover. When winter winds distribute debris across the pool area a debris cover will prevent any nasties entering the pool and encouraging algae growth. Most winter covers are manufactured from a specifically formulated tight mesh that allows rainwater to pass through 67-69_SPN_Oct_2015_Winter_Covers_Feature_rev.indd 67

but nothing else. Made to fit almost any pool shape or size, including above-ground, a winter debris cover is a cost effective protective pool cover-up until winter passes and the time comes for that much welcome spring opening. With that in mind, now is the time to advise on winter pool protection, says Golden Coast. Having enjoyed the summer peak of activity in their outdoor pools, it’s now time to remind customers that winter is approaching and protection is needed if they are to get the most out of next year’s pool season. The company adds that defence against the effects of freezing is an obvious concern but pool structures can also be damaged by UV rays – even in the coldest months. An effective

winter cover will exclude leaves and other debris, and will form a barrier to UV, as well as safeguarding children, pets and wildlife. Meanwhile, winterising chemicals will take care of the water’s health and chemical balance, and a simple floatation device can be used to prevent complete freezing over of the pool surface. “It’s important that pool owners should take precautions to ensure continued year-on-year enjoyment of their facilities,” says Golden Coast’s Managing Director Jamie Adams, adding: “And it makes excellent business sense for pool installers to take the initiative in giving timely advice to customers on winter covers and other aspects of winterising.”

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