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An Ultra-versatile Cover Lifters Range From Golden Coast When it comes to cover lifters, Ultralift and Visionlift are exactly what the market is waiting for, according to Golden Coast, who have just added the versatile products to its Essentials Collection of hot tub accessories. Built to an exceptionally high specification, Ultralift is intelligent by design. Its comprehensive range of mounting options mean that, regardless of a tub’s size, shape, brand or needs, Ultralift gives a perfect fit. Golden Coast director Dominic Adams explained: “They really have all bases covered. While ‘standard mount’ lets you adjust the open cover height to your preference, the ‘undermount’ option lets you avoid drilling holes into the hot tub surround. There’s also a ‘hydraulic mount’ option available. It’s gas-spring-assisted for effortless opening and closing.” Designed with installers in mind, the new range allows for more efficient and trouble-free working. Dominic explained: “We were impressed by how quick and easy it was to fit. Its patented sliding mounting brackets, for example, make it virtually impossible to make a mistake. Installation

takes less than an hour and all you need is a drill, screwdriver and adjustable spanner.” Visionlift is another new addition to the Essentials Collection. Its unique design allows tub users uninterrupted 360-degree views without having a cover in the way. “It’s the perfect choice for tubs in scenic surroundings, such as holiday lets, where you want users to be able to take it all in,” added Dominic. Golden Coast 01271 378100

The Visionlift

Two Catalina Models To Feature Unique Collagen LED Lighting Therapy smooths overall skin tone, Aqua Design & Leisure builds collagen, reducing have announced that two The Classic CL20 will wrinkles, including crow’s of their spas – the Classic feature Catalina™ feet, under eye wrinkles, CL10 and CL20 – will Unique Collagen LED forehead wrinkles and feature Catalina™ Unique lighting therapy laughter lines. Red light Collagen LED lighting lies next to infrared at the therapy. end of the visible part of An LED (Light Emitting the light spectrum, and Diode) is a computer chip its wavelengths disable encased in a glass-like resin, inflammation triggers. which emits wavelengths Inflammation is linked (or colours) of light energy. to acne, pigmentation Catalina’s LED collagen and rosacea. lamps are programmed at a specific nanometre Blue light is good against acne and that makes them therapeutic. The red light eliminates acne vulgaris (the bacteria is programmed at 640nm, the blue light is responsible for causing spots), while leaving 485nm and the green is 525nm. The LED the good bacteria intact. collagen lamps can be independently switched Green light is good for pigmentation, from the decorative LED perimeter lights. targeting dark circles, broken capillaries The power of LED light, in particular and sunspots. It also calms irritated or overred light was originally harnessed by stimulated skin. NASA, which proved that it helped to LED is one of the only aesthetic heal wounds and burns, and it has been processes that is not affected by drugs, used – successfully – for the treatment medicine or medical treatments and is good of skin cancer. As with many medical for all skin types and conditions. breakthroughs, the cosmetic benefits of red light subsequently emerged and it’s now Aqua Design & Leisure becoming widely available in high street 01980 611555 salons and shops. Red light is good for inflammation,

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Capacity Increased As Spaeuro Exceeds Targets Despite the uncertainty of Brexit. it’s been a great 12 months for Spaeuro who smashed through their 2016 target by producing over 5,000 spa covers. The company’s growth means they are now operating out of a 14,000sqft building and have invested in machinery which mirrors the cutting and sealing process of Core Covers, their US partners. A CNC profiler is linked to the CAD designer’s computer back at Core, and cuts any profile to match the vinyl skin produced at the Core factory. Staff at Spaeuro simply load the polystyrene blanks on the profile cutter and activate the cutting cycle, which eliminates any errors. A second machine, a 3.5m Heat Sealer, seals the protective wrap that encapsulates the polystyrene insulating inserts. Pre-set time and heat cycles ensure a high quality and consistent seal every time. With the new facilities, production capacity has increased dramatically, giving Spaeuro the capacity to produce up to 650 covers a month. The extra space and new machinery has been instrumental in keeping to the 4-5 week lead times promised to customers. Of the deliveries, 99.5% are on time due to Spaeuro’s operating procedures. Every order received is processed within one hour and Core Covers produce the ‘skin’ within 2 weeks. They are then airfreighted out of San Diego on a weekly basis which adds to the cost, but ensures short lead times. In the meantime the insulating inserts are cut and sealed, ready to be fitted to the skins when they arrive at Spaeuro. A new polyester fabric developed by Core is also available and was launched at Piscine Lyon last year. The new material is proving to be very popular with the large spa manufacturers in the USA and Spaeuro now supplies two European manufacturers with all their covers from the polyester. It looks good, is more modern than vinyl and performs really well in all environments. Polyester is the material of the future! Spaeuro 01443 437915 27/05/2017 13:06

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