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Enhancing Features In And Around The Pool Lighting has developed at a fantastic rate over recent years and thanks to the latest innovative technology, fibre optic and LED lighting solutions are now enhancing many pools and other wet leisure environments across the country. Installations, both new and old, are benefiting from the latest energy efficient products which are often combined highly creative ideas, resulting in some incredible commercial and domestic settings. This issue, we take a closer look at some of the latest illuminating options By Andrea Hartshorne


he option of including pool lighting in a project has been an increasing requirement in new and refurbished pools for many years now. The choice and variations on offer continue to expand with new technologies and applications being introduced to the wet leisure market. Whether the budget for the pool or spa is modest or unlimited, lighting is a perfect way to enhance and show off the skills and efforts of all those involved in its creation. The options are available to both commercial and domestic customers so there’s no excuse for unadventurous lighting to be used in either sector. The market leaders offer the choice of LED and fibre optic lighting which is a great energy saving way to go. With so many colours and options available, regardless of budget, lighting is one of the best ways of highlighting features and areas that you wish to draw the eye to. Due to the many options available, pool lights have the advantage of enhancing decking, water features, paths and other outside spaces too. A modern mix of cleverly installed lighting can provide dramatic effect or be used to soften features and outdoor finishes.

Available in the UK, exclusively through Golden Coast, EVA Optic offers lighting options to provide a complete solution both above and below the water

EVA OPTIC MAKES LIGHT WORK – IN AND OUT OF THE POOL EVA Optic’s range of LED pool lighting provides excellent performance and economy for both competition and recreational applications. Available in the UK, exclusively through Golden Coast, EVA Optic’s indoor LED lighting technology has been specially engineered to withstand the harsh pool environment. The company is the first and only manufacturer to provide downlighters with a chlorine-resistant coating, which protects them from the chemical’s corrosive, lifeshortening effects. Meanwhile, its underwater lights are pressure-tested to 16 bar and can cope with depths up to 25 metres. Extreme heat levels near the roof of a pool facility can damage LED technology, but, thanks to EVA Optic’s self-regulating

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heat control, this high-efficiency lighting is protected against overheating and the risk of premature failure. Crucially, EVA Optic’s performance matches its outstanding engineering. Its comprehensive range includes lighting for sports halls and meets international swimming’s stringent requirements. Its

unique micro-prism technology pairs optimal visibility, a very low glare rate (UGR < 19). Suitable also for domestic pools, EVA Optic offers RGBW lighting options to provide a complete solution: above and below the water. Importantly, EVA Optic can be controlled remotely by owners – allowing them to transform their pool in just a few seconds. 25/05/2016 15:58

SPN (Swimming Pool News) June 2016  

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