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A Focused Approach To Pool Water Management In March, Right Directions in collaboration with STA and Quest launched a new Pool Water Management Quality Mark in line with industry best practice


s Qualification Development Manager (Pool Plant) at STA’s awarding organisation’ Safety Training Awards, Luke Griffiths played a key role in the quality mark’s development and here he explains the rationale for the update in more detail. The new Pool Water Management Quality Mark forms an updated module as part of the Quest Plus assessment. It follows industry best practice to give pool operators guidance on how to provide safe, clean and hygienic swimming pool water and how to manage the pool in a responsible, efficient and effective way. By working collaboratively and sharing expertise, Right Directions with STA has split the Pool Water Management Quality Mark content within Quest into the following sub-sections.

GENERAL MANAGEMENT OF HEALTH AND SAFETY The Quest assessors check that sufficient health and safety management practices, such as Pool Safety Operating Procedures, Pool Technical Operation Procedures and risk assessments etc. are completed appropriately and reviewed when required.

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT The new standard checks that facilities have appropriately qualified staff responsible for pool plant operations, and that personnel hold in date pool plant operations qualifications, such as the STA Level 3 Award in Pool Plant Operations. This also includes checking that support staff responsible for testing pool water and basic maintenance hold, as a minimum, a water testing qualification such as STA’s Level 2 Award in Swimming Pool Water Testing. The assessors will also check that sufficient induction and training procedures and records are in place to show staff are not only qualified, but are trained and competent to carry out their roles in relation to specific plant operation and use of chemicals.

BATHER HYGIENE Assessors will check the facility has provisions

in place for the promotion of exclusion policies (for example when bathers should not swim, i.e. has an infection, diarrhoea or have been diagnosed with cryptosporidiosis within the last 14 days). Checks will also be made to ensure suitable facilities are available for preswim bather hygiene.

CLEANING AND HOUSEKEEPING Achievement of the quality mark will also be determined by how clean the pool, its surrounds, ancillary facilities and applicable equipment is, and how it is maintained. The assessors want to see that regimes are in place to ensure tasks are carried out routinely using appropriate equipment and cleaning chemicals.

MONITORING WATER QUALITY The standard checks that facilities are appropriately monitoring water quality in terms of water testing regimes and practices, as well as the operation and maintenance of automatic dosing controllers.

WATER TREATMENT Facilities achieving the quality mark will have shown they have suitable and appropriate water treatment chemicals and practices in place. Assessors will want to see that bather loads, circulation rates and turnover periods have been worked out and procedures are in place to ensure there is sufficient dilution.

FILTRATION The standard checks that facilities have suitable filtration and backwash rates. The assessors will check that procedures are in place for the management and maintenance of filtration and backwashing, as well as appropriate filter servicing.

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A MARK OF QUALITY Pool plant operations are a critical area for management in a wet leisure facility – and the new Pool Water Management Quality Mark will provide pool operators with an effective operational quality mark, which will demonstrate as part of their customer service framework that they operate a safe pool facility. Being part of Quest, a recognised and trusted quality marque, will also encourage a focused approach to the ongoing safe management of pool water. The Pool Water Management Quality Mark is now live as part of the Quest Plus assessment. It does not need to be taken as part of Quest; it can be achieved as a stand-alone award for £495.00 plus VAT. For further information or for an application please email info@rightdirections.co.uk.

STOP PRESS! As this month’s feature goes to press, there have been several incidents reported in the media about swimming pools having to be closed due to problems with water temperature, ventilation and mechanical defects etc. These cases serve as a reminder as to why the new Quality Mark is important, and its importance in helping facilities promote best practice to leisure customers.

PLANT ROOM Assessors will look to see that plant rooms have sufficient general plant room requirements such as control of authorised access, chemical delivery, chemical storage, safety systems, procedures for dealing with chemical spills and appropriate chemical dosing practices.

The new Pool Water Management Quality Mark forms an updated module as part of the Quest Plus assessment” 38 June 2019 SPN

HEATING AND AIR CIRCULATION Achievement of the standard will show the facility operates within recommended temperature and humidity requirements for the intended user groups. Checks will be made to ensure heating and ventilation systems have regular inspections and servicing by appropriately trained heating and ventilation engineers.

STA 01922 645097 www.sta.co.uk

Quest, which continues to be Sport England’s recommended continuous improvement tool for leisure facilities and sports development teams is designed to measure how effective organisations are at managing their facilities and teams.

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