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NIVEKO Pool Was The Right Choice For Czech Family When it comes to investing in a swimming pool, rarely is it a snap decision. “I had been thinking about buying a family pool for some time. The thing that really helped me to come to a decision was the fact that it was starting to get difficult to travel to our favourite destinations in the sun,” commented one of NIVEKO’s latest customers who wished to remain anonymous. “As we are an active family and enjoy sports, I wanted something to entertain the children in the summer and a place for my wife and I to relax and get some exercise, which is important and comes natural to us,” they said, adding: “Our small children are proof that we bought our pool at exactly the right time.”

The family had a very clear idea about the design and quality of the pool and had spent around two years looking at the options available on the market and after discussions with the NIVEKO team, chose a Skimmer Invisible. “After carefully weighing up what was on offer, I decided to opt for NIVEKO. Now I’m very glad that I visited NIVEKO in person, even though the firm is based more than 300 km from where I live,” said the customer. “The NIVEKO head office has several pool types and designs on display, which were demonstrated to me in a highly professional manner. I knew I was in the right place. My ideas and wishes were always assessed with a valid argument and this is perhaps another reason why we came to an agreed result without any compromises. The pool was delivered and installed at the pre-arranged time, which was very important to me given my workload. The expertise shown by everyone involved was inspiring.” NIVEKO s.r.o. +420 572 693 246 www.niveko-pools.com

UK-based Unipools Comes To The Rescue Of Spanish Pool! Situated in the remote village of Horta de Sant Joan in the Terra Alta mountain range, the manager of the 25m public swimming pool recently discovered a huge loss of water that threatened to force the early closure of the facility which had only recently been re-opened due to Spain’s robust COVID-19 measures. Unipools – the UK’s specialist of 20 years and agents of the full range of LeakMaster products – were duly contacted, however with the Unipools team unable to fly to Spain due to the current lockdown conditions, it was decided to try and detect the leaks remotely and a LeakMaster Pre-Filled Dye Tester kit was immediately couriered over. These convenient syringe style testers are charged with a special concentrated dye that holds together underwater. Incorporating a 6” plastic ‘needle’ allows

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for precise dye placement without creating unwanted currents and will allow the user to: • Identify the precise location of structural pool leaks • Identify water movement into or out of pipes. Using the kit, the mayor and lifeguard quickly identified not just one leak but in fact four different leaks in two of the skimmers and two light fittings. Via WhatsApp, a video was sent to Unipools who, in a goodwill gesture, quickly dispatched LeakMaster Pool Glue, LeakMaster Quick Set Putty and LeakMaster Butyl Tape to plug the leaks. Unipools 020 8959 8686 www.unipools.com

Water-i.d. Collects €36,811 For ‘Steps for Children’

Good news has become a rare commodity these days, but it does still exist! Water-i.d. GmbH’s ‘€1 per PoolLab 1.0 photometer sold for Steps for Children’ campaign has been a complete success, according to Managing Director Andreas Hock. In January 2020 the manufacturer of water analysis devices and reagents decided to support the ‘Steps for Children’ project in Namibia after Andreas’ brother Stephan had moved there some 15 years ago. Stephan has been working with the charity whose aim is to feed local children, however it broke his heart to see that kids who came to the ‘soup kitchen’ had to be turned away because the money collected and the food financed with it was still not enough for all who stood in line every day. This experience of having to send children home hungry again and again motivated Stephan to look for ways to collect more donations in order to eventually feed every child. For Water-i.d. it was therefore an easy and heartfelt decision to support this project and to ensure that no child had to be turned away. This has presented a real challenge, as the number of children asking for food rose sharply last year after the consequences of the pandemic, which were also felt in Namibia. “Perhaps it was a hint from above,” said Andreas Hock, knowing that PoolLab had such a great success this past year and that a total of €36,811 could be collected for the same number of PoolLab photometers sold and transferred to the charity. Water-i.d. will continue to support Stephan’s soup kitchen and ‘Steps for Children’ this year, with even more targeted measures. You can support directly too at www.stepsforchildren.de or www.poollab.org

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Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...

SPN (Swimming Pool News) February 2021  

Informing the pool and spa industry since 1959. Covering the UK's wet leisure market, SPN (Swimming Pool News) is the UK's longest running a...