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Hot Spring Spas Launches Aria & Vanguard NXT Models Hot Spring® Spas has announced availability of the Aria® NXT and Vanguard® NXT, two new midsize spa models in the 2017 Highlife® Collection NXT lineup. These spa models give hot tubbers even more options and opportunity to be at their best every day. Hot Spring also added new, programmable under-cabinet accent lighting to every model in the 2017 NXT line. “We’ve added these two models to the NXT collection in response to the growing demand for our

Hot Springs’ 2017 Vanguard® NXT model

premier spa line,” said Mike Dunn, Executive Vice President of Watkins Wellness™, maker of Hot Spring Spas. “These additions will appeal to shoppers who want a midsize spa that makes a unique design statement.” The new Aria NXT has 35 jets and seats five, including a lounge. The Vanguard NXT has 38 jets and seats six, with no lounge. These two new models join the full Collection NXT line of spas, which features a sleek, high-end and surprisingly different exterior design. That visual impact of all NXT spas is now enhanced by programmable undercabinet accent lighting that adds drama and enhances the elegant design features. Luminesence® multi-zone lighting allows NXT spa owners to choose one colour or select a loop that cycles through all six colours. Owners can adjust the mood from a subtle glow to a show-stopping display of light. Hot Spring Spas +1 800 999 4688

Catalina’s Exclusive HeatFlow™ Technology Energy Harvesting System Catalina Spas is already recognised as one of the spa industry’s leaders in providing unsurpassed energy efficiency and now their exclusive patent pending HeatFlow™ Technology makes their hot tubs even better! Catalina is the only manufacturer with an exclusive water manifold system that creates heat utilising friction which is created naturally when the water passes through the specially designed spa plumbing components. Their Friction Manifold creates up to 2°C every hour when the spa is in use or the spa pumps are operating on high speed. The water temperature in an uncovered hot tub can drop by 1°C every 20 minutes. Every time the spa is used, valuable energy is potentially, needlessly wasted because the heater will automatically begin heating the water back to the preprogrammed temperature. A spa could be wasting as much as 3 kWh to reach a preset temperature each time it is used! For a spa without the HeatFlow™ Technology, which is used six times a week, the wasted energy might cost as much as 80 kWh per month, or £10 based on the national average of 12p per kWh. So with HeatFlow™ Technology capturing and recycling the natural energy as it passes

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through the spa during normal everyday use, it’s clear that Catalina spas are manufactured to optimise both energy and economic conservation. Owners can now relax in a HeatFlow™ equipped spa and when they get out, it is the exact same temperature as it was when they entered it – without the spa heater always having to operate. The Technology is designed to save unnecessary wear on spa components while saving a significant number of kWh per month. So owners can now enjoy a Catalina spa, without spending too much every time they use it! Aqua Design & Leisure 01980 611555

Setting Standards For The Hot Tub Industry BISHTA is delighted to announce that the European standard being developed for Domestic Spas and Hot Tubs is now available for public consultation! The number of the standard is EN 17125. The European standard is important, as the hot tub industry is setting the requirements it expects to be followed by companies working in the industry. Although not a Law, the standard will be expected to be followed in the countries in the European Union. The influence of European standards is likely to remain in the UK, even when BREXIT negotiations are completed. In terms of comments on the European standard, The British Standards Institution (BSI) have stated that they require any comments to be received by Monday 3 July in order to collate them in time for their deadline to send the comments by Thursday 3 August back to the relevant European Committee. A copy of the draft standard can be viewed online after a search for BS EN 17125 at https:// Please note that when visiting the link, you will be prompted to log-in or to register with BSI. BISHTA members can submit their comments to the BISHTA office, rather than to the BSI if they prefer. The committee overseeing the development of this draft standard is from the Centre for European Norms (CEN), and it is Technical Committee (TC) 402 that has responsibility for the standard, particularly their Working Group (WG) 4 (or CEN TC 402 WG4, for short). BISHTA has been chairing this group since the outset and is very proud to have played its part in getting partners together to undertake this important work. The standard has been possible to draft due to a number of funding partners collaborating, and BISHTA is very grateful to these partners and also to the German Standards Body (DIN) for taking on the secretariat of the project to develop the standard. BISHTA 01264 356211 27/05/2017 13:06

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