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Alpha’s Chaleur Lounge Wins Red Dot Award For Design After several days of judging, in which thousands of products from all over the world were assessed, the Chaleur Lounge from Alpha Industries emerged as one of a handful of entries to receive a much coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design 2017. With the Chaleur Lounge, the expert committee, which is made up of around 40 independent judges, found that the company had created an outstanding design, and recognised it with the internationally sought after seal of quality. With the Chaleur Lounge, the task was to provide the total feeling of wellness and comfort into a limited space. Most infrared saunas require a straight siting position. On the drawing board, Alpha Industries experimented

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to generate the maximum level of comfort to the experience. The main challenge to overcome was – how to incorporate in a lounger a fullspectrum infrared heater which followed and supported the anatomy of the human body? The research resulted in a registered patent. The full-spectrum infrared heater in an S-shape was born, which seamlessly follows the body’s anatomy. The next step was to control and adjust the intensity of the four infrared heaters. With the newly developed Alpha Adaptive Smart Control (AASC) unit, each can be set separately from 0 to 100% power. Therapy, lighting, temperature, intensity, music, fan rate and heart rate meter are all controlled by the AASC or via an App for smart devices. The Chaleur Lounge’s interior is finished in Cracked Old Oak plywood and exterior in Oak MDF. The ergonomically shaped lounger is produced with Red Cedar slats with leather padding around the special S-curve full-spectrum infrared heaters. Alpha Industries +32 1130 1380

Tests carried out by the University of Alberta have revealed surprisingly high urine levels in public pools and tubs. The recent study examined the extent to which people are urinating in public pools and hot tubs. Tracking an 830 kilolitre pool over a three-week period, it was discovered that 75 litres (the volume of a typical rubbish bin) of urine had passed into the water. Hot tubs fared no better – with levels even higher levels than the pools tested. One was found to be three times as bad as the worst pool. With 19% of adults admitting to urinating while swimming, proper chemical dosing is the only way to neutralise this and ensure that water is kept clean and hygienic. Automatic chemical dosing helps owners and managers do this effectively. While interest in this area is growing, some installers find it a challenge. Golden Coast has made it simpler with its new Crystal service. It’s a one-stop outsourcing solution for pool companies who don’t have in-house automatic dosing experts. Providing a truly comprehensive service – from survey and to recommendations right through to installation and maintenance – Crystal is an ideal way for pool companies to provide this much-requested service without having to expand their team or undergo extra training. Golden Coast’s Managing Director, Jamie Adams, said: “It can be a little shocking when you see the figures from this study, but with proper dosing and disinfection it shouldn’t be a problem for swimmers. “There’s been more demand for automatic dosing in recent years, and it’s understandable – having something that can stay on top of this problem for you is always going to be desirable to customers, and it makes for a great profit centre for companies. That’s why we created Crystal.” Golden Coast 01271 378100

Almost Heaven Introduces Unique New Model Almost Heaven Saunas has introduced the Patterson sauna, a unique and beautiful new indoor sauna, to their line of traditional Finnish-style saunas. The Patterson, an addition to the ‘Elements’ series, is an example of Almost Heaven’s continued efforts to provide a diverse range of models for sauna enthusiasts across the globe. The Patterson is an indoor sauna that seats up to six people, and conveniently fits into the corner of a room. Made from high-grade spruce, the sauna features a beautiful blending of vertical and horizontal lines that appeal to the senses. It offers multi-level seating, a full-length backrest,

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extra-wide benches, and the ability to slide out the bottom bench, thus allowing for a customisable and comfortable sauna

experience. “As luxury wellness products become increasingly popular in the homes of consumers, Almost Heaven Saunas has continued to offer quality-crafted, beautiful saunas for the ultimate bathing experience,” said President and Founder Rick Mouw. “We are very excited to introduce the Patterson, and look forward to continuing to innovate and develop saunas for our fellow enthusiasts.” Almost Heaven Saunas +1 616 546 2629 27/05/2017 13:03

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