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IN BRIEF PLANS MOVE FORWARD FOR NEW DEVON COMMUNITY FACILITY A state-of-the-art new leisure centre is set for Sherford in Devon, with plans progressing and work expected to start before the end of the year. This new community facility will include an indoor 25-metre, four-lane heated swimming pool plus various other sports and fitness amenities. The leisure centre marks a major investment in the creation of high quality facilities at Sherford, and will be led by the Sherford Consortium, the developers responsible for this awardwinning new town. Plymouth City Council has secured £400,000 in developer contributions towards the project and additional funding will also be provided by Plymstock and District Swimming Pool Association, contributing £182,000 to fund enhancements to the pool area that will ensure it is accessible to all.

BOGNOR REGIS SWIMMING POOL SET TO CLOSE The Arena Sports Centre in Bognor Regis could be forced to close its swimming pool ‘for the foreseeable future’ despite short-term plans to have it operating in late summer following heating issues. Closing the swimming pool was a last resort for staff at the centre, and management made clear they explored all possible avenues before deciding on the closure. £100k had been invested in the pool in the last two years but further work was required for repairs to the pool and the building. United Learning, the trust responsible for operating the pool, said it is not in a position to ‘re-invest in the pool’, however it was also made clear that the swimming pool could re-open at some point in the future, albeit with the assistance of a third party.

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Therme Group Unveils Updated Design For Manchester Wellbeing Resort

Therme Group, a global developer and operator of state-of-the-art wellbeing destinations, has unveiled updated plans for Therme Manchester, the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort at TraffordCity. Therme Group is working in partnership with Peel L&P to deliver the project, at a cost of over £250m and builds upon many exciting elements in the existing planning consent. In addition to a ‘next generation’ waterpark, thermal bathing and a wellbeing spa, these include immersive digital art, an on site urban farm and botanical gardens. This combination of features highlights Therme’s aim to be far more than just a waterpark and spa, but to create an integrated experience to benefit physical and mental health. The updated plans adopt the very latest technology to make the development even more sustainable and deliver additional exciting features for visitors. They involve a greater integration of biophilic design elements, including double-curved

roofs, which reduce the amount of steel required, increasing the sustainability of the development. New guest attractions include an all-season urban beach and the world’s first living waterslides to incorporate a 3D-printed superstructure housing thousands of plants. Innovative ‘welltech’ experiences will be available, such as a snow room, multi-sensory showers and oxygen rooms, and a visitor and education centre will welcome school and community groups for events on sustainability, food and nature. The resort will have a major net gain in biodiversity with a 10,000 sq m wellbeing garden, a next-generation hydroponic vertical farm, more than 1,500 trees and roof-top beehives, producing honey for use in restaurants and wellbeing treatments. Therme is aiming to submit a revised planning application in the summer. Construction of the development is scheduled to begin in 2023, with a build time of around two years.

Another Triumph For EVAline Lighting The new Eastwood Leisure Centre in Sheerwater, Woking is one of the latest builds to benefit from innovative EVAline lighting. The facility opened to the public in autumn 2021, hosting a number of impressive facilities for the community, including a 25-metre swimming pool. Contractor Barrie Beard was responsible for the electrical design, supply and installation at Eastwood, and when it came to choosing the lighting for pool, there was a clear choice in mind. Darren Stokes, Associate Director at Barrie Beard explained: “Ever since we first installed EVAline direct LED lighting at a leisure centre a few years ago, it has been our go-to product. These lights deliver exceptional performance and quality.” Unlike indirect lighting, EVAline LED lights are fitted around the perimeter of the pool shining directly over the water. This ensures minimal glare on the surface of the water and provides lifeguards with better visibility into the pool.

As an additional safety measure, Eastwood Leisure Centre uses anti-drowning technology in the form of underwater cameras. EVAline delivers greater light penetration into the water which enables the cameras to capture clearer pictures with less shadowing for more effective pool monitoring. At the leisure centre, Barrie Beard mounted twelve 120W EVAline modular lights and six 30W EVAline modular lights around the pool and upper viewing balcony within the 583m3 pool hall. These lights use only 2100 Watts at just 3.34W/ m², with a total load of 1.05 W/m²/100 Lux. For this particular installation, industry guidelines state that light levels must be an average of 300 Lux, with an illumination uniformity value of 0.7 or higher. Despite its lower wattage, EVAline lighting at Eastwood provided powerful illumination and delivered an average Lux of 333 plus a uniformity of 0.84. Golden Coast 01271 378100 www.goldenc.com

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